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Last updated on: August 22, 2021
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Those who don’t have enough time and energy to register a new LLC personally can refer the paperwork to an online company. 

For services like Northwest Registered Agent and MyCorporation providing LLC formation service is a day job, so they have all the knowledge required. You can boldly entrust taking care of your business to any of these companies. They will register your business quickly, professionally, and at reasonable prices.

In this Northwest vs MyCorporation comparison guide, we’ll discuss their pros and cons to determine the best online service to start an LLC considering the specifics of your company.

Do Northwest and MyCorporation Offer Good Value?

We usually recommend services like MyCorporation and Northwest Registered Agent because, in our opinion, they are really worth it. These companies are both reliable LLC formation services with years of experience in business up and running as well as excellent reputations. Therefore, if you intend to create an LLC, you can entrust it to MyCorporation or Northwest with confidence.

However, more often than not, we prefer Northwest. 


First of all, it is well-known for its personalized customer support, which is considered one of the best in the industry.

Secondly, when you hire Northwest, you will get 12 months of free registered agent service. MyCorporation also includes this service, but only in their two premium level LLC formation packages.

Thus, the overall value of Northwest’s offer is slightly higher than MyCorporation’s. Nevertheless, they both can help you create an LLC quickly and professionally.

7 Things They Have In Common


A comparison of Northwest Registered Agent vs MyCorporation shows that they have about equal processing time for forming an LLC, which depends on the state you choose. Additionally, both services provide expediting formation service, which can reduce turnaround time from several weeks to a few days.


Each of these services has formed thousands of LLCs and can be considered a popular provider of LLC services in the industry. Their experience in the formation of LLCs is beyond question and is confirmed by their successful development as well as numerous MyCorporation and Northwest reviews.


Want to get professional help with an LLC, but the attorney fees are too high? Hiring a MyCorporation or Northwest Registered Agent will give you peace of mind, allowing you to save a few hundred dollars. Although their pricing for LLC creation is not the lowest in the industry, they are still quite good bargains, affordable even for small businesses. 

Customer Support

If you face any difficulties during the process of registering an LLC, you can choose either hiring a lawyer or consulting with MyCorporation and Northwest representatives. Each of these providers has extensive customer service departments whose reps are well-versed in LLC business issues, experienced, and friendly.

Great Customer Reviews 

Although Northwest and MyCorporation do not have as large collections of reviews as some of their competitors, their ratings are impressive. Each of these services receives fantastic customer reviews, indicating the high quality of their work.


On the websites of these companies, you can find learning centers with a variety of helpful business articles and topics, as well as how-to guides that will be interesting to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Additional Services

The wide range of additional LLC business services offered by MyCorporation and Northwest includes all the most popular features, such as:

  • Getting an EIN;
  • Annual report service;
  • LLC foreign qualification;
  • Payroll;
  • Domain names;
  • Preparation of an Operating Agreement, etc.

Side by Side Comparisons

Pricing and Features

When choosing an online company for an LLC registration, most entrepreneurs focus first on pricing and features. So we start this Northwest vs MyCorporation comparison with an analysis of their pricing for LLC formation service and the set of features included in the service packages.

Northwest offers the following:

  • LLC formation – $225;
  • Registered agent – $125/year.

When you hire this company, you will have access to services like:

  • Templates Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement;
  • A full year of premium registered agent service with local scanning of all incoming LLC documents;
  • Membership certificates;
  • Free online tool for annual report compliance reminders;
  • An online account for storing documents.

MyCorporation customers can choose from four service packages, and each of them complements the features of the previous one:

  • Basic – $99 + additional state fees:
    • Operating Agreement;
    • Sample minutes;
    • MyCorp Vault Document Storage, which is a tool for convenient storage of company documents.
  • Standard – $124 + additional state fees:
    • Annual report service;
    • Membership certificates.
  • Deluxe – $224 + additional state fees:
    • 12 months of free registered agent service.
  • Premium – $324 + additional state fees:
    • One Year MaintainMyBiz Subscription, which gives you the right to get four free filing services for one year.

Good value for money makes Northwest a favorite one in this category.

Registered Agent Service

If you want a free LLC registered agent service in addition to a launch of an LLC, Northwest Registered Agent or MyCorporation can offer it. Taking into account that every LLC in America is required to designate a registered agent to comply with the law, this is especially valuable.

Northwest is the only company in the industry that offers full local scanning of all paperwork. Its registered agent will not only provide LLC service of process and receive the official papers, but will also scan them, so that you always stay informed about the status of the LLC.

After the free period, Northwest Registered Agent service will cost $125 per year.

MyCorporation adds free registered agent service to only two of its premium service packages. You can also order a MyCorporation Registered Agent for an additional $120 per year.

Additional Services

Along with a professional online LLC formation, either Northwest Registered Agent or MyCorporation offer a variety of additional services. Either of these companies can offer you help with such things as:

  • EIN;
  • Annual reports;
  • Foreign qualification, etc.

However, they do not stop at this point. In addition to those listed above, MyCorporation provides retail packaging, logo design, print marketing service, and more. Northwest, in its turn, allows you to order a BOC-3 blanket agent service, which may be useful for motor carriers.


MyCorporation entered the market in 1995. Since then, it has helped more than one million business clients and has gained tremendous experience in business creation.

Northwest is a midsize LLC formation service whose track record of success began in 1998. Nowadays, it has served millions of LLC customers and has built a reputation as a trustworthy and respected service. 

Thus, the result of the MyCorporation vs Northwest Registered Agent comparison in this category is a tie!

Customer Support

Most MyCorporation reviews confirm its strong reputation when it comes to forming an LLC and customer support. The hours of availability are from 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. Eastern European time, Monday through Friday. The company has great response times and knowledgeable representatives who know the ins and outs of starting and operating a business.

As for Northwest, its customer service system is truly one of the best in the industry. Every customer is assigned to one of the friendly and professional corporate guides, who can be consulted directly by phone or email. They are available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern European time weekdays.

Customer Reviews

The feedback that MyCorporation or Northwest receive is mostly positive and is a big plus for these services.

MyCorporation has 148 reviews and a perfect 5-star rating on Google, and around 200 customer reviews available online on Trustpilot. The most common thing the customers talk about is how this company makes opening an LLC much easier and faster.

Northwest also doesn’t get a huge number of reviews, but it has 124 reviews on Google and 24 on the BBB. Most of them are about the excellent work of Northwest Customer Support.

Turnaround Times

Northwest offers a same-day filing guarantee, which some competitors charge extra for. In general, Northwest or MyCorporation’s processing time depends only on state requirements and your desire to get an LLC formed as soon as possible. The expedited service that both services provide can reduce the wait from weeks to a couple of days.

On the Northwest website, you can read about each step of creating a new LLC business, as well as see the approximate processing time. In the case of MyCorporation, you need to contact its representatives to get information on the status of your company.

Order Tracking

To give customers the ability to monitor the process of opening a limited liability company, both companies have special tracking tools on their websites. Just log into your account, and you can easily track your LLC status.

Ease of Use

A comparison of MyCorporation vs Northwest in the category of convenience of starting an LLC shows their equal strengths. Both companies have made the checkout process as quick and straightforward as possible. However, we should mention that Northwest website navigation can be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to the service packages page. Compared to that, MyCorporation’s pricing information is more user-friendly.

Which LLC Formation Service Fits You Best?

We have no doubt that you will receive quality services from Northwest Registered Agent and MyCorporation, when you choose to form an LLC and set it up with these companies. They are among the best LLC formation service providers with an impeccable reputation and years of experience in setting up an LLC business.

If after reading this review, you don’t know yet which one to choose, take a look at the reasons below that might affect your decision.

Choose Northwest Registered Agent if you:

  • Want to enjoy excellent customer service;
  • Looking for a company which not only helps you set up an LLC at outstanding prices, but also provides free registered agent service for 12 months.

Choose MyCorporation if you:

  • Prefer working with the most experienced service provider;
  • Appreciate its solid customer reviews.
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