Rocket Lawyer Review 2022: Is This LLC Service Right for You?

Last updated on: May 18, 2022
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Rocket Lawyer
Phone number: (877) 881-0947
Address: 182 Howard Street #830 San Francisco, California 94105
Pricing: from $9.99

Legal services have traditionally been associated with complexity, lots of paperwork, and high costs. Advances in communications have eliminated these complexities. Cloud technology has introduced virtual legal advice, which meant no more driving to local lawyers, depending on dozens of documents or locations.

Rocket Lawyer is attempting to make legal services more affordable and provide exceptional service for every user. The main focus is their audience, which, by the way, is impressively large, and no other similar legal service can boast of such a high level of customer volume and feedback. Thus, it’s obvious to say Rocket Lawyer is succeeding in reaching their business goals. 

What is Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal technology company, founded by Charlie Moore in 2008 and based in San Francisco, California. The company provides individuals, small and medium-sized businesses with legal online LLC services, including incorporation,  legal advice, estate plans, and legal document review. With Rocket Lawyer subscription you can get full access to online legal forms and help articles.

In addition to DIY legal services, Rocket Lawyer offers customers and businesses access to a network of lawyers who can review your legal documents, answer any related questions, and provide other legal services at an affordable fixed cost. For example, if you need help with creating or editing a legal document, you can be linked directly to a local lawyer for guidance. 

These guys state that doing one thing better than everyone is the main rule in any business.  Theoretically, yes. A lot of similar companies offer various services and fail to deliver high-quality performance while spreading thin. Rocket Lawyer values speed and quality in addressing any matters related to their clients. Rocket Lawyer plans include all sorts of document filings, LLC formation service at no extra charge to new members.

Rocket Lawyer also has a fantastic mobile app, which gives you quick access to your documents from anywhere. You can even sign agreements right from the app! They also offer qualified attorneys and a secure platform to easily create custom documents as you follow step-by-step instructions. If you have Rocket Lawyer account, you can always contact them to get advice, insights, and maintain cooperation. Over 20 million individuals and business owners have used Rocket Lawyer to create legal documents for a wide range of use cases. 

Is Rocket Lawyer Legit?

Choosing an LLC service to form a legal entity, you want it to be reliable, efficient, and trustworthy. Rocket Lawyer is one of such services. Present in the industry for nearly 15 years, the company is an experienced market player that knows its onions. Rocket Lawyer has carved itself a decent place in the formation industry and still holds a leading position in it.  A recognizable and reputed brand is supported by an impressive business portfolio with over 7 million active customers in it. 

What gives Rocket Lawyer an edge over its rivals is the ultimate diversity of services it provides and the exclusive pricing approach it applies. Thus, along with a full range of formation services, the company has a whole list of the most common legal services. Whether you need to create a legal structure for your business or seek legal assistance for some routine issues, Rocket Lawyer will get you covered. More than that, the company can even ensure access to professional attorneys for offline legal guidance. 

When it comes to pricing, with Rocket Lawyer, you can choose between a monthly membership and one-time services to match your short-term and long-term business perspective and personal business needs. 

Rocket Lawyer is a national online legal service with a solid track record and strong business image. As such, it’s a safe and apt choice for all types of businessmen. And it has a lot to offer to individual legal needs too. 

With Rocket Lawyer, you will get your answers within a single business day, plus, their clients also get discounts when hiring an attorney. You can create custom legal contracts and agreements, and Rocket Lawyer will review/edit your documents. Moreover, they will also help you create your own LLC, corporation, or nonprofit organization. 

Namely, here are some of the types of documents they can help you create or process:


  • Starting a business;
  • Business transactions;
  • Service contracts;
  • Employment and HR;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Real Estate.

Family and personal matter:

  • Estate planning;
  • Personal budget;
  • Family matters;
  • Health & Medicine;
  • Personal Property;
  • General legal matters.

Legal Health Score

In 2008 (the foundation date), Rocket Lawyer introduced the Legal Health Score, which helps individuals and businesses understand their level of legal health. The score, which is a number between 1 and 100, is based on such considerations as company registration or having written legal contracts. Rocket Lawyer then provides a step-by-step guide to all the basics needed to improve the user’s legal health and a detailed action plan that companies can follow to address any legal vulnerabilities. The company offers a Legal Health Score service for all account types. 

Rocket Lawyer Pricing

Their monthly plan is quite affordable ($39.99 per month after the Rocket Lawyer free trial) and allows you to create as many contracts and/or Rocket Lawyer forms as you like. Plus, you can also store documents or legally eSign them online. 

Rocket Lawyer’s services also include quick advice on legal questions from professional attorneys. Thus, if you need regular legal support you can choose from the following free features:

  • Legal document creation ($39.99 for non-members);
  • Online document signing; 
  • Document share or download; 
  • Document Defense® ($9.99 for non-members);
  • Quick professional attorney advice ($49.99 for non-members);
  • 30-minute consultation on every new legal matter ($59.99 for non-members).

Additional Features:

  • Discounts when you hire a Rocket Lawyer On Call® attorney (up to 40% discount) – unavailable for non-members;
  • Affordable incorporation filing (free for new members, 25% discount thereafter, excluding state fees) – $99.99 for non-members;
  • Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent service – 25% off ($149.99 for non-members).

The following Rocket Lawyer services will cost you $0 for 7 days:

  • Access to library with legal documents;
  • Reliable cloud storage with editing/downloading functions;
  • Free 30-minute phone consultations on any matter;
  • Quick advice from their lawyer network;
  • Document protection;
  • Reduced incorporation rates.

Rocket Lawyer Pros and Cons

Rocket Lawyer is a helpful and feature-rich service providing a variety of valuable and much-needed service options. Yet, each company has its strong sides and weak points. And Rocket Lawyer is not an exception in this concern. Below, we’ll provide both a quick overview and a detailed breakdown of Rocket Lawyer’s pros and cons. 

7-day free trial

Convenient and intuitive user interface

Professional attorneys and online legal advice

Reliable document defenseGV (ex. Google Ventures) support

Industry-leading, accessible, and fast customer support

Extended customer support hoursImpressive average rating scores on various third-party review sites

Short waiting times

Great refund policy

Storage and editing rights for Rocket Lawyer members 
Rather high non-member pricing

Certain services take longer waiting timesShort free trial period

Rocket Lawyer Pros

As diversified legal service provider as it is, Rocket Lawyer has a lot going for it. Some of the company’s fortes are less noticeable and visible, yet, they add value to the whole service. Let’s take a look at the most prominent Rocket Lawyer advantages beyond an exclusive service range.

Free Trial Period

If you do think about Rocket Lawyer’s monthly subscription, yet still have some doubts about whether it’s an appropriate option for you, the company offers an excellent alternative. It’s a free 7-day trial period, during which you’ll get access to all valuable membership features such as an extensive legal document depot, document protection feature, electronic signature, quick phone consultation with a professional, attorney assistance, and even free formation service. 

The trial period is a great chance to check if the provider lives up to its promises, as well as to get affordable and quality legal help on the issues that are important for you. 

User-Friendly Interface

Initially, an online service is meant to make business formation maximum easy and convenient, no matter if you have any formation experience or not. That said, there are many online formation platforms that are quite confusing and not as easy to use as you’d expect. However, it’s certainly not the case with Rocket Lawyer. 

While enlisting multiple services in different spheres, Rocket lawyer boasts an advanced website throughout to the last detail. It’s a breeze to navigate and is distinguished by a user-friendly interface enabling customers to find what they need in mere minutes. All information is easy to access while being properly structured and organized. All digital forms and even multi-stage processes are straightforward and intuitive. 

Top-Of-The-Line Professional Assistance

What puts Rocket Lawyer ahead of many formation services is the level of professional assistance and guidance this company delivers. While most competitors only provide regular support and ongoing consultations on formation-related issues, Rocket Lawyer brings assistant service to yet another level. The company comes up with all types of legal help to match varying customer needs and settle different legal issues and situations. 

With Rocket Lawyer, you’ll be able to execute, check, and sign nearly any type of legal document. For years in the legal business, the company has accumulated a huge number of standardized document forms and templates and downloaded them into a vast online document depot. A digital search tool will help you find the necessary form and create a customized doc without hassle. 

Rocket Lawyer has a solid inhouse team of attorneys that are always there for you to give a piece of advice you need. You can get in touch with a real professional via an online chat, email, or phone call. 

Finally, unlike many competitor services, Rocket Lawyer can help you hire an offline attorney for individual consultations on some specific issues or to represent you in some state authorities. 

Reliable Document Defense

Document Defense is an exclusive Rocket Lawyer service and its signature feature. It ensures that any dispute, conflict, or problem arising in relation to a contract or other document you’ve executed with Rocket Lawyer will be addressed by the Rocket Lawyer On Call attorney. Just make a phone call to request a professional review and get a detailed answer with step-by-step instructions.

Google Ventures Support

Rocket lawyer prides itself to have Google Ventures among the company investors. GV support is a sort of quality sign adding value to anything it’s assigned to. And Rocket Lawyer has deservedly got this sign. 

It’s common knowledge that Google pours its money only into promising projects. GV’s financial support has not only pushed Rocket Lawyer into faster growth and development but also given the platform an advanced technological boost and put it in line with the latest digital world tendencies. 

Excellent Customer Support

Along with extensive legal support, Rocket Lawyer provides consistent customer support that is beyond all praise. Its customer service is accessible via phone and email. Their help reps are responsive, amicable, and really eager to help. You won’t have to wait long to get your phone call answered while a specialist will strive to answer your answer or tackle your issue in the best manner possible. 

An online chatbot will provide answers to the most common question. Should the info you need appear too specific or not available in the FAQ section, your question will be forwarded to a competent specialist and you’ll get a response via email. 

Extended Work Hours

Most often than not, help centers and interactive chats of online formation platforms are available only during common business hours, i.e. from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, with Rocket Lawyer, you can rest assured you’ll reach their specialists beyond this time as well. 

Thus, Rocket Lawyer offers extended customer support hours from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. 

Impressive Customer Rating

Customer feedback is a solid indicator of service quality. Yet, how can you be sure you read true-to-life customer comments? This is what independent review websites are for. Such platforms as Best Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, Trustpilot, Yelp, Site Jabber, and Google provide unprejudiced customer comments, including both positive and negative ones. And Rocket lawyer stands quite strong on these websites. 

Not only does this service provider boasts extensive customer feedback but also the majority of customer reviews are expressly positive by nature praising Rocket Lawyer’s service reliability and high-end customer support. 

Short Waiting Times

Rocket Lawyer is a customer-focused service, and they do their best to maintain that in practice. Thus, a company is one of the fastest on the market when it comes to processing times. 

Despite an impressive number of active customers, Rocket Lawyer won’t intentionally delay the document review and has no internal prioritizing for orders. As a result, you can expect that your application will be considered and processed within a few days. Depending on the average workload, the company can check your docs and send them to the state even within a single day. 

As for the rest, Rocket Lawyer relies on state turnaround times that greatly vary by state. Yet, if the state offers expedited filing, the company will provide rush filing at an extra cost too. 

Great Refund Policy

Prepaid Rocket Lawyer services are refundable. The company ensures a 100% money-back guarantee for the orders within 30 days after purchase. Besides, you can cancel your membership at any time, with no cancellation charges or penalties. And you’ll even retain access to all the online docs you’ve created. 

However, it should be noted that refunds are not available for formation services, filing fees, and registered agent services.

Special Rights for the Members

With Rocket Lawyer membership, you’ll get your personal online storage to keep the online samples of all the documents you’ve created. As stated above, you’ll have access to those docs even if you cancel the subscription. 

Using Google technology, Rocket Lawyer enables its customers to edit those stored documents and even share them with other users before printing out hard copies. 

Rocket Lawyer Cons

With an array of pluses to it, Rocket Lawyer has a few drawbacks and areas that need improvement. Though those certainly don’t outweigh the good, it’s fair to mention them as well. 

High Non-Member Pricing

While Rocket lawyer beats many competitors with its unique monthly subscription (at $39), its add-ons offered as one-off services stand on the higher end of the price range. 

Thus, the formation cost beyond the subscription is $100 as compared to $49 with ZenBusiness and $0 with Incfile. Registered agent service without a discount is priced at $150 per annum. And this service is a default feature in many competitor formation packs. 

Overall, Rocket Lawyer’s one-time service rates are higher than average market fees, not to mention that some service prices are not displayed on the website and need to be quoted separately. 

Longer Waiting Times for Other Services

Rocket Lawyer does a great job processing your formation orders within the shortest timeframe possible. On the other hand, though, there are many other filing or registration services where the company is not that fast and performs with delays. Hence, you’d better check the estimated timings in advance. 

Short Trial Period

A free trial period is a valuable feature overall. Yet, a 7-day period is too short in terms of business. We wish this period were longer. A trial monthly subscription would be a perfect solution.

Besides, should you forget to cancel a trial subscription before 7 days run out, you’ll be automatically charged a monthly membership fee, which has become an unpleasant surprise for many customers.

Rocket Lawyer Contacts

Address:Rocket Lawyer Incorporated182 Howard Street #830San Francisco, California 94105
Phone:(877) 881-0947
Fax:(877) 881-0947
Email:Via online form   

Rocket Lawyer Customer Service

Online formation platforms provide the ease and convenience of DIY process, with no physical attendance to it. However, it’s nice to know that there is still someone by your side you could ask for some assistance, should the need arise. This is what customer support is for. And great client service increases an overall company rating.

Efficient, functional, and reliable customer service is yet another Rocket Lawyer’s claim to fame. You’ll have no problem getting in touch with the help center specialists. They are available 12 hours a day from Monday to Friday. And a readily accessible “Help” button on the front page will suggest that you contact them via an online chat, email, or phone. 

Excellent Rocket Lawyer’s customer service was also pointed out by the company clients in their comments on third-party review websites:

Paige ** provided exceptional customer service when we spoke and emailed on September 8, 2021. I forgot to leave a review of the call at the time but wanted to make sure I did share my experience. Ms. ** was able to find the solution to my problem quickly and efficiently.
Absolutely outstanding quick & efficient customer service. Help me with my issue in the best way possible. She also was extremely understanding and I received my cancellation request asap. I appreciate the service and compassion. Thank you. I also appreciate the short wait time. Unfortunately, I will not be continuing my services with Rocket Lawyer for personal purposes. I did not experience any flaws during my services with rocket lawyer.

Should You Start an LLC With Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer Customer Reviews
(average value in popular ratings)
Google Maps
(567 reviews)
(255 reviews)
(4903 reviews)
Consumer Affairs
(862 reviews)
(2258 reviews)

You can choose Rocket Lawyer if:

  • You need online legal assistance on a regular basis;
  • You are interested in a monthly subscription;
  • You want to get an LLC formation service as part of a $39.99/month subscription.
  • You need help from the most experienced attorneys.

You might want to look for an alternative instead of using Rocket Lawyer’s services in case:

  • You are looking for a straightforward service fully focused on LLC formation;
  • You are not interested in a monthly subscription and regular legal support;
  • Need a registered agent on a one-time basis and without legal support.

Rocket Lawyer vs Other Competitors

To see how Rocket Lawyer stacks up against other competitor services, check our quick overviews below. 

Rocket Lawyer vs ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a modern industry leader. Though the company has been on the market for only a few years, it confidently outcompetes many more experienced and reputed rivals. What makes this service stand out is the value it offers for a reasonable price. 

At a price point below $50, ZenBusiness comes up with a complete formation pack that costs a lot more than $100 with many other services. With ZenBusiness, though, above basic filing, you’ll get a whole year of registered agent service, an Operating Agreement draft, and some other perks. When it comes to the price-to-quality ratio, we must admit that Rocket Lawyer is not a competitor to ZenBusiness as well. 

Where Rocket Lawyer does excel is added legal services that are not available in ZenBusiness, which is a dedicated formation company. A side-by-side Rocket Lawyer vs ZenBusiness comparison is available in this review

Rocket Lawyer vs BizFilings 

If you look at Rocket Lawyer prices beyond subscription, you’ll see that these two companies hit nearly the same price level. Though not the most affordable out there, both Rocket Lawyer and BizFilings hit the midground in this category. 

Unlike BizFilings, though, Rocket Lawyer is not primarily a formation service, and legal assistance is its business core. Hence, many of the Rocket Lawyer added services are only available within subscription while BizFilings comes up with pre-bundled plans to match varying formation needs. 

Where BizFilings undoubtedly lags behind Rocket Lawyer is turnaround times and customer feedback. Rocket Lawyer is faster and boasts much more extensive customer feedback, which is predominantly positive. 

Want to learn more about how these services compare? Check our detailed BizFilings vs Rocket Lawyer article.

Rocket Lawyer vs Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is known for its premium service quality. Though more expensive than market average rates, Northwest formation packs are well-rounded and cover a whole year of registered agent service. Speaking of which, it’s the registered agent service that is the company’s bread and butter. 

Northwest is a national registered agent service provider, so you cant count on a high professional level here. Rocket Lawyer, on the other hand, outsources this service to a third party. 

In a word, if you seek the ultimate formation service quality and consistency to deliver to more complex formation scenarios, Northwest is a decent choice. And if you need solid legal assistance along with formation help, you can’t go wrong with Rocket Lawyer. And a more detailed comparative breakdown of these two services is available here

Rocket lawyer vs Inc Authority

Right off the bat, these companies are pretty hard to compare for they are two different in many aspects. Where these services are similar is a solid track record and professional experience. So, both will handle your business formation with due diligence. 
As far as prices are concerned, Rocket Lawyer delivers flexibility and a smart pricing approach that will help you save a lot. In the meantime, Inc Authority has an ace in the sleeve, which is hard to beat. It comes up with a $0 formation plan that will become a real find for beginner businessmen on a budget. To figure out more, read our Rocket Lawyer vs Inc Authority in-depth review.

Latest Customer Reviews

The company gets tons of positive reviews (mostly) on the Web from various online review websites like TrustPilot (4.7 out of 5), Consumer Affairs (4.8 out of 5), Glassdoor (4.6 out of 5), and Sitejabber (4.6 out of 5). According to the latter, Rocket Lawyer ranks 1st among various Legal Documents sites. 

Here are just a few examples of what people say about this company on the Web. Take a look. 

BBB (Better Business Bureau)“Your website states that creating a cease and desist letter is free with no stipulations, however once you actually complete the form the website demands that you sign up for a trial, which in turn implies that the service is not actually free once the trial runs out.”
TrustPilot“I am a Realtor and do a lease listing about every other year. Rocket Lawyer is awesome for that.”
Glassdoor“Great environment and management! Management is awesome, they coach you if you are falling behind without making you feel bad, and they genuinely care about your life and that you are happy at work. They help you find work that fits your strengths. They are always getting food catered and offer free snacks in the break room, and they are always trying to keep it fun and light at work. You will make friends fast here, everyone is very friendly and willing to help out. They have had us working from home during Covid-19, which has been amazing and is helping us stay safe. They are willing to work with you on scheduling if you have school or family matters to work around.” User rating: 5 out of 5.
ConsumerAffairsI will always refer everyone to Rocket lawyer. Customer service is top of the line and so is their services and documents provided to the public. Not to mention pocket friendly. You can’t go wrong with Rocket Lawyer!! They strive to do and be better for their customers. Love how insightful and up to date they are on documents of every aspect. 5 stars all the way around!! (c) Crimson of Corrigan, TX


If your primary need is for the business formation or ongoing legal advice, we recommend a Rocket Lawyer. If you want to form an LLC and you think you feel that your business needs continuous legal assistance, you should know that Rocket Lawyer provides free business formation service for new members, plus, you get the benefits of their real estate services (e.g. Rocket Lawyer estate planning, drafting lease agreements or quitclaim deeds). In addition, Rocket Lawyer offers last will and testament services, divorce settlement agreements, child care authorization forms, and Registered Agent service, which means that an RL lawyer will receive/answer official notices on your behalf.
The membership plan also gives you unlimited access to forms, call-in tips, and reduced rates if you need to hire a lawyer. This is a great deal for a new business with ongoing legal needs. It gives you 25% of the typical fee for filing a business and 25% of the typical fee of a registered agent. Rocket Lawyer always makes sure every client is satisfied, offering extended customer support hours. You can contact them by phone, live chat, e-mail. And don’t forget to check their FAQ page

Frequently Asked Question

Is Rocket Lawyer legit?

Yes. Rocket Lawyer is one of the most popular legal online business service providers in the United States. They provide access to a variety of legal help.

How do I cancel my Rocket Lawyer membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. All your created legal documents and correspondence will be saved and available on your account, in case you change your mind.

1. Log into your account;
2. Click your name (upper right corner).
3. Click Account Settings
4. Do not switch to the Rocket Lawyer $1/month Loyalty Plan (unless you need to create personal legal protection documents).
5. Choose your reason for cancellation.
6. Click End my benefits in the drop-down menu.
7. That’s it. A confirmation email will be sent to your private email.

You can also contact Rocket Lawyer here or by phone: (877) 881-0947, Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. (PST).

Which company is better for LLC: LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer?

Depends on your business needs and budget. The Rocket Lawyer LLC formation service is a great option if you need online legal assistance on a regular basis. Since they have experienced professionals in their team, plus, they also avoid unnecessary features and services. But then again, it all depends on what you are looking for.

However, LegalZoom also offers great services at cheaper costs. Plus, their monthly plans are also cheaper. Their services include annual business evaluation, business tax professional assistance, copyright registration (1 free per month).

Can I form an LLC on my own?

Of course, if you think you have enough knowledge for this and you’re on a tight budget. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay state filing fees. Plus, if you make an error in the documents, this puts you at risk with state laws of the country you have formed your LLC in.

If you choose professional online LLC services, you will save your time and effort, have your documents filed accurately with no errors, get a chance to use additional useful services, and track your order online.

How Does Rocket Lawyer Compare to Other LLC Services?

To tell the truth, some entrepreneurs claim that Rocket Lawyer doesn’t make them want to use their services. After all, they’re not the only popular LLC provider in the industry. Their services definitely seem overpriced (for some entrepreneurs) if compared to similar providers. Then why should you actually choose them to form an LLC? Are they really worth your money? After all, some of their main competitors can offer a lot more useful services and features in their business formation plans. And they charge less, as well.

While Rocket Lawyer did earn a reputable place in our review, they may not get to the top of it. Considering their high prices, which just don’t seem to be much attractive. Moreover, Rocket Lawyer’s LLC formation package could’ve been more inviting to customers, as well. With that said, you might want to consider IncFile or ZenBusiness services instead. There’s also Northwest Registered Agent, which, by the way, is not cheap at all, too. However, the quality of their services (e.g. their customer support) is truly impressive.

ZenBusiness vs Rocket Lawyer
BizFilings vs Rocket Lawyer
Rocket Lawyer vs LegalZoom
Northwest Registered Agent vs Rocket Lawyer
Rocket Lawyer vs Inc Authority

How long will my free trial last?

Rocket Lawyer’s free trial will last for 7 days. Plus, if you’re a new subscriber, you will also get the opportunity to use their free formation service.

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