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Last updated on: August 25, 2021
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With the hassles and complexities involved in starting an LLC, it’s little surprise that even experienced entrepreneurs seek out LLC formation companies to help make the entire process seem a breeze. Asides from the fact that the process is filled with all sorts of paperwork while also being highly time-consuming, any slight error can turn out to be very costly.

Fortunately, with reputable LLC service providers like Inc Authority and Rocket Lawyer, you can form a limited liability company without having to worry about a thing. However, where the problem lies is in identifying which of the two companies is the perfect option to bring your new LLC to life.

To help you make the best-informed decision possible, we’ve put together this comprehensive Rocket Lawyer Vs Inc Authority comparison which features what both LLC formation companies have in common, what makes them unique, and so much more. When you’re done reading, you’d be armed with sufficient information to make the best choice for your new business.

Are Inc Authority and Rocket Lawyer Good Online Services?

When you take a good look at the LLC service industry, you’d realize that only a few companies can truly boast the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness at which Inc Authority and Rocket Lawyer delivers their services. Not only do we possess unrivaled confidence in their ability to help you get your new LLC formation over the line, but they also happen to be two of our favorite companies due to the overall excellence of their service delivery. 

As you probably would have expected, both online LLC services have some things in common, but there are also a couple of differences between Inc Authority and Rocket Lawyer which ultimately sets them apart and stands them out. For instance, they’re both able to help you create an LLC and obliterate the hassles and complexities efficiently involved in the process. However, when it comes to registered agent service, their offerings are a world apart. While Inc Authority offers a full year of free registered agent service in all their packages with a charge of $99/year when the first year runs out, Rocket Lawyer LLC service does not include this in any of their packages, and you’d be charged $149.99/year to enjoy the service (although they’d give you a 25 percent discount if you subscribe to a legal services plan).

If you’ve made up your mind to hire the services of either Inc Authority or Rocket Lawyer, then you’d probably want to know the similarities shared by both LLC service providers as well as features that make them different. In this detailed comparison, you’ll discover everything you need to select the most suitable of these two reputable online formation companies for your new business. Let’s take a look!

What Do Rocket Lawyer and Inc Authority Have in Common?

Customer Feedback

Both Inc Authority reviews and Rocket Lawyer reviews from thousands of customers indicate a high level of clients’ satisfaction with the services delivered by both online LLC formation companies. They’re equally capable of getting your new LLC formation over the line in a satisfactory manner.

Additional Features

There are a couple of other services that usually come alongside LLC services like Federal Tax ID Number (EIN), LLC operating agreements, and foreign qualification. Whether you opt for Rocket Lawyer or Inc Authority, you’re sure to enjoy additional services that’ll make your new LLC needs a one-stop shop.


If you know how expensive it can be to hire the services of a business attorney to help with the incorporation of your business, then you’d realize and appreciate the affordability of online formation companies. Both companies in question will save you huge bucks!

Customer Services

The customer service departments of both companies are willing and ready to help you resolve any issue or answer any questions you might have about the formation process. With them, you can register a new business without any concerns.


When it comes to forming an LLC, experience counts! Having worked closely with numerous clients to form thousands of businesses, both LLC service providers have the expertise and knowledge required to create your compliant LLC. 


With a proven track record of successful new LLC formations and highly satisfied clients which continues to grow by the day, both companies have been able to carve a niche for themselves in the industry, which makes them trustworthy and reliable. Over the years, they’ve grown to become one of the well-known and respected LLC service providers in the industry. 


If you’re looking for a company that’s able to get your new LLC formation over the line quickly, both companies are totally capable. They also offer expedited services to help speed up the entire process if you’re in a rush.

Inc Authority Vs Rocket Lawyer Comparison

Track Record

Rocket Lawyer has been launching LLCs since 2008, and information found on their websites states the volume of customers they’ve served amounts to a whopping 20 million people, ultimately making them experience online formation companies present today. 

On the other hand, Inc Authority has been in existence for a longer period (since 1989), but with much lower LLC customers of over 130,000 limited liability companies over the years.

Customer Support

Both companies provide their clients with excellent customer support via phone, email, and webchat, but while Rocket Lawyer’s customer support hours are from 9 am to 9 pm ET on weekdays, Inc Authority’s support is only available from 11 am to 8 pm ET during the weekdays.

Overall, either you go for Inc Authority or Rocket Lawyer to help you open LLC, you’re certain to enjoy solid and effective support from their highly experienced and knowledgeable representatives.

Prices and Features

With Inc Authority, you get to enjoy the basic online business formation service for free. However, you’d have to pay for the state-determined filing fee. Furthermore, additional services such as registered agents will attract an extra cost. In general, Inc Authority’s packages include: 

  • The free LLC formation bundle ($0 + State Fee); 
  • Starter Business Bundle ($399 + State Fee); 
  • Executive Business Bundle ($499 + State Fee);
  • Tycoon Business Bundle ($799 + State Fee).

With Rocket Lawyer, on the other hand, there’s no free LLC formation service! However, the online formation company gives you an option to pay for LLC services either as a member or a non-member. As a member, you get to enjoy essential legal services to help your new LLC and also derive great benefits from the exclusive offer that comes with the TRUiC and the company’s New Business Bundle. In general, Rocket Lawyer’s packages include the monthly plan for members ($39.99 ) which includes 25 percent of registered agent LLC service (normally $149.99 per month) and New Business Bundle ($349.99 + State Fee) which includes operating agreement and more.

Turnaround Times

When creating a new LLC business, the processing time can be a great factor influencing the decision of many aspiring entrepreneurs. Depending on the state, the turnaround times for both Rocket Lawyer and Inc Authority can vary starting from just a couple of business days to several weeks. However, if this will have a huge influence on your decision, we’d recommend you consider Rocket Lawyer which provides a clear list of their processing times based on the states.

Ease of Use

Both online incorporation companies can greatly simplify the LLC formation process by handling the legal documents and ultimately, taking the hassles and complexities out of the way. However, it must be said that Rocket Lawyer has an edge due to its user-friendly website.

Customer Reviews

With overwhelmingly positive reviews running into thousands, the companies reputation is nothing short of extraordinary. Inc Authority possesses more than 6,500 reviews with a large majority of them being positive. Overall, their clients were excited to state their love for the free formation offer alongside their quick turnaround times.

Rocket Lawyer has 4,700 online reviews+ with a vast majority also being positive with their customer delighted by how easy they make LLC creation process as well as the immense value delivered by their legal services subscription plan.

Which LLC Service Will You Choose?

This detailed Inc Authority Vs Rocket Lawyer comparison was put together to allow you to make an informed decision on which of the two respected companies provides the best LLC service and the most suitable to form your new business. Taking a good look at the similarities as well as their differences, you’d realize you can never go wrong choosing any of the two companies to get an LLC registration and more. However, there are some specific circumstances in which the use of one company over the other can be significant. Therefore, if you’re still finding it hard to decide, here are some scenarios that’ll help identify the most suitable LLC service for your business.

Choose Inc Authority If:

You’re on a tight budget and having your LLC formed for free and enjoying a full year of free registered agent service is appealing to you.

Choose Rocket Lawyer If:

You’re interested in detailed legal services subscription plan, and experience is a huge influencing factor to you.

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