Unique Business Name For LLC in New York

Last updated on: October 7, 2021

Unique name for business

How to create a unique business name for LLC in New York

Coming up with a unique name for your operations is one way to stand out from the competition. Keep in mind that this is a name present in your official documents, website, business cards, and other items you share with your stakeholders. It should be something that is in line with the brand you want to create.

You can try techniques such as brainwriting and brainstorming to come up with unique business name ideas. Alternatively, you can use the unique business name generator to help you match your products and services to the most fitting names.

How to Perform a New York LLC Name Search

It is easy to get excited about a new idea, but how can you make sure nobody else has thought of the same thing? A company name search helps you check if the chosen name is already in use and whether you have to go back to the drawing board.


In New York, you can access the Corporation & Business Entity Database, where you will have an opportunity to search for existing businesses. However, you cannot use this information as a concrete answer to whether your name is available as it won’t give you official results. Instead, you have to write to The New York Department of State to check for name availability.

However, if you already know the business name and want to get information about it, you can use the database for this. Enter the full or partial name in the LLC name search New York bar, and from this, you can access:

  • Entity Name
  • County Entity Status
  • Entity Type (LLC, Corporation, etc.)
  • Department of State ID
  • Initial Filing Date
  • Name History
  • State of Jurisdiction
  • Address for Process
  • Registered Agent Name
  • Registered Agent Address
  • Stock Information (if applicable)

You can use this data to check against an existing business or find contact information about other entities.

By mail

Given that you cannot get information on reserved names and all names in use from the database, once you confirm that a name is not in the listed names, you can send a mail to:

Department of State
Division of Corporations
One Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12231

You will receive a response from the Secretary of State on whether you can go ahead with your proposed name or not.

Reasons to Perform an LLC Name Search

1) Finding Similar Names

As much as your choice may be unique, it may share too many similarities with another company, which can confuse your clients. If you do not want other businesses riding on your success or having your clients contact other companies in confusion, you may want to find a new name.

2) Checking Your Business Status

Once you have filed the Articles of Organization and registered your business, name-checks will help you check your business status to gauge your good standing. Plus, other people will be able to look for your details and ascertain your existence once you have started your New York LLC.

3) Registered Agent and Office Information

When you decide to hire a professional business service of process to do your representation with the state, you can go through the database to check their details and use them in your documents.

4) Maintaining Current Business Information

Anytime you want to change details about your operations, you can start by checking for New York LLC name for what is on file before submitting any LLC’s information amendments.

What does LLC mean after a company name?

It refers to the entity type, and you are free to use alternative LLC after name company such as:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Company
  • L.L.C.
  • L.C.
  • LC

Business Name Reservations

Have You Required to Reserve a Business Name?

Registering your name is not mandatory per the law, but it comes in handy when you want to start a business but haven’t got everything sorted yet. For example, you have a name in mind but are unsure what legal entity you wish to form or haven’t started the necessary paperwork to establish your operations. If you need time to get your affairs in order, a reservation will help you keep other people from using your preferred name in the meantime. Please note that this does not amount to registering a business but is one of the key steps in business formation.

How do I Reserve a Business Name in New York?

First, you need to make sure the name is available; else, you will spend money on a process that will not go through. Secondly, you have to check that the name adheres to the set state guidelines, as these also determine the success of the application. If both these aspects are okay, you can file the reservation:


You need to access the Department of State’s LLC Filings page, where you will find instructions and links to what you need at the top. Navigating the document is quite simple as all you need is to fill in the required information and click submit once you verify that everything is okay.


Your work is not done yet. You will now need to access the completed form above and send it to:

Division of Corporations, State Records and Uniform Commercial Code
One Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Ave.
Albany, New York 12231-0001

The fee is payable via money order or check if you prefer to do it physically. Alternatively, you can make the payment when filling the form online. Once the authorities review the documents and ensure everything checks out, they will process your application. You can now start working on other aspects of the company’s formation.

How Long Does a New York Business Name Reservation Last?

The reservation should remain effective for 60 days, during which you can go ahead and start working on registering your company. If you are not ready to do so within this period, you can extend the reservation for another 60 days. Please keep in mind that the law only allows you to enjoy two extensions, after which the name becomes available to the public. You can either avoid reserving the name much earlier than you need to or start working on registration soon after finding a name to avoid losing it to your competitors.

Also, if you no longer want to reserve the name but have already filed a reservation, you have the option to cancel it at a $20 fee. You can do this if someone has approached you, hoping to use the name.

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