Northwest Registered Agent vs LegalZoom Comparison

Last updated on: July 20, 2022

Are you planning to form your business or just looking for a reliable registered agent for your LLC company? After analyzing the market and various LLC service formation companies, we have prepared a comparison of two old-timers of the LLC Services market, namely Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom.

Among the online companies professionally involved in business creation and setup, they are the most reliable and in-demand. Dozens of entrepreneurs trust them every day to form an LLC, delegate confidential paperwork, and take care of maintaining their company’s good reputation.

With that said, let’s get into the Northwest Registered Agent vs LegalZoom comparison to understand the pros and cons of each company. 

Do LegalZoom and Northwest Offer Good Value?

In order to make a comprehensive comparison of Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom, the first thing to do is to determine the criteria. Under what conditions does a company offer a good value? To answer this question, we have to get into the details.

LegalZoom’s LLC formation service prices are lower. However, Northwest includes a number of additional features in LLC formation packages. For example, purchasing one of their packages will get you one year of free Registered Agent service. In addition, the well-deserved “Best Customer Support” rank also belongs to Northwest. This doesn’t mean that LegalZoom’s customer support is of lower quality but probably not as personalized.

Let’s take a closer look at these companies and their services.

6 Things Northwest and LegalZoom Have In Common

Given that Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom are in the same sphere, you can expect some similarities. So what are the strengths that make them stand out from their competitors?

  • Affordability. When you get to the LLC formation process, some expenses are simply inevitable. Taking care of your formation documents and many other tasks will definitely require your attention. 

    In order to save time and effort, you can, of course, hire a business attorney, however, their prices are sometimes too high for startups. Many entrepreneurs are operating on tight budgets at first. With that in mind, Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom set prices that are affordable even to small businesses.
  • Customer support. While there are many different guides to starting a business today, it’s impossible to foresee everything. Sometimes, there are situations that require expert advice.

    Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom have strong customer service teams that receive and handle a large number of customer inquiries every day. Their knowledgeable professionals are always available to answer all your questions and provide comprehensive information as quickly as possible.
  • Experience. Years of successful experience allow LegalZoom and Northwest Registered Agent to fulfill clients’ needs brilliantly and exceed their expectations. Any task related to starting or running a business will not cause any difficulties. 
  • Additional services. LegalZoom does not have aтн pre-formed service packages. Thus, before LLC formation, the company offers to specify features that perfectly meet the needs of your business, and, based on that, forms the cost.

    Northwest Registered Agent uses a different approach. Their basic package, which includes comprehensive business services, contains a number of additional services from the start. If you choose this company to form an LLC, you will get a free registered agent service for 1 year.

    In addition, both companies provide a wide range of related services, e.g. annual report notifications and filing assistance, EIN acquisition support, assistance with obtaining foreign qualifications for business expansion to other states, etc.
  • Educational. Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom have secure websites with free tools and helpful information. You can visit them to learn useful information on starting a company, getting licenses and permits, and learn other details of doing business in each state.

    However, some business owners consider Northwest’s website structure to be sort of confusing, unlike the user-friendly LegalZoom’s site. 
  • Efficiency. If you can’t wait to start a business, and extra costs don’t scare you, you can greatly speed up the process of opening your LLC. For this, Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom provide their expedited filing services. Of course, the cost of the latter is higher but sometimes, overpaying is quite justified.

Side by Side Comparisons

Now that you know LegalZoom’s or Northwest’s basic features, it’s time to move on to those that distinguish the companies from each other. After reviewing the following information, you’re likely to choose one of them. And a visual comparison of LegalZoom and Northwest can greatly reduce your decision-making time.  

Pricing. The Main Difference

Northwest Registered Agent has only one LLC formation package, which costs $225 + state fee. It includes everything you need to start a business.

LegalZoom offers three LLC formation packages with different service sets. Basic-level pricing starts at $99 + state fee, but they also offer two higher-priced packages for $329 and $349. Compared to the former, these LLC formation packages will give you some additional benefits. 

Many entrepreneurs on a tight budget will, of course, consider the $99 price tag to be more attractive. However, first impressions can often be deceptive. After comparing these two companies in a little more detail, you will know that the Northwest package cost is fully justified. Check the features below to learn more. 


The Northwest LLC package includes the following services:

  • Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement templates;
  • Membership Certificates;
  • Registered Agent services;
  • Assistance with annual reports;
  • Consulting;
  • An online account to store important documents.

The LegalZoom’s basic $99 package includes the following features:

  • LLC name check;
  • Preparation of Articles of Organization;
  • Opening a bank account;
  • User-friendly customer service.

Ordering the LegalZoom standard package for $329, you will additionally get the following services:

  • Priority service;
  • 20 membership certificates;
  • Company seal and a gift organizer.

The Express Gold maximum package, among other things, offers expedited document delivery.

You can see that both companies offer similar LLC service packages, however, Northwest Registered Agent has an advantage. If you hire them, you will get a full year of registered agent service, which is really beneficial.

As for LegalZoom, they don’t have a registered agent service in any of their service packages. Thus, if you plan to hire this company to form your LLC, you will have to pay extra for this service.


Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom are both highly reputable companies with long histories. Northwest began in 1998, and LegalZoom in 1999. During that time, they’ve served hundreds of thousands of customers and help form a great number of businesses.

Customer Support

During the LLC formation process, you might have a question related to legislation, technical requirements, or additional services. To save your time searching and studying the information, you can contact customer support.

Of all the companies that provide business services, Northwest provides the best customer support. Their team of professionals is well ahead of the competition – professionally trained corporate guides can help satisfy any of your business needs. Each customer gets a personal corporate guide to get a quick and high-quality consultation on the most complicated state rules and requirements.

LegalZoom support agents may not be as well qualified, however, they can offer extended support hours.

Turnaround Times

Northwest Registered Agent tends to have processing times within 3 business days. However, specific times vary by state and can take up to a couple of weeks.

As for LegalZoom, their processing times are based on the service level you ordered:

  • Economy: 30 days;
  • Standard: 15 days;
  • Express Gold: 7-10 days.

Order Tracking

Keeping track of status updates of your business is always a pleasure, which is why both services offer real-time online tracking. Both Northwest’s and LegalZoom’s order status tracking tools are on par.

Registered Agent Service

An indispensable step in creating an LLC is to hire a registered agent. The main duty of the latter is to receive important documentation from the state, court, or tax authorities, and forward them to the company owner.

None of LegalZoom’s formation packages include a free registered agent service, so if you need one, you will have to buy it as an add-on to the package. If you purchase this service at the time you create your LLC, it will cost you $159. However, if you need a registered agent for an existing company, the price will be $299.

In contrast, the $225 Northwest’s LLC package includes a year of registered agent service at no extra charge. The cost of the service for the second and subsequent years will be $125/year.

Customer Reviews

If you compare Northwest and LegalZoom’s numerous online reviews, they both have mostly positive review ratings. 

LegalZoom has more than 2,000 reviews, which is really impressive. However, there are some ambiguous reviews. Northwest has more positive reviews and almost no negative feedback.

Ease of Use

Both company websites are reliable and informative. But LegalZoom’s seems to be a little more user-friendly. Perhaps the only downside is upselling at checkout.

Additional Services

Both companies provide registered agent services as well as many other features to help you form an LLC. They will help you with annual reports and deadlines, foreign qualifications, etc.

Northwest customers can also take advantage of email forwarding and virtual offices, which are convenient for storing important documents. LegalZoom does not have their analog, however, they can offer a variety of personal services, e.g. individual consultations with knowledgeable attorneys, the formation of contracts, plans, etc.

Which One to Choose?

After comparing Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom, we can see that both companies can boast high-quality LLC formation services that can greatly facilitate the business formation process. However, Northwest offers to seem to be a little more favorable. Thus, they offer better overall value through the following benefits:

  • One year of free premium registered agent service after you sign an LLC formation agreement;
  • Professional and responsive customer support.

If you still have doubts, the following comparison should help you make your decision.

Choose Northwest if you are:

  • Fine with the high value of the registered agent service;
  • Interested in the best customer support in the industry with a personalized guide;
  • Looking for a company with more positive online reviews;
  • Looking for the local document scanning feature.

Choose LegalZoom if you:

  • Prefer working with a well-known company that serves a large number of clients;
  • Value brand recognition;
  • Need frequent legal consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is InCorp legit?

    Yes. Unlike some competitors, InCorp has its own professional team. They don’t send clients to a large call center, so you don’t have to wait very long for a response.
    Other advantages of InCorp Customer Support are:
    – The opportunity to have service in Spanish;
    – They offer extended support hours (9 am-9 pm ET M-F).

  2. What Is the InCorp Customer Support Phone Number and Email?

    To consult with InCorp Customer Support by phone, call 1–800–2INCORP.

    If you prefer email, use the Contact Us page on the company’s website. Note that on the same page you can find web chat to ask your question to an InCorp specialist.

  3. How Quickly Does InCorp Process LLC Formations?

    Timelines vary from state to state, so processing times can range from a few days to a couple of weeks.

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