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Last updated on: August 31, 2021
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When it’s time to form a new LLC, finding reliable professional assistance could prove to be quite a pain. And using an online formation service shouldn’t be taken lightly if you want to be frugal with your capital.

The current abundance of choices on the market of LLC formation services certainly doesn’t make it easier, especially when you have multiple budget options like IncFile. One of the alternatives to this famously affordable service is the similarly-oriented IncFast. But how does it really compare on a microscale?

This IncFast vs IncFile LLC service comparison aims to examine some of the similarities and differences of the two companies, including their expertise levels, pricing policy, and features. 

Do IncFast and IncFile Offer Good Value?

When applied to high-quality LLC formation services, the definition of good value is not always determined by low pricing. As it stands, even the lowest prices won’t necessarily guarantee good value, i.e. the number of features and quality of service offered at a base rate.

Both IncFile and IncFast could be considered good value for their money, their package rate disparity notwithstanding. Their feature selection is vast, they have plenty of extras if you don’t mind paying additional fees, and their registered agent is free throughout the entire first year of your subscription.

Digging deeper, it becomes very clear that out of the two, IncFile is a particular customer favorite. As one of the most popular LLC formation services today, IncFile has established itself as the de facto face of good value service providers thanks to its $0 starter plan that covers basic features more thoroughly than its more expensive competitors.

As for IncFast, it may not be the best LLC filing service for everyone, since formation conditions tend to fluctuate depending on the location and specific limited liability company goals, but the company can definitely assist in forming a new business while providing services a free registered agent service with all of their packages.

6 Things They Have In Common


Both Incorporate Fast Inc and IncFile are relatively low-cost services offering distinctly comprehensive packages for LLC formation. Either would do well for your business goals, whether it’s opening an LLC or maintaining its good standing.


Those who rely on more established services to start an LLC will definitely find this here as both companies have years of work to prove their expertise to anyone placing a high value on experience. By choosing either IncFast or IncFile, you can be sure they know what they’re doing as evidenced by their ability to form thousands of LLCs in the past decade.

Customer Support: 

Feature diversity and bargain prices aren’t the only deciding factors for launching an LLC with a formation service. After all, if they cannot offer you professional assistance during and after the formation, preferably through competent customer support agents, there is very little point in seeking outside help. This is another aspect where you can go with either IncFast or IncFile since both are more than capable of solving various LLC business issues.

Registered Agent Service:

It’s not that common to see a service offer a full year of registered agent service while maintaining good base prices, but both IncFile and IncFast have this option. Regardless of the type of package you purchase for an LLC registration, their registered agent LLC service is added with no extra charge.


Those working on a tight schedule often seek ways to speed up an LLC formation. Both IncFast and IncFile can accommodate your business goals by offering expedited LLC processing options for some additional payment. If you choose to expedite an order, it’s possible to get your LLC formed within just a few days.

Additional Services:

Whether you go with IncFile or IncFast, you are guaranteed to get varying sets of additional business services to go with the general formation. Both companies cover a range of business solutions, albeit each delves into their own niche, but the two coequally handle federal tax ID numbers (EIN) acquisition, drafting and filing of annual reports, obtaining LLC foreign qualifications, and more.

Side by Side Comparisons


While both IncFile and Incorporate Fast Inc offer three formation packages each, the major difference between the two becomes immediately apparent once you compare their LLC starting price:

IncFast LLC Packages:

  • Basic – $99 + state fee;
  • Deluxe – $199 + state fee;
  • Premium – $299 + state fee.

IncFile LLC Packages:

  • Silver – $0 + state fee;
  • Gold – $149 + state fee;
  • Platinum – $299 + state fee.

IncFast can be classified as a solid mid-tier service in terms of formation fees, and even their $99 starter package is a fairly affordable offering for a base rate for LLC service.

All of this pales next to IncFile’s $0 starter plan fee. Not only does their base plan make them the most affordable online LLC formation service, but unlike other inexpensive options, their basic package includes everything for starting an LLC in your state.


Despite their somewhat similar feature LLC sets, the two companies still have a few discrepancies in their listings.

Both can create an LLC and even offer same-day processing plus an individualized LLC operating agreement with top-tier packages.

Incfile is more generous with customer support and even adds a 30-minute business tax consultation to your plan. 

Their feature similarity makes any blunt IncFile vs IncFast comparison rather difficult, but one thing is certain for sure and it’s that IncFile can get you most of the basic features for free instead of charging $99.


Both candidates have certainly been proven competent if the testimonials of their customer experience are anything to go by. IncFast has served 25,000+ business clients in the past seven years, while IncFile has worked with more than 250,000 entrepreneurs since its launch in 2003.

If you prefer to base your choice on who has a larger volume of customers, then IncFile is by far the winner in this category and unsurprisingly so considering its status as one of the most popular LLC formation websites.

Turnaround Times

Matching up IncFile vs Incorporate Fast Inc in the context of processing speeds is perhaps the least effective of strategies for choosing a better option.

Both offer expedited filing options and both can conduct same- or next-day processing. You will also find an estimated time for an LLC formation by the state as well as a handy real-time processing estimate tool on either of these LLC services’ websites.

Their speed still hinges on the formation state’s processing speed, so if your state is not the fastest out there, it won’t make much of a difference.

Order Tracking

As already mentioned, both websites offer a real-time LLC order status tracking tool to monitor the formation process. There you can check the LLC status, organize your LLC’s final documentation, and gain access to other updates while forming an LLC.

Ease of Use

Whether you’re signing up for the first time or resubscribing, you won’t have any trouble navigating either companies’ online portal but it’s safe to say IncFile is a bit more user-friendly.

IncFast’s website is still perfectly functional and for some, even easier to engage with, especially if you need to launch an LLC without getting sidelined by upsells. Another point in their favor is the response speed that overtakes IncFile’s rather mediocre speeds, especially on mobile.

Customer Support

IncFile and Incorporate Fast Inc’s support teams are equally matched both in terms of their customer service hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CST) and levels of expertise. While both offer real person support to help you register an LLC, there are reports indicating that IncFast is one of the online LLC service providers with consistently fast response times.

Registered Agent Service

This category is also a tie between the two as both online LLC service providers give one year of a registered agent without any extra charges. To designate a registered agent, LLCs often have to look for candidates on their own which is incredibly time-consuming.

Meanwhile, this service works with any level of LLC formation package, although their subsequent charges will be different: IncFast – $125 per year and IncFile – a $119 annual fee. Either can assign an agent when you set up an LLC, but the IncFast registered agent will cost more. 

Customer Reviews

Here we can see the main discrepancy between the two besides their ability to open an LLC. Currently, there are 12 total reviews for IncFast, despite the company’s engagement with thousands of clients. A noticeable portion of IncFast reviews seems to be rather lukewarm. 

By contrast, there are nearly 16,000 reviews available online for IncFile and over 26,000 ratings on Shopper Approved, yielding a 4.8/5 start average. The majority of positive reviews cite the simplicity of IncFile’s services as the main point of attraction, with their money-saving price points being a close second.

Additional Services

Both companies have major intersections in the area of additional business services, providing options for banking resolution, foreign qualifications, express shipping, amendments, LLC certificates of good standing, and more.

IncFile delves deeper into intellectual property services like trademark name searches, while IncFast has customized kits with a corporate seal and apostille service.

Which Is the Better Service to Form an LLC?

In the battle of IncFast vs IncFile, there can be no clear universal winner given how individual business goals get. While IncFile is rightfully one of the leading companies in the LLC services industry and IncFast has honed its expertise of creating an LLC for years, only one of them can fit your specific demands. So which one of them will be the best online service to form your LLC?

Choose IncFile if you:

If you tend to rely on testimonies to inform your decision, IncFile has plenty of excellent customer feedback speaking in favor of their efficiency as well as strong rating scores across several platforms. It’s also the cheapest LLC service out there with this feature set, so it works well with small start-ups. 

Choose IncorporateFast if you:

If you wish to have your LLC formation application processed as soon as possible, IncFast may be beneficial for your goals. They offer one of the fastest filing times in the business, but their other strong point is quick and responsive customer support. IncFast pricing is also pretty decent compared to some of the alternatives. 

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