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Last updated on: July 20, 2021
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Launching a new business on your own is a hard and intimidating task. Though it seems like nothing special and quite feasible, there are still many pitfalls and hidden catches you might overlook, especially if you are a first-time startuper. So, it’s always nice to have somebody at your side who knows all the ins and outs of business processes and guides you through them. This is where such services as Deluxe come into play. What sets this very provider apart from multiple rivals in the industry is that it offers turn-key solutions. And when we say “turn-key”, we really mean it. Deluxe is not only a business formation service but also a business maintenance service that will help you both legalize your business and develop it. In our Deluxe service review, we’ll outline all the features and benefits this company offers to business entities. a Service Profile

Deluxe Corporation is a company with a long history. They started off in 1915 as a company selling paper forms to businesses. Having been operating for more than a century, they’ve gained huge business expertise and have impressively broadened their scope of activity to become one of the best online LLC business service providers in the industry. Today, they cover a full business cycle delivering expert support in LLC business creation and maintenance. 

You might think you have a cool business idea and have no clue how to bring it to life. Deluxe is ready to stretch out a helping hand at this very stage. They’ll provide consultations to let you see if your business idea is viable and give you a strict plan to follow to realize your project. Once you make up your mind and are ready to delve in, Deluxe will help you start an LLC business covering all formation routines and deliver any assistance you need to keep your business up and running afterward. The maintenance services they suggest include business checks and banking products, payment services, marketing services (business website development, logo design, hosting, etc.), and promotional services to make your company recognizable and popularize your brand among the customers. The business supplies you can get from Deluxe are a variety of ready-to-use business forms to maintain your business compliance with the state and all types of branded merchandise, be it business cards and catalogs or customized retail packaging. 

Deluxe has a business call center to consistently stay in contact with their clients as well as fulfillment agencies, and online printing companies to deliver top-quality service for their customers. 

Deluxe Business Service Prices and Features

All services Deluxe offers are available online. So, to make use of them, you just need to visit the company website. With thousands of business products they deliver, the company has a comprehensive and thought-out online platform, which is perfectly organized and boasts a straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface. As a result, pinpointing the product you need won’t take much time and effort.

All products and services are classified into categories and priced accordingly. Providing a wide variety of business-related options, Deluxe has something to offer to any business structure. As such, the company works with both smaller startup projects or mid-scale entrepreneurs and bigger entities, corporations, or even financial institutions that need some specific maintenance. Thus, Deluxe service fees for higher-scale businesses and financial institutions like banks or credit unions range depending on their business scale, products, or services they need, and overall signup duration. Meanwhile, to give beginner entrepreneurs a smooth start and help them promote their LLC business, their formation business costs and product prices for smaller companies are very flexible and calculated in the way to match varying demands, from basic and mid-ground to more complex ones. 

Along with flat per-unit rates for certain products and services, Deluxe also has a number of business bundles on their price list embracing complete solutions for different business situations and scenarios. Those business price kits range as follows: 

  • Create Your Brand – a $299 introduction cost plus $32 on a monthly basis to Kickstart your unique brand or trademark; 
  • Launch a New Product – $764.00/month to introduce a new product or service to the mark in the right way; 
  • Engage Your Customers – $313.00/month to increase brand awareness;
  • Get Online – $274.95/month ; 
  • Get Found Plan – $600.00/ month;
  • Attract New Customers – $649.99/month to grow your business and give it a marketing boost. 

While some prices might look a bit high, those charges will pay off with valuable benefits in the long run. Besides, paying for professional help, you’ll rest assured you are following the right path and moving in the right direction while your business is appropriately managed and maintained. 

Deluxe Service Advantages and Disadvantages

Approaching a business service you plan to cooperate with, you’d normally weigh up all pros and cons before making a final decision. Just like any other service provider of this type, Deluxe has both strengths and weaknesses you’d better consider in advance.


  • Proficiency: Backed by over 100 years of experience in the industry, Deluxe provides high-quality business services. They are true experts having enough knowledge and expertise to ensure every bit of financial, business, and marketing support for beginner entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporate customers alike. They prove to be helpful and efficient at all business levels. 
  • Diversity: Deluxe products and services come in numbers. They have a wide arsenal of tools, ready-made solutions, and functional alternatives to match any individual business scenario and help new entities succeed in their industry. 
  • Brand Establishment: With Deluxe, you’ll be able to create your own brand from scratch and make it profitable in a short time frame. Proper branding for your LLC business helps engage the right customers and greatly contributes to your company’s credibility. In the meantime, Deluxe promo products will help you strengthen your company’s positions on the market. 
  • Wider Business Focus: While selling products and services, Deluxe is closely focused not merely on its own revenue. Their major focus is empowering smaller business positions on the US market overall and giving startupers a safe spot to kickstart their business journey thus steaming up the national economy. 
  • Educational Aspect: The Deluxe web platform is a rich informational resource where you can find a whole lot of valuable data and tips on how to turn your ideas into a real business and how to make this business work for you. This is something many other services provide at a cost, and you’ll get it for free with Deluxe. 


  • Lack of Personalized Approach: As a large company, Deluxe has quite a number of uniform solutions for certain situations. However, at times, you might feel some lack of individual approach in communication, which is a normal thing for a business this big. 
  • Hidden Fees: Due to the huge number of vendors and suppliers Deluxe works with, there might arise some payments and rates you don’t expect.
  • Missing the Goals: Some customers complain that Deluxe marketing packages haven’t brought the results they aimed at, which can happen due to miscommunication or misunderstanding at the order stage. So, when placing an order, you need to be attentive and clearly outline your needs and desires. 
  •  Long Response Times: Despite the fact that Deluxe help specialists are always available, they are quite slow to provide feedback. 

Customer Evaluation

If you take a look at Deluxe customer reviews on Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau comments, you’ll see that the company boasts higher than average scores. Most clients are readily positive about Deluxe products and services. They mention high service quality, a simple checkout process, a great level of support provided via phone, email, and live chat, and good shipping supplies. Minor negative feedback mainly relates to check reviews stating that check prices are somewhat high. 


Setting up a new business is not only about forming a legal entity. Mostly, it is about making it up and running through launching your brand, introducing your products, and engaging potential customers. Deluxe business systems have it all for you. Providing a wealth of products and services in all business spheres, they’ll become a guiding light in the business world for beginners and a solid helping hand for existing businesses. They’ll help smaller businesses succeed and enable bigger companies to further grow their profit. We strongly recommend Deluxe for business branding needs and highly rate their smart financial and marketing solutions. By doing business with Deluxe, you’ll boost your company value and efficiency for sure.

Senior Business Tax Writer, etc
Jean Wilson Murray
(323) 789-5289
Senior Business Tax Writer, etc
Jean Wilson Murray

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  1. Avatar

    Five stars – Deluxe is responsive to the needs of our business and has demonstrated a very high level of technical expertise which makes our year end tax accounting a breeze.

  2. Avatar

    “Deluxe Business Services has been an incredible force and power behind our brand, Adela’s genuine approach and professional skills has been the driving force in progressing our business forward for the future. Deluxe has implemented structural changes that have become paramount to the success of our brand.

    Deluxe is like no other and brings a wealth of knowledge to the over all scope of the business.

    Brenden Huntly.”

  3. Avatar

    Super reliable, friendly and reasonably priced, Adela has expertise across Bookkeeping, Tax and Financial reporting. For a growing business that needs a little flexibility too, we cannot recommend her highly enough. Please don’t hire her full-time though, as we still need her too!

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    We have been using Deluxe Business Services for quite a few years now and we find Adela and her bookkeeping services 2nd to none, very professional,helpful and better than using an Accountant, and there fees and charges are very reasonable. Highly recommended, AAA+

  5. Avatar

    Adela at Deluxe Business Services provides not only a great and professional service and but she explains everything in plain English and ensures you understand every step of the way! I have referred my clients to her for over 2 years now and will continue to refer due to her excellence in the industry. Thank you!

  6. Avatar

    Adela is very professional, knowledgeable and reliable and makes our job as an accountant much easier.

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    Adela is a highly competent and capable advisor across all areas of bookkeeping and accounting. Adela is also graced with a wonderful disposition.

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