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Last updated on: August 8, 2021
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If you’re thinking about starting an LLC online and looking for a good LLC formation service, options like IncFile and Nationwide Incorporators have plenty to offer.

Both companies provide a wide range of LLC business services having honed their process through years of experience. Though either service can launch a business in record time, they both have a unique set of features that could influence your final decision.

This Nationwide Incorporators vs IncFile comparison explores their services in more depth, specifically their costs to launch an LLC, features, customer feedback, and more, while also analyzing their pros and cons to help you make the right choice for your business.

Quick Summary

If you’re looking for the best online LLC formation services to assist with business launch, IncFile and Nationwide Incorporators are both fitting candidates for the role. Both are fairly experienced LLC service providers that can open new LLC quickly and at reasonable rates.

That said, the comparative analysis shows that IncFile is more beneficial. Their LLC creation packages start at an impressive $0, whereas Nationwide Incorporators starter package is priced at $200.

Another significant advantage of IncFile is the inclusion of 1 year of free registered agent service in every formation package. Although Nationwide Incorporators also support this feature, it can only be purchased separately. All this points to IncFile being the more financially viable option for most companies.

Nationwide Incorporators and IncFile: Similarities

  1. Affordable: if you’d rather not overpay for an LLC formation process, hiring LLC formation services is a good alternative to almost any business attorney, and with either IncFile or Nationwide Incorporators, you would be able to save up to several hundreds of dollars;
  1. Customer Reviews: if customer feedback is something you greatly consider in your decision-making process, both companies have earned a number of positive reviews and high ratings;
  1. Track Record: having conducted thousands of formations throughout all American states, Nationwide Incorporators and IncFile are highly experienced at setting up an LLC or any other entity as well as handling related business solutions;
  1. Efficiency: in addition to standard filing, both websites offer expediting LLC options to reduce general formation times. As such, you might be able to launch a company in just a few days, though the exact times vary by the state;
  1. Customer Service: all Nationwide Incorporators and IncFile clients will be offered ongoing customer support throughout the launch. Both services have well-informed reps capable of solving almost any issue related to business formation and management;
  1. Additional Services: both companies support a wide range of additional business services, offering helpful solutions for LLC compliance and overall business growth.

Nationwide Incorporators vs IncFile: Differences

Services and Prices

Both Nationwide Incorporators and IncFile use a tiered pricing system for their LLC packages.

Nationwide Incorporators offers three options:

  • Basic – $200 + state fees;
  • Deluxe – $425 + state fees;
  • Premium – $475 + state fees.

What makes them stand out is their unique attorney-powered services provided by experienced business lawyers who will prepare and check your LLC formation documents before the paperwork could be submitted for an LLC registration with the state. Such attention to detail makes their filings highly error-proof.

IncFile also works with 3 service packages:

  • Silver – $0 + state fee;
  • Gold – $149 + state fee;
  • Platinum – $299 + state fee.

Each of their service packages covers all necessary features that go into creating an LLC, including a 1 year of free registered agent service. Another handy feature is their business tax consultation: with every plan, you will get 30 minutes of professional consultation for free.

The differences start appearing when we venture past the LLC formation itself. What Nationwide Incorporators and IncFile do share in terms of add-ons is the following:

  • Foreign qualifications;
  • Registered agent services;
  • Operating agreements;
  • Licenses and permits and more.

But where they differ is a bit narrow in scope. Unlike Nationwide, IncFile also offers such extras as:

  • Annual reports;
  • Dissolution;
  • Accounting;
  • Trademark protection.

To summarize, IncFile packages are more relevant in terms of content compared to the licensed business attorney from Nationwide Incorporators. Add to that the attractive starter package pricing of $0, and you can definitely solidify IncFile’s win in this category of the Nationwide Incorporators vs IncFile comparison.

Registered Agent Service

All US LLCs are required to employ an LLC registered agent throughout their duration. Acting as an intermediary between the LLC and the state, the agent is tasked with receiving official correspondence and forwarding it to the owners.

By hiring IncFile for opening an LLC, you will get a year of free registered agent service regardless of the plan. After the trial, the price for this service will be set at a reasonable $119 per year.

As for Nationwide Incorporators, their service packages do not include it at all. What’s more disappointing is the fact that their pricing for registered agent service is not available online, so you will have to contact their support for more information.

Customer Support

IncFile customer service has standard operating hours. They can be reached via email, phone call, or online chat on Mon-Fri from 10 am to 7 pm EST.

Their reps are friendly and forthcoming and can help you understand how to set up an LLC or clear up any questions that you may have when you operate your own business. Keep in mind that their response times can take up to 24 hours.

Nationwide Incorporators customer support is available by phone or fax, as well as through their online feedback form. They work from 9 am until 6 pm ET on weekdays. If you contact them by phone, chances are you could even speak directly to the CEO who is a highly experienced business attorney.

Speed of Formation

With either Nationwide Incorporators or IncFile, the overall time for forming an LLC depends on the state. If you’d rather not wait, you can speed up your LLC formation paperwork for an extra fee. Both standard and expedited processing times are available on their respective websites along with the pricing.

Order Tracking

Both companies allow you to monitor the process of launching a new business at all its stages.

IncFile’s website offers a simple real-time tracking tool for checking your LLC order status as soon as you register with them.

As for Nationwide Incorporators, their tools are also quite helpful. You can find out about the current status of your LLC by logging into your account.

Ease of Use

Despite Nationwide Incorporators pleasantly simple approach to forming business entities, they do have a series of policies that can complicate a few things.

For instance, their fluctuating rates could alter the total pricing of your order. Another example is the way they price some of their additional services like their registered agent service, specifically not making them available for direct online purchase. To buy these features, you will likely have to contact them by phone and discuss the rates or how they apply to your specific business.

Unlike Nationwide Incorporators, IncFile is forthcoming with all their prices, and all of their features can be ordered online. If you choose to work with them, the entire process for ordering can take only about 15 minutes. Although they have a few upsells and third-party offers, they maintain their overall advantage in this category.

Companies’ Experience and Customer Reviews

Nationwide Incorporators has been providing formation services since 1997 with their client base measuring in thousands. Despite two decades of experience, they are very lacking in terms of online reviews which is likely due to their more modest size compared to some of the industry giants. But the reviews they do have are largely positive and praise the Nationwide Incorporators reliable business services and personalized customer support.

IncFile launched in 2004 and since then has worked with over 250 000 customers. IncFile LLC reviews are also impressive, with the current count exceeding 16, 000. The majority of their reviews attest to the ease and affordability with which IncFile can start an LLC. As a result, this category of IncFile vs Nationwide Incorporators comparison is another win for IncFile.

Which LLC Service Is a Better Deal For You?

Nationwide Incorporators and IncFile are both experienced and reliable services that can form a new company at reasonable rates and in a shorter amount of time.

Still, both come with their own pros and cons, so let’s cap off this comparison guide with a short summary of each provider’s compatibility.

If you wish for your LLC articles of organization to be thoroughly checked by a professional business attorney before the filing, Nationwide Incorporators will be an excellent option for you.

Their rates aren’t the most accessible but their attorney-reviewed service and money-back guarantee more than justify such pricing. This is also one of the few companies that offer the publication service required in some states.

As for IncFile, their $0 Silver package is perfect for entrepreneurs seeking an affordable yet reliable formation. They also offer a year of free registered agent service and free LLC compliance reminders at no extra charge.

All in all, you can go with either IncFile or Nationwide Incorporators and still get an equally reliable service for opening an LLC.

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