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Last updated on: July 15, 2021
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If you consider forming a new business entity, then hiring an online company will be a good way to save you time and energy. Entrusting the LLC formation process to the professionals like MyCorporation and IncFile LLC service providers will guarantee you quality and fast results. Both these services do an excellent job of starting an LLC and have excellent reputations.

In this MyCorporation vs IncFile LLC service comparison, we will analyze their key differences and similarities to choose the best one. We will also focus on pricing packages and features, as well as customer feedback and additional services.

Quick Summary

IncFile and MyCorporation are quality LLC services, which provide assistance in launching an LLC and business maintenance. Any of them can professionally start a limited liability company, regardless of how strict the requirements are in the state of your choice.

Although both companies are among the popular LLC formation services, in our opinion, the winner in this IncFile vs MyCorporation review is IncFile. 

First, the cost of the basic IncFile LLC formation package is $0, while MyCorporation prices start at $99.

Second, with IncFile, you will get 1 year of free registered agent service when you purchase any of its service packages. MyCorporation, meanwhile, only adds this service to its premium packages.

What Do They Have In Common?


The experience of MyCorporation and IncFile is based on the creation of thousands of LLC businesses and years of successful activity. They can solve any problem associated with an LLC registration, and enjoy a solid reputation among customers and competitors.


MyCorporation and IncFile refer to the most affordable incorporation services in the industry. Compared to attorneys or some of their competitors, they provide you with low prices for setting up an LLC and additional services. When you hire one of these companies, you will streamline the process of LLC formation by cutting your LLC formation expenses for a more efficient budget allocation.


If you need to form an LLC in a hurry, IncFile and MyCorporation are perfect options. Both services can create a company in all US states, providing rush filing and expedited processing options to reduce processing times. Of course, this will require extra costs, but it will speed up an LLC formation.

Customer Service

Both these companies pay a lot of attention to customer care, offering access to knowledgeable customer service to resolve any potential difficulties. You can always count on their customer service representatives because they are well-versed. With MyCorporation or IncFile, you don’t have to spend time gathering information to address issues regarding creating an LLC.

Customer Reviews

As for IncFile and MyCorporation’s reviews, both providers have served high volumes of customers and have built a strong reputation. They have thousands of reviews, mostly positive, and excellent average ratings on independent online services. Therefore, if you appreciate quality online customer feedback, you can trust them to establish your LLC confidently.


With both LLC services, you will have access to free online learning centers which provide information about the life cycle of an LLC. You can find answers to a variety of complex ongoing compliance issues such as taxes, licensing, and more.

Additional Services

Besides helping you set up an LLC, MyCorporation and IncFile are ready to support you with additional compliance requirements in all states. They have ready-made business solutions for LLC needs like:

  • Registered agent service;
  • Name availability check;
  • EIN;
  • Ongoing filing needs, etc.

Side by Side Comparisons


If you are looking for reasonable price points for LLC service, IncFile or MyCorporation will be a great match. For affordable fees, each will help you get your business up and running quickly in any of the states in the USA.

IncFile offers 3 service package options to open an LLC:

  • Silver – $0 + state fee;
  • Gold – $149 + state fee;
  • Platinum – $299 + state fee.

MyCorporation also uses a tiered subscription system, having developed 4 formation packages:

  • Basic – $99 + state fee;
  • Standard – $124 + state fee;
  • Deluxe – $224 + state fee;
  • Premium – $324 + state fee.

What makes MyCorporation special is that it charges extra for shipping and handling your documents. As a result, the cost to start a new LLC increases by $34, no matter which of the service packages you choose.

If we compare the cost of their basic offerings, the advantage of IncFile is obvious. With IncFile, you will get an LLC for free, while the starter package from MyCorporation costs $133. In our opinion, it does not contain enough valuable features to justify such a price.


The IncFile website offers 3 service package options for forming an LLC:

Silver package:

  • Business website;
  • 30-minute business tax consultation;
  • A full year of registered agent service;
  • An alerts system to track state requirements throughout the life of an LLC.

Gold package:

  • Operating agreement;
  • EIN;
  • LLC Kit and seal;
  • Banking Resolution;
  • Express Shipping;
  • Preparation and Filing of IRS Form 2553;
  • Contract Library, which contains more than 25 legal document templates.

Platinum package:

  • Custom Website and Domain;
  • FedEx 2-3 Day Shipping.

On the other hand, MyCorporation allows you to choose from 4 packages with different business formation features:

Basic package:

  • Operating agreement;
  • MyCorp Vault Document Storage, which helps to organize company documents storage in one place;
  • Sample minutes.

Standard package:

  • Annual report service;
  • Membership certificates.
  • Deluxe package:
  • 12 months of free registered agent service.
  • Premium package:
  • One Year MaintainMyBiz Subscription, which allows you to get four free filing services or products for one year.

The free registered agent service in each package is a strong argument in favor of IncFile. Its packages are well-balanced and include the most popular business services. Furthermore, IncFile offers partnership formation services along with LLC formation, which MyCorporation does not.


These two companies are highly experienced in providing incorporation services and business customization.

IncFile is considered to be the best online LLC formation service, as it has created more than 250,000 businesses since 2004, which is impressive. However, MyCorporation has helped start a million businesses since 1995, showing a really impressive level of experience compared to other companies.

Customer Support

IncFile and MyCorporation offer unlimited customer support by phone or email.

MyCorporation Customer Support is available from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Its solid support and positive experiences of customers prove its numerous MyCorporation reviews provided on third-party websites. People like the personalized approach and prompt service.

IncFile Customer Support is available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern European time on weekdays. There are a lot of friendly and helpful representatives, but sometimes it can take about 24 hours to get a response.

To sum up, IncFile and MyCorporation support is really trustworthy.

Customer Reviews

Since both MyCorporation and IncFile have excellent online customer feedback, there are many positive reviews about their work on the Internet.

MyCorporation has nearly 400 reviews available online, among which it is almost impossible to find any criticism. It is highly popular with clients and has a reliable reputation.

IncFile also shows good customer feedback, so it has more than 15,000 reviews, most of which are positive.

Turnaround Times

With MyCorporation and IncFile, processing times to register an LLC are state-specific. For an additional fee, you can order the expedited state processing, which reduces the waiting time.

In addition, Incfile guarantees its customers next-day processing without extra fees.

Order Tracking

When you start the process of opening an LLC, you will probably want to stay on top of it. To find out about the LLC formation step, MyCorporation offers LLC status pages while IncFile has a real-time order status tracking tool available on both websites.

Ease of Use

Each company has user-friendly websites and convenient tools to streamline the formation process, making it quick and easy to understand. You only need to provide some business and personal information, as well as select the desired set of services, which takes only a few minutes to complete the application.

The disadvantages may be that MyCorporation and IncFile include upsells and third-party offers, but overall, they are rock-solid web platforms with a good track record.

Registered Agent Service

Having an LLC registered agent is imperative to launch an LLC and its future work. Hence, it is especially valuable that IncFile and MyCorporation packages contain a registered agent service. Unfortunately, only IncFile adds a free first-year registered agent service to all formation packages, while MyCorporation includes this service only in premium packages.

After the free period, MyCorporation registered agent will cost $120, and IncFile will charge $119.

Additional Services

If you want to make running your company easier, either MyCorporation or IncFile can provide a wide range of additional services. Like many companies in this industry, they provide services such as:

  • EIN;
  • LLC foreign qualifications;
  • Amendments;
  • Annual reports, etc.

There are also some unique products available only from one of these services. For example, MyCorporation clients have access to the following additional LLC services:

  • Branding services (promotional products and apparel);
  • Website design;
  • Print marketing, and more.

Which LLC Service Should You Choose?

MyCorporation and IncFile are some of the best services LLC, which are recognized to be professionals to form an LLC and to subsequently customize it to work smoothly. Either of them can help with a compliant LLC formation or provide services that make doing business easier. Therefore, to simplify your choice, we will summarize the MyCorporation vs IncFile review with a short list of reasons why you should choose one of these companies.

Choose MyCorporation if you:

  • Prefer to work with a service with a large customer volume and high value of experience;
  • Want to take advantage of its annual report service;
  • Are interested in the intellectual property protection services.

Choose IncFile if you:

  • Are you looking for a company with the lowest LLC price and quality service;
  • Need Registered Agent services long-term;
  • Like the one-day business formation service.
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