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Last updated on: July 6, 2021
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To open an LLC, you can delve into the business formation process and do everything by yourself. It will cost you less, and you’ll learn all the ins and outs of this business structure. However, if the DIY method seems rather intimidating than interesting and hiring a pro legal advisor is quite a pricey option, starting an LLC with one of the multiple LLC formation services is the best way out. You’ll both save some money and get everything done in a rightful and quick manner. 

The main question here will be which LLC service to choose. IncFile and IncNow are two respected business service providers that might draw your attention, and for a good reason. Both companies are a great choice for certain customer categories, and our detailed IncNow vs IncFile comparison guide outlining valid prices and features of both formation services will help you find out which one will meet your needs. 

Are IncFile and IncNow a Good Deal?

If you value reputation, IncFile and IncNow are among the most popular LLC formations services. With plenty of experience behind them, they’ve won customer appreciation and loyalty and both are a worthy choice. At the same time, these two online services are not the same. At a glance, one of them obviously has more competitive pricing. Yet, to make a final decision, it’s advisable that you look into the main commonalities and differences between these two legal service platforms to see how they compare in detail.

7 Common Features They Share

  1. Expertise in the Industry: Expertise renders proficiency. Both IncNow and IncFile served thousands of customers and are strong in this aspect. While IncNow professionalism is supported by nearly 50 years of work in the industry, IncFile (being twice “younger” than its competitor) stands out for forming over 250,000 businesses. 
  2. Affordability: If you compare these companies’ pricing to individual lawyer rates, both IncNow and IncFile offer affordable LLC packages and will significantly cut down your LLC formation expenses. That said, if you strive to start an LLC at the lowest price available, IncFile will be an obvious winner among not only these two but many other similar service providers. 
  3. Formation Speed: Normally, the process of setting up a new business online might take you a couple of weeks depending on the state. However, LLC services often come up with expedited options to meet the urgency of those who need to open an LLC within a few days. IncFile and IncNow are not an exception. At an extra charge, both companies will significantly cut down your turnaround times. 
  4. Customer Service: Both service providers will readily guide you through LLC registration and assist you at every stage of the formation process. Their customer service departments provide phone and email support, and their service reps are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. 
  5. Registered Agent Service: Many legal service providers offer only to form an LLC. Yet, to lawfully operate your company afterward, you’ll need a registered agent, and with IncNow or IncFile, you’ll get this box ticked on your list. Whichever LLC formation package you choose, you’ll get 12 months of registered agent service included. 
  6. Positive Customer Feedback: It’s always nice to learn about other customers’ experience to get unbiased opinions of real clients who have already used the company service. If you look into IncFile and IncNow online customer reviews, you’ll see that both platforms are highly scored by their clients which proves their competence and professional value. 
  7. Online Security: With a whole lot of scams and fraudulent schemes applied online, safety is a prime priority for many customers today. IncNow and IncFile have taken every care to make your LLC formation online purchases safe and secure. IncFile verifies their legal identity via Authorize.Net while IncNow cooperates with Norton Web Security to make sure their website is a safe place to shop. 

In-Depth Comparison

Fees and Rates

A three-tier pricing system is a common feature of both service providers. They boost the rates from basic through mid-tier to top-tier ones to match varying customer needs and different business scenarios. With that, though, in the IncFile vs IncNow pricing battle, IncFile is an indisputable champion. Not only do they have more reasonable price points overall but also they provide one of the most affordable LLC packages charging $0 for their services. It means you can register an LLC at a state fee only. At $99, IncNow stands no comparison with them. The only plus will be if you have a Delaware residence and can function as a registered agent for your company. In this case, IncNow can open your LLC in the state of Delaware for a symbolic fee of $9. 

Feature Set

When it comes to features included in each pricing plan, both IncNow and InFile stand on pretty much the same ground. With their basic LLC formation package purchase, you’ll get your future company name checked, and all the basic formation documents will be duly prepared and filed on your behalf. In addition, each company provides a full year of LLC registered agent service, which is alone a distinctive advantage. On top of that, IncFile also includes a 30-minute tax consultation in their $0 package that will cost you an extra with many competitor services. 

The biggest difference between these two, though, is that IncNow operates only in Delaware while IncFile is available in all 50 states. However, if you decide to start an LLC in Delaware (like many other entrepreneurs do due to their more welcoming state requirements), you shouldn’t disregard IncNow as a long-standing reputed company with huge local expertise. Besides, they can help you not only set up an LLC in their state but also maintain your business compliance when it’s formed. 


As stated above, both providers stand strong on their feet and definitely know what they are doing. Backed by decades of experience in the industry, IncNow has served more than 17,000 businesses. The company itself is a family-owned business focused on high values and impeccable service. In contrast, IncFile has formed over 250,000 since 2004. Being a “younger” market player, the company is an absolute industry leader, mostly due to their pricing policy, which is hard to compete with. 

Customer Service

Top-notch customer service is one of the IncNow biggest fortes. Available from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays, their helpful and professional support reps will eagerly answer all the questions you might have in the process of forming an LLC and will provide every bit of legal LLC advice you need. Such a customer-focused approach is a great feature showcasing the highest level of professionalism. And will be especially appreciated by beginner entrepreneurs new to this type of business structure.

On the other hand, despite longer working hours (from 10 am to 7 pm on weekdays), IncFile support staff is less accessible. It might take a whole day to receive a response email and you’ll have to wait for quite a long time before you get answered by phone, which is no wonder given the number of calls and emails they have to process daily. Yet, it’s not an excuse for customers who seek a personalized approach.

Filing Speed

For a fair comparison, let’s take standard processing times for both companies in Delaware. Common turnaround times for IncNow vary from 4 to 6 days with an expedited 24-hour option coming at an extra cost. IncFile standard filing time in this state is about 15 days and if you need to expedite your LLC formation, it will still take you no less than 5 days. For all other states, filing times range from several weeks to a couple of days. 

Order Tracking

Being a national service provider, IncFile confidently holds an edge over IncNow in this feature. With IncNow, you’ll obtain an order confirmation email signalising that your application is accepted and is being processed. Yet, to know more about it and check your current LLC status, you’ll have to call the company directly. Meanwhile, a thought-out InсFile web platform has an inbuilt real-time order tracking tool that will let you check LLC status at any formation stage. 

Registered Agent Service

Whether you decide to register an LLC online or choose a DIY route, at some point,  you’ll have to think about a registered agent to handle important document deliveries on behalf of your company. It’s a compulsory requirement for all LLCs in the US and you can’t skip it anyway. Unless you can function as a registered agent by yourself, you’ll have to outsource this service. Both companies have it included in all of their packages and IncFile even provides it for free during the first year. Meanwhile, every next year will cost you $119 as compared to $90 with IncNow.

Customer Feedback

Positive LLC formation services’ reviews are quite a supportive selling point when choosing between different providers. It enables you to check how they deliver against their promises. Both IncNow and IncFile are supported by multiple satisfied customers, which is a good sign from the start. However, as compared to about 600 reviews available online for IncNow, IncFile is distinguished by more extensive feedback, with nearly 16,000 customers sharing their opinion about this service. 

Ease of Use

While browsing the IncNow website will need a bit more attention from your side, the IncFile platform interface is more intuitive, and the whole site is easier to navigate. At the same time, you’ll enjoy a simple formation process and start an LLC hassle-free with either of these companies. Besides, you can always contact a support representative to help you out with any difficulties. 

Add-on Services

Some customers need add-ons and others don’t, but additional services are an added value that works for an overall company image anyway. Thus, along with a registered agent service, both providers offer EIN acquisition, foreign qualifications, and doing business as (DBA) names. Yet, IncFile holds the leading position here as well, with their added trademark services and bank accounting services, not to mention loads of helpful legal info they have online.

IncNow vs IncFile: Who’s the Winner

First and foremost, those services can compete only if you want to launch an LLC in Delaware (which is possible even if you don’t reside there). For the rest of the states, IncFile is an obvious winner. Yet, narrowing down your choice to Delaware, these two companies are solid top-liners having enough expertise to form your business entity in all the right away. 

Go for IncFile if:

You seek a nationwide service provider that will help you form an LLC in any state. With their free LLC service and easy checkout process, the company is deservedly one of the best market players. 

Go for IncNow if:

You plan to form your new company in Delaware and need a reliable legal partner in this state. They offer fast turnarounds, reasonable prices, and, what is the most important, a customer-focused approach.

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