Inc Authority LLC Service Review (A Good Free LLC Service?)

Last updated on: October 17, 2021

Launching an LLC may not be challenging for skilled entrepreneurs (if you have the knowledge, staff, and time). However, if you’re only planning to start your first business, you should know, that eventually, your path to success might become complicated. This is due to the fact that you will have to deal with continuous document filing all the time, which can be really time-consuming. Then there are also fee payments and dragging across the state, or even the whole country (if you’ve decided to register your business somewhere else, e.g. an LLC-friendly state like Florida). 

But you don’t have to waste your time and money! Why? Because you can hire Inc Authority professionals and let them do everything for you at absolutely no charge! That’s right, you can do other things related to your business or spend time with your family. Meet Inc Authority and their free basic services. Now that’s the marketing strategy! 

The company has a long experience and over 4,000 online reviews, most of which are positive. Inc Authority was founded in 1989 and managed to form 130,000 businesses and LLCs, together with its associated companies. Name checks, document preparations, and filing, registered agent service, business checking account access, digital storage and distribution of compliance documents, EIN application, the business credit assessment, trademark application, tax planning consultations, business funding analysis, and so much more is included in the Free LLC or Corporation forming service! You will only have to pay state fees, which is obligatory for every entity. 

Seems a little catchy, right? Well, they will offer you upsells at checkout, however, the quality of their services is simply outstanding. This also works for their numerous additional services. All of the above-mentioned results in a one-stop-shop for all basic legal services and, consequently, in a wide range of new successful startups in all 50 states.

With that said, we can state with confidence that, being one of the oldest LLC formation and registered agent service providers, Inc Authority is surely among the best LLC service companies online. Read on to find out why.

Inc Authority Packages

As mentioned earlier, Inc Authority offers a 100%-free entity setup service (excluding state fees and postage). You get business name verification, preparation, and filing of your formation documents, a free year of registered agent service, plus checking/merchant services. The full set includes the following services:

  • Business name check;
  • Preparation and filing;
  • Registered agent;
  • S-Election form;
  • Digital storage and delivery;
  • Inc Care Support;
  • Tax planning consultation;
  • Business funding analysis.

Plus, you will be able to choose various recommended, supplementary upgrades at checkout. You will just need to choose your state, enter your business details, and you can form your new business. With Inc Authority, it’s easy!

Their main goal is to earn their customer trust and be the number one place for all your business startup needs. Inc Authority’s expert team is always there to provide support on the latest LLC updates, tax/financial strategies, business detail management, etc. With Ink Authority, you can rest assured that your business is established in the right way, and your assets are fully protected. 

With that said, Inc Authority’s bundles offer the following three paid packages:

The Inc Authority Starter ($399) package includes:

  • Name availability verification;
  • Custom state-filed articles;
  • Complete operating agreement/bylaws;
  • Record book and company seal;
  • Initial meeting minutes and recommendations;
  • Ownership certificates;
  • IRS Tax ID Number (EIN);
  • Business credit and funding evaluation;
  • Tax consultation;
  • 1 year Inc Success Advisor.

The Inc Authority Executive ($499) package includes all Starter services, plus, the following ones: 

  • Business license report;
  • Website domain.

The Inc Authority Tycoon ($799) package includes all Executive services, plus the following ones:

  • Express processing;
  • Biz Credit Express;
  • Business Credit Coach;
  • Multi-Tiered Credit Building System;
  • Business Credit LaunchPad;
  • D&B Credit Bureau Registration;

Additional upgrades include:

  • Record Book and Ownership Certificate – $99;
  • Website Registration – $19;
  • Minutes and Resolutions – $79;
  • Inc Success Advisor – $197 per year (or #27 per month);
  • EIN number – $49; 
  • Operating Agreement – $89;
  • Express processing – $49;
  • Domain name – $19.

FYI: Record Book provides a personalized company seal, various content tabs for your documentation, plus, there’s also a custom case engraved with your entity’s name. In its turn, the Inc Success Advisor service includes unlimited phone support of business management and compliance professionals. These guys can consult you on a large number of issues, starting with entity funding or taxes and ending with lawsuit defense and IRS notification emails.

Well, the prices can be quite expensive for some entrepreneurs, but at least everything is transparent and you will not see any secret fees in any package. This also works for their free startup package.

Inc Authority Pros & Cons


  • Free LLC formation (basic plan, excluding state fees);
  • Free registered agent service (for 1 year, then $99);
  • Easy-to-use application;
  • 4,000+ company reviews;
  • Useful additional services;
  • Full money-back guarantee;
  • Fast, reliable, and caring customer support;
  • Bank of America partners (easy-to-setup bank account);
  • Discounts available for each package;
  • LLC Operating Agreement is included in all packages;
  • Free-of-charge name search.


  • Other LLC formation services offer some of Inc Authority’s paid features for free (e.g. getting an EIN for your LLC); 
  • Pricey Premium plans;
  • Month-to-month subscription with automatic billing (keep an eye on this one);
  • Inc Authority does not offer a guarantee. All sales are final;
  • Short customer support service working hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.);
  • Does not provide legal advice and annual report filing;
  • No well-designed knowledge base or detailed learning webpage.

Customer Reviews

Inc Authority is a trusted and reliable legal service provider. 94% of their 4,500+ online reviews on TrustPilot are rated “Excellent,” resulting in 4.8 points out of 5, which is impressive. Inc Authority’s clients mostly appreciate fast and friendly customer support and the impeccable professionalism of the team.

Furthermore, according to 627 (at the moment) Google reviews, most of which are positive, mentioning professional care and guidance of the support team, the company is rated 4.6 out of 5. This is another plus point for Inc Authority. They don’t have a BBB (Better Business Bureau) account, but we’re sure that if they had, it would be an “A” rating as well.

Google “Daniel summers was Great People Person. Gave his time to answer all my question, regards on LLC make me feel very on ease .Didn’t rush me. but we kept in  communication and Now  Lucky Gourmet spice’s is on the way to become a Great Product for the Consumer.
Thank you Daniel for your wonderful Help regards to the Family.” Dennis Pita
TrustPilot“Hannah was very nice and patient with…Hannah was very nice and patient with me. And Would recommend this company if they needed to start up a new business with an LLC.” James Allard

Talking about Inc Authority customer complaints, we should mention that they are mostly about being charged for certain extra services they did not really need. But, as it appears, most (if not all) of these problems are typically fixed in a due manner.

Should You Start an LLC With Inc Authority?

If you are looking for more LLC basic features included in a formation service, e.g. EIN or Operating Agreement, you might consider Inc Authority. Moreover, they can provide extra support on any legal issues and some useful upgrades like Inc Protection Advisor, Record Book, Website Registration which offers unlimited online and phone support regarding issues around the following and more; IRS notifications, tax and accounting, business licenses, lawsuits, business funding, and business banking.

With that said, you should choose Inc Authority if you have:

  • Limited budget for company registration;
  • High value on positive customer feedback.

You might want to consider an alternative to Inc Authority in the following cases:

  • You are not ready to pay for multiple supplementary services;
  • If the convenience of working in your personal account means a lot to you.

As an alternative company, you can choose ZenBusiness, with lower package prices. You can also try Rocket Lawyer since they offer similar business entity registration services, allowing you to choose the services you want or to become their premium member and get access to all their services. Northwest Registered Agent and MyCompanyWorks are other great alternatives worth your attention.

Final Verdict

If all you plan to open an LLC, then Inc Authority is a good option for you. However, even considering the fact that their services may become an affordable and wise choice for some entrepreneurs when forming their business if you choose this company, we still recommend you to keep an eye on your total costs since they can sharply accumulate at checkout. Also, make sure you read our review of the best online LLC services to find out which one perfectly meets your business goals. 

If you are a small/medium-sized business or an entrepreneur, looking forward to launching a business, you can surely try your luck with ZenBusiness. Their high-quality and affordable packages perfectly meet the business needs of many entrepreneurs, which makes ZB quite popular on the market. Otherwise, if you need continuous legal support after your LLC is formed, you might want to consider Rocket Lawyer for valuable insights, useful legal advice, and reliable ongoing support.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Inc Authority legit

Absolutely. Inc Authority is a respected and popular legal service provider with great ratings on TrustPilot and Google. Thus, it can be safely called a legitimately reliable service.

Is Inc Authority free as advertised?

Yes, you can get their entity setup service at absolutely no charge (excluding state fees and postage). This includes business name verification, preparation, and filing of your formation documents, a free year of registered agent service, plus checking/merchant services. However, you should get ready for some upsells at checkout.

How Does Inc Authority Compare to Other LLC Providers?

Are there LLC formation services for free? Yes, there are only two companies in the entire industry that offer free LLC formation services. They are Inc Authority and IncFile. Both offer LLC formation at $0, including a full year of free registered agent services. However, what is the best one?

There are companies that can also boast a high value of positive customer feedback, a simple-to-use checkout process, responsive and supportive customer service, and a generous pricing model. For example, LegalZoom and Northwest Registered Agent. Find your LLC formation service that will fit your business goals.

To compare Inc Authority with other companies, choose one of the options below:

BizFilings vs Inc Authority vs Inc Authority
Inc Authority vs LegalZoom
Inc Authority vs Swyft Filings
Inc Authority vs Rocket Lawyer
Inc Authority vs Northwest Registered Agent
Inc Authority vs ZenBusiness

Why choose Inc Authority?

Well, the reasons are quite obvious. With Inc Authority, you will get:
100% free entity formation service;
Amazing customer support;
Free registered agent service for 1 year;
Simple sign-up process with clear instructions;
Private (and public) information security;
Great additional services.

Does Inc Authority offer any discounts?

Yes, discounts are an integral part of every paid package. Inc Authority usually offers a 20% off discount on their services. Despite the fact that there’s no permanent section with information about discounts on their official webpage (at least, we didn’t find it) but in our experience, a discount will pop up a few minutes after you leave the page where you place an order.

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