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Last updated on: October 6, 2021

While many beginner entrepreneurs start their business journey with sole proprietorships, at some point, incorporated business forms become more appropriate and more beneficial both for companies and for their owners, hence the recent popularity of the limited liability structure for the smaller businesses. And if you are going to start an LLC with an online LLC formation service, it’s an optimal choice. The cost of hiring an LLC service is much lower than that of hiring an attorney while you’ll still get professional assistance and will avoid getting into formation formalities. If you look for the best LLC formation service, our article will help you make up your mind since here, we compare and Incfile, each of them having quite a few aces down their sleeves. 

Incfile vs Quick Roundup 

Casting a quick look, both and Incfile have a lot going for them. Each of these online LLC services has enough experience, boasts a high level of professionalism, and comes up with a number of service options to match varying business needs and not only to open a limited liability company but also to maintain it after formation. Both services operate nationwide and can file an LLC and provide a registered agent in any state. 

What makes stand out straight away is its amazing longevity. The company has stood at the origins of the whole business formation industry and has been present on the market for over 120 years. So, the expertise and accumulated knowledge of are really hard to beat. Incfile, on the other hand, is a relatively new service as compared to its rival, with only 17 years of experience behind its back. However, despite its age, the company is already a well-known and reputed brand, especially among startuppers and first-time entrepreneurs. The main distinctive feature of the Incfile service is a free formation package. When we say free, we mean it. The only payment you’ll have to make in this case is a state fee, which is compulsory anyway. vs Incfile: Are There Any Features They Have in Common?

By and large, these two incorporation services are quite different in many aspects, each of them having its own pros and cons. However, in a broader sense, they still have similarities and stand strong in many key features customers take into account when choosing an LLC service to accomplish the business formation process for them. 

  • Educational Force: A big plus about these two services is their helpful online learning centers. Whether you are going to work with them or not, on the websites of and Incfile, you’ll find tons of valuable information on many business-related topics, all accessible for free;
  • Reasonable Pricing: Money always matters, especially when you are about to form a new business, and every cent counts. Though companies have different pricing policies, by choosing either or Incfile, you’ll still pay times less than you’d pay when hiring an attorney. As compared to hourly lawyer’s rates, fixed prices of these LLC services will save you a lot. And a $0 Incfile formation plan is an unrivaled offer; 
  • Filing Speed: One of the reasons for choosing an online legal service to get your LLC is that it will save you time on the formation process. Both companies have rush filing options and can cut down the turnaround time at some extra cost if necessary; 
  • Add-ons: When the business formation is over, there will still be a number of aspects to consider to lawfully run your new business entity and each of these LLC service providers can help you with that. From registered agent service to an Operating Agreement to EIN acquisition to licensing and reporting services, they have a variety of add-on features on their lists. Though those are payable, you can rest assured you’ll get everything you need in one place;
  • Expertise: Expertise showcases professionalism and is indicative of service quality. While established in 1899 has an edge over Incfile formed in 2004, both services have hundreds of thousands of formed businesses in their portfolios, so neither of them lacks expertise and trustworthiness; 
  • Customer Support: Should you have any questions about the process of LLC formation or any related aspects, both companies have responsive and friendly help reps in place to answer all your questions and help you with any issue. and Incfile: How Do They Stack up at a Closer Look

Similar to other incorporation services, Incfile and have their strengths and weaknesses. Yet, to figure out the benefits each service offers and reveal their drawbacks, let’s see how they match under detailed comparison. 

Rates and Features

The first aspect entrepreneurs consider when selecting an LLC service and comparing service providers is LLC pricing. This is the area where Incfile and differ a lot. Though both companies apply the LLC package system, their pricing approach is not the same. 

Incfile has three formation packages in place, yet, what gives them an indisputable advantage over nearly any other LLC service is that their cheapest formation package costs $0, which means you’ll have to pay nothing but a state fee. And what you’ll get for that price is even more impressive. At $0, the Silver package covers basic LLC registration, lifetime customer support, compliance alerts, a whole year of registered agent services, and even a primary tax consultation. Priced at $149, a Gold package is upgraded with an Operating Agreement, Employer Identification Number registration, banking resolution, and a business kit for a corporate style. A Platinum package, at $299, is further extended with a bundle of essential legal templates, website development services, and rush filing speed. also comes up with three LLC packages, yet all of them are payable, with prices starting at $79. At this price point, a “Starter” package includes basic LLC filing only, with some company-specific extras available under a certain condition. Thus, subject to ordering the registered agent service (at $235 per year), you’ll also get access to the branded $75000 Corporate Compliance Guarantee meant to protect you from any financial risks that might arise due to formation mistakes made by In addition, you’ll be able to make use of the CSCNavigator tool to access secure document storage and keep up with crucial filing dates. The cost of the mid-tier “Essentials” bumps up to $249. What you’ll get above the “Starter” package is an EIN registration, a special corporate kit, and an annual reporting tool, which is again subject to ordering the registered agent service. A top-tier “Work” package priced at $399 upgrades the “Essentials” plan with an Operating Agreement and Business Licensing Kit. 

Obviously enough, Incfile leaves far behind when it comes to the pricing since even payable Incfile’s formation packages are lower in cost and contain more important features than those of 

Customer Feedback

This is an aspect where Incfile truly shines. The company has got over 27,000 reviews online, which is no wonder, taking into account their offer of free LLC formation. Apart from that, customers highly appreciate a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate website and affordable pricing overall., on the other, has only a few reviews, and all of them are on the negative side. Clients find their pricing approach a bit off-putting and find the price of the registered agent service critically high, not to mention the upsells they are not happy with. Thus, despite being in business for over a century, is not even closely as popular as Incfile. 

Formation Speed

In this category, and Incfile are a tie. When placing an order with, you’ll be given estimated timeframes for both regular and expedited processing, so that you could choose a more suitable option for your business situation. Meanwhile, Incfile sticks to the state turnaround times, yet, the company ensures that your documents will be processed and filed with the state within a single day. Besides, they offer rush filing in the top-tier package. All in all, both formation companies will help you start an LLC online pretty fast. 

Track Record

As we’ve already stated, has been in the LLC business for over 120 years, which is really impressive. Since they opened their doors to business clients back in 1899, they’ve served about 750,000 customers. Incfile, on the other hand, is much “younger”. However, established in 2004, the company has helped over 250,000 and is supported by extensive customer feedback while has scarce customer reviews. 

Client Service

Any good LLC service is about reliable and efficient customer support. Both and Incfile stand strong in this aspect. The companies provide assistance to their customers via phone, live chat, and email. Their help reps are responsive and give informative answers to any type of business-related questions you might have. Both support centers have extended working hours, yet has an advantage here since their client service is available from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 6 pm on weekends while Incfile’s customer support is only accessible on weekdays from 10 am to 7 pm.  

Order Tracking 

It’s always nice to know where exactly you are in the formation process when setting up a new LLC. and Incfile have convenient order tracking tools allowing you to check the status of your order from anywhere, whenever you need. or Incfile: Final Thoughts

Which LLC provider is the best choice for you to register an LLC? The answer largely depends on your expectations and your individual business scenario. While both companies are experienced and professional enough to register an LLC diligently and fast, Incfile $0 formation package is really hard to beat. Incfile is by far the cheapest LLC service that offers a feature-rich service bundle at no cost at all. By paying only a regular state fee, you’ll even get a whole year of registered agent service for free. So, Incfile is a provider you can never go wrong with which is proven by multiple positive customer reviews.

The biggest selling point of is its longevity and vast experience in the industry. More likely than not, the company specialists know the way out from nearly any business situation. So, this company might be a choice for some complex business scenarios or startup projects with no budget shortage.  

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