MyCompanyWorks LLC Service Review: Is It A Good LLC Website?

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Last updated on: August 4, 2022
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MyCompanyWorks (ex MyNewCompany) is one of USA’s most reputable providers of incorporation, LLC formation, and other services for small and middle-sized businesses. The fast-growing company has been providing its services on the market since 2001. Since then, MyCompanyWorks has helped to form over 60,000 businesses, providing its clients with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Their main goal of the company is to help entrepreneurs or their advisors to start their businesses in the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way. With the help of MyCompanyWorks, thousands of companies were formed, thus, non fewer clients were satisfied. We can all face challenges when starting a business, so in order to avoid costly and confusing experiences, you can hire MyCompanyWorks to save your money and time.

If you plan to form an LLC using a professional team with experienced employees who will handle all the paperwork for you, then MyCompanyWorks’s virtual office welcomes you! They know how to get the job done fast and smooth. They will create your formation documents and submit them to your state authorities to legally form your new entity, they will also search your state’s database to find an available business name for your company, provide you with all the necessary support you need, as well as give access to any completed formation documents you need, and they give a 100% guarantee in every package! All this and much more makes this company’s LLC formation services a solid choice for many entrepreneurs.

Today, we are going to discuss all the benefits that you can expect from this company. Read our MyCompanyWorks LLC service review to find out if this company meets your business goals.

Is MyCompanyWorks Legit?

Online formations and incorporations are as popular today as never before. More and more customers, be it seasoned businessmen or first-time entrepreneurs, use formation services to set up their ventures. In the fast-paced modern life, they seek convenience, speed, and diligence. With that, in recent years, new formation services have been sprouting up like mushrooms. On the one hand, it gives users a more diverse choice. On the other hand, it complicates that choice. 

Speaking of MyCompanyWorks, many businessmen-to-be wonder if this provider is worth their trust and loyalty. Though not as popular as the industry top-liners and lacking some brand power, MyCompanyWorks doesn’t lack experience and proficiency. With over two decades of expertise behind its back, this provider can be rightfully called a professional and reliable service. 

Similar to bigger market players, MyCompanyWorks is a national service provider that will come to help in any US state. Besides, the company comes up not only with formation but also with incorporation services and has a whole list of add-ons you might need to manage and maintain your new business within a post-formation period. 

What polishes an almost impeccable MyCompanyWorks business image is a wealth of positive customer feedback this provider boasts despite being a small-scale company. There is no better proof of the service quality than true-to-life reviews of former service users.

MyCompanyWorks Packages

MyCompanyWorks offers 3 packages (Basic, Entrepreneur, and Complete). Each of them has a lot of useful (and not that useful) services. However, as always, everything depends on your business type and goals. The Basic package offers business name availability search, preparation and filing of Articles of Organization, personalized LLC operating agreement creation, organizational minutes, a handbook on LLC operation, and the Startup Wizard compliance checklist tool. 

The Entrepreneur package includes all of the above-mentioned services, along with an additional EIN number, which allows you to hire employees and file taxes, a Corporate Kit (along with a seal, and stock certificates for structure organization), and a huge MyCompanyWorks document library with over 200 sample forms.

Lastly, the Complete package offers a year of a free registered agent service, which is essential for many entrepreneurs when they form their own LLCs.

The Basic ($79 + state fees) package includes the following services:

  • Unlimited name-checks;
    Articles of Incorporation preparation and filing;
  • Custom organizational minutes;
  • Online order tracking and Status Updates;
  • Same business day processing;
  • Order is audited for compliance and spelling;
  • Unlimited phone/email support;
  • The new corporation handbook;
  • The Startup Wizard checklist;
  • Free company alerts and annual report notifications;
  • Access to scanned documents online;
  • Free eBook: Startups Made Simple;
  • Lifetime access to “My Account”.

These and the following services are included in the Entrepreneur ($199 + state fees) package:

  • OBTAIN Federal Tax ID ($49.00 / Basic package);
  • Corporate Kit, Seal, and Stock Certificates ($69.00 / Basic package);
  • MyCompanyForms™ Lifetime Business Forms & Tax Guide ($39.00 / Basic package).

You probably know that every company is required to have a “minute book,” right? That’s where you keep all important paperwork, e.g. your company’s state filing documents, meeting minutes, etc. By the way, custom meeting minutes will provide an outline for your company’s business meetings, and space to take notes on what’s going on at them. MyCompanyWorks provides minutes for LLCs just like for corporations.

And this where you can use a Corporate Kit. MyCompanyWorks’s Corporate Kit offers a 3-ring binder,  embossed with the company name, index tabs, dividers, 20 sample stock or membership certificates, a Corporate or LLC Seal with your company name, and a Stock Transfer Ledger. How cool is that? Seems nice to us! Thus, if you need a properly managed minute book, you might want to consider this kit.

We would also like to look in detail at the Startup Wizard interactive startup checklist from MyCompanyWorks. This service is sort of like an ultimate startup checklist, customized to your unique business goals, company type, and location (state). The Wizard can help you with opening a bank account or you can get a business license, as well as set up your accounting system. Basically, this means that you now have your very own personal online checklist! Thus, if, say, you will need to file an Initial List for your LLC in Florida, our checklist will give you all the necessary recommendations and instructions for that, as well as many other important startup tasks.

Startup Wizard main features:

  • Exports as a PDF file;
  • Fully tracks each step of your progress; 
  • Included FREE with every entity formation;
  • Versatile usage for multiple companies. Track each of them separately;
  • Sends reminders via email with a PDF summary of the remaining steps;
  • Covers getting a business license or resale permit;
  • Clear and easy guidance for Organizational Meetings, adopting Operating Agreements, and Member Certificate issuing;
  • You can unsubscribe at any time.

Startup Wizard benefits:

  • Save your time and money due to clear step-by-step guidance and a simple checklist;
  • No need to learn legal forms or procedures – form your new company fast and easy;
  • Give your clients personalized guidance by utilizing the service for them;
  • Prevent any expensive mistakes in the future and ensure peace of mind.

All of the above-mentioned services + a Registered Agent Service ($99.00 per year for Basic and Entrepreneur packages) are included in the Complete ($279 + state fees) package 

Optional free services include the following options:

  • Free Business Tax Consultation;
  • Free Domain Name and 1 Year Hosting Offer;
  • Free Startup Business Funding Consultation;
  • $450 Bank of America Small Business Banking Offer;
  • Delay Filing to 2021.

Optional paid services include the following options:

  • Prepare S-Corporation Election ($25);
  • Business License Compliance Package ($99);
  • MyCompanyWorks Premium ($99 per year).

Click this link for more details on the packages. 

MyCompanyWorks Pros and Cons

Now that you’ve taken a look at MyCompanyWorks pricing plans and got to the gist of the provider’s pricing approach, it’s high time to make a summary of the company’s strong and weak points. 

What reveals the service’s true value is not only the benefits the company brings but also the ratio of advantages to disadvantages that demonstrates its real strength and performance. Below, we’ll provide a side-by-side list of the service pluses and minuses and then dive into in-depth explanations.

Automated servicesNot the lowest cost in the industry
Free compliance alertsNo registered agent in a low-tier pack
Free tax consultationUnnecessary extras that are rather “fluff”
Digital document delivery
No hidden charges
Same-day Processing
High-security level
100% satisfaction guarantee
Excellent customer support
Generous customer feedback
Helpful Startup Wizard
Virtual Office service
Valuable startup add-ons

MyCompanyWorks Pros

MyCompanyWorks has a lot of good about it. And the benefits it offers might be beneficial for you too. So, let’s look at them in more detail.

Automated Services

With MyCompany Works, you won’t have to think about routines, the provider will do it for you. They deliver automated billing, email, and notification services, thus, ensuring you won’t miss any subscription or ongoing payments. Besides, you can rest assured the company will remind you of essential events or deadlines in advance in an automatic mode. 

That’s a great feature for busy businessmen who have a lot on their to-do lists, as well as for beginner entrepreneurs who are not aware of all the organizational nuances yet.

Free Compliance Alerts

Setting up a registered business entity is only a part of the business formalities and legalities you’ll have to follow. Once formed, your company becomes an independent entity with both its own legal rights to have and a whole number of commitments to observe. 

Thus, to be in good standing with the state, which is essential for the business’s lawful status, your entity should stick to certain state regulations. Those are so-called compliance requirements. Filing taxes and submitting annual reports are to name a few. Should you miss the filing dates or fail to file, you’ll put your business compliance status at risk. 

With MyCompanyWorks, that problem will be solved. Each formation pack has free compliance alerts by default. It means you’ll get automatic reminders of any important dates and deadlines to keep up with filing and reporting schedules.

Free Tax Consultation

This option is on the list of all MyCompanyWorks’ feature-rich formation plans. So, even if you choose a basic bundle, you’ll get a free tax consultation, which is provided in the form of a one-hour online session. The best thing is that you’ll get specific recommendations for your type of business entity. Detailed taxation tips along with up-to-date info on compulsory tax forms and IRS filing rules are of great help when you stand on the verge of running a new business.

Digital Document Delivery

In a digital era, more and more legal service users swap papers for digital document versions. Not only is it fast and convenient but also it’s safe giving you access to your docs from anywhere and making sure you won’t lose a single sheet. 

With MyCompanyWorks, you’ll get a choice of receiving your approved formation documents by mail or getting them in a digital form. The latter is faster and much more convenient as we’ve said. Scanned copies of all your papers will be available to you for good via your MyCompanyWorks account. You’ll be free to print them out or quickly share them with anyone whenever you need.

No Hidden Charges

While many competitor providers tend to use upsells or escalate final prices by adding some 

extra charges during checkout, MyCompanyWorks is pretty clear about its pricing. 

As soon as you select your formation state and type of the business entity to establish, you’ll access the pricing page displaying both services within formations packs and payable add-ons with prices standing next to them. A state-specific filing fee will be also shown. So, nothing will turn out a surprise at the final order stage, unless you pick it by yourself.

Same-Day Processing

While MyCompanyWorks does have rush filing services for the states where it’s available when it comes to standard filing, the provider has no priority policy and won’t sell you on express processing. Instead, same-day processing is a default feature for all formation bundles. No matter how much you pay, the company will review your documents on the same day that you place an order.

High-Security Level

When choosing to form or incorporate your business with the help of a third party, you do have to share your personal info with a service provider. And in this case, you want to be sure your sensitive data are duly protected. 

MyCompanyWorks does its best to secure your private data. Using high-end technologies to protect you online, the company doesn’t rely on outsourcing and will process your info internally. So, there will be no accidental data leaks.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Refund policy is rather a weak point than a strength for many similar services. Yet, MyCompanyWorks really excels here. A 100% satisfaction guarantee it offers for all formation plans is one of its biggest points of pride. 

If you are not satisfied with the service for some reason, the company promises to settle the issue or pay the money back to you. You can send a request for a refund within 90 days from the date of purchase, which is a long period we must admit.  

Refund and cancellation policies are indicative of how providers treat their customers. MyCompanyWorks proves to value clients and their business needs.

Excellent Customer Support

Further showing respect and a caring attitude to their clients, MyCompanyWorks delivers top-of-the-line customer support. You’ll get in touch with support managers quickly and without a problem, by phone or via email. You can expect to get informative and helpful answers to all your questions. 

Meanwhile, those who choose to buy MyCompanyWorks Premium Annual Subscription will enjoy priority customer support.

Helpful Startup Wizard

A Startup Wizard is an exclusive MyCompanyWorks tool available within all the provider’s pricing plans. It’s an interactive checklist of all the tasks you need to accomplish to set your enterprise up and running in the right way. The Wizard will be tailored to requirements valid for your formation state and the type of legal entity you choose to register.

You’ll get detailed formation instructions in one place. The tool will guide you through the whole process and remind you of the steps you haven’t finished yet. As such, the Startup Wizard is a real find for newbies and beginners who know little to nothing about all the tricks of the formation process.

Virtual Office Service

Many online companies and home-based businesses use virtual office services as an alternative to using the home addresses of their owners. With the rapid growth of online businesses, virtual offices gain more and more popularity too. 

MyCompanyWorks has this service on the list, it starts at $39 per month. This option covers a physical mailing address in Wyoming or Nevada, phone and fax numbers, and all related mail processing services.

Valuable Startup Add-Ons

MyCompanyWorks is by far the greatest choice for startuppers since even a Basic pricing plan at $59 embraces a lot of valuable perks for first-time businessmen. Along with a Startup Wizard guide, you’ll get free access to free e-books that will explain all you need to know about starting, running, and closing the business. 

To continue, they’ll help you set up a business bank account and provide an extensive list of vendors from different industries to build your supply chains. On top of that, you’ll get specific startup discounts from multiple vendors for their software and startup-related products.

Generous Customer Feedback

Rich customer feedback is what tops off the MyCompanyWorks solid business reputation. The company’s name pops up on the most popular independent review websites such as Google, Trustpilot, Shopper Approved, eKomi, and BBB. Overall, you’ll find nearly 3,000 comments, and about 98% of them are expressly positive. 

Happy customers mostly specify the ease of use, helpful and responsive customer support, reasonable pricing, and diverse services.

MyCompanyWorks Cons

With all the good about it, MyCompanyWorks has a few minuses too. Let’s consider those drawbacks and see if they mar the benefits.

Not the Lowest Cost in the Industry

MyCompanyWorks services are not the most expensive in the industry. Yet, the costs are far from being the lowest too. There are competitor providers that offer more at lower prices, and there are even services that come up with free formation packs. Hence, if you are on a tight budget and want to save on formation a bit, you can consider other alternatives.

No Registered Agent in a Low-Tier Pack

A registered agent is a law requirement for LLCs and corporations alike. So, most formation companies strive to make a year of registered agent service a part of all pricing plans. 

With MyCompanyWorks, though, you can expect to get it within pricier top-tier plans. Not included in a Basic pack, this service costs $99 a year. The price is quite affordable we must admit, yet, adding it to the plan will significantly bump up the final cost.

Unnecessary Extras That Are Rather “Fluff”

Casting a quick look at the services MyCompanyWorks offers within its pricing plans, you’ll spot a whole lot of add-ons that are not available in competitors’ services. On the one hand, it’s great and adds value. On the other hand, many of those services are mostly geared toward startuppers and are excessive for more experienced businessmen who’d rather choose a less featured and lower-priced plan.

Short Customer Support Hours

MyCompanyWorks boasts superior customer support. However, short contact hours are its real drawback. The client center is available only from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. While staying open for a bit longer in the evening, it starts working nearly midday, with normal business time starting at 9 a.m. We wish MyCompanyWorks had extended support hours to keep up with competitors.

Some Negative Reviews on Google

MyCompanyWorks does have a few negative reviews on Google. Some customers complained about help reps not responding in time, and others were dissatisfied with charged fees. One way or another, given the number of positive comments that obviously outweigh the negative once, it’s a minor drawback.

MyCompanyWorks Contacts

Address:187 E. Warm Springs Rd., Suite B
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone:800.326.1362 (toll-free)
702.362.2677 (direct)

MyCompanyWorks Customer Service

As we’ve already noted, MyCompanyWorks is distinguished by stellar customer support, which is one of the biggest company’s draws. 

You can reach their help center via phone or email and get a prompt answer. Thus, emails are answered within 24 hours, yet you can get a response much quicker. Some letters are responded to even within 20 minutes. Calls are also picked up fast, without making you hang on the line. 

It’s worth noting that the help reps you will contact are patient, friendly, diligent, and knowledgeable. They provide complete and detailed answers without getting into generic info and offer additional data that might be appropriate for your situation. 

The only negative detail to it is shorter support hours that limit the time when you can contact the call center for help.

MyCompanyWorks vs Competition

To better understand if MyCompanyWorks is a worthy choice, let’s see how it stacks up against the competition and which of the competitor services are decent alternatives to it.

MyCompanyWorks vs ZenBusiness

Recently, ZenBusiness has nearly become a buzzword in the formation industry. A highly technological service with a solid market reputation to it, it confidently outcompetes many more experienced contenders. 

When it comes to MyCompanyWorks, it’s inferior to ZenBusiness in scale and service pricing. At $49, ZenBusiness’s entry-level pack might lack some services of the MyCompanyWorks Basic bundle. Yet, it covers the essentials that would cost you much more than $100 with MyCompanyWorks.

MyCompanyWorks vs LegalZoom

What these two services have in common is extensive professional experience. However, MycCompanyWorks is an obvious winner in pricing since LegalZoom is one of the most expensive services out there. Though much more popular than MyCompanyWorks, it will significantly hit your budget. 

Unless you need other legal services beyond formation (which you can get in LegalZoom), MyCompanyWorks is a more affordable option.

MyCompanyWorks vs Northwest Registered Agent

Both industry old-timers, MyCompanyWorks and Northwest are very different. Northwest has more brand power and is more expensive. At the same time, it’s a national registered agent service provider that offers more add-ons and will ensure the ultimate customer privacy.

While MyCompanyWorks is a great choice for beginners and startuppers, Northwest rather hits the premium sector and will be of great help for those who seek to set up legal entities in multiple states.

MyCompanyWorks vs Incfile

With a free formation pack, Incfile is a hard-to-beat competitor. Getting the filing service along with a whole year of registered agent service at $0 is a true bargain. And even if you add an Operating Agreement Draft at $40, the price will still be lower than that of MyCompanyWorks at $59 without registered agent service. 

At the same time, if you seek solid customer support and value-adding perks, MyCompanyWorks is an indisputable winner here. And the company’s prices are still in line with average market rates.

MyCompanyWorks Customer Reviews

MyCompanyWorks Customer Reviews
(average value in popular ratings)
Google Maps
(56 reviews)
(5 reviews)
(3922 reviews)

When it comes to client feedback, MCW is really impressive. They can boast of over 2,600 online reviews, with 97% of them being rated either 4 or 5 stars. In positive reviews, their clients often particularly highlight how fast and responsive customer service is and how easy it is to form a business using their services. Especially, when MCW does almost everything for you! 

MyCompanyWorks is known to be clear and transparent with its customers, ensuring all of them understand every step of the formation process. 

However, according to recent Google reviews, there are still a few unsatisfied customers blaming their customer service for not responding on time. And that’s considering the fact that, according to MyCompanyWorks statements, their customer support service is a pillar of the company. Some customers are also dissatisfied with MCW for charging a so-called “resignation fee”. Well, we suppose they all got their refunds, as prescribed In the 100% guarantee.

Latest Customer Reviews

Google: “As so many times I try to contact with your company’s mailbox but there is no reply regarding rupee4click in India office. I suggest you not to cheat people by such Froud work on the name of work from home.” Pawan Kachnare 

Shopper Approved: “I have used MyCompanyWorks before and had referred several friends. The website is simple to navigate and the customer service is always excellent!!

The customer service is excellent and beyond what I expected from an online business like MyCompanyWorks.” 5 out 5. Joseph Y. 

Should You Start an LLC with MyCompanyWorks?

If you have some extra funds to order their Complete package with a registered agent service, then it definitely makes sense. You will save your time with all the paperwork, allowing yourself to enjoy more freedom, flexibility, and confidence while staying focused on developing your business. 

You might want to choose MyCompanyWorks if:

  • You value responsible customer service and feedback;
  • Registered agent service is not the priority. Otherwise, you will have to order this service separately for $99 per year (Basic/Entrepreneur packages);
  • You need a customized LLC operating agreement, which is an internal document to see how the business will be governed from both managerial and financial standpoints.

You might want to consider an alternative to MyCompanyWorks if:

  • You have a limited budget; 
  • You need a Registered Agent service in a standard package. 

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is InCorp legit?

    Yes. Unlike some competitors, InCorp has its own professional team. They don’t send clients to a large call center, so you don’t have to wait very long for a response.
    Other advantages of InCorp Customer Support are:
    – The opportunity to have service in Spanish;
    – They offer extended support hours (9 am-9 pm ET M-F).

  2. What Is the InCorp Customer Support Phone Number and Email?

    To consult with InCorp Customer Support by phone, call 1–800–2INCORP.

    If you prefer email, use the Contact Us page on the company’s website. Note that on the same page you can find web chat to ask your question to an InCorp specialist.

  3. How Quickly Does InCorp Process LLC Formations?

    Timelines vary from state to state, so processing times can range from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Senior Business Tax Writer, etc
Jean Wilson Murray
(323) 789-5289
Senior Business Tax Writer, etc
Jean Wilson Murray

Entrepreneur, investor, financial commentator

MyCompanyWorks Reviews

  1. Avatar

    I used MyCompanyWorks to help me open an LLC for my business. The process was very simple and straightforward, and the customer service was excellent. Prices for their services are also very reasonable, compared to other similar companies. Overall, I am very pleased with MyCompanyWorks and would recommend them to anyone looking to open an LLC.

  2. Avatar

    MyCompanyWorks is a great company that offers LLC opening services. I’ve used their services to open an LLC for my business, and they were very helpful and professional. Their prices are also very reasonable, and they offer a lot of discounts for first-time customers. Overall, I’m very satisfied with their services and would recommend them to anyone looking to open an LLC.
    However, there are a few downsides to MyCompanyWorks. First of all, their customer service is not the best. I’ve had to call them a few times with questions about my account, and the representatives were always very rude and unhelpful. Additionally, their website is often down or slow, which can be frustrating. Overall, though, I would still recommend MyCompanyWorks to anyone looking to open an LLC. They’re a great company with some minor flaws.

  3. Avatar

    I also had a great experience with MyCompanyWorks. The customer service was excellent and I received my LLC very quickly. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to start their own business!
    I found MyCompanyWorks to be extremely helpful in getting my LLC set up. They were very quick and efficient, and I had no problems at all. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a hassle-free experience.

  4. Avatar

    I was very pleased with the services offered by MyCompanyWorks. They made it very easy to set up my LLC and their prices were very reasonable compared to other companies. Highly recommend!

  5. Avatar

    I used MyCompanyWorks to form my LLC and I was highly satisfied with their service. The process was very simple and they were very responsive to any questions that I had. They also have great customer service- I had to call them a few times with questions and they were always very friendly and helpful. Overall, I would definitely recommend MyCompanyWorks to anyone looking for LLC formation services.

    The only downside is that their prices are a bit higher than some of the other companies out there. However, I think the extra cost is worth it for the peace of mind and excellent customer service that you get with MyCompanyWorks.

  6. Avatar

    MyCompanyWorks is a great company. They were able to help me open my LLC quickly and easily. The process was simple and straightforward, and the customer service was excellent. The price was also very reasonable. I would definitely recommend MyCompanyWorks to anyone looking to start their own business.

  7. Avatar

    I recently used MyCompanyWorks to open an LLC for my business. The process was very simple and straightforward. Customer service was excellent and I had no problems whatsoever. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to open an LLC.
    The only thing I didn’t like about MyCompanyWorks is the price. Their prices are a bit higher than some of the other LLC opening services out there. But overall, I was very happy with the experience and would recommend them to others.
    Opening an LLC with MyCompanyWorks was a great experience. The customer service was excellent and the process was very simple. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to open an LLC.

  8. Avatar

    I used MyCompanyWorks to form my LLC and I was very pleased with their service. They were very professional and the process was very easy. The price was also very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to form an LLC.

  9. Avatar

    MyCompanyWorks is a company that offers LLC opening services. It is one of the most popular companies in this field, and has helped many people to form their own businesses. However, there are some disadvantages to using this company.
    The main advantage of MyCompanyWorks is that it is very easy to use. The process of forming an LLC with this company is very simple and straightforward. You can do it all online, and you will receive everything you need in the mail. The company also offers a lot of support and advice to its customers.
    However, there are some disadvantages to using MyCompanyWorks. The main one is the cost. The company charges a lot of money for its services. This can be a big problem for people who are on a tight budget. Another disadvantage is that the quality of the products and services offered by MyCompanyWorks is not always very good. There have been some complaints about the customer service and the quality of the LLCs that this company has formed.
    Overall, MyCompanyWorks is a good company to use if you want to form an LLC. However, you should be aware of the disadvantages before you decide to use this company.

  10. Avatar

    I also used MyCompanyWorks to form my LLC and I had a great experience. The customer service was amazing and they walked me through the entire process. The cost was very reasonable as well. I would definitely recommend this company!

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