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Last updated on: August 25, 2021
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Today’s online marketplace is overflowing with dozens of different online companies offering an LLC formation service, so choosing the best option takes time. We have made it easy for you by preparing this Northwest Registered Agent vs Inc Authority comparison in which we will analyze the key features of these companies. 

Inc Authority and Northwest are popular websites that rank among the top of the industry. Each of them has extensive experience in creating LLCs and will give you a free llc registered agent for 1 year when you purchase any of their formation packages. But is one of these companies the perfect LLC formation service for your business?

Quick Overview

Although Northwest Registered Agent and Inc Authority are reputable and reliable services, in this review we favor Northwest.

Inc Authority is one of the two most affordable LLC services that offer free llc formation, but the price is not everything. Included features, as well as customer reviews and customer support, are also important. Northwest provides the best registered agent service in the industry and the most efficient, personalized customer support.


  • Registered Agent Service: both companies include 1 year of free registered agent service in all their formation packages. Considering that it is a prerequisite for doing business, this is a fairly good deal;
  • Affordable Prices: while the services of law firms on creating and supporting a business are quite expensive, the prices of Inc Authority and Northwest are quite affordable. By hiring either of them, you will save not only time but hundreds of dollars;
  • Trustworthy: Both companies have been providing business startup services on a professional basis for many years and know exactly how to do it effectively and in accordance with the law. By entrusting them to set up your LLC, you’ll get high-quality support;
  • Customer Service: being an entrepreneur, you are probably very busy. To avoid wasting time searching for information on your own, customers of Northwest and Inc Authority can contact customer support if they have questions. Their representatives are experienced and always willing to help;
  • Customer Reviews: both websites receive mostly Great Customer Feedback, confirming a high level of customer confidence. People appreciate Inc Authority and Northwest for the way they make it easy to start and develop an LLC;
  • Experience: None of these companies are new to the market of online business startup services. In their more than 20-year history, they have formed thousands of businesses across America;
  • Efficiency: if you want to get started as soon as possible, Inc Authority and Northwest are good options. Both can speed up llc creation by reducing application processing time. 

Side by Side Comparisons

Prices and Services

Inc Authority and Northwest take a different approach to pricing and packages. While Northwest offers only one service package, costing $225, Inc Authority has presented 4 available options, with prices starting from $0. Let’s look at them in detail.

            The Northwest formation package contains popular features such as:

  • LLC formation and maintenance;
  • Annual report;
  • 1 year of registered agent service;
  • Online account to access LLC documents;
  • Operating Agreement template;
  • Digital mail forwarding;
  • Business address.

          Alternatively, Northwest offers LLC registration service for a monthly fee, depending on the state you choose. In this case, the company will take care of the state fee payment, and then divide this amount into parts and include it in the monthly payment. Compared to their service package, the subscription will give you such additional features as EIN for an LLC, Annual filings, and Banking resolution.

If you decide to open a new llc business with Inc Authority, you can choose from 4 LLC formation packages:

  1. Free LLC Formation package – $0 + state fee:
  • Name Availability Search;
  • Preparation and filing of Articles of Organization;
  • 1 year of registered agent service;
  • Business bank account;
  • Tax consultation;
  • An S corporation tax election filing.
  1. Starter package – $399 + state fee:
  • EIN;
  • Ownership certificates;
  • Record Book and Company Seal;
  • Operating agreement;
  • One Year Inc Protection Advisor.
  1. Executive Package – $499 + state fee:
  • Business license report;
  • Website domain.
  1. Tycoon Package – $799 + state fee:
  • Express processing;
  • Biz Credit Express:
  • Multi-tiered credit building system;
  • Business credit launchpad;
  • D&B credit bureau registration;
  • Business credit coach.

To summarize, this Northwest vs Inc Authority comparison shows that the features included in the basic formation packages of these companies are quite similar. Each of them helps you launch a successful business and also contains 1 year of free registered agent service. Because of this, most entrepreneurs will undoubtedly choose to pay $0 rather than $225. 

             Nevertheless, it is worth noting that nw registered agent is the best service in the industry with which Inc Authority cannot compete on par. Northwest does a full local scan of all documents for an LLC, while their competitors only scan the mandatory minimum. At the end of the grace period, their registered agent service will cost $125, while Inc Authority’s will be priced at $99.

In addition, Inc Authority and Northwest provide a wide range of services to facilitate the growth and development of your business. Any of these can help with needs such as:

  • EIN;
  • Operating agreement;
  • Foreign qualification, etc.

However, only Inc Authority provides business credit and funding evaluations, while mail forwarding and virtual office services are the prerogatives of Northwest.


Inc Authority has been providing business launching services since 1989. Today, it is one of the most reliable and respected companies, having generated more than 145,000 businesses.

Northwest was founded in 1998 and has since served more than 2 million clients. Their website states that they are currently contacted by hundreds of llc customers daily.

Whether you choose Northwest Registered Agent or Inc Authority, setting up your LLC will be in the hands of experienced professionals. Although Inc Authority has an advantage in longevity, Northwest is noticeably ahead of it in the number of successfully processed orders. 

Customer Support

          Inc Authority customer service is available from 11 am to 8 pm ET on weekdays. You can reach them by phone or email. Regardless of the method, this company has good response times and knowledgeable representatives.

However, in this Inc Authority vs Northwest Registered Agent review category, the winner is Northwest. They have the best customer support in the industry, providing high-quality and personalized service. Instead of traditional call centers, each client gets a personal corporate guide who can be contacted directly. This person will guide you through the entire LLC formation process, providing fast, quality, and informative advice. 

Speed of Formation

In this Inc Authority vs Northwest comparison category, the positions of both companies are very close. In both cases, llc processing times are determined by state capacity and can range from a couple of weeks to a few days. Nevertheless, you can reduce the time required for an llc registration by ordering an expedited service. 

Order Tracking

The official Inc Authority and Northwest Registered Agent websites have convenient and easy tools to monitor the formation process. To find out your current llc order status, simply log into your account. 

Customer Reviews

          If you’re the kind of person who attaches importance to a company’s reputation, Northwest or Inc Authority will be a good choice. Both of these websites get mostly positive customer reviews and fairly high ratings.

         Although it is a company with years of experience and hundreds of thousands of customers, Northwest has only about 300 reviews. As for Inc Authority, they have more than 6,500 reviews, among which there is almost no criticism. Customers of these services specify how easy and fast it is to create an LLC with their help, as well as the responsiveness of their customer support.

Ease of Placing an Order

         Companies like Inc Authority or Northwest do everything they can to make starting a business convenient. Contracting any of them is easy and only takes you a couple of minutes.

        The process of forming and running a business with Inc Authority is simple and consistent. It is divided into several stages, and each of them will be accompanied by prompts and explanations. After you specify the state in which you want to set up an llc, you need to enter basic personal and corporate information, and then decide on additional services.

Applying with Northwest is even easier since they only have 1 service package. You will just need to provide key information and make the payment. 

What Will You Choose, Northwest Registered Agent or Inc Authority?

Both of these companies are considerable and experienced options that provide high-quality business startup services. Any of them can not only effectively register an LLC but also provide 1 year of registered agent service. Also, among their common characteristics are their excellent reputation, positive customer reviews, and responsive Customer Support.

Nevertheless, let’s conclude this Northwest Registered Agent vs Inc Authority review with their key differences so you can decide on the best option.

The main advantage of Inc Authority is that it’s free, allowing you to significantly reduce the burden on your budget. Also, for many entrepreneurs, excellent inc authority reviews and their business credit and funding evaluations services can be an important consideration.

Northwest, on the other hand, is a premium llc service with industry-leading Customer Support and excellent agent services. If you’re looking for a company with personalized customer service and high standards, Northwest is the best option.

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