Northwest Registered Agent vs Nationwide Incorporators

Last updated on: August 2, 2021
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If you’re set on forming an LLC online but can’t seem to find a fitting service provider to meet your business goals, you might have a suitable option with either Nationwide Incorporators or Northwest.

Both companies are highly reputable, often considered to be among some of the best formation services.

This Northwest Registered Agent vs Nationwide Incorporators comparison aims to examine their respective key features. To compare services in more depth, the analysis extends to their commonalities and differences as well as LLC packages prices.

Do Northwest and Nationwide Incorporators Offer Good Value?

Though Nationwide Incorporators and Northwest Registered Agent are both among the best LLC formation services, Northwest is by far the superior of the two.

Unlike Nationwide Incorporators, Northwest includes a full year of registered agent service in their sole service package. They also have more positive customer reviews on Yelp and BBB, though not by a wide margin.

Still, both are highly respected formation service providers that could open an LLC much faster and for lower rates.

6 Things They Have In Common


If you’re considering starting an LLC with professional assistance but your budget won’t be able to cover an attorney, either Northwest Registered Agent or Nationwide Incorporators would be a great alternative thanks to their cost-effective pricing options.


If you’d rather work with highly experienced LLC services, Nationwide Incorporators and Northwest fully fit the bill. Both have conducted LLC formations for years and continue to improve their quality, consequently retaining strong market positions despite the high competitiveness of the business services industry.

Great Customer Reviews

Neither of these LLC service providers can boast a particularly large volume of customer feedback, but both have mostly positive reviews and excellent scores.


This Northwest Registered Agent vs Nationwide Incorporators comparison category shows that both have nearly identical processing times. They can set up a new business as fast as the state will allow, but you can also pay extra for expedited processing for an LLC. This option cuts down the processing just to a few days.

Customer Support

Northwest or Nationwide Incorporators provide top-notch customer support whenever you might need it. Their customer service representatives are friendly and well-informed, offering LLC assistance even with some of the more complex issues.

Additional Services

Useful additional LLC products that are also affordable are hard to come by, but as this Northwest vs Nationwide Incorporators overview will show, both companies have plenty of helpful features to offer in addition to LLC registration. Each provider can help you with maintenance, compliance, and day-to-day operations.

Side by Side Comparisons


In the long years of their operation, Northwest and Nationwide Incorporators have honed their approach, allowing them to create an LLC on a highly expert level.

Though Northwest Registered Agent started providing its services under this name in 2008, their team has 20+ years of experience. The company has formed thousands of businesses and is considered to be one of the best business services online.

As for Nationwide Incorporators, it was founded in 1997 by an accomplished attorney Robert E. Stenson. Under its current name, the company has been operating since 2005. Given its roots, it makes sense that the company’s Attorney-Powered services are truly unique and that they are backed by legal experts.


In the Nationwide Incorporators vs Northwest Registered Agent service packages comparison, it’s evident that Nationwide Incorporators is the less expensive option, albeit not by much.

Unlike some competitors, Northwest works with only one service package for LLC, but their pricing is fairly reasonable:

  • LLC formation – $225;
  • Registered agent – $125/year.

As for Nationwide’s pricing structure, they have 3 service packages:

  • Basic – $200 + state fees;
  • Priority Deluxe – $425 + state fees;
  • Priority Premium – $475 + state fees.

Despite the fact that Nationwide Incorporators can save you $25 if you get their basic LLC formation service plan, Northwest’s sole package is more financially viable for an LLC filing process. With them, you will be getting a year of LLC registered agent for free which is not an option with Nationwide Incorporators.


Together with launching an LLC, Northwest service package includes such features as:

  • Templates for Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement;
  • A full year of the registered agent services;
  • Membership certificates;
  • VoIP business phone number;
  • Annual reports;
  • Access to template library with documents for an LLC;
  • Online storage.

Nationwide Incorporators package options include the following features:

Basic package

  • Name availability check;
  • Prep of LLC articles of organization;
  • Operating agreement template;
  • Organizational minutes templates.

Priority Deluxe package

  • Compliance Checklist to help follow state requirements consistently;
  • Minute Book for organizing company documents;
  • Custom membership certificates;
  • Custom operating agreement.

Priority Premium package

  • EIN;
  • Custom minutes and membership certificates;
  • Free 2 years of MinutesMinder service;
  • Membership ledger to keep track of ownership rights. 

All in all, Northwest’s full year of the registered agent service offers more practical value than Nationwide’s attorney document verification service.

That said, Nationwide Incorporators could be more relevant for businesses in highly regulated industries.

Registered Agent Service

Registered agent designation is a part of an early stage of creating an LLC as it is a mandatory requirement for business launch and its maintenance throughout the company’s run.

When comparing Nationwide Incorporators vs Northwest, it becomes clear that their registered agent policy is perhaps their starkest difference.

With Northwest, you will get 12 months of registered agent for free, with the subsequent charge of $125 per year.

Meanwhile, none of Nationwide Incorporators formation packages includes this service. Instead, you will have to order it for an additional expense. To learn about the pricing, you’ll need to contact phone support.

Additional Services

If you plan to expand an LLC company and require foreign qualifications, business licensing or help with EIN acquisitions, both Northwest Registered Agent and Nationwide Incorporators will have you fully covered.

Aside from general add-ons, they both have their unique specializations. Northwest supports such features as:

  • Annual reports;
  • Virtual office where you can access LLC documents;
  • Mail forwarding.

Customer Support

Northwest’s impressive customer service is rightfully considered to be one of the best in the industry, largely thanks to its personalized approach.

Each of the client accounts is assigned with one of the trained Corporate Guides who can be contacted by phone or email. This personal consultant works with the customer throughout the duration of the formation, so you won’t have to explain your situation to different reps each time.

By calling Nationwide Incorporators customer support, you might even end up speaking directly to its CEO Robert E. Stetson. He has 25 years of experience as a business attorney, proving his competence when it comes to setting up an LLC.

Customer Reviews

As for Nationwide Incorporators or Northwest reviews, neither can boast a particularly high volume of customer feedback available online, at least compared to other providers.

Still, both show high average rating scores, proving their competence and service quality.

Nationwide Incorporators only has 5 reviews, with customers praising their qualified business attorney services that made it easier to register an LLC.

Northwest is a bit ahead. Currently, they have 150 reviews, most of which are positive.

Ease of Use

In terms of ease of placing an order, Northwest is more straightforward. Though both companies have relatively intuitive websites that are easy to navigate, not all Nationwide Incorporators can be purchased online. While ordering additional services, you might be asked to call for confirmation.

Turnaround Times

The two companies’ estimated processing speeds rely on the review time of each state as opposed to the service package tier which is the case with some of their competitors.

By opening an LLC Northwest, you will be able to track the order through your personal account.

With Nationwide Incorporators, you will have to contact them by phone or email to get any answers about the turnaround times. They do offer to expedite an order, though, but for an extra fee.

What LLC Service Is Better For You?

It’s fairly simple to start an LLC with Nationwide Incorporators or Northwest Registered Agent, in part thanks to their long years of experience and speed.

Their personalized approach and competence help them stand out among larger service providers, making them some of the top favorite LLC formation services for hundreds of entrepreneurs.

If you’re still unsure which is best for you, let’s look at their respective strengths one more time.

Choose Northwest Registered Agent if you:

  • prefer to hire a company with a large quantity of positive customer reviews;
  • value excellent registered agent service;
  • need superior security and data protection.

Choose Nationwide Incorporators if you:

  • wish to have your documentation checked by a certified business attorney before you launch an LLC;
  • plan to use their attorney-powered services frequently;
  • prefer to rely on Michael A. Ross’ 40 years of experience as the company’s founder.
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