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Last updated on: August 20, 2021
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These days, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing a professional service for LLC formation, having appreciated the convenience of this method. If you have decided to entrust business creation to a professional service, you will have no shortage of options. The modern marketplace offers dozens of reputable service providers ready to help you open a limited liability company by taking care of the paperwork.

In this Northwest Registered Agent vs Swyft Filings comparison, we’ll review two of the most reputable services for registering LLC companies and setting them up, including a special focus on price comparison, features, and customer feedback of both companies.

Do Northwest and Swyft Filings Offer Good Value?

If you’re looking for a service that can start an LLC in full compliance with state requirements, Swyft Filings or Northwest Registered Agent are two trustworthy services that have impressive experience in business registration. Either one can make the process of opening your LLC business quick and easy.

However, in most cases, we recommend Northwest. Although their overall price points are higher than Swyft Filings’ ones, the inclusion of a registered agent service in their LLC formation packages is worth the money. In addition, they have high-quality and personalized customer support, which is considered to be the best in the industry.

Let’s move on to the best LLC formation services comparison by looking at the features of Northwest and Swyft Filings in detail.

7 Things They Have in Common


If you want to get an LLC service provider that specializes in quick LLC formation, both Swyft Filings and Northwest are great options. With the speedy service capabilities, they can make the process of an LLC registration not only comfortable but also fast.


            A comparison of Swyft Filings vs Northwest Registered Agent track record and background confirms years of experience of these companies. They have created thousands of LLCs, so nothing is really impossible for them in this area. You can confidently trust either of these services to create a new LLC, and you’re guaranteed to get excellent results.


            Both of these well-respected online companies act as legitimate LLC services and are able to register an LLC professionally in any state. 

Great Customer Feedback

Both Northwest Registered Agent and Swyft Filings can effectively form your LLC. Although Northwest has a higher volume of feedback than Swyft Filings, they generally have very positive customer reviews, high rating scores, and an excellent reputation.


            Startups are often on a tight budget, so hiring an attorney to start a new business is too expensive for many of them. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on the LLC formation process and related services. However, you can significantly reduce the cost to set up a new LLC by hiring a professional firm like Northwest or Swyft Filings, as their prices are affordable even to small businesses.

Additional Services 

Both of these companies have many business services available to make the working process of a business more comfortable. Either one can provide features such as LLC registered agent, foreign qualifications, annual reports, etc.

Customer Support

Swyft Filings or Northwest’s clients have access to extensive customer support networks and knowledge of their professional representatives. They are always willing to give a detailed piece of advice on the nuances of forming an LLC, taxes, licensing, and more.

Side by Side Comparisons


If you compare the experience of Northwest Registered Agent vs Swyft Filings, Northwest has the advantage. It was founded in 1998 and served more than two million customers. What’s more, according to the information presented on their official website, Northwest helps their clients create hundreds of new LLCs every day.

            Although information about Swyft Filings is limited, they are known to have served a large volume of clients since their inception in 2012. Their large customer volume is evidenced by the thousands of reviews submitted online, most of which are positive.


            Northwest demonstrates a good combination of overall pricing and the value of inclusive services. However, their LLC formation service package costs $225, while Swyft Filings’ basic package allows you to do an LLC filing for only $49. So, even though both companies’ offerings include all the basics of formation needed to launch a business, Swyft Filings has an advantage in this category.

To summarize, Northwest’s pricing suggests services:

LLC formation – $225;
Registered agent – $125/year.

Swyft Filings, in turn, offers the following prices:

Basic – $49 + state fee;
Standard – $149 + state fee;
Premium – $299 + state fee.


The Northwest service package provides customers with features such as:

  • Templates Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement;
  • Membership certificates;
  • 12 months of the registered agent for LLC;
  • Assistance with annual reports;
  • An online account for document storage.

As for the Swyft Filings, their packages include the following features:

 Basic package:

  • Name availability search;
  • Preparation and filing of Articles of Organization.
  • Online access to documents;
  • Statement of the organizer;
  • A corporate compliance monitoring tool that makes it easy to monitor filing dates and deadlines to maintain a good reputation in the state.

Standard package:

  • EIN acquisition;
  • Banking resolution;
  • Custom meeting minutes;
  • Custom operating agreement.

Premium package:

  • FedEx shipping; 
  • Digital business kit and seal;
  • Electronic document delivery.

In our opinion, the inclusion of the free registered agent required to create an LLC in the service package is more valuable than Swyft Filings’ alternative offerings. So, the winner in this Northwest vs. Swyft Filings comparison is Northwest.

Registered Agent Service

            Every LLC business is required to have a registered agent LLC, and it is an integral part of doing business in America. 

           By choosing Northwest for setting up an LLC business, you get 12 months of free registered agent service. Then, at the end of the free period, the annual cost of this service will be $125. It’s worth noting that this is the best LLC registered agent service in the industry, as none of their competitors offer the same full local document scanning.

            Unlike Northwest, none of Swyft Filings’ service packages include registered agent service. To order it, you must pay an additional $149 fee per year. The fee also includes regular compliance reminders to make it easier to keep your business in good standing.

Additional Services

            At Northwest Registered Agent and Swyft Filings, you can get not only a professional service of LLC starting but also a wide range of additional services. Some of the most popular services are:

  • LLC annual reports;
  • business license research;
  • foreign qualifications, etc.

            In addition, Northwest provides access to virtual office services and mail forwarding as exclusive services. At the same time, Swyft Filings is ready to help with entity conversions and apostille.

Customer Support

            When it comes to quality of the customer support, Northwest and Swyft Filings excel many competitors.

            Swyft Filings support representatives are available by telephone, email, or web chat from 10:00 to 19:00 EET Monday through Friday. Numerous Swyft Filings reviews attest to the excellent quality of their service, experience, and good knowledge of the representatives.

            When it comes to Northwest customer support, it is impossible not to mention their individual approach and high professionalism. They are considered to have the best customer support in the online LLC formation industry because when you start an LLC, each client gets a personal corporate guide. They will accompany you through the whole process. You can reach them directly by phone or email from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm ET Monday through Friday. 

Customer Reviews

            Swyft Filings receives impressive customer feedback, and to date, they have 20,000+ reviews available online, almost all of which are positive. Customers are happy with their customer support and the way this company makes it easy for them to register their business. Northwest also has a high level of customer satisfaction and mostly positive customer reviews, but their number is much lower. They have 100 reviews on Google and 24 reviews on BBB.

Order Tracking

A comparison of Swyft Filings and Northwest in this category shows that the companies’ positions are about equal. To monitor the order status of an LLC, each of these services has handy order tracking tools, which allow you to monitor LLC formation using an account on their websites.

Ease of Use

            The online LLC registration process with Swyft Filings or Northwest fairly takes only a few minutes. Both have developed a simple and well-optimized order placement process.

            However, the winner in this category is Northwest, as you only have to enter some business and personal information to create a new LLC. Unlike Swyft Filings, they are serious about preserving customers’ personal information and do not allow any interventions of third-party offers during the ordering process. 

Turnaround Times

            Swyft Filings guarantees that your company documents will be filed with the state within 1 business day. Both Swyft Filings and Northwest’s LLC processing times are directly dependent on state requirements, so turnaround times vary from a couple of weeks to a few days.

            If you don’t want to wait, you can take advantage of the expedited speed of LLC formation that both companies provide. This will allow increasing processing speeds noticeably, of course, at an additional cost.

Which Is the Best LLC Service for Your Business?

            Without a doubt, Swyft Filings and Northwest Registered Agent are both leading LLC formation services that top the rankings of the best companies. Each of them has vast experience and an excellent reputation.

            If you haven’t chosen yet which of these services is the best for you to launch an LLC, take a look at the following list of arguments that may influence your opinion.

Choose Northwest Registered Agent if you:

  • Want to enjoy highly personalized industry-best customer support;
  • Are interested in reliable registered agent service;

Choose Swyft Filings if you:

  • Are looking for a service with a low price point to form an LLC;
  • Prefer to work with companies that have strong customer reviews.
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