LegalZoom LLC Services Review: A Brutally Honest LLC Review

Last updated on: August 16, 2021

Open, complete, and detailed information about what services are provided, what legal product the clients will eventually receive, and how much they will pay for it, placed on LegalZoom’s website, allows them, having evaluated the price-quality ratio in advance, to make a decision about cooperation or cancel it at any stage of the process. Read our LegalZoom LLC formation service review to find out more useful information about the company.

Unlike offline services, LegalZoom allows you to resolve your legal issues in the comfort of your home or office. You just answer a few questions online, and LZ experts will prepare the necessary documents or a consultation on your request. With the Express Gold LLC package, they will process all the documents in 7 to 10 days and send you the package by email or express mail in a leather-bound LLC kit, reviewed by experts, filed, and ready for use. For an extra fee, you can also order express filing to get your documents ready in 24 hours. Thus, you can avoid wasting your time visiting offices, waiting in lines, and simply devote your precious time to things that really matter.

Client-Oriented Approach

Using special databases and their experience, qualified LegalZoom experts provide you not only with “dry” law and bylaw extracts but also comment on them, including references to the existing legal practice on the subject along with all specifics of your situation. Thus, the support team works with each client individually, providing complete and accurate information based on the data provided. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Did you know that about 80% of people who decide to establish an LLC or protect their interests make mistakes when creating or filling out legal documents? And very few of them are aware of the fact that even insignificant mistakes can lead to irreversible (and often negative) procedural consequences. Even if the situation can be fixed, it will require additional effort and time (making petitions, supplementing the complaint, calling witnesses, sending additional requests to the appropriate organizations, etc.). 

With LegalZoom, you are guaranteed to receive a complete package of legal documents, considering real document turn-around practices, and user instructions. The latter is essential because simply having properly drafted legal documents is not enough – much also depends on using them properly (procedure, terms of treatment, what to do in case of refusal, etc.). This is what distinguishes LegalZoom from other companies on the market.

Experience You Can Trust

LegalZoom employs highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in their fields. Therefore, no matter what situation you find yourself in – whether it’s a new business, debut company launch, debt collection, driving into the wrong lane, getting the inheritance, resolving a housing dispute, or being cheated in a store – you hire an expert who specializes in a particular problem, using all accumulated experience and knowledge. 

LegalZoom Pricing 

Founded in 1999, LegalZoom is successfully providing high-quality legal services and helping US and UK entrepreneurs in estate planning, business formation, and intellectual property protection. They are a reliable source of legal care and the most recognizable brand on the market, with millions of satisfied customers, thousands of positive online reviews, affordable prices, and an outstanding reputation. Following the “online-service” approach, the costs are reduced, which allows LegalZoom customers to get high-quality and fast legal assistance at affordable prices.

In 2001, LegalZoom launched 10 innovative online products, and after 10 years of building their reputation, they have also created an “independent attorney network” for the individual needs of average people in the US. They had over 4 million customers in 2015, and today are widely recognizable for exceptional customer care and affordable services. LegalZoom can with certainty be called one of the most affordable and quality LLC formation services available.  

LegalZoom Packages

How much do LegalZoom plans cost? Just like almost every other similar company, LegalZoom offers 3 packages to choose from: Economy, Standard, and Express Gold.

LegalZoom Economy Package ($79 + state fee)

Estimated processing time: 30 business days.

What’s included:

  • Name Check and Business Filing;
  • Articles of Organization;
  • LLC Next Steps Guide (step-by-step instructions to get your business going); 
  • Peace of Mind Review (before forming your business);
  • Lifetime Customer Support (ask them any question related to your business on any day of the week);
  • Financial Account Authorization Letter (a document indicating an authorized person to open a bank account).

LegalZoom Standard Package ($329 + state fees)

Estimated processing time: 15 business days.

What’s included:

All of the above-mentioned services, plus the following:

  • Deluxe Organizer (with your company business name embossed);
  • Official Certificates and Seal (20 custom company membership certificates and seal to record ownership in your business);
  • VIP Processing (faster processing compared to the Economy package).

LegalZoom Express Gold package ($349 + state fees)

Estimated processing time: 7-10 business days.

What’s included:

All of the above-mentioned services, plus the following:

  • Rush Processing With Secretary of State (even faster order processing within 7-10 business days);
  • Express Shipping (get your documents in no time).

Talking about how long you will have to wait, on LegalZoom’s official website, they say that all the paperwork typically requires the indicated processing time. This includes reviewing and sending all the necessary documents to the Secretary of State (or another filing office) who will take part in forming your business. They will send you the final package once your business is officially confirmed. 

In case you need any additional information, you can contact LegalZoom via phone (1-800-773-0888) or fill out a form on their “Contact Us” page to initiate their email support function. They ask their customers to reply quickly to avoid any delays.

LegalZoom Pros & Cons


  • 20+ years of experience in legal issues (business/personal law);
  • Average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars;
  • Offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee;
  • Has a network of independent attorneys;
  • Provides regular access to an attorney (the Business Advisory Plan);
  • Easy to understand and responsible customer service; 
  • Free business name availability online database search;
  • Runs until 10 p.m. ET on weekdays and 7 p.m. ET on weekends;
  • The quality of business services is one of the best in the field.


  • Expensive Registered Agent service ($299/year);
  • The considerable price difference between the offered packages;
  • Doubtful software system;
  • Mixed reviews about customer service.

LegalZoom Customer Reviews

Most of the positive feedback, as with LegalZoom’s competitors, is related to customer support. After all, the company employs specialists who are qualified in various legal fields. The answer to your request comes in the shortest possible time with a detailed explanation of the solution to the problem. Also, their US-based customer support service is ready to help you from Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT and from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT on weekends, which is really convenient.

LegalZoom’s main and undisputed advantage is the fact that they provide high-quality legal online services, which allows them to significantly reduce costs. On their website, LegalZoom clients receive quality legal help, without leaving their homes, intrusive phone calls with pushy recommendations to make an appointment. 

LegalZoom’s clients get access to all the services provided on the website, learn about prices in advance, choose the type of support, register, get access to a personal cabinet, make applications, monitor their progress, refuse or specify the necessary information. Once you have an account on the site, the whole process, from sending a request to receiving a qualified answer, can be tracked in real-time.

However, customer ratings on TrustPilot tell that not everything is that smooth. With a 3.4 out of 5 ratings, LegalZoom appears to be a service that “needs an upgrade,” at least, some customers are insisting on that. The latter particularly blame LegalZoom’s software system, a registered agent fee, and dishonesty in terms of refunds. So now you’re warned. Here’s what Lewis states about the company in his comment on TrustPilot:

The Legal Zome software system has a problem/flaw in accommodating or making sense of multiple orders. Trying to make sense of it is extremely difficult. It appears that as one tries to guess their way out of this maze, it has the effect of further complicating things. Best solution is to abort, delete all files, and start over with a singular account. Makes no sense.

The situation with BBB ratings is even worse. With 576 (at the moment) customer reviews, we have 2.7 points out of 5, which is surprisingly disappointing. However, the latest comments seem to be really positive.

Stephen from Legal Zoom was an excellent guide. He provided me with all the tools I need in order to succeed, also the resources I will need. He was cool calm and collected, very reassuring and there to help wherever I may need. Highly recommend!” Shay M.

Now, the highest (so far) consumer ratings belong to Sitejabber. According to 994 reviews (at the moment), most customers are satisfied with their orders, resulting in 3.6 ratings out of 5. LegalZoom ranks 9th among other legal service sites on Sitejabber. Here’s what Sadie B. says about the company:

I don’t know where to begin Legal Zoom has exceeded my expectations. Legal Zoom helped me start My LLC business. All questions were answered in a timely manner. I would not change my Choice of company. Hassel free business matter at your finger tip. Highly professional and trained staff not one question was left unanswered.My documents were received very professional the way they were sent The icing on the cake. I received a embroidered book with my company name, a pocket seal stamp. Things that would cost you extra anywhere else! Thank you LegalZoom 🙂” 

Should You Start an LLC With LegalZoom?

You can choose LegalZoom if:

  • You want to work with a legendary online legal service
  • You need prompt feedback
  • You don’t care about quick turn-around (the Basic package)

You might want to consider an alternative to LegalZoom if:

  • You are concerned about overpaying for services you do not need;
  • You need regular legal advice;
  • You have a limited budget to form an entity.

All in all, LegalZoom is a highly popular team of experts, which makes their services a little higher when compared to other LLC formation companies like ZenBusiness, which provides its services at a more affordable cost while also staying reliable. You can check our ZenBusiness review, just like our LLC service provider comparisons, to see all the benefits for yourself. With this company, you can also save both time and money.

As for other alternatives, if you are looking for cheaper LLC services, we can say Northwest Registered Agent has some quite tempting benefits to offer, e.g. their Registered Agent service costs $125 per year, which is much more beneficial compared to $299 per year with LegalZoom.

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However, if you’re an entrepreneur in the US/UK or a business owner in search of versatile, comprehensive, and high-quality legal services beyond company formation, we’d still recommend LegalZoom. The Express Gold package includes more than just the LLC essentials, e.g. faster order processing, and express shipping, which is essential for some entrepreneurs. If you are one of them, then have no doubts.

Frequently Asked Question

How to change a registered agent to LegalZoom?

There’s nothing complicated about changing a registered agent. To do this, you will need to obtain the necessary information through the Small Business Administration, fill out the necessary forms on your official state’s site (e.g. a Change Registered Agent form), download and print them or get them from your state’s business office. You will also have to ask your registered agent to fill out and sign the required forms.

Next, you will need to file paperwork with the Secretary of State and pay the corresponding fee (depends on the state). In fact, it’s essential that you notify the Secretary of State when a registered agent or registered office changes.

You can always address your state’s business office to provide you with all the instructions and forms needed for the change.

How to find a registered agent?

As you know, every registered organization is required to have a registered agent so finding one shouldn’t be a problem. If you need a registered agent for the paperwork, you can do the name search online – any of the first companies you will see in Google Search will be good. Choose the state you are looking to find a registered agent in and do the name search on the business name search link.

Keep in mind that a registered agent should be accessible during every-day business hours to accept documents to process. This is one of the main requirements when searching for an agent. If you can’t find the registered agent at the address of registration, you should report this to the Secretary of State.

Are LegalZoom’s forms legal?

Absolutely. Plus, you can download and customize them. After you answer a few questions on the website, you can create a legal doc you want, export it in PDF, and print it.

Is LegalZoom worth the money?

If you’re an entrepreneur in the US/UK or a business owner in search of versatile, comprehensive, and high-quality legal services beyond company formation, we’d recommend LegalZoom. Of course, if you have enough money to afford the Express Gold package, which includes more than just the LLC essentials. This is how you can get faster order processing and express shipping, which is essential for some entrepreneurs.

How can I contact LegalZoom?

You can address the company by phone (1-800-773-0888). Or use the form on their website to leave them a message – fill it out on the “Contact Us” page to reach out to their support team.

Should I use LegalZoom to set up an LLC?

It depends on how fast you want your documents to be ready. If you don’t mind paying extra fees and would like to work with a reliable, established brand, you can surely choose LegalZoom to form an LLC fast. They can offer exceptional premium services and features like an EIN or Registered Agent service.

What is LegalZoom Smart Employer?

LegalZoom’s Smart Employer service ($39.99/month) is created to help you run your business easily. You can try it at no charge for 10 days! Get access to 30-minute consultations with independent attorneys and tweakable HR and legal employment forms. Talk to attorneys as many times as you want and learn how to grow your business the smart way!

Can I form an LLC on my own?

Well, you can try. However, we’d say that the DIY option is only reasonable when you’re ready to do all the research and file with the state yourself. In other words, you’ve got to have some skills and patience to do that. As mentioned earlier, mistakes are quite common among entrepreneurs when it comes to forming an LLC without professional help.

Is it OK to pay additional $79 for an EIN?

Depending on your business goals and needs, some entrepreneurs get an EIN included with their LLC formation, even if they have to pay extra cash for that. At least, that’s how you don’t have to get it from the IRS, which can be quite challenging sometimes. Plus, you can have your articles of organization and EIN confirmation in one place – the LLC service’s dashboard. However, if you need to save some money and acquire your own EIN from the IRS directly, you can do it at no charge.

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