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Last updated on: July 22, 2021
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The help of a professional online company noticeably reduces the cost of launching a business. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs use this method. However, finding the best LLC service for your business requires time, which is often scarce. Therefore, if you are planning to form an LLC, consider hiring IncFile or IncParadise. Both of these online services have great reputations and extensive experience, so they can easily handle even the most complex business tasks.

In this IncParadise vs IncFile comparison, we will discuss their similarities and differences, as well as analyze LLC formation packages in terms of price and content. In addition, we’ll outline the key features of both companies and review their track records. We believe this will help you choose the best LLC formation service for your new business. 

With that said, let’s get started!

Do IncParadise and IncFile Offer Good Value?

Although IncParadise and IncFile are equally highly respected and reputable LLC companies, we predominantly recommend IncFile. Both online LLC formation services can easily help you start your enterprise, but only IncFile offers to do it almost at no charge. Their pricing for LLC service is the lowest in the industry – IncFile’s basic service package costs $0.

Another strong IncFile advantage is the included registered agent service in every service package. If you hire this company, you can use the service at no charge for 12 months, while IncParadise registered agent service requires additional payment.

6 Things They Have In Common


Whether you choose IncFile or IncParadise, their extensive experience in building LLC businesses nationwide guarantees high-quality results. Both of these companies are highly experienced service providers who have formed thousands of businesses since they opened in the early 2000s. Thus, either of the two companies can make starting an LLC quick and easy.


Unlike an attorney, hiring an online service is an affordable and cost-effective way to start an LLC, avoiding all the hassles and mistakes of a DIY option. In addition, the pricing and packages we’ll cover during this IncParadise vs IncFile comparison are well-balanced and suitable for a wide range of businesses.


If you’re interested in a quick formation when setting up a new LLC, IncParadise and IncFile can do that for you. Both companies offer quick LLC formation if you order an expedited LLC service, reducing the company formation time to a few days.

Great Customer Reviews

Due to positive customer feedback, both IncParadise and IncFile can boast an excellent company track record. This has a great impact on their reputation in the industry.

Customer Support

IncParadise and IncFile’s support representatives are always ready to answer any legal issues related to an LLC registration or company follow-up work. Each of these services has a strong customer service department so you can avoid the hassle and save money on an attorney.

Additional Services

Both companies provide full-service business services. In addition to setting up an LLC, IncFile and IncParadise provide services to help a company stay compliant with their home state laws. 

The following services are considered the most popular:

  • Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN);
  • Doing Business As (DBA) registration (fictitious business name);
  • LLC foreign qualification.

Side by Side Comparisons


A side-by-side comparison of IncFile vs IncParadise in terms of LLC formation service pricing, reveals that IncFile has an advantage. Although both companies set low basic rates, being one of the most affordable services for an LLC, it’s almost impossible to compete with IncFile. They offer a basic package for forming an LLC for free (without including state filing fees), which is obviously attractive.

If you want to know more about IncFile’s price plans, they have 3 service package options:

  • Silver – $0 + state fee;
  • Gold – $149 + state fee;
  • Platinum – $299 + state fee.

Unlike most competitors, IncParadise offers a single tier of service:

  • LLC Formation = $89 + state fee;
  • A La Carte Services.

Of course, most entrepreneurs would rather pay $0 than $89. However, before we make our decision, let’s analyze other aspects of these two companies.


Both services have a respectable amount of experience in creating an LLC and providing related services. They have served thousands of satisfied customers and enjoy an excellent reputation.

Since its first opening in 2004, IncFile has helped start nearly 250,000 businesses. IncParadise scores are somewhat lower – they have registered 15,000+ businesses since 2002.


IncParadise LLC Formation package provides the following features:

  • Preparation and filing of LLC formation documents;
  • Name availability check;
  • Sample documents;
  • A hard copy of filed formation documents;
  • Free expedited service (only for Nevada LLCs).

On the other hand, depending on the content and price, IncFile service packages are divided into the following types:

Silver Package

  • Full-year of free registered agent service;
  • Newsletter system to keep track of state requirements throughout the life of an LLC;
  • 30-minute business tax consultation;
  • Business website.

Gold Package

  • LLC Business Formation Kit (with seal)
  • Banking resolution;
  • Express shipping;
  • EIN;
  • Operating agreement;
  • Contract library (incl. 25+ legal document templates);
  • Preparation and filing of IRS Form 2553.

Platinum Package

  • Custom website and domain;
  • FedEx 2-3 Day Shipping.

IncFile’s and IncParadise’s range of features allows you to make launching an LLC convenient and fast. However, the variety of IncFile service packages and additional services provides more opportunities for businesses. 

Although IncParadise’s free expedited service is quite a useful option, it’s limited to the state of Nevada. Also, unlike IncFile, IncParadise does not include a one-year free registered agent service.

Turnaround Times

Considering all the peculiarities of this or that home state, both IncFile and IncParadise will help with the LLC formation process ASAP.

IncParadise also has a free expediting offer to reduce your Nevada LLC preparation time. When you order it, you will get your LLC formed in three business days in full compliance with all state requirements. For an extra fee, IncFile also offers an expedited filing service.

Order Tracking

Both companies allow you to track your LLC formation status to make form the whole process more transparent and understandable for customers. 

By logging into your account on IncParadise’s website, you will have full access to the latest information on your LLC readiness. 

In comparison, IncFile’s online order tracking tool is somewhat more convenient because it works in real time. 

Customer Support

IncFile friendly support representatives are available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST. The team is very knowledgeable and always willing to help with any LLC formation issues. However, you may have to wait about 24 hours to get results.

IncParadise has faster response times and a strong service department with experienced and qualified representatives. Their operating hours are 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday (Nevada), and Mon, Wed, Friday 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. PDT (Wyoming).

Ease of Use

Both companies make the process of creating an LLC as quick and easy as possible.

IncFile has a user-friendly website filled with necessary business information and resources that can be helpful to the aspiring entrepreneur. In addition, their order process takes only a few minutes. 

IncParadise’s website also has a modern design, however, the interface is not as user-friendly as IncFile’s and feels a little outdated.

Registered Agent Service

By law, a registered agent in an LLC is responsible for receiving from the state and forwarding important official documents to the LLC owner. Every company is required to hire a registered agent and maintain it for the duration of its existence.

When you hire an IncParadise, the first year of a registered agent costs $89, and each subsequent year costs $40. This is one of the lowest prices in the industry.

IncFile includes a one-year-free registered agent service in each of its formation packages. However, one year later, you will have to pay $119 per year to continue using the service.

Customer Reviews

Both companies have positive customer feedback and good reviews.

IncFile has nearly 16,000 reviews, most of which indicate customer satisfaction with the service. Customers like how IncFile simplifies the business registration process. At the same time, some of them are not happy with the fact that customer support representatives sometimes need as long as 24 hours to respond, as this slows down the LLC launch.

IncParadise doesn’t have as many reviews as IncFile. There are about 100 reviews, with almost no complaints among them. People praise IncParadise’s excellent support team for speed and responsiveness.

Additional Services

You can turn to either IncFile or IncParadise to get access to an advanced set of services which will make starting and maintaining an LLC easier. Both companies are ready to provide the following features:

  • DBA name registration;
  • EIN acquisition;
  • Assistance with annual reports;
  • Amendments, etc.

Some of the companies’ services are exclusive. Thus, you can use a virtual office and mail forwarding service only with IncParadise. At the same time, unlike IncFile, IncParadise doesn’t have business accounting or business tax services.

Which LLC Provider Fits You Best?

Regardless of whether you choose IncParadise or IncFile, registering an LLC will go smoothly and quickly because both providers have solid experience and reputation. Either of them offers high-quality and reasonably priced LLC formation services. 

To help you choose the best LLC formation online service, we’ll wrap up this review with a brief summary.

Choose IncParadise if you:

  • Plan to start an LLC in the state of Nevada using a free expediting service;
  • Value the absence of bad reviews.

Choose IncFile if you:

  • Want to hire the most affordable business formation services on the market;
  • Looking for a service with extensive experience in business incorporation;
  • Interested in a real-time order tracking tool to track the status of your LLC.
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