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Last updated on: June 15, 2021
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Since forming a limited liability company through a professional online company makes the process much easier, this method is becoming more popular. However, not all LLC registration services are trustworthy.

In this IncFile vs Inc Authority comparison guide, we will learn about two free LLC formation services with an outstanding reputation. We will analyze their service packages for starting a new business, focusing on included features and LLC prices to determine the best LLC service for your business.

Do Inc Authority and IncFile Offer Good Value?

The unique advantage of Inc Authority and IncFile is that they offer the LLC formation service free of charge, of course, if you pay the state fee. They are the only companies in the business formation and support industry that provide this option. In addition, both provide good LLC formation services’ overall value and a wide variety of useful additional services.

Inc Authority and IncFile have solid experience to open a compliant business entity, excellent customer feedback, and an impeccable reputation. Each of them has a large volume of positive reviews and loyal customers, so you can trust them to take care of your LLC.

7 Things They Have in Common

Free LLC Formation

If you look for a company that provides free LLC formation, IncFile and Inc Authority will be the right fit. They have the most affordable LLC registration in the industry because the only thing you must do to start an LLC is to pay the mandatory registration fee.


Are you interested in processing an LLC formation quickly and ready to pay a reasonable additional fee? Like most LLC service providers, either IncFile or Inc Authority offer services to speed up an LLC formation and reduce the processing time to a few days.


Undoubtedly, having plenty of expertise to launch an LLC is one of the main arguments when choosing an online company. In this category, both Inc Authority and IncFile show excellent results. They have served thousands of businesses and have earned a strong and reliable reputation.

Great Customer Feedback

IncFile and Inc Authority have a great track record, numerous customer reviews, and high average rating scores, proving their client satisfaction with the high quality of their services. 

Customer Support

Thanks to their strong customer support networks, you can count on IncFile or Inc Authority help to handle any business issues. Their customer support agents are friendly and knowledgeable regarding the nuances of registering an LLC and further LLC business activity in various states.

Registered Agent Service

When you create an LLC, you can’t do without appointing a registered agent. Therefore, it is especially valuable to hire Inc Authority or IncFile as you will get a full year of registered agent service for free. Each of these companies includes a registered agent for LLC in all their LLC formation service packages, which distinguishes them from most competitors.

Additional Services

Besides launching an LLC, you should also make sure that the future work of the company will be smooth and worry-free. Inc Authority and IncFile offer the following popular business services:

  • Obtaining the federal tax ID number (EIN);
  • Preparing the LLC Operating Agreements;
  • Handling foreign qualifications, etc.

Side by Side Comparisons


Both companies use a tiered system of service packages for online formation filing to better focus on customer interests.

IncFile vs Inc Authority start-up service packages allow you to get LLC for free, as long as you pay the government fee. Despite the extremely low price, they really cover basic LLC formation needs by providing everything you need to officially launch.

To set up an LLC, IncFile offers three options for service packages:

  • Silver – $0 + state fee;
  • Gold – $149 + state fee;
  • Platinum – $299 + state fee.

Inc Authority gives you more freedom by providing four different packages to choose from:

  • Free LLC Formation – $0 + state fee;
  • Starter – $399 + state fee;
  • Executive – $499 + state fee;
  • Tycoon – $799 + state fee.


IncFile has three options for service packages containing the following types of services:

  • Silver package:
    • Alerts system to help keep track of state compliance requirements throughout the life of the LLC;
    • One year of registered agent service;
    • Corporate website;
    • A “Statement and Resignation of the Organizer” form;
    • 30-minute business tax consultation.
  • Gold package:
    • LLC Kit and seal;
    • EIN;
    • Operating Agreement;
    • Contract Library with more than 25 legal document templates;
    • Express Shipping;
    • Banking Resolution to open a business bank account;
    • Preparation and Filing of IRS Form 2553.
  • Platinum package:
    • Custom Website and Domain;
    • FedEx 2-3 Day Shipping.

In turn, Inc Authority has developed four LLC formation plans focused on different business needs:

  • Free LLC Formation package:
    • Registered agent service for one year;
    • S-corporation tax election filing;
    • Digital storage and delivery;
    • INC CARE Support;
    • Tax consultation;
    • Business checking account;
    • Business Funding Analysis.
  • Starter package:
    • Operating agreement;
    • Initial meeting minutes and resolutions;
    • Ownership certificates;
    • EIN;
    • Company seal and record book;
    • Funding evaluation.
  • Executive Package:
    • Website domain;
    • Business license report.
  • Tycoon Package:
    • Express processing;
    • Business credit coach;
    • Business credit launchpad;
    • Multi-tiered credit building system;
    • Biz Credit Express;
    • D&B credit bureau registration.

Having an included registered agent service for one year gives these companies’ free formation packages a special value. There are few providers in the industry who have this kind of offer. If you just need to create an LLC, IncFile and Inc Authority basic packages are a good choice.


Both companies hold strong positions in the industry of creating an LLC online, despite high competition. Thanks to hundreds of thousands of happy customers and a proven track record, they have a reputation as reliable and respected services. 

Inc Authority has helped create more than 140,000 LLCs since it was opened in 1989. However, IncFile has served 250,000+ clients since 2004.

Customer Support

The IncFile vs Inc Authority clients support comparison shows that they are equal in this category. Both demonstrate excellent response times, so you don’t have to wait long for a response. Furthermore, these companies have knowledgeable and friendly representatives who can handle even complex business issues.

Inc Authority Customer Support is available via chat, phone, or email from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern European time on weekdays. 

IncFile representatives can be contacted by phone or e-mail. They are available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern European time Monday through Friday.

Turnaround Times

Unlike some competitors, IncFile and Inc Authority processing times depend on the state’s LLC formation speed. It usually takes from 1-3 business days to a few weeks to get your company ready, but this process can be expedited. If you order an expedited filing, you will get the next business day delivery, reducing the waiting time.

Ease of Use

With Inc Authority or IncFile, the LLC formation process is simple and comfortable. When you hire one of them, you can get your LLC filed, saving your time and effort, as their ordering process takes only a few minutes.

With a user-friendly website filled with up-to-date information on how to form an LLC and useful resources, LLC online filing from IncFile is better than Inc Authority.

Order Tracking

Both companies allow you to personally monitor LLC order status, using convenient and simple order tracking tools available on their official websites. To check the status of an LLC, just log in to your account.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to IncFile and Inc Authority’s reviews, not many companies come to mind that can beat them at it. With free LLC creation and fast processing speeds, both services have a solid customer satisfaction reputation and receive excellent customer feedback.

IncFile has about 16,000 reviews on Shopper Approved, as well as an impressive 4.8 out of 5-star rating, confirming its status as a popular service.

Inc Authority’s volume of reviews is a bit lower. It has more than 4,000 reviews on TrustPilot, giving the company a 4.8-star rating.

Overall, we can call IncFile and Inc Authority the best websites to start an LLC, as they have significantly more positive reviews than critics.

Registered Agent Service

Every American LLC is required to designate an LLC registered agent to maintain a legal relationship with the state. 

The IncFile and Inc Authority feature is that they include registered agent service at no cost in all their service packages. Then, after the grace period expires, the registered agent service for LLC becomes paid. Inc Authority charges just $99 per year and IncFile charges $119 per year.

Additional Services

Along with LLC registration, Inc Authority and IncFile provide services such as:

  • Opening LLC business bank accounts;
  • Trademark assistance;
  • Registered agent service, etc.

However, there are several features that can only be ordered from one of these companies. For example, IncFile customers get access to business accounting service, amendments, and LLC dissolution, which Inc Authority does not do. On the other hand, Inc Authority provides business credit assistance and revocable living trusts, which IncFile does not provide.

Which Is Best for Your Business?

IncFile and Inc Authority have a number of common characteristics and can register your LLC quickly and efficiently. Since you have to choose only one option for opening an LLC, let’s conclude this Inc Authority vs IncFile comparison with a brief summary.

Choose Inc Authority if you:

  • Plan to choose S-corporation taxation for an LLC;
  • Want to use a free business name availability search to find the perfect name.

Choose IncFile if you:

  • Appreciate a great experience and customer volume;
  • Prefer to work with companies that have a user-friendly website;
  • Are interested in the Lifetime Alerts service.

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