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Last updated on: May 27, 2021
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On the verge of the process of forming a new LLC, basically, you’ll have three options to choose from. You can choose a DIY path, hire a professional attorney to do this job for you, or consider using the help of LLC formation companies. While a DIY method will take a lot of your time and effort (not to mention all the pitfalls you might encounter on the way), lawyers ensure fully compliant business formations but the flip side of this method is rather high hourly fees. 

In contrast, online formation services stand in the middle offering to open an LLC in a hassle-free and affordable manner. If that’s your route to take and you want a company with a solid reputation and extensive expertise to become your partner, in our Northwest Registered Agent vs IncNow comparison review, we’ll give you detailed info about two reliable and experienced service providers that have by far the best reputation in the industry. 

Do These Services Offer Good Value?

having thousands of formed businesses behind their backs, both Northwest Registered Agent and IncNow have a huge experience in the field and know how to get the job done in the right way. So, it’s no wonder both companies are among the most popular LLC formation services. Whichever legal provider you choose, you can rest assured you’ll have the best services to get your business registered. In the meantime, though, each of them has some peculiarities that might become decisive for you. While both are known to deliver the best customer support, Northwest works to form businesses in all 50 states and IncNow can only help to register Delaware businesses. Yet, don’t reject IncNow at this stage and take a closer look at our comprehensive review below.

7 Features The Companies Have in Common

  1. Affordability: When it comes to hiring an online service, formation prices are the prime aspect to consider. As compared to lawyer services, the costs to start an LLC with each of these companies will be much lower. Standing among the best LLC formation services, Northwest and IncNow are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive providers. Their pricing plans are reasonable and well-balanced. 
  2. Registered Agent Service: To legally run LLCs in America, you need to have a designated registered agent as a formal contact point between your company and state authorities. Northwest Registered Agent and IncNow both have this valuable feature and a full year of registered agent service is included in all their packages, which is yet another good reason to start an LLC with one of these services. 
  3. Client Support: To assist your business formation process to the best and make it as easy and smooth for you as possible, both legal providers have extensive customer support networks. Comprising of well-trained and knowledgeable specialists, their help centers deliver by far the best customer service in the industry, which is especially important for newcomers, with no business expertise behind them. 
  4. Great Client Feedback: Whatever we choose, we often rely on previous customer experience and reviews. The more so when it’s some kind of crucial or vital service where positive customer feedback proves reliability and quality. Both companies stand quite strong in this aspect. IncNow and Northwest Registered Agent reviews are predominantly positive and both legal providers obtain high marks from their clients.
  5. Expertise: It’s the biggest forte of Northwest and IncNow alike since both companies have been in the world of LLC formation for decades and have formed thousands of businesses within this time. Multiple satisfied customers in their portfolios speak volumes of their trustworthiness. So, if you value vast proven experience, any of these providers is a decent choice to form a new business. 
  6. High-Efficiency Level: Whether you choose Northwest Registered Agent or IncNow, you’ll get an opportunity to finish the registration process in a maximum quick manner. Each of these service providers values time and has expedited options to speed up LLC formation and cut down turnaround times to just a few days. 
  7. Added Services: To meet individual customer needs, online formation platforms often provide quite a number of optional features. Northwest and IncNow are not an exception. Need to get a federal tax ID number (EIN), draft an operating agreement, or qualify as a foreigner? Both companies have added business services available to cover these and other potential needs. 

In-Depth Comparison

To make a well-grounded conclusion, let’s see how these companies compare in several aspects most customers deem important when choosing an LLC service. 

Fees and Prices

When opening an LLC, the cost of business formation is of prime importance for nearly any new entrepreneurs and especially for those who are on a stringent budget. When it comes to pricing, Northwest and IncNow have somewhat different approaches to price formation and LLC costs. IncNow sticks to a more traditional multi-tier scheme and has three LLC formation packages. Their basic price point starts at only $9 (before state fees), which is one of the lowest prices you can find. The Complete and Now packages are charged at $68 and $119 plus state fees accordingly. Northwest, on the other hand, has a single pricing plan that comes at $225 plus state fees.

At a glance, IncNow looks much more attractive. However, side-by-side Northwest Registered Agent vs IncNow  LLC package comparison will show a bit different story. The declared IncNow package prices are valid only for Delaware resident companies that need no registered agent in the state. Otherwise, you’ll be charged $90 in extra. In the meantime, the Norwest package offers solid value and no hidden upsells. 


Extensive experience is a big plus in the LLC formation service industry and both companies have a lot to offer in this concern. Established in 1998, Northwest has been operating on the market for over 20 years and has helped thousands of customers since then. Setting up a new business with IncNow, you’ll get a reliable partner backed by 40+ years of experience. Given this, they are true industry experts that know everything about LLC registration and have a huge portfolio of happy business clients.

Set of Features

At the basic point, both providers ensure nearly similar LLC packages. Included features cover a name availability search, preparation and filing of the articles of organization, and a year of registered agent service. EIN registration comes at the added cost in both services.  Meanwhile, with a Northwest fee, you’ll also get an operating agreement, which is a part of the top-tier packages in IncNow. Besides, once again, Northwest is a premium service available in all states while IncNow is a better choice for Delaware entrepreneurs. 

Customer Support

If our IncNow vs Northwest Registered Agent was limited only to this aspect, Northwest would become an indisputable winner. IncNow has a solid customer support system built around a well-trained support team of friendly representatives. You can contact them during regular working hours and make use of their assistance throughout the lifespan of your business. However, Northwest customer service is organized at a totally different level. Applying the system of Corporate Guides, they designate a professional specialist to each customer who will be ready to answer your phone calls and emails. More than that, their phone support is accessible beyond normal business hours too. 

Registration Speed

While standard processing times with other services might take weeks, both IncNow and Northwest can register an LLC with the state within days depending on the state guidelines. The usual turnaround time with IncNow is about 6 days and it can be cut to one day only if you choose the top-tier package. Northwest claims several days for any state and states 2 days for Delaware. 

Order Tracking

Both Northwest and IncNow will let you monitor the status of your order to know when the registration is complete. The difference is that Northwest provides a handy order status tracking tool to check your application online while IncNow will only provide an order confirmation email and if you need a current update, you’ll have to call them. 

Registered Agent Service

A registered agent designation is compulsory to officially run a business in America. A solid means of contacting your business at any time, an LLC registered agent is normally a physical or legal person that will receive government documents on your behalf. Unlike many other LLC service providers, both IncNow and Northwest excel in this aspect and deliver a full year of registered agent service in all their pricing plans. To prolong the service, it will cost you $90 and $125 per anum with IncNow and Northwest accordingly. Note, though, that Northwest was initially started as a registered agent service provider. As such, it has an advanced agent network that engages no third parties and strongly focuses on customer privacy and safety. 

Client Feedback

Scrutinizing the web and searching for customer feedback to maintain our Northwest vs IncNow comparison, we’ve found over 600 reviews available online for IncNow and only some of them were negative. Northwest, in contrast, counts around 200 reviews. Though the amount of feedback is lower, all clients gave high scores to the company. 

Ease of Use

Without a doubt, online LLC services make the formation process a breeze for their customers. The best LLC website offers an intuitive interface and is easy to navigate. For maximum user convenience, it provides simple tools to contact customer support and an online dashboard for customers to access their docs and forms at any time. And you’ll get all of this with Northwest and IncNow. 

Add-on Services

Some useful additional options and features are what give online legal providers added value and premium status. These platforms have some common add-ons such as foreign qualifications, certificates of good standing, rush filing speeds, etc. Yet, we should admit that IncNow lags behind Northwest in this concern. Positioned as a premium service, Northwest also provides virtual office, business address, digital mail forwarding, multi-stage registration, and ensures the Privacy by Default® policy. You won’t find all of this in IncNow. 

Which LLC Service Will Be the Best for You?

If you seek specific expertise, solid knowledge, and comprehensive service, you’ll get it with both IncNow and Northwest Registered Agent. These are two highly experienced and reputable companies that have carved themselves a place among LLC service industry leaders. They offer fast filing, additional services, and a good bang for your buck. Whichever you choose for forming your LLC, you won’t regret and your costs will pay off with no-hassle and quick business registration. However, each of these services has its own target audience. 

Stay With IncNow if:

You form a business in Delaware, reside in this state, and can function as your own registered agent. For this purpose, you’ll hardly find a better option. Besides, if you choose just to register your business entity in this state to use many of the legal benefits available on the state level, IncNow is a winning choice too since the company specialists know all the ins and outs not only of the filing process but also of the state laws. 

Stay With Northwest Registered Agen if:

You want premium service and pricing flexibility, you can’t go wrong with Northwest. Supported by good reviews, the company delivers presumably the best customer support in the industry and will help you create an LLC in each and every US state. They highly praise customer safety and privacy and deliver consistently high service level.

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