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Last updated on: July 13, 2021
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Say you plan to form your own limited liability company but you find yourself quite lost in the legalities of it all. The best course of action, in this case, would be soliciting one of the reputable LLC service providers.

It’s easy to open an LLC with both companies, but each LLC formation process is different as determined by your individual goals that might deprive even the best LLC formation of its benefits.

The following Swyft Filings vs IncFile LLC service comparison examines their commonalities and differences, so if you wish for someone to have compared their features, this article is for you.

Do Swyft Filings and IncFile Offer Good Value?

The first shared feature that becomes apparent with these two popular LLC formation services is the similarity in their overall prices. But a good value is not conditioned by low prices only, but also by the volume of LLC formation packages offered at such prices.

With either IncFile or Swyft Filings, you will be effectively launching an LLC and getting plenty of extras for nearly identical prices. Either can be called a reliable LLC formation company, but only one will have a set of features that fits your requirements in the best way possible.

6 Things They Have In Common


Almost any service will charge less than the fees you’d have to pay if you hire a business lawyer, but Swyft Filings and IncFile are rightfully among the most low-cost options out there. Swyft Filings’ basic plan makes them a fairly cheap LLC service, while IncFile can save hundreds of dollars on the entire process required to register an LLC.


Both are undoubtedly legitimate LLC services with extensive track records to show for it. Despite the difference in their years of experience, the two are more than able to handle opening an LLC, maintaining it, and providing other solutions. Both have shown themselves as competent throughout their active years, having formed thousands of businesses in multiple states.

Customer Reviews: 

IncFile and Swyft Filings both display their beneficial status by way of excellent feedback and generally high average rating scores, namely on Trustpilot where the two have amassed thousands of positive customer reviews throughout the years.


Working within limited time periods means you might need to create an LLC quickly, and doing it without expediting services is near to impossible. Both providers are able to cut the turnaround times down almost in half, though the speed of formation hinges on the state in question. Faster applications come at an extra cost in all jurisdictions.

Customer Support:

Overseeing your LLC formation solo may reduce costs but you will also be stranded without much expert support aside from various disjointed resources you might find online. Both IncFile and Swyft Filings offer good customer support networks, though the response times could vary. They both give workable hours for their email, phone, and chat LLC support.

Additional Services:

An LLC registration process in any state extends far beyond the initial filing. On paper, it may look like a one-step procedure, but formation usually entails other measures to help you run a compliant LLC company. These two options cover multiple additional business services for this exact purpose, including acquiring a federal tax ID number (EIN), drafting internal documents, and handling annual reports. Their other business solutions also include specialized consultation, specifically their accounting and bookkeeping services.

Side by Side Comparisons


The first Swyft Filings vs IncFile difference, albeit not that major, is the span of their experience.

Swyft Filings is a relatively young company, having formed in 2015 in the state of Delaware, while IncFile has been operating for over eighteen years since they opened in 2003.

IncFile has overseen more than 250,000 business formations while also providing taxation consultation as the chosen form of their LLC legal advice.

Still, despite such disparity, Swyft has worked with thousands of clients, and the team has honed their skills at forming an LLC and other business structures in all fifty states.


Their starter LLC costs aside, both companies set identical pricing plans to launch a limited liability company and keep it running without any issues.

Each of them is a quality LLC formation service in its own right, but the main difference surfaces on the bottom-tier level: while IncFile can start an LLC for free with their Silver plan, Swyft charges $49 for the same procedure as detailed below.

Swyft Filings LLC Packages:

  • Basic Package: $49 + state fee;
  • Standard Package: $149 + state fees;
  • Premium Package: $299 + state fees.

IncFile LLC Packages:

  • Silver: $0 + state fee;
  • Gold: $149 + state fee;
  • Platinum: $299 + state fee.


Both providers work with three main LLC service packages, all pretty equal in scope albeit different in focus when it comes to valuable features and extras detailed below (shared features in bold).

Silver / Basic


  • drafting + filing Articles of Organization;
  • business name availability search;
  • 12 months of free IncFile registered agent service.

Swyft Filings:

  • drafting + filing Articles of Organization;
  • business name availability search;
  • preparing Statement of the Organizer;
  • online storage;
  • lifetime customer support;
  • 30 min of free tax consultation;
  • compliance notifications;
  • free domain registration.

Gold / Standard


All Silver features plus:

  • EIN acquisition;
  • application for the S-corporation taxation system;
  • custom operating agreement;
  • opening business bank accounts;
  • lifetime company alerts;
  • online storage;
  • lifetime customer support;
  • unlimited business tax consultation.


All Basic features plus:

  • EIN acquisition;
  • custom operating agreement;
  • opening business bank accounts;
  • organizational meeting forms and minutes.

Platinum / Premium


All previous features plus:

  • free contract templates;
  • expedited processing;
  • free domain name;
  • business email account.

Swyft Filings

All previous features plus:

  • document delivery (email or free FedEx shipping);
  • personalized online LLC kit;
  • free business website.

That said, each of their plans will work well for setting up an LLC. Where the two diverge drastically is their agent policy: IncFile adds a full year of registered agent service to all their plans, whereas Swyft Filings registered agent is a separate feature.

Customer Support

Although their support systems are rather similar, the two companies show some distinction in the swiftness of their response times.

IncFile, for one, has been known to delay their initial responses for over 24 hours, but when they do get back to you it’s with the advice from decently knowledgeable professional support representatives.

Swyft Filings’ excellent customer support works well on all subscription levels, even if you choose the basic package for starting an LLC and not do much else.

Both customer service departments take emails, calls, and online chat requests from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm CST.

Turnaround Times

When it comes to standard processing, both companies show similar turnaround times. Review periods similarly depend on every state government’s availability of expedited procedures and how they handle the LLC filing process in general.

The main divergence here is IncFile’s addition of a free rush LLC service in their Platinum plan that does not include an additional fee. By contrast, Swyft does not offer free expedited filings in any packages but as an extra feature.

Order Tracking

This is another point where they are on equal footing as with either IncFile or Swyft Filing, you will be getting efficient order status tracking tools. With IncFile you can enjoy a real-time tool that shows you the process of creating an LLC, but this is more of a bonus point.

Ease of Use

Both websites are accommodating of a speedier LLC application process. When you file an LLC online with either of them, the order form is not as cluttered as some of the alternative options that throw in quite a few upsells and third-party offers.

Here, you will spend no more than 10 minutes filling the initial order thanks to their user-friendly websites, though keep in mind that in both cases, the desktop version is faster. 

Registered Agent Service

This feature is where IncFile vs Swyft Filings are at their most distinct. On top of offering an entirely free basic package, IncFile treats every client with a free registered agent service for 12 months. After that, they charge $119 a year.

With Swyft, you will need to purchase their registered agent LLC service separately for $149 per year even if you choose to form an LLC with one of their plans.

Customer Reviews

Both companies boast thousands of online customer reviews each, though Swyft Filings reviews record is more extensive and some IncFile reviews are less than stellar.

Still, both support their experience with a high volume of customer feedback, the majority of it positive and indicating substantial levels of customer satisfaction.

IncFile vs Swyft Filings’ reviews and ratings are currently as follows:

Shopper Approved

  • Swyft Filings: 4.5 / 5 stars (39,981 testimonials);
  • IncFile: 4.8 / 5 stars (26,674 testimonials).


  • Swyft Filings: 4.6 / 5 stars (3,227 testimonials);
  • IncFile: 2.7 / 5 stars (104 testimonials).


  • Swyft Filings: 4.28 / 5 stars (158 testimonials);
  • IncFile: 4.16 / 5 stars (422 testimonials).

Additional Services

The scale of their additional LLC business services is once again quite uniform, with both companies providing various tax services, giving you options for making legal amendments and filing for LLC dissolution. Where they don’t match is the trademark name search offered only by IncFile and Swyft-exclusive seller’s permits acquisition.

Which Is the Better Service to Form an LLC?

As the two of the best LLC services, both can set up an LLC while slightly diverging in their target market goals. Let’s sum up what advantages and disadvantages make either Swyft Filings vs IncFile more suitable for you.

Choose IncFile if you:

Those working with limited budgets will definitely benefit here since it’s the cheapest LLC service today. If you want to receive fully-featured LLC packages at a fraction of the average formation price, IncFile is certainly for you.

Choose Swyft Filings if you:

If you would rather have a sure thing when it comes to a money-back guarantee, this service is your best pick. One of the very few companies in this price range that also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Swyft Filings is a more financially secure choice.

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