Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service Review

Last updated on: September 1, 2021

Do you want to form your LLC but don’t know where to start? Need a registered agent service for your new business but can’t decide on the best option? You have nothing to worry about! Northwest Registered Agent offers the best services online. This company has been doing a perfect job since 1998, staying completely focused on their clients, they don’t care about their income, and are solely focused on helping entrepreneurs meet their needs. 

We’re going to tell you all about this company, how they operate, what services they offer, and how good they are compared to other business formation services.

Basically, Northwest is an LLC service that will help you build your business from scratch. They offer many business services, such as free legal forms, practical guides, all focused on one goal – to help people work fast and easily or start a new business. With Northwest starting and maintaining a business simple – you can run your small or medium-sized business efficiently virtually in any field. 

Northwest works only under U.S. jurisdiction, helping entrepreneurs find solutions to problems such as forming an LLC, creating an Operating Agreement, and more. With their help, you can learn how to file your annual reports, as well. They can be your registered agent and manage all legal documents for the business. They have their physical addresses in every state of the U.S.

Northwest Costs

The online provider of business legal services has only one filing option which costs $225 plus an extra state fee. Without a doubt, this is higher than many other LLC services offer, however, you get what you pay for – premium customer support and a wise approach. They have a transparent and simple fee structure.

Northwest Registered Agent offer two basic services, so you will not find any packages here. Their LLC formation service ($39 + state fee) includes forming your LLC as well as 1 year of a free Registered Agent service. After that, the service is $125 per year.

Apart from one year of the Registered Agent service, the LLC filing service includes the following processes:

  • Name availability search;
  • Articles of Association preparation and filing;
  • Quick LLC filing;
  • Drafting of an Operating Agreement.

Additional (optional) services include:

  • Federal Employer ID Number (EIN), i.e. social Security Number for your business ($50);
  • Compliance with the state filing each year ($100, excluding state fees);
  • S Corporation Election With The IRS ($50);
  • Seperate phone number ($9/month);
  • Corporate Supplies (e.g. corporate books and seals, notary stamps, certificates, etc. The pricing and options depend on what you need).
Northwest Registered Agent
Northwest Registered Agent
NW Registered Agent has built a strong reputation for providing quality services
On the Northwest Registered Agent website you can find a lot of free guides for dozens of business topics, like how to change a register agent or launch a series LLC, and more..

Northwest Main Advantages

Corporate Guides 

There are hundreds of passionate and hardworking Corporate Guides and business experts available at Northwest Registered Agent, and you can talk to any of them via phone or email. They are all knowledgeable experts with many years of experience. You can turn to them for advice on any problem, and they will gladly help you find a perfect solution to the toughest tasks, related to starting/maintaining your business. Corporate Guides are always there to show you the right way and ensure an accurate company development process.

They call them Corporate Guides because they are more than just people who answer your questions about where your physical data is. Most of Northwest’s services can be done by yourself, but you don’t have to do that every day – just leave it for Northwest because they really know what they’re doing.

Privacy by Default 

In this Information Age, it’s really hard to hide all of your data. However, at Northwest, they do everything possible to protect all of the data associated with your business. And they do it great. Northwest will never share your information with third parties or sell it to anyone. 

Keeping all of your data secure is one of the top priorities for the company. Even if someone signs up with Northwest for free, their data is just as secure as their paid data. Northwest’s security system is among the best on the Web, which means your data will never be leaked or hacked in any way.

Northwest Registered Agent also offers better privacy than any other company that offers a registered agent service. If you’re creating your very first LLC or corporation, with Northwest, the privacy issue shouldn’t bother you at all. 

Northwest introduces their Privacy by Default, which guarantees your personal data is only yours and no one else can access it. No extra fees or interference from you is required. PbD is another core element of Northwest, which helps them stay a reputable company with outstanding service quality.

Registered Agent Service

You will be able to do business without having to register all of your personal information, e.g. your address because they put their own address instead of yours, which is really great. Yes, they put their information on legal documents instead of yours (if they can), submit various legal forms on your behalf with only minimal basic personal information required by the law, and limit data collection procedures along with access to it to any third party. 

With NW Registered Agent, you will not receive spam emails or calls from attorneys. 

They do their best to share less personal information about their clients, and only share what is required by state laws. Basically, they do everything for your business that you can’t do on a daily basis. The prices may be quite expensive for some entrepreneurs, compared to other registered agent companies. But there are special advantages for sure, e.g. their registered agent service in the following years, which only costs $125. They offer better security than any of their competitors. 

Northwest Pros and Cons

They have no investors or salespeople – it’s a family-owned business, operated by employees that care. They hire 200+ customer services employees in the US, i.e. Corporate Guides. Thus, just like your local fishermen, who know every best fishing spot in the city, their CG every local business insight. They know how to provide an exceptional experience and keep your business safe in any situation. You can rest assured in terms of any data sales, as they will never do that, as prescribed in their Privacy by Default. Customer support and privacy are the core elements of Northwest’s strategy, and this can be noticed in everything they do. They know what they are doing and how to build and maintain customer trust. 

Northwest Registered Agent Pros 

  • Easy sign-up process (1 page) and easy-to-use services;
  • Exceptional security and privacy;
  • Perfect registered agent service;
  • Easy-to-follow and streamlined application process;
  • Experienced personal corporative guides;
  • Free and useful online tools;
  • No hidden/cancellation fees, transparent process management;
  • Free registered agent service for 1 year;
  • Fast scanning/sending of important documents;
  • Same prices every year (no lifted prices);
  • Annual reminders of timely submission of documents and free email scanning;
  • You can use their address for privacy.

This is one of the best premium services available on the Web. For the price, you hire professionals and get impeccable legal support, along with a free registered agent service for a whole year.

Fast and responsive customer service. Their customer support system is based on care, speed, and a genuine desire to help. Northwest, without a doubt, offers the best legal support online. Every time you hit the wall, you can talk to their Corporate Guides who are always there to help.

Valuable guidance. Northwest’s team of experts are professionally trained Corporate Guides who are ready to help you resolve any issues related to your business. They do everything themselves, rather than offering third-party assistance. Moreover, they will never sell your data to anyone, which is highly valued among their loyal clients.

Northwest Registered Agent Cons

  • Not as many online reviews, not so popular service as LegalZoom;
  • Fewer additional services than some competitors;
  • Expensive LLC formation service.

Northwest Customer Reviews

With 151 Google reviews (as of now), Northwest scores 4.6 out of 5. They also have 40+ reviews on BBB, ratings are 4.7 out of 5. As for Yelp reviews, Northwest has pretty high ratings there as well, with 28 5-star reviews out of 39 reviews in total.

As you may already know, there are not too many reviews for Registered Agent Northwest on the Web. The reason for that is probably their pricing policy. But those available on Google, Yelp, and BBB are high enough to understand that this company’s actions speak louder than words. 

As we can see, most people rate Northwest Resident  Agent at 4.6 on average, highlighting their excellent customer support, transparency, the ability to manage ongoing compliance requirements, and fast LLC formation service. Also, a full year of a registered agent service along with security/privacy benefits surely make Northwest a one-of-a-kind LLC service provider on the market. However, if you are looking for a registered agent for mail forwarding with thousands of positive online reviews, you may want to address a different provider to meet your expectations.

Should You Start an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent?

When forming an LLC, you can choose Northwest Registered Agent services if you are looking for the following benefits:

  • regular feedback
  • service simplicity
  • maximum customer privacy
  • management transparency

Northwest is the best if you are looking for a company to take care of everything related to your LLC. They help people form new businesses, they are your personal Registered Agent, and they use their legal address during the entire filing process (without any public records). They are not just a website – they have their virtual offices across all the U.S.

However, if you compare Northwest to ZenBusiness, the latter has a long history and might be more beneficial if you’re on a tight budget. Just like always, it all depends on your business needs.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Northwest Registered Agent legit?

Yes. Northwest Registered Agent is one of the best and, unfortunately for some entrepreneurs, one of the most expensive LLC formation services available on the Web. However, the company offers impeccable customer support service, data privacy, speed, and security. This is what they are famous for.

Where is Northwest Registered Agent located?

Their main office is located in Spokane, WA. Namely, 522 W Riverside Ave Suite N, Spokane, WA 99201, USA.

How Does Northwest Registered Agent Compare to Other LLC Providers?

Do you want to create a limited liability company, but don’t know where to start? Choose the best online LLC service to handle the formation process. Northwest Registered Agent can help you launch an LLC from scratch and provide you with industry-best registered agent service for one year at no cost. If you are a Northwest Registered Agent customer, you can benefit from personalized premium customer support that will assist you throughout the entire LLC formation process.

What if there is another company with millions of business customers, more brand power, and an extensive experience in LLC formation, like LegalZoom, which is a massive online legal service with lots of brand recognition?

To compare Northwest Registered Agent with other companies, choose one of the options below:

ZenBusiness vs Northwest Registered Agent
Rocket Lawyer vs Northwest Registered Agent
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CorpNet vs Northwest Registered Agent

What is Northwest Registered Agent’s motto?

“We’re Just Not Annoying.” The main priority of the company always was, is, and will be to make business formation and registered agent services more simplified, while staying true and transparent to their clients.

How do I cancel Northwest Registered Agent membership?

You will have to log into your Northwest account and click on the “Cancel Service” tab in the menu. That’s it. They will not follow you or bore you with their propositions if you decide to go forward without their services. They’re all about good experience from the very first day you hire them.

How much does it cost to form an LLC with Northwest Registered Agent?

If you choose them, you will have to pay $225 + state fee. After the first year is over, Northwest will continue to provide their registered agent service to you for $125 per year. And this is a lower price, compared to various US incorporation services. With their help, you can incorporate and receive a full year of their registered agent service

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