How We Review the Best LLC Services

When we review the best LLC services on our website, we always strive to provide the most detailed objective and comprehensive analysis of each provider. We clearly understand that not everyone is looking for the same information when forming an LLC. Thus, U.S. or UK cleaning companies, barbershops, bloggers, professional organizers, YouTubers, and a few other business types all have their own sets of requirements when forming a company.
We do our best to share our insights about a certain service provider in the most unprejudiced and understandable manner. 

With that said, we invite you to take a look at our basic guidelines and criteria used to review various LLC formation services. Be our guests and learn more about our assessment methodology. 

Customer Feedback

Reading customer reviews and comments is, probably, the first thing that comes to mind when comparing different LLC service providers. Well, that’s what we do! And we do it precisely! 

Customer feedback gives us a great opportunity to gain new experience and find out valuable information about the pros and cons of a certain LLC formation platform. We monitor their ratings and keep an eye on the volume of customer reviews.

Customer Support

This parameter is the most popular among customers, thus we have to pay close attention to how good it is with various LLC services. Some providers offer live chat and phone support every day. Some will only answer you via emails. Some providers don’t operate during weekends, some have long/short working hours, etc. 

An important parameter to consider is the actual location of the team: it can be an in-house team or a third-party call center, which is not even based in the US. All this directly affects the convenience and trust factor.

Achieved Results

How experienced is the LLC formation service? How long have they been around on the market? Is it a young promising company or an established giant with thousands or even millions of satisfied customers?

Value for money

For most people, low pricing always comes first, but then you also want to have as much value as possible, too! Otherwise, no matter how low is the price of the LLC service package, its value is simply worthless. 

Thus, we provide the most balanced solutions for your business goals. For this, we carefully analyze the main and additional features and weigh them against the total price of the package. However, it’s always up to you to choose the best match and think good before you choose a certain package. 

Registered Agent Service

As you are undoubtedly aware, every LLC (or SLLC), registered as a legal entity in the United States, has to hire and appoint a registered agent. This can be an entity or a person. In fact, this can be any of your family or friends who is at least 18 years old. A registered agent will manage all the paperwork with the state authorities on behalf of your company and notify you about all deadlines and business events, directly related to your LLC.

Some LLC formation services like IncFile, ZenBusiness, and Northwest Registered Agent offer their clients a full year of registered agent service for free (first year only) in all of their packages. Some others may include only a few months of this service, and some don’t have it at all.

This agent is also sometimes called a statutory agent or agent of process. Moreover, if your business spreads beyond one state, you will need a registered agent in each of them. 

Convenience and Simplicity

We are always looking forward to providing the best user-friendly experience for our readers. Thus, for us, it’s highly essential to ensure that all companies on our list offer convenience and simplicity on their websites. We contact them ourselves to evaluate how well they explain the order process, how polite and friendly they are, and if they offer too many upsells.   

When it comes to choosing a business plan, a reputable LLC formation service allows its customers to make a decision fast and easy. Will that decision be right? Well, this depends directly on the customer.

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