IncFile LLC Service Review

Last updated on: October 17, 2021

Since 2004, IncFile has helped to form over 250,000 businesses and thousands of entrepreneurs with various issues related to LLC formation. The company offers top LLC formation services at affordable prices and can serve as your registered agent in every US state. 

Fifteen years might not be enough for a company to fully establish itself in the industry, but one thing that really makes IncFile stand out among other LLC formation services is their simple but always high-quality services. IncFile’s support team is always polite and professional, motivated to provide exceptional customer support, and provide the necessary assistance to avoid stress.

They do not offer fancy services but are always clear and transparent. The first thing that comes to your mind when you talk to IncFile is that this company seems to be truly knowledgeable and friendly. Their one year of free Registered Agent Service, an easy-to-use digital dashboard, used by customers to see/retrieve all the information related to their business, and affordable services make it even easier to make your choice when looking for a reliable LLC formation service. All this results in an iconic company with legal services that draw thousands of customers.

With IncFile, you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or unpleasant surprises – everything is transparent during the whole process, and you will not get “flooded” with upsells at checkout. Moreover, compared to other LLC formation services, IncFile does a great job in terms of offering tier-relevant additional services. Many entrepreneurs will agree that IncFile can be called the company that successfully provides the best service for the best price.

IncFile ensures you protect your personal assets when incorporating your business, separating them from the assets owned by your business. Nobody wants their precious savings or their child’s college funds to be at risk because of unforeseen troubles with their business entity.

IncFile Packages

IncFile offers three standard packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

IncFile Silver

Package fee – $0;
State fee – depends on your LLC state.

IncFile Silver offers a full year of free Registered Agent service (excluding state fees, $119/year after). The annual fee is 0$, however, as always, you will still have to pay your state fees.

The full package set also includes the following services:

  • Preparing & Filing the Articles of Organization;
  • Unlimited Name Searches.

IncFile Gold 

Package fee – $149;
State fee – depends on your LLC state.

IncFile Gold offers even more benefits when forming an LLC, including EIN Business Tax Number, IRS Form 2553, Operating Agreement, Banking Resolution, and Lifetime Company Alerts. You get all the Silver services + additional ones as follows:

  • Online Access Dashboard;
  • Unlimited Phone & Email Support;
  • Business Banking Account;
  • Business Tax Consultation.

IncFile Platinum

Package fee – $299;
State fee – depends on your LLC state.

All the previous Silver/Gold services are included in the IncFile Platinum package. Additionally, you also get access to IncFile’s Contract Library (25 attorney-approved contract templates to protect your intellectual property and create documentation for other legal aspects of your business), Expedited Filing, Domain Name + Business Email.

You can also buy separate LLC Premium Services to add to your Silver package:

  • Employer Identification Number/Tax ID ($70) – a nine-digit number and your taxpayer passport assigned by the IRS and used for identification. You will need it to open a business bank account and file a business tax return. If you need it fast, IncFile can apply/obtain your EIN from the IRS online;
  • Operating Agreement ($40) – the private internal agreement for an LLC is required to detail the ownership, rights, and responsibilities between all members of the LLC. IncFile will provide you with the operating agreement that covers all of the most commonly used provisions. Once you place your order and share the information about your company with IncFile, they will customize your agreement based on that information;
  • Banking Resolution ($35) – together with your EIN, a banking resolution creates official documentation to authorize the opening of a bank account and indicates a person who has signature authority for this account. However, this option might not be necessary if you’re a solopreneur;
  • Business Contract Templates ($150) – as mentioned earlier, the Contract Library will open access to 25 attorney-approved contract templates, needed to protect your intellectual property and create documentation for other legal aspects of your business.

You can find more information on their pricing page.

IncFile Pros & Cons


  • Full-year of free Registered Agent service in all packages ($119/year after);
  • Unlimited name search;
  • Next business day processing;
  • Business compliance review;
  • Preparing and filing Articles of Organization + a certified copy;
  • Unlimited phone/email support and friendly customer service;
  • Online order status tracking and real-time alerts;
  • Statement and Resignation of the Organizer;
  • Reliable personal assets protection;
  • Online incorporation document storage and access;
  • Customized dashboard to track deadlines and compliance notifications;
  • Most affordable online business formation services (Silver at zero dollars + state fees);
  • 1-hour of free tax consultation with a certified expert.


  • Support response speed (better contact via email).

IncFile Customer Reviews

Over the years, IncFile has received thousands of positive online reviews, which maintain its high popularity level on the Web. Just like with many other web-based LLC services, IncFile customers mostly blame their support service for slow responsiveness and speed. But you can’t be perfect for everyone! All in all, online ratings on various platforms are quite good. Starting with Shopper Approved at 4.8 out of 5 ratings (19,325 Ratings) and ending with A+ ratings on BBB. However, there is also a certain number of complaints. 

 Yelp ratings are pretty low with 2 out of 5 points and 58 reviews.

This used to be a negative review but I promptly changed it.

Update, I called Incfile with a friends phone and was able to get through. I spoke with “Dennis” and he was EXTREMELY helpful. He gave me a lot of really good information and helped me solve my problem. He informed me that they are a team of 15 people and they get 2,500 calls per day so I feel like a fool for getting so upset. Apologies to the team at incfile. Thanks for what you do.” Levi V.

IncFile has 3.2 out of 5 ratings on TrustPilot with 81 reviews in total. And again, when looking at IncFile customer service ratings, it seems like people either love it or hate it.

I will be dissolving my business because of incfile and there lack of customer support. DONT DO IT!” Cashmere Dorsey 

Now, with 226 total complaints on BBB in the last 3 years, 205 of them were closed this year.

I purchased their LLC forming service inn order to reform my business name as it has been dissolved by the ***** ** **. I received an email from incfile telling me that the business name Freedom Arms & Gear LLC was already taken. Well of course it was already taken as it is my business. I called the ********* ** ******* office letting her know the issue and they told me that in order to reinstate my business name, I would need to refile several documents for a total cost of $500 and that this was not available to do online. I then attempted to contact incfile, with no success. I have sent well over a dozen email, I have called both numbers that they have listed and specify in a call recoreding. I have sat on hold for more than five minutes only to have the call go to voicemail. No one ever responds to my email, I have not received a call back from anyone, and I keep getting an email from them that I need to resolve the issue of the business name already taken. Well, it’s taken because it’s mine and I need to refile documents and the ********* ** ****** office tells me that I can’t do it online. So I need to cancel my order for a refund from incfile so that I can apply that monetary value towards the refiling of my business. Can someone please help me out!” According to the following comment, below this message, the issue was resolved by IncFile the very next day.

Should You Start an LLC With IncFile

If you want to save money, yes. If you want to save your nerves, well… Considering the number of customer complaints about their customer support service, it would be a crime to praise their support service. However, you might get lucky just like many other IncFile customers. 

IncFile offers perfect value for its features. You don’t have to pay for their Silver package (excluding the state fee), you will get your order processed the same day, and you also get a full year of a free registered agent service. And even after it’s over, we find $119/year is a fairly low price, compared to other LLC formation services online. 

No hidden fees – just tier-relevant features, offered at checkout. IncFile may not be as popular as LegalZoom or Northwest but it surely has its own undeniable advantages.

With that said, you should choose IncFile if:

  • You’re on a tight budget (IncFile pricing starts at $0);
  • You are looking for a full year of free registered agent service;
  • You want your documents to be processed the same day you make your order;
  • You want to avoid upsells at checkout; 
  • You are looking for an experienced company and a knowledgeable customer support service;
  • You need real-time order tracking;
  • You need a free 30-minute business tax consultation;
  • You need a convenient and easy-to-use online dashboard to access all your company documents online;
  • You are looking for the best express shipping services in the industry;
  • You are looking for an LLC formation service with transparent Cancellation and Privacy Policy;
  • You need lifetime business alerts (incl. deadlines for annual reports, company licenses, and statements).

You might want to consider alternative LLC services if:

  • You need extensive help in complicated situations;
  • You are looking for more fancy LLC services;

Considering the fact that IncFile’s basic package (Silver) is free (excluding state fees), we can say that this company is a perfect deal. They also have many beneficial extra features, like one year of free registered agent service, an easy-to-use digital dashboard, real-time order tracking, free 30-minute business tax consultations, and free LLC compliance reminders. However, if you are looking for more options, we recommend that you also check out our Northwest Registered Agent and ZenBusiness reviews to compare them with IncFile yourself. 

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If you are looking for a reliable company to form an LLC, non-profit, or S-Corporation, IncFile got your back you covered. They offer plenty of beneficial features, resulting in a convenient platform with responsive customer service that will help find solutions to all your business questions. Their package pricing model allows you to combine various useful services (add-ons) with a free Silver package, resulting in a perfect bundle that perfectly suits your business goals. You can also get discounts on checkout, however, most customers will do just fine with the free filing.

IncFile offers outstanding LLC formation services and can become your best long-term partner if you’re starting a new business or incorporating your existing one. Many customers say that IncFile offers seamless LLC formation, which is also quick and easy. They offer fair prices, transparency, and information privacy, along with a classy support team of professionals that is always ready to help. Check out our other LLC formation service reviews, to compare them to IncFile, or get started incorporating your business with IncFile today!

Frequently Asked Question

Is IncFile com legit?

Yes. If you are starting your business with a tight budget, this company is totally worth considering. With IncFile, you can form an LLC for free (excluding state fees). Plus, the company has quite high customer ratings and many positive reviews.

How fast is IncFile?

According to a few customer reviews, it’s best to contact IncFile via email instead of calling them. Thus, you can always leave them a message on the website, and they will get back to you in 24 hours.

How can I contact IncFile?

IncFile’s legal address is 17350 State Highway 249, Suite 220, Houston, TX 77064. You can contact them by phone at 855-829-9090 or fax at 877-919-2613. Their phone support is available Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST.

What is a Registered Agent Dashboard?

When you order their Registered Agent service, IncFile provides you access to their online dashboard, a digital tool where you can store and retrieve any information collected by IncFile to form your business. Visit for more information on that.

Does IncFile offer any discounts?

If you will pay your own state fee, IncFile can offer LLC formation services for free. Which is the best discount, isn’t it? You can visit their Discount Code page to know more about discounts on their website.

Can I Form an LLC on my own?

You can try and choose the DIY route but this is risky. You will need to invest some good time and research your state for specific requirements. Moreover, don’t forget about a registered agent that will have to collect and process important documentation from the state and serve as a permanent physical presence in the state. This is how the authorities can contact you with legal and tax correspondence.

What does IncFile file for your LLC?

IncFile will help you file all the paperwork you need to form an LLC, including an Operating Agreement, an Employer Identification Number (EIN), a name reservation, annual reports, business licenses, tax documentation, the Articles of Organization (in some states, the document is called “Certificate of Organization” or “Certificate of Formation”).

How long does it take IncFile to get an EIN? 

As stated on their official website, IncFile “will obtain your federal EIN electronically and have it back to you via email within one business day.”

How to cancel your Registered Agent service with IncFile?

You can contact them at, and they will cancel your Registered Agent service and/or help you to notify your Secretary of State.

How do I change my business name with IncFile?

You will need to file an Amendment to the Secretary of State. If you already have an IncFile account, you should access your dashboard and go to the “STATE & IRS Filings” section and order the Amendment.

How to change my LLC business address with IncFile?

Changing your LLC business address also requires filing the Amendment to the Secretary of State. You can order the Amendment here

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