Harvard Business Services vs BizFilings

Legalizing a business nowadays is quite easy, especially if you choose a limited liability company as a business structure. Yet, there are still quite a number of formalities to follow to set your legal entity up and running. If a DIY route is not your cup of tea and hiring an attorney is a burden for your budget, using LLC services like Harvard Business Services and BizFilings to open your LLC is an option selected by many beginner entrepreneurs, and for a good reason. It’s a no-brainer choice that will save you time and effort while ensuring diligent LLC formation. To help you figure out which of these services will best suit your business needs, we’ve made a side-by-side Harvard Business Services vs BizFilings comparison below. So, let’s dig in together. 

Harvard Business Services and BizFilings: at a Glimpse

First things first, both companies are easy-to-recommend and reliable business formation services with a solid reputation on the market and among customers. So, both are safe choices for setting up a new LLC. Yet, they are not the same. While BizFilings is a nationwide service provider that can help you launch your business in any US state, Harvard Business Services is good only for Delaware LLC formation since it’s a state-specific service.However, if you compare these two providers for the state of Delaware, Harvard will have an edge over BizFilings in customer support, registered agent service, and other aspects. 

Harvard Business Services vs BizFilings: Similarities

BizFilings or Harvard Business Services, these services have some features in common. More than that, these similarities are something you’d normally expect any trustworthy and quality online formation service to have when choosing a potential assistant for creating a new startup.  

  • Filing Speed: If the turnaround time is of utmost importance to you, both services offer expedited formation speeds. However, Harvard Business Services has faster filing speeds by default while BizFilings will charge an extra for that. 
  • Affordability: While this aspect is somewhat relative and, overall, these services might turn out not the cheapest among the competitors, both of them are much more affordable than hiring a professional legal advisor payable at per-hour rates. 
  • Registered Agent Service: An LLC registered agent is a must for any US-based limited liability company. If you can’t ensure it on your own, BizFilings and Harvard Business Services have this option on the LLC price lists. 
  • Expertise: Experience results in proficiency and both companies have it in excess. Present in the business formation industry for decades, they know their onions as well as all the ins and outs of LLC registration and maintenance. So, you can rest assured you’ll entrust setting up your business to professionals. 
  • Additional Business Features: Basic filing services are quite simple and straightforward, yet, to start your business on the right foot, there are some major and minor extras you’ll need anyway. An operating agreement, EIN, annual reports, foreign qualification are just to name a few. Both BizFilings and Harvard Business Services have more than enough add-ons to put on your plate. 
  • Customer Service: Though you delegate LLC formation to an online service, you still want to be aware of what’s going on and to have somebody at your side to answer questions and keep you informed. For that purpose, both companies have help reps ready to get in touch with you when you need them. 

Differences Between BizFilings and Harvard Business Services

Similar in key points that matter for any customer, BizFilings and Harvard Business Services do have many differences that make them good for some clients and not the best option for the others. Hence, let’s see how they stack up at a closer look. 

Track Record

If you value experience and professionalism, you can’t go wrong with these services. Established in 1981, Harvard Business Services has formed around 200,000 LLCs in Delaware since then. They certainly know what they are doing and how to legalize a business in a fast and professional manner. Besides, their impressive state-specific expertise is a huge selling point for those who plan to form a new LLC business in this very state. BizFilings don’t lag behind in track records too. Founded in 1996, the company is a bit “younger” than its competitor, however, it boasts even a bigger customer portfolio comprising nearly 500,000 businesses all over the country. 

Customer Support

This is yet another aspect where both companies match stride for stride. Both have strong support teams of professional, responsive, and friendly help reps available via different communication channels. You can get in touch with them via phone and email while Harvard Business Services’ client service is also accessible via online chat and even Skype. The only difference is that BizFilings agents are available a bit longer beyond normal working hours and you can reach them from 7 am till 8 pm on weekdays. 

Prices and Features

Pricing is hands down the most important part for any startupper to check. While some look for cheap LLC companies to save their budget and cover the basics, others seek value for money and are ready to pay some extra for quality and added services. In this part of Harvard Business Services vs BizFilings, the companies are not the same and their pricing policies need some more detailed explanation. 

To start with BizFilings, they have three formation packages covering basic, standard, and complete plans priced at $99, $229, and $359 accordingly. At this point, though, it’s worth noting that those prices are valid for 44 states while six other states have different LLC formation rates, Namely, in Delaware, those three packages come at $99, $159, and $199. And it would be fairer to consider the latter rates for this comparison. As the name suggests, a basic package embraces bare filing basics that are combined with six months of registered agent service, business name availability check, and a BizComply tool to receive essential compliance alerts for maintaining your company in good standing with the state. A standard plan is leveled up with an Operating agreement, corporate kit and an expedited filing speed. And a complete package is packed with EIN registration, tax services, certified copies of state documents, compliance DVD, and rush document shipping. Notably, expedited turnaround times stand for 1-2 weeks, which is not that quickly actually. 

When it comes to Harvard Business Services, they also have three formation bundles on their price list. And if you consider the prices at their website, most likely than not, you’ll end up thinking they are higher than those of BizFilings. Yet, don’t jump to such conclusions. Those rates already include state fees, So, for the purposes of this review, we’ll give you the rate exclusive of state fees. Thus, their green, basic, and standard plans are offered at $99, $139, and $239 accordingly. Their green package covers pretty much the same as the BizFilings basic plan, except for a whole year of registered agent service instead of six months. To upgrade BizFilings basics to this will boost the final prices for another $87 giving Harvard Business Services an obvious advantage here. Yet, don’t forget that you can have it only for the state of Delaware. 

Registered Agent Service

The good news is that both BizFilings and Harvard Business Services have an LLC registered agent service on their menus, which is a crucial feature for launching an LLC in any US state. But the fees they provide this service at are not comparable, not to mention varying duration periods within their pricing packages. Thus, Harvard Business Services not only delivers twelve months of registered agent service within their bundles but also will charge just $50 for annual service renewal afterward. As such, it is one of the most affordable registered agent services out there, at least in the state of Delaware. BizFilings with its $174 for registered agent service per year come within miles of Harvard Business Services. 

Filing Speed

The formation speed is where Harvard Business Services wins again. Their normal turnaround times fall within a week, no matter the formation package, while, at $150, they can even speed up to the same-day filing. BizFilings is an obvious outsider here since their basic processing time is about 4-6 weeks and higher-tier packages offer expedited filing within 1-2 weeks in contrast to mere days provided by Harvard Business Services. 

Not only is Harvard Business services faster but also it applies a more reasonable and fair approach. Their turnaround times are not bound to the package price while BizFilings does push you to pay more for cutting down the processing times. 

Ease of Use

Initially targeting the whole US territory, BizFilings is a more interactive service than Harvard Business Services. Though both companies have comprehensive and easy-to-navigate websites, to track your order with Harvard Business Services, you need either to call or to email them while BizFilings has a convenient online LLC order status tracking tool. 

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback shows client satisfaction and allows estimating the quality of the service. Strange though it might seem for a company with a 500,000-customer portfolio, BizFilings have only a few customer comments online. Most of them are positive, yet, their number is not meaningful for evaluating the company service. Harvard Business Services, on the other hand, has a wealth of feedback. You’ll come across thousands of positive reviews that speak for themselves and show customer satisfaction. 

Which LLC Provider Fits Your Business Needs?

Given the experience they have in the industry, both of these companies are the right choice in terms of professionalism, diligence, and efficiency. However, if you’d ask our opinion, in this BizFilings vs Harvard Business Services comparison, the latter is our favorite. Harvard Business Services offer a better overall service package than BizFilings. If they were not a Delaware-based service, they would certainly win this battle. On a larger scale, though, this service can’t compete with BizFilings that operates nationwide. 

So, if your goal is a solid and reliable service for Delaware LLC formations, Harvard Business Services is a worthy choice to go. And if you need a national provider, BizFilings is not the best recommendation, and there are certainly better alternatives to choose from.