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Last updated on: August 1, 2021
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Opening an LLC can be a daunting task for beginners, especially in states with more obscure laws. And while seeking professional assistance is often expensive, certain LLC formation services work towards making business management more affordable.

This SunDoc Filings vs IncFile LLC service comparison aims to show why these affordable options could be the best service to start an LLC in your specific case. The review covers some of the key similarities and differences between LLC services, including service availability, prices, and features.

Do SunDoc Filings and IncFile Offer Good Value?

In this case, the question of good value is determined chiefly by location. Although SunDoc Filings and IncFile are a fair match, as both are good LLC formation websites, some of their LLC formation packages work at their fullest potential depending on the state.

IncFile’s good value is indisputable thanks to their $0 price point and advantageous LLC registered agent policy, but the SunDoc Filings LLC process is exceptionally efficient in California. Let’s take a closer look at their main strengths and weaknesses.

6 Things They Have In Common


Creating an LLC is often costly regardless of your location, but with either SunDoc Filings or IncFile, you are guaranteed to get a better deal than most providers in the same tier. Both companies can swiftly file LLC formation documents while helping you reduce your initial costs.


SunDoc Filings and IncFile have put in two decades of earnest effort operating in the industry, having handled thousands of LLC formations, incorporations, and other solutions. Both are equally capable of launching an LLC as well as helping you maintain it to ensure it operates in the most effective manner.

Great Customer Reviews:

There is no shortage of positive customer reviews for either of them dispersed across three major review platforms that verify all highly positive customer feedback. Out of thousands of reviews, you will find the majority attests to a satisfactory customer experience whether it’s SunDoc Filings or IncFile.


For anyone who might have to get an LLC registration approved much faster, both companies can do so for an additional fee. Depending on the state, you can get your LLC formed in just mere days, provided you can spare some of the startup funds on the expedited LLC service.

Customer Support:

Even with professional help, overseeing your LLC formation means you might face unexpected issues, and without consistent customer support networks to rely on, it could turn from inconvenience into a real problem. IncFile and SunDoc Filings are among the rare companies that can register a limited liability company for a low price while at the same time providing knowledgeable LLC assistance whenever the need may arise.

Additional Services: 

Aside from their registered agent service policy, both companies tend to match in the extensiveness of their business services, from offering to draft the LLC operating agreement while setting up an LLC to providing necessary assistance to conduct LLC business in the future.

Side by Side Comparisons


Right off the bat, both companies prove to be on more or less equal footing, showing long track records built over the past two decades. Both options are highly experienced LLC services with many successful formations under their belt.

SunDoc Filings opened in 1999, and in the twenty-two years since its launch, they formed thousands of LLC businesses and is now regarded as one of the more knowledgeable providers.

IncFile has its origins in 2003, but despite the small age gap, the company managed to overtake others in customer volume alone, having opened over half a million entities and served over 250,000 customers.


Discounting the difference in their starter plans, SunDoc Filings vs IncFile LLC pricing is fairly balanced. 

Both are fully equipped to prepare and file LLC formation documents without exceeding the margin of $300 at the highest tier, though SunDoc charges $20 less to open an LLC with their top package.

Still, only IncFile can be called a free LLC formation service out of the two since their Silver package is entirely free save for the state fee related to the LLC articles of organization.

SunDoc Filings pricing is more affordable once you go up, charging only $99 for their mid-tier package to IncFile’s $149. Let’s see how these similar LLC services correlate on each level:

SunDoc Filings:

  • Basic: $79 + state fee;
  • Key: $99 + state fee;
  • Premier: $279 + state fee.


  • Silver: $0 + state fee;
  • Gold: $149 + state fee;
  • Platinum: $299 + state fee.


Here the dominance is fully on IncFile’s side. Their $0 package aims to launch an LLC but also covers one year of registered agent service without charge as well as providing a 30-minute business tax consultation.

SunDoc keeps strictly to the basics with their Basic and Key plans, providing only their LLC filing service for the Article delivery and name availability search.

On the brighter side, their opportune Sacramento location means their courier can make faster deliveries for California LLCs. Plus they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee whereas IncFile won’t be able to reimburse in full.

Customer Support

In terms of customer care, the two are known for employing helpful and professional support agents capable of answering most questions about common LLC business issues.

Their customer service availability hours are pretty similar, with SunDoc providing phone support between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm PST and IncFile between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm CST. Both available from Monday to Friday, though email support is not restricted to this time frame.

One key distinction between the two is IncFile’s tendency to keep you waiting for a callback. Meanwhile, SunDoc can be reached through a customer service representative or someone in sales should you need it.

Turnaround Times

Average LLC processing times tend to hinge primarily on the location. Comparing individual IncFile vs SunDoc Filings processing periods is indicative of that as well since both will be forming an LLC within fixed legal parameters.

In other words, they can only be as fast as the state of formation processes orders which could take from several weeks to just a few days.

Both websites provide relevant information on variable turnaround times as well as possible options for 24-hour turnarounds. Expedited service fees also differ by location.

Order Tracking

In this, the two are almost identical as they both provide their members with online accounts as soon as you purchase their service, LLC, corporation, or non-profit. After filing all documentation required for starting an LLC, they will update your company status online. IncFile’s real-time LLC order status tracking tool is a bit more interactive though.

Ease of Use

SunDoc Filings and IncFile’s websites are both easy to navigate, at least in terms of their signup process. But this is one of the aspects where IncFile is on the winning side, mostly due to its less cluttered website layout. Neither of them pushes optional LLC services at every turn, so it should take you no longer than 10-15 minutes to register.

Registered Agent Service

It’s a nationwide requirement to designate an LLC registered agent to be able to operate in any jurisdiction. When you set up an LLC, any further communications with your local government, the state, and potential partners are conducted via this delegate.

And while both companies support the registered agent service for LLC as a feature, only the IncFile registered agent appears in all packages at no extra charge.

Each of IncFile LLC packages adds the first year of registered agent service for free, after the company charges at an annual rate of $119.

By comparison, SunDoc Filings LLC packages do not provide this service as this feature exists only as a separate offering. SunDoc Filings registered agent costs $159 per year.

Customer Reviews

If you prefer to create an LLC with a formation company by relying on user ratings, both companies’ customer feedback is more than enough to build a strong case.

Still, IncFile reviews are larger in volume with more than 15,000 reviews in total. Most of their great reviews are aggregated on Shopper Approved, though, as their Trustpilot presence is rather wanting.

By contrast, SunDoc Filings reviews (LLC predominantly rather than corporations) are mostly concentrated on Trustpilot, most of which speak in the company’s favor. This may be their only substantial presence, but with nearly 2,500 reviews available online they are not something to scoff at.

Let’s look at more precise numbers for IncFile and SunDoc Filings reviews:


Trustpilot: 4.8/5 stars based on 2,773 reviews;
Yelp: 3.5/5 stars based on 18 reviews;
BBB: A+ business accreditation.


Shopper Approved: 4.8/5 stars based on 26,744 reviews;
Trustpilot: 2.7/5 stars based on 106 reviews.
BBB: 4.17/5 stars based on 429 reviews.

Additional Services

As for their selection of additional services, both providers support a range of features aimed to assist you each step of the way as you grow an LLC business.

This is another facet where IncFile excels, which is not to say SunDoc has nothing to offer. Both companies provide formation and maintenance features like:

  • Foreign qualifications;
  • DBA filings;
  • Dissolutions and conversions;
  • Amendments;
  • State certificates;
  • EIN registration;
  • LLC annual reports; 
  • Corporate formation kits + apostilles;
  • Name reservations;
  • Licenses.

But where IncFile truly shines is in their compliance support. They offer consultation, business accounting services, trademarks, and even free domain name registration.

Which is the Best LLC Service for You?

Since either IncFile or SunDoc Filings can form an LLC, the principal element to use as guidance for your final choice is how they relate to your goals. If you’re still on the fence about which of the two is the best service for an LLC, let’s sum up their respective strong points. 

Choose SunDoc Filings if you:

If your main goal is to open an LLC in California, this service might be your best option. Their Sacramento office is within walking distance of the Secretary of State office, so there is a possibility of a 24-hour turnaround for your registration. Plus, if for some reason SunDoc Filings LLC formation didn’t meet your expectations, you can get a full refund since they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Choose IncFile if you:

If your budget is tight, this is by far the most trusted free LLC service in the industry. In addition to that, their feature-packed LLC formation service packages cover all compliance bases, making the company such a popular LLC service.

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