CorpNet Review 2022: Is This LLC Service Right for You?

Trusted by thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs, CorpNet is the smartest way to start a business and stay compliant.

Last updated on: August 4, 2022
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Phone number: 805-449-2638
Address: 31416 Agoura Rd. Suite 118 Westlake Village, CA 91361
Pricing: from $79 + state fees
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If you are planning to start your own business and looking for reliable LLC formation services, think about hiring CorpNet. The company has been active in the market since 1997 and has already formed over 100,000 businesses, having a large number of satisfied customers.

You can see that all of the CorpNet LLC service reviews on the Internet are positive. People appreciate their fast and high-quality work because CorpNet really does its best.

CorpNet’s ownership group is a good choice. It has extensive experience and adheres to high standards of service. Is it the right fit for you? To answer this question, let’s take a look at their service packages, paying attention to price and service offerings, and pointing out the main advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s figure out why you should address Corpnet to form the LLC.

Is CorpNet LLC Formation Service Legit?

CorpNet is a company that specializes in helping you register a business, create an LLC, register a DBA name, and liquidate a company located in any of the 50 states. The service provider works with businesses in the US and foreign residents, providing business incorporation and corporate compliance services.

The founders of CorpNet are a married couple: Philip and Nellie Akalp. They started out as “MyCorporation” in 1997 and sold the business to Intuit in 2008 for $20 million. The Akalp couple then decided to get back into the business and have been successfully developing their project. Over the years, Nellie and Phil have become true experts at launching businesses and have helped over 100,000 succeed.

CorpNet is a document storage and processing service – it does not provide legal, financial, or tax advice. However, CorpNet LLC clients can receive such services from partners of the company.

CorpNet LLC: Pros and Cons

Numerous positive reviewsCompany prices on the website can be deceiving due to the necessity to send documentation via USPS Priority Mail
Great experience and personal approach to each clientThe minimal registration fee is higher than the average market price
Fast turnaround time
100% quality assurance (for all services)
Responsive customer service
Free registered agent service


Numerous Positive Reviews

Over the years, the company has managed to collect mostly positive reviews and high customer satisfaction ratings on popular independent review sites. High professionalism, detailed consultations, and attention to each client are the main reasons businesses turn to CorpNet.

As for the negative reviews related to the company, they are mainly connected with high prices, compared to some competitors.

Great Experience and Personal Approach to Each Client

CorpNet can easily be called a family business. Permanent leaders of the company are constantly training staff and always ready to find the best solution for each project. Due to extensive experience in setting up a business in the US, the provider knows how to help even in the most difficult situations. That said, each client will receive maximum attention and assistance in choosing the most suitable type of business and services.

Fast Turnaround Time

The Deluxe Package and Complete Package plans include 24-hour expedited processing by default. CorpNet guarantees that your documents will be submitted for registration within 24 hours. The cheapest price plan (Basic Package) does not specify the exact processing time, though. However, judging by numerous customer reviews, it does not exceed 2-3 days.

Additionally, the company offers expedited processing (around $100), but the exact amount depends on the chosen state. The service also includes the shortest timeframe possible (a few hours) for document processing, after which CorpNet orders an expedited registration from the Secretary of State. The state fee for expedited processing is included in the price of the service.

100% Quality Assurance

CorpNet LLC guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with any service. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of services or employees of the company make a mistake, CorpNet will refund the full amount, which is totally worth considering when making a decision on cooperation.

Responsive Support Service

In their reviews, CorpNet customers particularly note the quality of the support service. In some cases, you can even get a detailed consultation before applying. During the process of cooperation, any and all your questions will be answered quickly and extensively. The professionalism of CorpNet’s support team inspires admiration.

Free Registered Agent Service

After the LLC registration, CorpNet will offer a registered agent service at no charge. However, the Basic Package only includes a free trial period of 60 days. Other packages have this period extended for 1 year, as with many competitors.

Once the trial period ends, the price of a registered agent’s service is $149 per year. The price is slightly higher than the market’s average, but the impeccable quality still attracts a large number of customers.

All in all, the disadvantages of CorpNet LLC fade against the background of its massive benefits for businesses.


Deceiving Prices due to USPS Priority Mail

CorpNet LLC sends all documents exclusively through USPS Priority Mail. They justify this step with security and respect for your privacy. However, this adds an extra $29 to every package. Some would say that this sum is clearly more than the services and privileges of USPS Priority Mail cost.

Higher Minimal Registration Fee

At CorpNet LLC, the cheapest package costs $79, which could be the average price on the market. However, the mandatory $29 surcharge for USPS Priority Mail, as well as a 60-day-free registered agent service, make a noticeable difference in the bottom line, compared to many competitors.

CorpNet LLC: Contact Information
Phone +1-888-449-2638 (toll-free) / +1-805-449-2639 (Direct/Int’l)
Fax+ 1 (805) 449 2639
MailCorpNet, Incorporated 31416 Agoura Rd. Suite 118 Westlake Village, CA 91361

CorpNet LLC: Customer Service

At CorpNet, the customer service team is available from 7 am to 5:00 pm (PST), 5 days a week (except for Saturday and Sunday). You can call them and ask your questions by phone, write an email, or contact the company via Facebook or feedback form on the website.

CorpNet experts use two languages to communicate with customers: English and Spanish.

The quality and efficiency of responses are always excellent, as confirmed by numerous customer reviews and independent expert comments. The support staff is highly experienced and is always ready to help customers choose the right service, understand the details of business registration, and get help at any moment of cooperation with CorpNet LLC.

CorpNet vs Competitors

CorpNet is one of the most trusted providers of business formation services in the United States. You can surely expect quality assistance in getting the necessary business certificates, licenses, and other authorizations. The company will also send you timely reminders on reports and payments. 

Considering the high speed of the business registration process and the quality of services provided, the prices of CorpNet are rather reasonable. However, let’s take a look at a few competitors below.

CorpNet vs ZenBusiness

When comparing ZenBusiness to CorpNet, the former may look more appealing overall, although CorpNet still has its undeniable advantages:

  • The cheapest package at ZenBusiness costs only $39, which includes a full year of the registered agent service;
  • CorpNet has almost 30 years of experience, while ZenBusiness has been around since 2015, even though ZenBusiness has more reviews;
  • Both companies offer roughly the same business registration terms, which depend primarily on the chosen state, as the laws applied to business licenses vary between the states;
  • It takes a few minutes to complete an application with ZenBusiness. The same can be said about CorpNet, where everything is rather simple. Additionally, you can see the final amount change as you add or delete the services. That said, CorpNet does have a somewhat strange surcharge in the amount of an extra $79 if you cancel the registered agent service.

Read more in the CorpNet vs ZenBusiness review.

CorpNet vs IncFile

When comparing the two companies, it’s worth noting that both of them are highly professional and have remarkable track records:

  • CorpNet’s Basic Package costs $79 (excluding the state fees or shipping and handling fees), whereas IncFile offers its LLC filing services for free (+ your state’s filing fee) for 1 year. The more expensive rates are quite comparable;
  • IncFile offers a free registered agent service for 1 year in all packages. CorpNet offers the free service for only 60 days in the Basic plan;
  • The support staff is quite competent at both companies. However, if you choose IncFile, there’s a risk that you will have to wait for 24 hours to get your answer. Additionally, there’s no second language available for communication at IncFile (you can communicate with CorpNet in Spanish).

Read more about the pros and cons of the companies in the CorpNet vs IncFile review.

CorpNet vs LegalZoom

When it comes to some of the most popular providers offering LLC formation services, then you should compare firms like LegalZoom and CorpNet. They both will save you hundreds of dollars, and you don’t have to handle this endeavor on your own:

  • Of course, their pricing policies are a little different. LegalZoom can help you set up your business for $79 (plus state fees), which is cheaper than at CorpNet, which will do the same for $108;
  • The registered agent service offered by CorpNet is a real bargain, only $149 per year. LegalZoom charges $249 per year;
  • In the experience category, LegalZoom is the winner. These guys have been operating since 2001 and have served more than 2 million business clients. Meanwhile, CorpNet has opened more than 100,000 businesses since 1997.

We recommend that you read the CorpNet vs LegalZoom review to see which firm fits your needs better.

CorpNet LLC Pricing & Features

Compared to hiring an attorney, setting up a business with CorpNet will cost much less. However, there are several cheaper LLC services that can provide you with the same services but for less. CorpNet’s prices are in the middle range. If you want to form an LLC, they will offer different tiers of LLC service packages, with different costs and sets of services:

  • Basic;
  • Deluxe;
  • Complete.

Although these packages are inferior to some other online companies in terms of the number of services, CorpNet has its strong points. For example, they will provide you with a free registered agent and some other bonuses. To get the full list of features available, check out the information below.

CorpNet Basic Package = $108 + State Fees

  • Prep and Filing of Articles of Organization: CorpNet will draft forms for your company and send them for approval;
  • Corporate Compliance Tool: with CorpNet B.I.Z., you’ll never miss deadlines for tax filings, annual reports or other important documents. Besides a reminder system, this service can also act as a backup repository for your documents;
  • Name Availability Check: in order to officially form your LLC, you should make sure that your desired company name is available. Checking the state’s business database, CorpNet will take care of that for you;
  • 60-Day Registered Agent Service Trial: to create your new business, you will need to indicate your Registered Agent information in the Articles of Organization. Cooperating with a professional service is a good way to avoid disclosure of your confidential information.

Thus, Basic Package contains everything you need to start an LLC. It is a good option for entrepreneurs who are focused on minimum costs.

CorpNet Deluxe Package = $228 + State Fees

  • One Year Registered Agent Service: a qualified Registered Agent will relieve you of some of the responsibility for the company’s paperwork. All important legal documents, as well as tax and legal notices will be handled exactly according to state law. After the free period, you can renew this service for $149 per year;
  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): in its functions, an EIN corresponds to a Social Security Number and is assigned to each company that plans:
  • open business bank accounts;
  • hire employees;
  • pay taxes, etc.
  • 24-Hour Document Prep: within 24 hours of your purchase, your fully prepped forms will be submitted for approval;
  • Print Delivery: CorpNet will provide a hard copy of formation documents of your company.

This package is appropriate for those who want a free registered agent service from CorpNet for 1 year. And also for those who prefer to pay a little extra to avoid wasting time and effort on paperwork that is necessary for operating an LLC.

CorpNet Complete Package = $278 + State Fees

  • LLC Operating Agreement: you should consider in advance how the LLC will operate. The Operating Agreement establishes the ownership structure and all basic procedures to ensure efficient and smooth work. CorpNet will take care of the development of this important document;
  • LLC Kit and Seal: a decorative binder and seal with your company name printed on them.

Complete Package is the best option for those who want to focus on business planning as much as possible and entrust the paperwork to professionals.

2 Popular CorpNet LLC Alternatives

There are many online LLC creation services that can take care of some of the paperwork. CorpNet is a strong choice for LLC services, but if their benefits don’t feel right to you for any reason, there are a lot of alternatives. For example, online companies such as ZenBusiness and IncFile are also very popular.


A good CorpNet alternative is ZenBusiness, which provides packages of business creation and setup services. A definite plus of this company is that ZenBusiness’ pricing for LLC service is only $39. For that money, you not only get a fast and high-quality LLC formation service, but you also get a year of registered agent service for free.


This company is the best-value service available, because their basic package costs $0. Without cheating or extra fees! In addition, by getting any of their LLC formation packages, you also get a whole year of free registered agent service.

CorpNet Reviews From Customers

CorpNet Customer Reviews
(average value in popular ratings)
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(118 reviews)
(605 reviews)
(6 reviews)

CorpNet has fewer reviews than companies like IncFile or ZenBusiness. Nevertheless, there are over 400 CorpNet reviews on the Internet, the nature of which indicates that this company is highly popular. Customers like CorpNet’s excellent support agents, as well as the speed and quality of their work.

If you are inclined to make a decision about working with a company based on their customer feedback, check out CorpNet reviews on Trustpilot.

Is CorpNet Right For You?

If you need help with starting a business, CorpNet is a reliable provider of LLC formation service that will do it quickly. They may not be right for every single business customer, but in general the company offers a high quality for a reasonable price.

When to Form an LLC with CorpNet:

  • You like 100% satisfaction guarantee and the possibility to get your money back in case of low-quality services;
  • You want to enjoy great customer support that is individualized and responsive to all your requests;
  • You are attracted by the opportunity to work with a reliable family company;
  • You appreciate positive reviews as one of the company’s main strengths.

When NOT to Form an LLC with CorpNet:

  • You want to save money by working with a company that offers a cheaper base rate;
  • You are interested in buying the basic service package, which includes a full year of registered agent and other free features.

Final Verdict:

All in all, CorpNet is a good well-rounded formation service provider that can offer fair pricing and high quality services. Their packages include everything you need to start a successful business, including some free features. The advantages of this company are:

  • Personalized approach;
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee;
  • qualified customer support.

CorpNet’s professionalism and reliability have been confirmed by numerous high-quality customer reviews. But at the same time, this company is not among the leaders of this industry. If you are not interested in the advantages of CorpNet, you can easily find several other competing services that offer similar services at lower prices.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is InCorp legit?

    Yes. Unlike some competitors, InCorp has its own professional team. They don’t send clients to a large call center, so you don’t have to wait very long for a response.
    Other advantages of InCorp Customer Support are:
    – The opportunity to have service in Spanish;
    – They offer extended support hours (9 am-9 pm ET M-F).

  2. What Is the InCorp Customer Support Phone Number and Email?

    To consult with InCorp Customer Support by phone, call 1–800–2INCORP.

    If you prefer email, use the Contact Us page on the company’s website. Note that on the same page you can find web chat to ask your question to an InCorp specialist.

  3. How Quickly Does InCorp Process LLC Formations?

    Timelines vary from state to state, so processing times can range from a few days to a couple of weeks.

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CorpNet Reviews

  1. Avatar

    I HAVE OPEN MY FIRST CORPORATION! Nellie and her team at Corpnet got me started and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the services provided. I love text, emails and confirmations. They were incredible efficient. If you’re looking to start or expand they’ve got you 🙌🏻

  2. Avatar

    The representatives at CorpNet are top notch!! They understand what it takes to start a business and they make it very easy and exciting. Nellie runs a team of strong elites who are very knowledgeable about the business. If you are forming a llc or just starting a business of any structure with corporate filings, I strongly recommend utilizing their services. They are very personable, and they follow through every step of the way. Kevin Butler was my go to person and still is, he handled the complicated aspects of filling and all necessary status updates. Thanks again CorpNet!

  3. Avatar

    I had an amazing experience with CorpNet. They were very responsive to all my needs and made it so easy for me to start up my new company. They are efficient and knowledgeable and answered all my questions right away. I would strongly recommend CorpNet to anyone looking to start their own business!

  4. Avatar

    Great service!! Attention to detail. I set up a S corp and I was so happy with the service and professionalism. The staff helped me step by step. Nellie Akalp and her team are the very best. Thank you for your support and guidance.

  5. Avatar

    Corpnet has handled all of my business needs since 2014. Superior customer service and strongly recommend

  6. Avatar

    CorpNet takes the mystery (and misery) out of completing business registration and compliance filings. And I really like the Business Information Zone (BIZ) tool that lets me easily track upcoming compliance filing due dates for my LLC.

  7. Avatar

    CorpNet is the best business decision I’ve ever made. They are fast, accurate, efficient and have amazing customer service. Even knowing how to do the business filings, I would still have them do it because they take the stress out of it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  8. Avatar

    Efficient, reliable and trustworthy! I worked with Amanda Beren to form an S Corporation and she was always available to answer questions and knows her stuff. The CorpNet team is my go-to moving forward for any business incorporation or compliance needs!

  9. Avatar

    Top Notch in Every Way!
    If you’re looking to form your LLC, you must use CorpNet. Amanda, Kevin, and Milton and their entire team are spot on with their information and the services they provide! I got my LLC formed in less than 3 days and then opened my up corporate bank account within minutes after. Great job CorpNet!

  10. Avatar

    Very excellent, professional, and expedient service. Have been a happy customer since 2010 and will definitely recommend them to any entrepreneur who would like to start A corporation or an LLC or manage any of their existing business entities!

  11. Avatar

    I’m super happy with the service Corpnet has provided me with. I, coming fresh out of college, was unsure what company to choose to form my LLC. The information given over the phone was clear, thorough, and accurate answering every question I had written on my notepad. If you need to speak to professionals and you’re unsure about the steps for forming an LLC, Corpnet makes it easy and fast. I definitely would recommend Corpnet to any young entrepreneur unsure what he or she is doing, or any entrepreneur interested in forming a business. 🙂

  12. Avatar

    Horrible Service. I filled out 2 separate inquiries via their web site and no replies…twice! Next I sent a direct email. Nothing. I sent a direct email to Diane and left a message. Nothing. Very unprofessional. I ended up using legal zoom. *** UPDATED: The name is Diana. Sorry that you could not figure that out (Diane/Diana) seriously? And here is what is VERY disturbing. When I posted this there were ZERO reviews. Now all of a sudden 4 more reviews, all of them dated 2 days after my review. Come on, do you really think the public is that stupid? You do realize that google date stamps all reviews. Seems like the owners either posted fake reviews after they saw my REAL review or they contacted some clients and begged them to do so?…I wonder how many real posts will chime in with negative or positive reviews…time will tell.–
    UPDATED”” Yeh right, like Legalzoom needs to post fake reviews, they are not you.

  13. Avatar

    From start up, to dissolution this team at CorpNet has had my back and took care of all the complicated stuff. I worked with Brionna quite a bit and she was always on top of filings, status updates and reliably returning calls and emails. Great service and attention to detail. Thanks to all the guys and gals that made my first dream come true! even though my little OR based LLC couldn’t keep up with the larger companies, I will be coming back when I am ready to create my next big adventure.

  14. Avatar

    I have been a CorpNet customer for over 6 years, and have had an outstanding experience on every business transaction with them. The CorpNet customer service is the best, and the quality of their knowledge is unsurpassed by any of their competitors.

  15. Avatar

    Corpnet totally has my back. I rely on them constantly and they have been the most responsive company. Everyone I’ve spoken with at Corpnet is knowledgable and friendly and they know what they’re doing. Great staff and solid company. Love these guys.

  16. Avatar

    Once you get their appropriate attention, service is okay. Don’t always expect someone to answer your phone call though. You should also know exactly how the end documents and process looks like because not once documents will be processed with a mistake or two. Good luck.

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