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Last updated on: July 15, 2021
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Are you planning on forming an LLC but are unsure where to begin? This CorpNet vs LegalZoom LLC services comparison might be a good place to start. It explores the advantages of the two companies as well as the key aspects of their LLC formation services. Additionally, the article explores their commonalities and differences, including prices and features, the experience of LLC business registration, and feedback.

Quick Summary

If you’re looking for an accomplished provider with excellent quality customer service, with either LegalZoom or CorpNet, you’ll get all that and more.

As some of the most popular LLC formation services, the two have worked with thousands of clients and offer assistance with starting a compliant LLC in any state.

That said, CorpNet is considered by many to be the indisputable favorite. Not only are they more affordable, but their service packages are relevant for any entity launch.

6 Things  CorpNet and LegalZoom Have In Common


The option to hire an online LLC service is, in a way, the golden mean between the extensiveness of average attorney rates and the potential hassle of the DIY method. With either CorpNet or LegalZoom, you will be getting the full online filing and formation companies’ business features without the risk of wasting your investment since both come with 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantees.


As chiefly LLC forming services, both have spent years perfecting their process and served thousands of customers, so either is able to open a new LLC without a hitch.

Customer Support

When you create a new business, it’s natural to come across unfamiliar hurdles. Thankfully, both companies offer highly accessible customer support. Their reps are helpful and responsive through their consistent phone and email support.


If you value your online security, LegalZoom and CorpNet both utilize tools to protect their websites and customer information.


The two online learning centers contain all necessary information about LLC formation, licensing issues, LLC taxation, and more.

Additional Services

Apart from their LLC creation service, CorpNet and LegalZoom cover other business services for optimizing your operations. Both can assist with assigning a registered agent service, getting an EIN, obtaining foreign qualifications, and more.

Side by Side Comparisons


Comparing CorpNet vs LegalZoom through their service pricing shows CorpNet’s overall superiority. Despite pricing their basic business creation packages at $79, they begin to diverge on higher formation packages levels, with the largest pricing differences occurring with their mid-tier plans.

CorpNet’s customers can choose any of the 3 options:

  • Basic: $79 + state fee;
  • Deluxe: $199 + state fee;
  • Complete: $249 + state fee.

LegalZoom’s packages are as follows:

  • Economy: $79 + state filing fees;
  • Standard: $329 + state filing fees;
  • Express Gold: $349 + state filing fees.

As you can see, the cost to set up an LLC with LegalZoom is much higher than with CorpNet when you consider their mid- and top-tier service packages.

The same goes for their registered agent for an LLC service. As such, LegalZoom charges $299 per year, while CorpNet offers the service for only $149 per year.

It’s natural to consider pricing options the priority when hiring an LLC formation service provider, but it’s never a good idea to neglect the functional side of things. To get a better picture, let’s examine the feature sets of all six formation packages.

Features and Additional Services

Since the price point of their basic LLC formation packages is identical, it makes sense to start with a detailed look at what exactly CorpNet and LegalZoom offer.

With their basic package, CorpNet covers all standard business formation needs:

  • Business name search;
  • Preparing and filing of Articles of Organization;
  • 60-day free LLC registered agent;
  • Online corporate compliance tool.

LegalZoom Economy package includes:

  • Name availability search;
  • Preparing and filing of Articles of Organization;
  • LLC next step guide;
  • Document templates;
  • Banking resolution to open business checking/savings accounts;
  • Lifetime customer support.

The overall value of the CorpNet package is somewhat higher than LegalZoom due to their compliance tool and 60-Day free registered agent service. Even their Deluxe and Complete packages include one year of free registered agent service that LegalZoom lacks.

Aside from incorporation, the two also offer extra services such as:

  • Amendments;
  • Annual reports;
  • Foreign qualifications etc.

Although they do share a lot of general features, each of them offers a few services exclusive to them. In addition to business filings, LegalZoom provides assistance with testament, power of attorney, divorce papers, and more.


CorpNet has been in the market of offering business services for over two decades, with more than 500,000 businesses served since 1997.

But what’s even more impressive is the LegalZoom customer volume—they have worked with over 2 million business customers since their launch in 2001.

Although both companies’ track records are excellent, LegalZoom is slightly ahead on this one.

Turnaround Times

LegalZoom and CorpNet take different approaches to set their processing times. Like most providers, CorpNet speed of LLC formation hinges on your formation state’s policy.

But with LegalZoom, they can get an LLC formed at varying speeds depending on your package:

  • Economy: 30 business days;
  • Standard: 15 business days;
  • Express Gold: 7-10 business days.

All in all, CorpNet’s decision to leave formation paperwork processing times up to the state seems fairer. But if you can spend some extra on faster formation speeds, LegalZoom would be a better option.

Order Tracking

With both LLC services, you are given the opportunity to track LLC formation progress thanks to the websites’ real-time order tracking systems. Both companies will also notify you after submitting your documents to register a new business with the state.

Customer Support

CorpNet customer service is available via phone, email, and chat support on Mon-Fri from 10 am to 10 pm EST. The company’s strongest point is undoubtedly the bilingual support for Spanish speakers. 

As CorpNet reviews indicate, they have an excellent reputation for customer support. Their reps are well-informed and can assist you at any stage of opening an LLC.

The LegalZoom service department is notable for its extended hours, accepting questions via phone or email between 10 am and 8 pm EST on Mon-Fri as well as from 10 am to 7 pm on weekends.

Although LegalZoom’s reps are fairly competent most of the time, the large scale at which the company operates makes the quality of support less consistent.

Ease of Use

Similar to most providers, CorpNet starts the process of creating an LLC business with package options. After the selection, you can also add some extra services.

LegalZoom is a bit different. First, you will be asked to provide your personal/business info, select add-on features, after which they will finally give you information about formation packages.

Though both have user-friendly websites, CorpNet is far more coherent, making them a winner in this LegalZoom vs CorpNet category.

Customer Reviews

For CorpNet, there are currently hundreds of reviews available across several platforms, the majority of which is positive feedback with 4- or 5-star ratings.

Their 290 reviews on TrustPilot are overwhelmingly complementary. Customers praise CorpNet’s reps as well as their general approach, noting that the service makes it so much easier to run an LLC business.

LegalZoom’s overall customer feedback includes negative feedback, but there are plenty of positive reviews online, making the ratio more or less even.

The company has been working towards improving the quality of its service in response to criticism. All in all, their customers enjoy the speed that the company puts into setting up an LLC but disparages their customer support reps.

What LLC Service Will Be Better For You?

If you’d rather hire professionals than deal with entity registration on your own, either CorpNet or LegalZoom is fully equipped to handle it. They will provide qualified assistance as you conduct LLC business and help you out with maintenance. 

Working with these companies is a sure way to get an LLC for a reduced charge compared to typical attorney rates. The two offer competitively priced packages chock-full of business features and related solutions.

If you haven’t been swayed towards either, let’s go through a quick summary of both services to hopefully give you a better idea of their situational relevance.

Choose LegalZoom if you:

  • Wish to save some money without making compromises in relation to service quality by having one of the best online providers launch a new LLC on your behalf;
  • Value experience and are interested in working with an accomplished company that has helped millions of businesses.

Choose CorpNet if you:

  • Rely on positive client feedback and pay attention to favorable review ratios;
  • Seek help starting a business with well-balanced LLC packages;
  • Value reliable customer support.
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