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Last updated on: July 6, 2021
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To legally launch a business entity, normally, you are to form a limited liability company or a corporation. While the latter is a better version for bigger and more complex businesses, LLCs are an apt choice for any mid-grade entrepreneur. Surely, you can open an LLC by yourself, but there is also a whole range of high-quality LLC formation services that can take every strain out of the registration process. With that, in our ZenBusiness vs MyCorporation comparison guide, we’ll take a look at two reputable service providers capable of facilitating the business formation process and are on the top of the lists of the best LLC websites. 

ZenBusiness and MyCorporation: Are They a Valuable Choice?

Whatever goods or services you opt for, initially, you check the value you’ll get for your money. So, intuitively, everyone seeks a bang for their buck. The same is true for LLC services. Both ZenBusiness and MyCorporation are among the best LLC formation services and strive to deliver the maximum for your money. In the meantime, these companies are not equal. While both offer online registration, a simple ordering process, and good support, they differ in price points and what they deliver for those prices. With their $49 package covering far more than the basics, ZenBusiness is a confident industry leader hard to complete with. But before you’ll make a final decision, let’s dig deeper. 

6 Similar Aspects Shared by These Services

  1. Filing Speed: If the filing speed is one of your top priorities, whether you choose ZenBusiness or MyCorporation, you’ll have a chance to start a new LLC quickly. Both companies can speed up your LLC registration, though, we’d be remiss not to mention that they have a bit different approach here. While most services normally suggest turnaround time based on state requirements in all US states, ZenBusiness outlines the filing time depending on the package you prefer. Meanwhile, MyCorporation promises to expedite processing an LLC formation for a common rate charged over the state expedited filing rate.
  2. Client Support: As a client, you want to rest assured you’ll get all your questions answered and obtain high-quality customer service. In this concern, both providers have strong and efficient customer support networks marked by excellent customer ratings. Their specialists eagerly provide aid in opening an LLC via phone, email, and live charts responding quickly and informatively.
  3. Affordability: If you ask whether these services are affordable, we’d say it depends. Thus, as compared to professional attorneys charging on an hourly basis, ZenBusiness and MyCorporation are fairly affordable online services. Yet, casting a closer look at their LLC package rates, you’ll see that one of these services is a more budget-friendly option for opening an LLC, and we’ll talk about it below.
  4. Educational Feature: When you are about to kick start a business, you might have many questions. New to you, those questions turn out to be pretty common for all beginner entrepreneurs. To save you the trouble of looking for added info, many registration services provide it on their websites for free, thus, increasing their own value. These two providers are not an exception. While ZenBusiness has a comprehensive and informative blog with multiple business tips, MyCorporation offers an online learning center that abounds in info on business entity types, business licensing, and other essential issues making the website alone a valuable business resource.
  5. Customer Comments: Featuring hundreds of customer reviews online, both services are widely maintained by their customers. More than that, the majority of those reviews are positive, ensuring high average rating scores, showing high customer satisfaction levels, and creating great reputations for these online formation services.
  6. Added Services: Launching a new LLC business, you might not know what other services you’ll need above what you’ll get within your chosen package. Anyway, it’s always nice to have some add-ons at your disposal that will save you some time and effort in the long run. Both MyCorporation and ZenBusiness have helpful extras that include LLC registered agent service, annual report services, ongoing compliance support, some marketing tools, and more.

Close Comparison

Both supported by certain values, MyCorporation and ZenBusiness are quite different at a closer look, and our detailed comparison will reveal those differences they have in the aspects meaningful for each customer. 


Proficiency is what defines a high-quality service, and proficiency relates to the expertise and experience in the industry. Established in 1998, MyCorporation has helped over one million companies since then, which makes it one of the most experienced LLC services on the modern market. Formed in 2015, ZenBusiness looks a bit less experienced, yet, it doesn’t mean they lack professionalism. Though a relative industry newcomer, this company has thousands of LLCs in its portfolio and is a trusted choice for many businessmen seeking to register an LLC online.

Rates and Features

To make the comparison clearer for you, let’s look into the filing fees both companies work at. With ZenBusiness prices starting at $49 and MyCorporation rates starting at $99, these providers have quite a big pricing difference, though both starter rates look pretty affordable. If you proceed to higher-tier packages, the difference will be not that big, yet, the whole thing is in the features you’ll get for those prices. While both providers cover the essentials of LLC formation within their entry-level plans such as the name availability check and filing the articles of organization, what gives ZenBusiness a noticeable advantage over not only MyCorporation but also many other competitors is the free registered agent service they include into their $49 package. Well, that’s impressive. On top of that, this low-tier package also contains an operating agreement template and accounting estimate, which are normally paid extras. When it comes to annual reports, compliance monitoring, and federal tax ID number (EIN) registration, these services come within more advanced packages both in ZenBusiness and in MyCorporation.

Add-on Features

Added services and optional features are important elements enhancing the standing and value of the online LLC service. And this is the aspect where there is no obvious winner in a MyCorporation vs ZenBusiness battle mostly because each provider has some unique perks to offer. Thus, helpful payable add-ons from ZenBusiness their opponent doesn’t have include marketing tools enabling you to create your individual company style from the very start. Apart from a corporate website, they’ll develop a logo design for your company and offer other marketing benefits. Besides, ZenBusiness stands out for a free risk-free accounting assessment that will let you kickstart your new business on the right foot both legally and financially.

MyCorporation, on the other hand, offers a wider range of services overall. Along with LLCs, it works with other business entities such as non-profit corporations and B-corps, which ZenBusiness doesn’t do at all. What’s more, thanks to their huge business experience, they provide intellectual property protections within their trademark and copyright functions. Finally, as far as compliance service is concerned, MyCorporation boasts a wider variety of choices to cover more ongoing business needs.

Registered Agent Service

While you have to designate a registered agent anyway when starting an LLC, getting it for free is truly a highly valuable feature. And it’s one of the biggest ZenBusiness fortes. They make a whole year of LLC registered agent service a part of their basic package for free and will charge you $99 for the service renewal annually afterward, which is quite a reasonable annual fee. Unfortunately, MyCorporation doesn’t withstand the competition here and is not the best option if you want cost-effective registered agent services. At $120 per year, their registered agent service is obviously more expensive. Besides, it is included only in premium packages while basic and standard plans don’t have this feature at all, which means you’ll have to add it at an extra cost.

Filing Speed

As a first step, if you want to know the turnaround time for forming your LLC, you can easily find this info on both LLC websites by entering your state. On the other hand, both companies provide standard and expedited processing speeds. So, if you look for faster turnaround times to push the business registration through, expediting your order won’t be a problem. With ZenBusoiness, rush LLC filing is included in the high-tier package while MyCorporation will speed up the whole process at a $100 fee.

Ease of Use

ZenBusiness or MyCorporation, you’ll complete your formation process with relative ease. Online registration will let you file in your application in several easy steps and both providers’ websites are fairly intuitive and user-friendly. Just stick to easy-to-follow guidelines and fill in the basic info. The only slight inconvenience we’ve noticed with MyCorporation is that they’ll throw a couple of third-party partnership offers at you as you apply, which might be a bit annoying.

Order Monitoring

Setting up a new LLC with ZenBusiness and MyCorporation, you’ll get access to online order tracking tools to see your LLC status whenever you need. It’s enough to log into your online account on the provider website.

Client Service

Effective client support is an essential feature of any LLC online platform, and both providers excel in this concern distinguished by responsive support teams that will eagerly respond to your questions via phone, email, or an online chat. Their experts answer quickly and provide every bit of information on all provider products and services. On weekdays, both ZenBusiness and MyCorporation support specialists are available even beyond regular working hours. What’s more, you can contact ZenBusiness experts even on weekends from 10 am to 7 pm.

Customer Comments

The level of customer satisfaction directly reflects the quality of the service. Despite the fact that ZenBusiness has been on the market for only a few years, they boast over 4,700 reviews available online, and they are mostly positive. Though featuring only about 400 online reviews, MyCorporation also has strong rating scores. Their customers are satisfied with the services and mark quick processing time and quality client service as their best features.

ZenBusiness vs MyCorporation: Which One Will Best Suit You?

Overall, ZenBusiness and MyCorporation are two really great LLC formation services that will make opening an LLC a breeze for you. They’ll take care of all the hassles and quickly bring you through the registration process. However, when it comes to the key aspects considered when selecting an online service, we can’t recommend Zenbusiness enough. It’s a “one-size-fits-all” solution for any entrepreneur seeking to establish a limited liability company. Anyway, each service is a solid choice for a specific business situation. 

Select ZenBusiness, if:

You prioritize registering your business at the lowest possible price point and get the most for your funds. At an affordable price, this provider delivers excellent features, not to mention their transparent turnaround times and valuable marketing benefits. Though a younger market player, ZenBusiness stands among the most well-known LLC services. 

Select MyCorporation, if:

Your goal is an experienced company with strong ongoing compliance support and diverse business expertise. Besides, this service is a good alternative for complex business situations and corporate businesses that plan to register trademarks and copyright as well as for businessmen who are about to start a nonprofit.

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