Nebraska LLC Publication Requirements

Last updated on: August 9, 2021

When it comes to doing business in Nebraska, to successfully open an LLC, there is a wide range of challenges to tackle starting from publishing a note in a newspaper. There are three states that still use this rule, and one of those states is Nebraska, along with New York and Arizona. 

To help you ease the LLC formation process in Nebraska, we’ll talk about Notice of Organization and publishing proof and will learn how to complete Nebraska’s publication requirements.

Publication Requirement: What is it?

Publication requirement simply refers to additional filings or steps required to be done during the incorporation of a business by some states such as the publication of the LLC formation notice in a local newspaper.

To launch an LLC in Nebraska, certain requirements must be met for successful completion. The LLC Nebraska publication requirement (Section 21-193) necessitates

  • Publication of the Notice of Organization in one of the newspapers of general circulation;
  • Publication for at least three consecutive weeks;
  • The newspaper must be distributed in the same city or county as your company’s registered office;
  • Upon completion of publication, the newspaper provides a Proof of Publication, also known as “Affidavit of Publication”;
  • The Proof of Publication must be sent to the Nebraska Secretary of State to certify that your LLC has complied with the publication requirement.

Publication Requirements for Nebraska LLCs

So, you’ve come to an LLC publication, the final step in getting your business up and running. The basic steps you need to take during the Nebraska Publication Process are:

  1. All new LLCs (limited liability companies) formed in the state must publish an advertisement, also known as “Notice of Organization”, in a reputable local newspaper;
  1. This Notice of Organization must include the primary details of your new LLC such as:
  • The Nebraska limited liability company name;
  • Your Nebraska Registered Agent’s name and street address;
  • The address to your designated office;
  • The professional services are being offered by your newly formed LLC.
  1. The Notice of Organization must be run for at least 3 weeks;
  1. Once the three weeks of running the ad lapses, the newspaper is required to issue a Proof of Publication (can also be called “Affidavit of Publication ”) to you to show that you’ve fully complied with the Nebraska publication process;
  1. Once you’ve received the proof, then you should proceed to submit the Affidavit to the Nebraska Secretary of State:
  • Online ($12);
  • By mail ($10), by mailing documents to:

Secretary of State
PO Box 94608
Lincoln, NE 68509-4608

  1. Within 1-2 business days, the Secretary of State will process the papers and add them to your LLC’s permanent record;
  1. You can download a certified copy to your computer and print it to keep with other company documents. This will serve as proof that the LLC has properly complied with all publication requirements.

As for the fees charged by newspapers, most of them charge a “per line” price. Generally, newspapers in large counties charge a little more for publishing an ad, $100 to $250, while in smaller counties, it can cost you $40 to $70.

What Happens if You Fail to Complete the Publication Requirement?

There is no clear penalty for failing to complete the publication requirement since it’s not usually enforced legislation. However, it’ll help to know that failure to complete the publication requirements nullifies the business transactions of such LLC. In other words, the corporate veil of the company which protects the owners from the business’ liability and limits it to just the entity could be lost. 

What’s more? Your newly formed LLC may lack the ability to obtain a certificate of good standing, meaning that business relationships with new partners/vendors may be impossible.

While the penalty your LLC’s business is likely to face for your failure to complete the publication requirements may not be an obvious one, this is certainly legislation you would not like to toy with as it can spell disaster for the continued existence of your LLC.


The LLC formation process in Nebraska requires total compliance with the publication requirement. Failure to complete this requirement does not attract any clear penalty, however, it sure does threatens the continued existence of such a company. Furthermore, the Nebraska publication service happens to be very affordable and is offered by a plethora of LLC formation services in the state. 

Check out our list of Best LLC Services that provide fast, quality Nebraska publication service at a reasonable price. Not only will they help you get your business up and running in full compliance with state requirements but they will also provide a registered agent llc on favorable terms. 

Consequently, setting up a business in Nebraska can also be as smooth as any of the other states when you comply with the rules.

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