ZenBusiness LLC Service Review

Last updated on: September 6, 2021

Starting a small business can involve a significant amount of red tape. Adoption certificate, sale licenses, publication requirements, annual franchise taxes, the list can go on and on. Worse, each state in America has its own unique requirements. 

Non-compliance with state requirements may lead to fees and possible expropriation. And all you get in the end is a simple through essence towards Uber.

Based in Austin (Texas), ZenBusiness hopes to bring zen back into the new business. Founded in 2015, it’s one of the best business LLC formation services on the web, with 3,700+ reviews. They successfully use automation of business services + are able to prepare and file your annual report required for the government, They will also do the prep/filing of two annexes to that report every year, which you can use when/if needed. Moreover, if they miss something, they will pay the fees. Their offered packages are typically ready within one or two weeks, though it depends on your business structure and the state. 

ZenBusiness offers a large number of services for businesses. Their main direction is automation of business processes, marketing, and sociological research. For every businessman ( does not matter whether involved in production or services) it’s highly important to find a good supplier and ensure there will be no failures in the future. Working with legal entities and entrepreneurs and being aware of the high level of responsibility in such a partnership, ZenBusiness strives to do the job professionally and on time, as they, as any other service, are interested in the possibility of long-term cooperation. 

ZenBusiness Package Options

With ZenBusiness, you can run your business with no worries and always know that you’re compliant with all the requirements of your state.

The goal of ZenBusiness is to be fast, free, and frictionless. Following a short set of questions to understand the business the user wants to start, the platform offers free registration of incorporated documents and is fully automated, so registration is as fast as possible. Business owners can then rely on full protection in regards to their data. 

Starter Package

The ZenBusiness Starter package includes basic features like the standard filing service, a registered agent, an operation agreement template, and 100% accuracy guarantee.

The package annual fee is $129 + state fee. However, you can get their Starter plan for just $49, and it will be renewed at the end of the year, with an added Registered Agent service for $129 per year. This feature will make it a complete offer, so you can stay compliant with your state government. They offer a professional in-house accountant and provide a customizable corporate bylaws form to assist you with the ownership structure description of your organization.

Pro Package

The ZenBusiness Pro package is the most popular option on the website. The cost is $249 per year + state fee. The plan’s basic features include rush filing speed, a registered agent, an operating agreement template, EIN (a social security number for a business entity), a business document template library, worry-free compliance, and a 100% Worry Free Guarantee.

The Pro package also gives you a banking resolution, which is highly beneficial. Why? Well it’s a very important document for authorizing new people in your business. This is performed if you need a bank account and a signature for a person in your LLC. With such a resolution, you get a full record of any company decision made. Plus, it also saves you from any problems related to financial institutions – you will have a solid proof that only an authorized person in your LLC is acting on behalf of your company.

Compared to similar LLC formation services with longer history, ZenBusiness provides some of the least expensive packages for any budget. No matter what  package you choose, a free year of registered agent services will be in it!

Premium Package

The package cost value is $349 + state fee. Apart from all the features of the previous Pro plan, ZenBusiness Premium package provides third-party partnership features, including a business domain name registration (and its privacy), business website, and business email address. 

Every package is “seasoned” with an easy-to-use dashboard and outstanding customer service whenever you need it. We also have to mention the fact that the ZenBusiness Registered Agent service is highly valued among their clients.

As employees increasingly become independent entrepreneurs, the need for single-user LLCs has increased. A legal entity must distinguish between personal and professional responsibility, which is crucial for modern freelancers. ZenBusiness strives to create one million new small businesses by 2023, which, as they state, can be achieved by reducing friction and complexity in the registration process.

ZenBusiness is not the first participant in this business. LegalZoom has been processing registration forms and many other legal documents for almost two decades now, and recently, Stripe has also been focusing on its Internet business, promoting a service product known as “Atlas.”

ZenBusiness is different from both of the mentioned services. It’s an active manager of the organization, not a one-off format like LegalZoom, which, as it claims, reduces the burden of maintaining a good reputation with the government. Compared to Stripe’s Atlas, focused on scalable Internet-centric startups, ZenBusiness is focused on local businesses that will include simple structures in the country. Although, today the company goes through complex registration processes and managing entities, it sees itself as a scalable cloud platform that can add more modules over time, once it already has a relationship with the business owner. There seems to be no limit to what they can do.

ZenBusiness Pros & Cons


  • One of the most affordable form an LLC services;
  • All-inclusive business formation service;
  • User-friendly customer service;
  • Easy-to-use personalized dashboard and the simplest registration process;
  • A great variety of add-on features and products;
  • Affordable Starter package transparent pricing + no hidden fees;
  • Continuous notification alerts to keep everything in control;
  • socially conscious organization;
  • Annual reports and worry-free compliance filing amendments;
  • Free business name availability check.


  • EIN number is chargeable;
  • A few upsells during the registration process;
  • No customer support on Saturdays;
  • Unstable turnaround times (it can take around 2 weeks to form an LLC or it can only take 2 days);
  • Premium package includes additional third-party services that businesses do not always need.

ZenBusiness Customer Reviews

Creating an account was a no-brainer! It’s so easy to provide my business info and you can get the state’s approval in no time! I also liked the fact that you can actually check all your State docs (business operating agreement and various business docs) in your Zen acc. There’s no doubt that ZenBusiness is worth the money. With these guys, you simply know that everything is alright! So all of you looking for solid legal formation – don’t waste your time on other firms!


Great job!

no name customer

Perfect experience with Zen! 

I have signed for LLC in Iowa with Zen and I don’t regret a thing! Everything went through so fast and clean! Once I filled out the forms, I already  had a new business name! They do their job really well! I just had to wait for like two days and then my official (!) documents  were ready. I definitely appreciate their help and I can tell you their customer service is VERY caring. they were so fast to reply! 




Everything was fast and went smoothly. My business is growing now thanks to Zen! Special thanks for the emailed updates!

Thanks Zen.

My best wishes to the customer service, Zen! Thank you so much for what you did. I’m fully satisfied with what I have so far. The process was easy and fast. But I will get back to you, so beware!


I regret nothing.

Could upload a few photos on the main page but that’s fine.. I think. Hope they will fix it though. Everything else was good enough so definitely recommend Zen to everyone. They have answered every question I had and the team was very nice to me. I felt comfortable talking to Jane (if I remember the name right). 


Nice service and affordable price.

What can I say? I like the results! It’s the first time I’m applying for an LLC and I gotta say I’m glad I chose Zen (smart me). Great worry-free experience and a great conversation. Glad to be in the club now! Best wishes and more clients in the future! 

Ken Snyder

Well done, Zen. keep it goin’


Simple and useful. The only thing I am sorry about is that time I wasted on hesitating… should’ve called Zen much earlier. Oh well, at least everything seems to be good now. Nice platform and responsive chat support team 🙂 


VERY NICE! MY name-a Borat I am an LLC now, yes? High fiveeee! Dziekuje Zen! You will be my boyfriend?


As you can see, ZenBusiness customers are highly pleased with the efficiency of the company’s services.

Should You Start an LLC With ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness provides an affordable way to form an LLC for all entrepreneurs. Despite the fact that they’re Thus, you don’t have to for any alternatives! only 5 years on the market, they have serious  fan base of loyal customers and an impressive umber of positive reviews 

(over 3,800), as well as 4.8 A-star rating. All this results in the fact that ZenBusiness is more than capable of competing with similar LLC formation services with a longer history.

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking for a top-notch digital agency with affordable pricing, fast and simple LLC formation without any hidden fees, if you want to take full control of your business and have ongoing alerts to notify you about upcoming filing deadlines, you are looking at the right candidate. ZenBusiness allows you to fully enjoy the benefit of an annual filing and submittal through a Worry Free Guarantee. They offer so many useful features including CPA assessments, EIN acquisition, compliance guarantee, and even website-building services. They will help you on your way to success and ensure you have everything needed for an impeccable experience

Frequently Asked Question

What do I need to form an LLC and can I start one on my own?

Yes, you can but are you sure you have enough knowledge and skills for that? Forming an LLC may not sound that complex if you’re not scared of all the hassle, and you can try to form it yourself, but using professional help of an LLC online service is highly recommended
to avoid high expenses in the future. After all, it all depends on the type of your chosen business structure and the package with only those features that you really need. Don’t forget that each state also has its filing fees + your chosen LLC formation service fees. You can even hire a lawyer but that will eventually cost you much more money.

How Does ZenBusiness Compare to Other LLC Services?

Are you looking for the best LLC service to help you open a new business? Being one of the top-notch online companies, ZenBusiness offers affordable services to form your LLC.  Without any hidden fees, you will get quick and simple LLC formation in any of 50 states. Great customer support, value, customer feedback, and there are only a few listed advantages of ZenBusiness. 

On the other hand, when you prefer more of a premium service, then the best fit for you will be Northwest Registered Agent, providing incredible customer support and professionally trained Corporate Guides. Moreover, you can give preference to IncFile, that is the most affordable LLC formation service and will create an LLC at no cost.

To compare ZenBusiness with other companies choose one of the options below:

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Is ZenBusiness legit?

Of course. ZenBusiness is the one of the best-rated LLC services available on the web with an impressive number of high-quality and affordable features, as well as simple and competitive pricing (starting at only $49 + state fees) and plans.

Which is the Best ZenBusiness LLC Package?

That depends on your needs and business structure. The Pro business formation package is the most popular one with a great arsenal of useful features. If you’re on a tight budget and need an affordable full-year registered agent service along with your business formation and a convenient user dashboard with personal ZenBusiness login, then you should choose the Starter package
We hope you enjoyed reading our ZenBusiness LLC services review and found some useful information for yourself! May your business thrive!

Zenbusiness Starter vs Pro Package
Zenbusiness Starter vs Pro Package

Is ZenBusiness a good service for small businesses?

Yes, if you are ready to form an LLC, ZenBusiness is especially good for small businesses. They have great business formation essentials which makes them one of the best LLC services available online.

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In this IncFile vs ZenBusiness review, we're going to compare two of the most popular LLC formation services based on pricing, features, and drawing out differences and similarities to let you see which is most suitable for you and your business.

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