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Last updated on: July 14, 2021

Before you can start your company, you must register with the state and get approval to conduct business in the region. The only way to do this is by filing the New York articles of organization which we will cover in this article:

What are Articles of Organization for LLC in New York?

The New York articles of organization LLC provides vital information about your company. From what you include, the state can determine whether your operations are legal and whether they are a good fit for the region. Additionally, the information also includes your contact details, the general organization of your operations and other integral details to your company. It makes it easier for the state to communicate with you. If everything checks out, the authorities register your company and you can start operating.

Do I have to file Articles of Organization?

There is no alternative. Without filing the Articles of Organization NY, you cannot get the permit to operate in the state. That means that if you go ahead and start providing goods and services, you would be in violation of the law. Not only can you incur penalties as a result but can also face a jail term depending on the activities in which you engage. To be safe, start by checking with the authorities and getting your affairs in order. This will afford you a corporate veil and ensure you enjoy good standing with the state.

How to get Articles of Organization New York State

The New York state articles of organization LLC is available to the public and you can get it via:

  • Online- by going to the state site, you can request the forms online after creating an account. This method works great for people who want to complete the process online i.e., filling the details, making the payment and submitting the paperwork
  • The state site – the form is readily accessible on the New York’s Business Express website and you do not even have to open an account. All you need to do is to download it, fill it and send it to the authorities.

Accessing the New York LLC articles of organization will not cost you anything. However, please note that you will need to pay a fee when filing the form with the state.

How to create Articles of Organization LLC for NY

If you want some help with the document, you can rely on online generation documents which can walk you through the entire articles of organization LLC example process. In the articles of organization New York template, you need to include:

  • The state name – in this case, you will select New York as this is where you wish to establish your company.
  • Services – if you plan on providing services that fall under the professional category, you will need to include this. Bear in mind that if you do, you will require certification on the same as well as a permit from a licensing authority. If you will not provide such services, you can move on to the next step.
  • Purpose – you will need to be clear about the intentions of your operations. It does not have to be detailed but should be enough to point to the legality of your activities.
  • Name – you will need to provide a name for the business. It should be unique and should be in line with the naming guidelines. Before filling this document, it will serve you to make sure the proposed name is available. You can enjoy added security by reserving it before filing for registration to make sure nobody else can use it. Else, you may end up getting your application rejected because someone else used your name.
  • Address – you need to show where the main office will be by indicating the city, street, county and other such details. Please note that this will not necessarily be where you receive your legal documents. You can always appoint someone else for this to keep your personal address details private to the public.
  • Representation – in this state, the secretary of state serves as your service of process by default. That means that they receive all important documents that pertain to your business and forward these to you. If you want to hire someone or a company to take on the secondary role (highly recommended), you will need to include their details in this document. Doing so will elect them to this position. Please ensure that the person or entity meets the requirements of the state.
  • The Organizer – you will need someone/entity to execute the articles of organization LLC NY. This person/ entity should include their name and capacity and cannot be the company you wish to register.
  • Effective Date – show when you want the company to start operating. It can be as soon as the state registers the company or at a later date of your choice.

All the articles of organization New York details must be factual and you should doublecheck on this to avoid getting in trouble with the law or having to start the process again.

Where to file Articles of Organization in New York State

Online Filings

Once you have ascertained that the NYC LLC articles of organization details provided in the digital form are accurate, you can go ahead and submit the application. Keep in mind that providing false information can land you in trouble.


When dealing with a paper application, you will need to manually add the necessary details and send the complete form to:

New York State Department of State, Division of Corporations,
State Records and Uniform Commercial Code
One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Avenue,
Albany, New York 12231

In Person

You also have the option to hand your documents to the authorities in person by visiting the address listed above and heading to the sixth floor.


You can also fax the NYC articles of organization form to (518) 474-1418. In this case, you will need to authorize the use of your credit or debit card.

All options will cost you Initial LLC Filing Fees of $200. Please keep in mind that this fee is not refundable and if you make a mistake, you will have to file again and pay a similar amount. The processing should take about seven business days. However, if you want to rush it, you can do so at an extra fee.

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