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Last updated on: July 27, 2021
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If you plan to open a business but are not yet sure how to start an LLC, hiring one of the respectable business formation services would be your best bet at making your dream a reality. After all, a professional formation company is able to file LLC paperwork in your name while keeping each aspect compliant.

This CorpNet vs IncFile LLC service comparison looks at the more prominent facets of both providers, specifically their experience and feedback. As for the packages comparison, each option is analyzed based on its price and functions to illustrate the compatibility of your company and its needs with either of the two providers, hopefully underlining the better service for an LLC.

Do CorpNet and IncFile Offer Good Value?

By choosing the option to form a limited liability company through online LLC services IncFile and CorpNet, you will be definitely taking the path of least resistance.

As two equitably good LLC formation service providers, the two stand out among the lot largely thanks to their industry experience and enduring reputation. 

That being said, IncFile is a somewhat more sensible choice. First of all, they have lower price points starting with $0. For the same base package, CorpNet charges a steep $209.

Moreover, IncFile makes sure to add a full year of registered agent service to all their formation packages, whereas CorpNet only provides this feature for a 60-day trial.

6 Things IncFile and CorpNet Have In Common


By working with CorpNet or IncFile, you will be guaranteed to enjoy both their legal service and high-quality LLC business formation at reasonable prices. Both can register an LLC with different levels of involvement based on their pricing packages.

Customer Reviews

The two have plenty of experience and are ready to tackle any problem pertaining to launching a new business or its maintenance. With thousands of customers served since their launch, IncFile and CorpNet continue to generate high user ratings reflective of the companies’ customer feedback.


CorpNet and IncFile are perfectly legitimate LLC operations that have formed thousands of businesses in their steady rise to the top of the industry. These two are highly experienced companies capable of making it much easier to conduct LLC business.

Additional Services

Those who want to both open an LLC and optimize its operation will find an array of additional business services with either company whether you might need an LLC agent for LLC or to obtain an EIN.


Even if you’re the proponent of the DIY option, you will still be able to access helpful information on CorpNet or IncFile (for LLC service, incorporation, or other solutions).

Their online learning centers are abundant with detailed guides for business launch, taxation, jurisdictional specifics, and more.

Customer Support

With IncFile and CorpNet, you will be granted access to unlimited qualified customer support. Their reps are capable of providing helpful customer service and answering any questions related to creating a new LLC so you won’t end up wasting your time and money.

Side by Side Comparisons


Even though they’ve been providing business solutions since 1997, the husband-and-wife ownership group behind CorpNet has been working under their current name since 2009. Since then, they have helped more than 500,000 business clients achieve their goals.

IncFile has been operating since 2004. They are currently working across all 50 states, having formed 250,000+ businesses and topped multiple best-of lists.

Pricing and Features

Prices comparison is one of the main factors that determine service compatibility for starting an LLC or maintaining one.

Here IncFile is unrivalled since they offer LLC for free, but overall both companies are equally accessible compared to attorney rates.

CorpNet has developed 3 LLC formation packages options:

  1. Basic package – $209:
  • Name Availability Check;
  • Prep and Filing of Articles of Organization;
  • Corporate Compliance Tool;
  • 60-Day Registered Agent Service Trial.
  1. Deluxe package – $329:
  • 24-Hour Document Prep;
  • 1 Year Registered Agent Service;
  • EIN;
  • Print Delivery.
  1. Complete package – $379:
  • LLC Kit and Seal;
  • LLC Operating Agreement.

IncFile also applies a tiered system consisting of 3 formation packages:

  1. Silver package – $0 + state fee:
  • Name Availability Search;
  • Preparation and filing Articles of Organization;
  • Free LLC registered agent services for 1 year;
  • Filing deadlines alerts for 1 year.
  1. Gold package – $149 + state fee:
  • EIN;
  • Operating Agreement;
  • Banking Resolution;
  • Business Bank Account;
  • business tax consultation.
  1. Platinum package – $299 + state fee:
  • Expedited Filing Speed;
  • Contract Templates;
  • Business Domain Name
  • Business Email.

While both add useful services in their packages, IncFile is undoubtedly the winner in this category. Their $0 starter fee aims to reduce LLC cost which can’t be said for the CorpNet Basic package. Very few entrepreneurs will want to pay $209 instead of subscribing to a free package. 

Registered Agent Service

A registered agent is an individual or a legal entity authorized to receive official correspondence on behalf of a company and forward it, acting as a vital link between any business and state.

Every LLC must assign a registered agent early on to be able to form a new business in the first place and maintain compliance throughout its duration.

If you prefer working with trained specialists, including registered agents, it’s possible to get one if you hire professional services like CorpNet and IncFile.

IncFile gives you a whole year of registered agent service with any service package. After that, their price point for registered agent service is $119.

CorpNet includes a 60-day trial of registered agent service in their Basic package and 1 year with Deluxe and Complete packages. Once the trial ends, they charge $149.

Additional Services

Upon setting up a new LLC business, chances are you may need additional services to optimize certain procedures and help your LLC business grow. IncFile and CorpNet cover a number of features currently in demand such as:

  • EIN;
  • LLC annual report;
  • foreign qualifications etc.

Apart from that, IncFile also provides business accounting services absent on CorpNet’s list, whereas CorpNet supports a corporate compliance platform—a more comprehensive alternative to IncFile’s compliance reminder system.

Turnaround Times

Like the majority of the industry, IncFile and CorpNet’s processing times calculations are contingent upon the state of registration.

If you’re not one for waiting, both offer their assist services—LLC and corporate—specifically to expedite your LLC formation and reduce turnaround times.

Despite that, IncFile often shows quicker turnaround times in some states, shaving a few days off LLC registration compared to its competitors. 

Order Tracking

Either tracking system allows subscribed users to monitor their order status. You can check the progress of an LLC registration through the real-time order status tracking tools available on the websites of IncFile and CorpNet. 

Customer Support

Either company passes the bar of excellent service, so you won’t find their networks wanting.

CorpNet customer support can be reached by phone, email, and chat. Support reps are available on Mon-Fri from 10 am to 10 pm EST.

Their strongest points are the efficiency of replies and bilingual business support aimed to accommodate Spanish-speaking customers in California and other states.

But IncFile’s track record with customer service is highly positive. They provide customer support via phone and email on Mon-Fri from 10 am to 7 pm EST. Despite significant delays that sometimes extend to 24 hours, their answers are usually more comprehensive. 

Customer Reviews

Even a cursory analysis of IncFile or CorpNet reviews proves how reliable their respective approaches are to business maintenance.

When it comes to opening an LLC with online services, both companies support their experience with hundreds of reviews available online, most of them positive.

IncFile has amassed over 16,000 reviews and is currently holding 4.21/5 on BBB, showing consistency and reliability across the board.

CorpNet may not be as impressive in terms of volume, given that they have only 500+ reviews, but their TrustPilot score of 4.9/5 is rather striking. They also provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee while striving to uphold suitably high standards of service.

Ease of Use

Another aspect where both are well-matched, providing easily navigated websites with extensive guides for newcomers. If you launch a new LLC for the first time, both outline the process in easy to follow steps, making the whole endeavour that much simpler.

Purchasing with CorpNet is more uniform. They start you off by presenting available business products and services with total costs provided at the bottom of the page. After you select your options, you will be asked to provide the legal information required to create an LLC in your name.

As for IncFile, the process depends on your jurisdiction. They also throw in a few upsells and third-party offers, but not enough to put you off.

What LLC Service Will You Choose?

When it comes to business formation companies, CorpNet and IncFile are top performers in their niches with either positive reviews or high scores to show for it.

Considered to be highly reliable in their segments, both companies provide LLC service informed by decades of experience. Either service is able to create a new LLC business and help you smooth out all the little kinks of its operation.

Given that both offer similar LLC features, choosing between the two could be difficult. So to sum up this IncFile vs CorpNet overview, let’s briefly compare their complementary features.

Choose CorpNet if:

  • you prefer to set up your LLC with a family-owned company;
  • you value easily accessible customer support.

Choose IncFile if:

  • you plan to use their free LLC formation plan;
  • you are looking for the lowest prices;
  • you would like to get a year of registered agent service.
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