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Last updated on: August 25, 2021
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Limited liability companies are by far the most popular business structures in the US. There is a lot going for them both on the organizational and on the financial levels, hence their popularity. Besides, LLCs are quite easy to set up, especially if you delegate this task to a professional service. To get everything done quickly and legibly, you just need to choose a proper formation assistant to create an LLC with. Taking into account a whole wealth of LLC services available on the modern market, basically, you’ll have a choice between experienced old-timers and industry newcomers, each of them often having a bit different approach overall. And this is what we are going to review below. In our Inc Authority vs Swyft Filings comparison guide, we show how these two business formation companies stack up and what advantage they have. 

Do Swyft Filings and Inc Authority Provide Good Services?

In business, brand name and reputation are highly meaningful. That’s what all manufacturers and service providers aim at since a recognizable name is a strong selling point. Most customers have more trust in popular and well-known brand names that are all over the industry. Inc Authority and Swyft Filings are those kinds of names in business formation. These are two leading online companies, each supported by an army of customers and providing the whole range of online LLC formation services. So, with Swyft Filings or Inc Authority, you’ll make the right choice in terms of efficiency, legibility, and appropriateness. 

However, where Inc Authority stands out straight away and has an edge over not only Swyft Filings but over many other competitors is their offering to open an LLC for free. It’s their strongest benefit that makes them highly attractive for all types of customers. More than that, they also ensure free registered agent service for a whole year, which means you’ll get a complete formation service bundle at the cost of only an obligatory state fee. Swyft Filings also don’t lag behind in terms of service quality and diversity, yet, their $49 basic package is no match to a $0 Inc Authority pricing plan. 

Inc Authority and Swyft Filings: Similarities

It would be silly to expect that all formation companies are similar, however many of them have some general similarities or share some similar features. Inc Authority and Swyft Filings are not an exception. The points they have in common are the following: 

  • Filing Speed: If the filing speed matters to you and you look for expedited turnaround times, both providers are quick enough. You can rest assured they’ll open an LLC in the fastest manner. 
  • Affordable Rates: While Inc Authority is a hard-to-compete winner with their $0 basic package, Swyft Filings also offers fairly affordable rates. Anyway, hiring an LLC service will cost you less than hiring a lawyer. 
  • Reliability: While the market is flooded with scammers and day-fly companies cheating on their clients, Inc Authority and Swyft Filings are two fully legitimate services maintained by good track records. No worries here. Everything will be done in the right way. 
  • Expertise: You shouldn’t have any doubts about the companies’ proficiency since both of them have formed thousands of businesses and their extensive expertise proves their professionalism and service quality. 
  • Client Service: Each of the providers has a customer support department that will come to help in case you have any questions on the way. It’s nice to know that you are not alone and will get assistance whenever you need it. 
  • Optional Business Services: Some would call them upsells, others would call them add-ons, no matter the name, optional services add value and these companies have them on their menus to meet varying business needs. 
  • Positive Customer Feedback: That’s what proves the service efficiency and company trustworthiness. Inc Authority and Swyft Filings boast a high volume of customer feedback and most reviews show high scores and positive comments. 

Head-to-Head Comparison

By and large, both companies have a positive image, yet Inc Authority seems to take the lead with its free LLC formation. However, don’t rush into any decisions before you consider these two services in more detail.


Established in 1989, Inc Authority has an immense 30-year experience behind its back, and over 130,000 businesses formed. Widely favored by customers, they earned a solid reputation in the industry, and their name speaks for itself today. This is one of the services that needs no advertising and easily sells itself when it comes to launching a new LLC business. 

By way of contrast, Swyft Filings appeared on the industry horizon only in 2012. As such, the service is a relative newcomer. Yet, the number of customers they have counts thousands, which is impressive and demonstrates their proficiency. 

Formation Speed

While both companies basically stick to state-specific turnaround times, each of them has some peculiarities. Thus, Swyft Filings promise to process your order once they receive it and handle the filings to the state that, in its turn, allows to speed up formation in some states. And it’s their default feature bringing no extra costs. Inc Authority, on the other hand, offers expedited LLC processing times within their top-tier package. But get ready to pay a rather high price for cutting down the formation time to mere days. Besides, you can easily keep an eye on your formation process using order tracking tools available on both websites. 

Customer Feedback

Despite being an industry old-timer and newcomer, both Inc Authority and Swyft Filings are widely supported by their customers. You’ll find thousands of positive and appreciative customer comments and reviews online. And an interesting fact is that, though newer to the market and having less experience in setting up LLCs, Swyft Filings noticeably outcompetes Inc Authority in the amount of feedback. 

Client Support

There is hardly an online LLC registration service today without solid customer support. Inc Authority and Swyft Filings are not an exception. Both providers have well-formed and trained support teams in place ready to answer your questions via email, phone, or live chat. Their support services are accessible within 9 hours on weekdays and work beyond common business hours, which is a plus. However, while Inc Authority customer support is rather basic, Swyft Filings apply a personalized approach here, and you’ll be assigned a business specialist you can call directly. Surely enough, a person that already knows your business situation from within will come up with a better solution more quickly. 

Pricing and Features

Creating an LLC and choosing the assistant company for that purpose, you certainly seek to save some money since there are a lot of other expenses waiting for you on the way. Hence, pricing is the prime point of attention for many entrepreneurs. However, the features you’ll get for those prices are no less important. Each company offers several LLC packages but their pricing is quite different. 

Swyft Filings

The prices start at $49 for the Basic package and grow through $149 for the Standard package to $299 for the Premium package. In addition to filing basics, a low-tier plan covers lifetime access to their excellent customer service, compliance alerts, and a free tax consultation with a specialist. High-tier plans are accordingly packed with EIN acquisition, customized banking resolution, operating agreement, and organizational minutes, corporate kit, and business website development. While the prices are not higher than average, they do not include registered agent service that will bump them up for $149 a year.

Inc Authority

In contrast, Inc Authority’s pricing starts at $0 point and the best thing is that at no cost, they not only deliver filing services but also provide a year of registered agent service, an S-Corp form filing if needed, and a free business account in the Bank of America. Well, that’s impressive!  

Their top-tier plans, though, stand at a higher end of the price range at $399, $499, and $799 for Starter, Executive, and Tycoon packages accordingly. Some unique features included here are Inc Protection Advisor option to get improved customer support on your business operation in banking, tax, law, and financial issues and Express Processing (for expedited filing) along with BizCredit software tool (to connect to the credit system and manage your company credits on your own) for the Tycoon package.  

Ease of Use

This aspect of Inc Authority vs Swyft Filings is a close tie. Providers have done their best to make the business formation process feasible for anyone and placing an order on their websites will be a doddle. Thus, Swyft Filings have put a lot of effort into making their online platform both comprehensive and maximum user friendly, so, the order application is fairly intuitive here. Inc Authority, on the other hand, has an easy step-by-step online guide that will take you through the process of submitting the order and save you any possible mistakes or mishandling.


Swyft Filings vs Inc Authority, we guess there is no winner here. Offering free LLC formation with a full year of registered agent service, Inc Authority is an obvious leader and a safe choice for those who need more or less basic filing services at the lowest cost possible. However, their top-tier pricing plans are quite expensive, not to mention consistent upsells they will throw at you when placing an order. Swyft Filings would easily keep up with the competitor, have they made some tweaks on payable registered agent service to incorporate it into service bundles. At the same time, a 100% money-back guarantee and a flexible payment scheme allowing to split the final cost into several installments are their stellar pros.  

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