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Last updated on: May 6, 2022
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Phone number: 1-800-759-2248
Address: 1201 N. Orange St, Suite 600 Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware 19801
Pricing: from $9

The LLC formation industry is pretty diverse in its range of options. Currently, there are dozens of formation agencies catering to very specific requests regarding startup budgets and general operations.

On the one hand, this offers plenty of opportunities, but on the other hand, navigating such an abundance of choices could take away a vast portion of your time that would be best spent on other aspects of formation.

One of the ways to narrow down your search is to look for companies that support the requirements specific to your location. If, for instance, you plan to form an LLC in Delaware, one of the best options for you would be IncNow. Having been in business since 1974, the company has established itself as one of the best quality professional service providers in their niche.

This IncNow LLC service review will touch on the various benefits of this service pertaining to your specific company as well as the pros and cons of IncNow as a whole. Other points examined in the IncNow review include pricing, other features, and details of their service packages.

Is IncNow Legit?

What determines the business legitimacy? It’s a combo of a solid track record, professionalism, service quality, and customer feedback. IncNow has it all and even more. 

Launched back in 1975, the company has over 45 years of expertise behind its shoulders. As such, it’s one of the oldest industry players with by far the longest track record. More than that, unlike many competitor services, IncNow has been founded and is currently managed by professional attorneys with decades of experience in transactional law and business-related litigation. So, the company boasts an exclusively high level of professionalism that gives it an edge over contenders. 

To continue, IncNow is a family-owned service that brings family values to business and relies on them in day-to-day operations. In practice, it translates into a strong customer-focused approach. IncNow specialists strive to use their professional knowledge to the max and eagerly share it with their customers. Hence, you can expect an efficient and resultative professional solution for any of your formation or business issues. 

All in all, you have no reasons to doubt IncNow’s legitimacy. The company is backed by a nearly impeccable business reputation, which is further supported by customer loyalty and positive customer feedback.

IncNow Pros and Cons

Each formation service has the good and the bad about it. Comparing benefits and drawbacks in a side-by-side manner is an easy way to see how the provider really performs.

Below, we are going to consider the strong and weak points of IncNow by first outlining them in a quick table and then reviewing them in more detail

Thought-out formation packagesState-specific service
Special offer for Delaware residentsHard-to-find info on Nevada and Florida formations
Ongoing discountsTricky billing system
Fast processing timesPoor refund policy
Valuable local experience
Positive customer feedback

IncNow Pros

Though a smaller company, IncNow has a lot going for it. Namely, it boasts unique benefits and features you won’t find elsewhere. These are the company’s biggest draws.

Thought-out Formation Packages

Many formation companies stuff their formation bundles with minor and less meaningful services to make their packages look well-featured at a lower cost. In practice, though, they have little value. IncNow is different in this concern. 

The company won’t throw unnecessary add-ons at you to justify the price or seemingly enhance the package value. Since all pricing plans are primarily about registering a legal entity, they included only formation-associated services that matter. Varying in cost, IncNow’s plans cover formation documents filing, registered agent service, an Operating Agreement, and even the State of Organizer you might need in many business-related situations. 

Notably, a year of registered agent services is a default feature of all IncNow bundles including a low-tier Basic Plan. Besides, all package prices already cover state filing fees giving you an idea of your grand total from the start. In fact, IncNow plans embrace all significant features you expect to see in a functional and well-thought formation bundle.

A Special Offer for Delaware Residents

A Delaware-based company, IncNow initially strives to help Delaware residents to make use of the best benefits brought by business-friendly state laws. Thus, if you reside in Delaware and seek to launch a business entity there, with IncNow, you can do it at a fairly affordable price. See for yourself. 

Delaware residents are entitled to opt out of the registered agent service, thus, reducing the cost of a Basic bundle by $90. Living and doing business in Delaware, you can serve as your own registered agent and benefit from professional assistance and valuable recommendations when registering your legal entity with IncNow.

Ongoing Discounts

Embracing a signature-ready Operating Agreement template executed in compliance with state-specific laws, a Statement of Organizer, and express filing, IncNow’s high-tier plans offer the best value. Yet, the prices for those packs exceed 300$.

However, IncNow comes up with regular discounts provided for all its future customers. The company will lower your final cost by $50. You just need to apply a promo code that usually pops up next to the price of the pack it’s available for. 

Though not the most affordable out there, all in all, IncNow prices are in line with the market average rates. And the company does its best to attract customers and promote its services via added discounts.

Fast Processing Times

Nearly all formation services promise to be fast and form your legal entity within the shortest timeframe. However, most often than not, it appears that they do it to simply advertise themselves. In reality, even the most popular services and big companies fail to deliver on those promises and make you wait for quite a while before you get your approved documents back. Yet, it won’t be the case with IncNow. 

The company states impressively fast timings and lives up to its promise. Thus, low- and mid-tier packs ensure 24-hour filing while a top-tier plan enlists same-day filing. While in Florida and Nevada turnaround time estimates might vary, at least, they do it in Delaware. This is actually the biggest plus of the formation service being physically located in the state of your formation.

Valuable Local Experience

Delaware is a state that offers a number of tax and regulatory benefits to induce entrepreneurs to run businesses on its territory. Notably, Delaware business laws are more welcoming and friendly both toward the companies as legal entities and toward their managers, owners, and directors as physical persons. That’s why registering a business in Delaware is so popular today. 

With Delaware being a business paradise, it’s vital to have a proper assistant on your side that will guide you through all the details and nuances of the local law and help get the best of it. Established in Delaware and operating there for decades, IncNow has the right local expertise, which national formation services usually lack. 

Besides, IncNow is managed by licensed attorneys backed by multiple years of experience and practice in corporate and business law. So, you can rest assured that the whole formation process will be handled by true professionals with the best diligence ever. They know everything about how legal entities should be set up and run in Delaware and will readily share their experience and knowledge with you.

Positive Customer Feedback

Despite being a smaller company limited by locality, IncNow boasts impressive customer feedback that even industry leaders with multi-thousand customer portfolios lack. You can spot IncNows reviews on such independent reviewer websites as Trustpilot, Google, and BBB. And the best thing is that the company is distinguished by an excellent rating and has an A+ BBB accreditation. 

Many clients praise it for its high service quality, helpful and well-organized support service, and professionalism. More than that, many clients appear to be recurring customers, which is yet another sign of a deservedly high company ranking.

IncNow Cons

With all the good going for it, IncNow is not perfect and still has some drawbacks. Below, we’ll take a look at the areas where the company needs improvement, in our opinion.

State-Specific Service

Distinguished by excellent service quality and exceptional professionalism, IncNow’s activity is limited by the states of Delaware, Nevada, and Florida. In the meantime, most of their competitors are nationwide services. 

By doing a bit of research, you’ll find out that IncNow does offer formations across the US. Yet, you can’t count on getting the same service level as in Delaware. Those formations are outsourced by IncNow to third-party companies and are actually beyond IncNow’s control. Hence, if your formation state is not Delaware, Nevada, or Florida, you’d better check other services.

Hard-to-find Info on Nevada and Florida Formations

IncNow’s website is primarily tailored for the state of Delaware, with all extras, additional data, resources, and services specified for this state. In fact, many users might even fail to find out that IncNow operates for Florida and Nevada as well since the company is advertised as a Delaware service. 

It will take you an effort to spot Florida and Nevada pages on the IncNow’s website. You should first pinpoint the list of other states and then choose the desired state. Before that, you should already know that IncNow serves in Florida and Nevada. You’ll hardly bump into it by chance.

Tricky Billing System

Additional discounts are the IncNow standout feature. The promo codes for a $50 rebate are displayed next to the package price they are valid for. On the front page, they provide an already discounted final package price showing the difference with a full cost. 

However, as you fill in the order, it often happens that you need to manually type in the promo code to lower the cost. Should you fail to notice the rebate is not applied, you’ll end up paying the full price.

Poor Refund Policy

While IncNow does have a refund policy in place, which is good, this policy is not the best in the industry. It’s rather nominal than functional. Thus, IncNow will return about 50% of the service cost if you request a refund before the documents are internally processed. Otherwise, the chances to get the money back are close to zero.

IncNow Contacts

Adress:Agents and Corporations, Inc. (IncNow’s registered name) 1201 N. Orange St, Suite 600 Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware 19801
800-759-2248 (toll-free)

IncNow Customer Service

Being a customer-focused provider, IncNow offers excellent customer service. The company’s help reps are accessible via email or phone. Unlike with many other LLC services, with InNow, you won’t have problems contacting their support managers by phone. IncNow has a team of well-trained specialists that will eagerly answer all your questions. 

While other companies might outsource support to third-party call-center, IncNow boasts an in-house group of professionals who know their onions and will give you valuable recommendations appropriate for your business situation.

IncNow vs Competition

Since IncNow’s activity is limited by state, it’s a bit hard to compare this service with other similar providers. However, a comparison is the easiest way to show how the company really performs and where it stands strong. So, let’s try to match IncNow with competitor services.

IncNow vs LegalZoom

What these two services have in common is a solid reputation. Both companies are known for their professionalism and diligent approach to formation services. 

When it comes to pricing, they hit nearly the same cost mark. Where LegalZoom really excels is the additional legal services it provides to individuals. Besides, LegalZoom’s brand power is hard to beat. It’s a top-of-the-line service that operates nationwide.

IncNow vs ZenBusiness

Today, ZenBusiness is an industry favorite widely appreciated by multiple customers. The company combines a professional approach with advanced technologies that makes it one of the most convenient online formation platforms for now. 

IncNow has an edge over ZenBusiness in expertise and track record. However, ZenBusiness is definitely stronger in pricing. At $49, it offers a well-featured service set covering a whole year of registered agent service and even an Operating Agreement. Even if you add a Delaware state fee, the ZenBusiness basic pack will turn out much more affordable than that of IncNow.

IncNow vs Northwest Registered Agent

Initially started as a national registered agent service, Northwest has registered offices in all US states. It means you’ll get professional help anywhere. 

The company is fast and customer-oriented similar to IncNow. While it turns out to be a bit more expensive than IncNow in Delaware, it is certainly a good option for any other state. Northwest is well-known for its premium support and efficient help in tricky business situations.

IncNow vs Rocket Lawyer

These two companies provide different formation approaches. While IncNow sticks to a more traditional scheme with its multi-tier packs, Rocket Lawyer comes up with a monthly subscription. 

Within Rocket Lawyer’s subscription, you will not only be able to form an LLC for free but also get discounts for other associated services and obtain access to other valuable features beyond formation. In a word, if you seek a smart combo of added legal help and formation services, you can’t go wrong with Rocket Lawyer.

Advantages & Disadvantages

IncNow has maintained its high reputability for decades now, holding its own in the face of growing competition and constantly attracting new customers with effective formation plans.

Their consistency is supported not only by excellent customer feedback but also by the impressive and long-standing track record in entity formation. That said, let’s look closely at the main pros and cons that come with hiring IncNow.

Advantages of IncNow

  • discounts: when making your first purchase, you can use their promo code INCNOW50 for Delaware and SAVE50 for Florida and Nevada to get a $50 discount on any formation package;
  • benefits for Delaware residents: those who want to open an LLC in Delaware but prefer to act as their own registered agent have an option to select one of the cheapest LLC formation packages priced at only $9+state fee which is $90 in Delaware;
  • hundreds of positive customer reviews;
  • well-balanced LLC formation packages offer effective feature combinations and don’t force overpriced services at every turn;

Disadvantages of IncNow

  • the steep $101 price disparity between the base and complete service packages is not exactly warranted by the range of added features;
  • IncNow offers formation services only in the states of Delaware, Florida, and Nevada. If you plan to start a company in another state, you should look for a service provider that operates in other state jurisdictions.

IncNow LLC Packages & Prices

States and their service packages


IncNow in state Delaware offers 3 plans for LLC formation, each with its own feature set:

IncNow LLC Packages & Prices in Delawer

Two Important Notes:

It’s possible to get a $50 discount on the two of these packages, specifically Complete and Now that cost $298+ State Fee and $399 + State Fee without the discount.

You can knock the pricing down to $248 and $349 respectively by using a promo code INCNOW50 when making your purchase on the IncNow website.

Moreover, you can save up to $90 with any formation plan but only if you are:

  • a Delaware resident;
  • planning to be your own registered agent;


IncNow in state Florida offers 2 plans for LLC formation, each with its own feature set:

IncNow LLC Packages & Prices in Florida

The Important Note:

It’s possible to get a $50 discount on the Complete package, that cost $298+ State Fee without the discount.

You can knock the pricing down to $248 respectively by using a promo code SAVE50 when making your purchase on the IncNow website.


IncNow in state Nevada offers 1 plans for LLC formation, each with its own feature set:

IncNow LLC Packages & Prices in Nevada

The Important Note:

It’s possible to get a $50 discount on the Complete package, that cost $650+ State Fee without the discount.

You can knock the pricing down to $600 respectively by using a promo code SAVE50 when making your purchase on the IncNow website.

More about packages

Basic LLC = $189 + State Fee

IncNow’s basic package covers everything you need to register a new Delaware LLC as well as keep it compliant with state law, making it an ideal option for Delaware-based entrepreneurs who plan to do business locally and would rather avoid overpaying for unnecessary features.

The same is applicable for Florida LLCs, whereas Nevada formation is only possible with a Complete package. But let’s see what exactly is in IncNow’s Basic package and how it may apply to you.

Preparation and Filing of the Articles of Organization

The key element in the LLC formation process is the preparation and filing of the Articles of Organization. In fact, this document is what establishes the legal status of an entity, so it’s vital to keep this document as compliant as possible if you want to properly register your LLC.

Filing your articles without checking for errors or inconsistencies could lead to the rejection of your application. A rejection like that means your failure to register an LLC, plus all the money you spent on the filing process will be spent in vain.

IncNow can take care of this step and deal with the preparation and filing of the Articles of Organization on your behalf, ensuring your application is fully compliant and processed in time.

Name Availability Search

Before going ahead with your chosen company name, be sure to check its availability. Most states legally require company names to be unique. If the name has already been taken by another LLC in your state but you use it for your LLC in the Articles of Organization, chances are your application is going to get rejected by the Secretary of State. To avoid this, IncNow conducts a preliminary name availability search across all relevant state databases.

One Year Registered Agent Service

Designating a registered agent is a mandatory step for doing business operations in all states, including Delaware. The requirement is there for your benefit and is designed to establish a reliable means of communication between your company and state authorities.

Registered agents deal primarily with legal documents and other paperwork addressed to your business, including:

  • state correspondence;
  • legal requirements;
  • any type of service of process;
  • IRS tax notices/letters etc.

Almost anyone can serve as a registered agent, provided they meet a few requirements. This means that any legal body or natural person can act in this capacity.

Still, it’s generally recommended to hire a professional registered agent service, mainly for their efficiency and much better rates compared to attorneys and attorney firms. Not to mention that acting as your own registered agent may cause scheduling conflicts.

IncNow is not the cheapest option when it comes to registered agent service, but they are fairly affordable, charging only $90 annually.

Complete LLC = $298 + State Fee

The Complete LLC formation package in Delaware and Florida will cost you $298+State Fee, and in Nevada it will be $650+State Fee.

IncNow’s Complete package, which is offered in Delaware and Florida, adds only one feature to those included in the Basic package. It may seem excessive to charge $100 for a single service, but not when this service is the step-by-step creation of your personalized Operating Agreement.

20 Page LLC Operating Agreement

Even though an Operating Agreement is an internal document by nature, its creation is crucial for the smooth running of any company. This document typically touches on the following aspects:

  • operational structure and LLC member rights;
  • operational guidelines and goals of the LLC;
  • types of management underlying procedures:
    – voting;
    – potential ways to designate a registered agent or assign a substitute;
    – allocation of profits and losses;
    – owner/member replacement;
    – selling LLC ownership;
    – voluntary dissolution etc;

With their Complete package, IncNow offers to draft an expertly detailed operating agreement on your behalf.

Now LLC = $399 + State Fee

Their top-tier Now package is only available for Delaware organizers and includes all previously mentioned features plus a few helpful additional services. This option may be best suited for entrepreneurs with more generous budgets who would prefer to form their LLC faster and with less effort on their part.

Expedited Processing

IncNow’s expedited processing service guarantees fast 24-hour turnaround times for all applications. This feature can be purchased with other packages during checkout.

Email Document Delivery

The copy of your Articles of Organization will be delivered to you by IncNow via email as soon as the document is available.

Additional Features

Any of the service packages allow you to order additional features separately, so you can technically customize your plan based on the requirements of your LLC. Keep in mind that the pricing may vary based on the state of formation, so be sure to look up the rates for Florida and Nevada.

Statement of Organizer ($49)

This document details the list of all initial LLC owners/members and managers.

Federal Tax ID Number or EIN ($99)

EIN is a unique nine-digit number assigned to a legal entity for conducting the following operations:

  • paying taxes;
  • hiring employees;
  • opening business bank accounts etc.

LLC Kit and Seal ($99)

IncNow also provides a fully customized LLC kit complete with an embossed ledger, binder, and a corporate seal with your company’s name.

Certified Copy of Certificate of Formation ($99)

Always having a certified copy of your Articles of Organization on hand is an unspoken necessity of running any business. Various third-party entities and individuals may request to check the articles, including but not limited to:

  • banks;
  • government agencies;
  • creditors;
  • consulting lawyers or accounts and other contractors.

Certified Copy with Apostille ($159)

The Apostille is used in document authentification to certify the legitimacy of the signatures and stamps that affix the initial documents. Copies certified in this manner are usually required to open companies outside of the United States.

Certificate of Good Standing ($99)

This document is issued to provide proof that an LLC has been following legal requirements in full compliance with state law. You might need the certificate for various legal reasons, for instance when acquiring foreign qualifications.

Certificate of Good Standing with Apostille ($159)

Whereas the regular certificate of good standing is necessary for branching out to other states within the United States, this iteration is mandatory for opening business entities in other countries.

Despite the abundance of additional features, IncNow is one of the few companies that won’t be harassing you with upsells at every turn. The only time they will offer extra features is during the initial checkout for your first service package.

IncNow Customer Reviews

If you prefer to rely on customer feedback when choosing an online service, IncNow is one of the few companies with hundreds of positive reviews across multiple client review platforms.

Most customers cite the speed and efficiency with which IncNow can help you start an LLC, but the company’s customer support is also pretty consistent. Let’s examine the IncNow customer experience based on their ratings.


Out of 705 reviews on Trustpilot, the majority are positive in nature, praising the professionalism of IncNow’s team. Many reviews also state they are either returning customers or plan on

IncNow Customer Reviews Trustpilot


IncNow’s headquarters has 53 reviews at the time of writing, most of which are fairly positive.

IncNow Customer Reviews Google


Although somewhat modest in volume, Facebook reviews (11 in total) are notable for their deeply personal nature and can give you a more complete picture of the service.

Facebook Rating: 5/5 stars


Best Business Bureau that only has 3 customer reviews, but all of them are strikingly positive. Each review cites the speed and experience of IncNow’s team. What’s even more impressive is the A+ rating awarded to the company by BBB’s business specialists.

IncNow Customer Reviews BBB

Is IncNow Right For You?

As a reliable and experienced LLC formation service, IncNow will be an excellent choice for most entrepreneurs who plan to create an LLC in Delaware. Unlike LLC services with similar rates, IncNow can boast highly positive customer reviews partially due to the company’s friendly customer support and decades of experience.

Even though IncNow also offers formation services in Florida and Nevada, it’s best to weigh all available services that operate in those states to see if IncNow is the best option in your case. This applies to Delaware as well since every LLC has unique requirements, and IncNow could be perfect for some and not very suitable for others.

✔ When to Start an LLC with IncNow:

  • when planning to open a business in Delaware and looking for a fast and reliable service provider;
  • when planning to use promo codes or looking for discounts as high as $90;
  • when you plan to act as your own registered agent in Delaware.

✖ When NOT to Start an LLC with IncNow:

  • when planning to form entities in or expand into states other than Delaware, Florida, or Nevada;
  • when you want to hire an online company that offers a free year of registered agent service.

Final Verdict

When it comes to forming an LLC, IncNow can do it with staggering efficiency and speed thanks to the company’s decades of experience and dedicated team of professionals.

IncNow may seem a bit expensive at first but you definitely won’t regret investing in their services. Compared to the average business attorney rates, this online service will actually help you save money, sometimes even up to several hundreds of dollars.

Still, IncNow is not exactly the cheapest in its niche. Quite a few competitors offer similar packages at more affordable prices and even include a year of free registered agent service.

It should also be noted that for all its competence, IncNow operates only in three states: Delaware, Nevada, and Florida, with Delaware being the most financially viable option. And even if you use the service to form an entity in one of those three, expanding the company to other states won’t be possible if you’re hiring IncNow as a registered agent service.

All in all, IncNow is a relatively affordable method to start a company if you plan to run a business in Delaware, Florida, or Nevada as all of their formation plans guarantee fast and competent registration. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs who want to start their business in other states will have to consider other services.

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IncNow Reviews

  1. Avatar

    IncNow are the very best to use. I have used them for years.
    Fantastic service. Always timely.
    Great people!

  2. Avatar

    As a foregneir resident/ user of this service, I can declare that INCNOW is absolutely outstanding in terms of remote user and service management. Chapeau!

  3. Avatar

    Agents and Corps know all of the required steps to legally set-up and register your organization. We’ve used them for years and are very pleased with their accuracy, system automation, and professional service.

  4. Avatar

    I have opened dozens of LLC’s and Corporations through Inc Now over many years and have always found it very easy to do. Within minutes you can be in business; and if and when I have a problem I call them and the problem is resolved immediately. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

  5. Avatar

    i love inc now! they’re are super fast , i receive my llc paper work with in 24 hours , thank again for the help.

  6. Avatar

    Inc now has helped me out a lot with sending me all the details to my original contract that I would’ve never found and they had to look hard for it.

    He always pick up the phone and they’re always professional.

    Inc now is great!


  7. Avatar

    I learned of IncNow when looking for a registered agent for my new business. Upon reading about the company’s available business packages, I found that IncNow offers so much more than what I was looking for. I chose the highest package to cut out the amount of work I would need to do to incorporate my business. Best choice I ever made. The customer service is quick, informative, and helpful and the paperwork is straight forward. You also are reminded for important requirements for your business in a timely manner. I will be using IncNow for my newest business as well.

  8. Avatar

    I wouldn’t trust anyone else to ensure my tax payments and corporate structures are intact! I have for years, and will continue to trust IncNow.

  9. Avatar

    IncNow – Agents and Corporations, Inc. is the best in the business. They really do a great job and I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in forming an LLC in Delaware. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. 5 stars all around. Thanks, IncNow!

  10. Avatar

    Terrible customer service, I inquired about an unwanted charge and after speaking with 2 people they hanged the phone on me. Very unprofessional and not customer centric.

  11. Avatar

    incNOW does a great job of sending me multiple reminders, and the online payment feature is very easy and quick.

  12. Avatar

    I purchased a certificate of good standing for my Delaware-incorporated business. I chose IncNow because they offered a 2-3 day turnaround and I needed to have the document sooner rather than later.

    Instead, the company took two days to email me the following: “”Our Risk Management Department has reviewed this matter and has made the business decision not to provide assistance. Any funds paid will be refunded.””

    I then had to pay a courier to drive to Delaware and actually pick up my certificate – an act that could have been avoided had I chosen a different company.

  13. Avatar

    IncNow has handled my last 3 business ventures, both for profit and also our not for profit. Knowledgeable, courtesy and quick to action from all the staff I have worked with over the last 10 years!

    I strongly recommend them to my small business owner associates whenever I can. Thanks for the Great Experiences IncNow.

    George McDermott
    Managing Partner
    Soccer Services Int’l/The Keeper Factory
    & Success In The Streets

  14. Avatar

    I’ve dealt with them for years. Each time I work with them, they remind me why I keep coming back. They are transparent, fast, and easy to work with. You won’t find a better place to incorporate your business.

  15. Avatar

    Don’t do business with them. It genuinely is not worth it. They will charge you $600 to do something you can do yourself for free AND have the audacity to ask for an additional $100 every year for doing essentially nothing.

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