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Last updated on: July 9, 2021
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It’s no secret that an LLC registration could be time-consuming without professional help. Not to mention it often costs quite a lot to open a limited liability company using attorney services, so many newcomers choose to hire reputable service providers.

As a broad Inc Authority vs BizFilings comparison guide, this article examines them through their shared categories, feature similarities, and differences in LLC formation packages. Even though both can be called high-quality LLC formation services, it’s not very practical to pay for two.

Do Inc Authority and BizFilings Offer Good Value?

It may seem odd to open an LLC services comparison with a critique but with either BizFilings or Inc Authority, you won’t be getting the most affordable option once you go past their starter package points. Nevertheless, both are good formation services for their money, and Inc Authority can even create an LLC for free. Moreover, BizFilings can start an LLC in outlier states with specific formation requirements.

7 Things They Share


Either BizFilings or Inc Authority can work well for any type of LLC formation without charging outrageously. Both handle the LLC formation process at fairly accessible prices and even their additional fees for LLC maintenance aren’t as astronomical as professional attorney rates.

Client Care: 

The two maintain stable customer service networks with helpful reps, so you won’t be left stranded while forming a new LLC. Plus their supportive customer service can also cover LLC’s ongoing compliance.


There’s plenty to learn on both websites, especially with Business Owner’s Toolkit which is one of the most helpful educational resources offered by BizFilings. IncAuthority is also a pretty educational LLC formation service provider, giving all clients ample information about business entity types and local guidelines. You can also read up on various business tips and tricks to employ in the course of running your company.


Both Inc Authority and BizFilings are legit, with plenty of experience to back their claims. Either is able to set up a compliant LLC, ensure its smooth maintenance, and assist with its growth.


Their strong track records once again prove that both companies conduct legitimate operations, pouring their skills into building well-respected LLC entities for their customers.


If you have any plans for expansion or might require additional business services, both can handle future entity maintenance. To get an LLC or hire employees, you will need to register your business with the IRS and possibly file other forms. Both companies support popular business services such as federal tax ID number (EIN) acquisition, but they also do internal organizations through LLC operating agreements.

Registered Agent Service: 

Registering an LLC is impossible without hiring an official representative for your company, but luckily BizFilings and Inc Authority add this feature to all of their LLC formation service packages.

Side by Side Analysis


Although IncAuthority was officially founded in 2015, the core team’s history in the industry goes back decades. In the past six years, the company has created more than 140,000 LLCs and corporations both in their home state of Nevada and nationwide. 

BizFilings is certainly more accomplished, with their roots going way back to Wolters Kluwer expansion to the United States in 1979.

The solutions division originally opened in 1994 in Delaware and later branched out to assist with LLC business entities nationwide. Since then, they have handled more than 500,000 business filings and continue to maintain a large volume of customers.


Despite only Inc Authority handling LLC formations free of charge, BizFilings might actually prove to be a more affordable option if you plan on creating an LLC with a more expanded package.

In this regard, BizFilings promises a much more reasonable price compared to Inc Authority’s mid-tier and premium plans. Still, both are fairly generous with different LLC packages’ features, including plenty of useful extras.

Inc Authority:

  • Free – $0 + state fee;
  • Starter – $399 + state fee;
  • Executive – $499 + state fee;
  • Tycoon – $799 + state fee.


  • Basic – $99 + state fee;
  • Standard- $229.00 + state fee;
  • Complete – $359.00 + state fees*.

*prices vary from $199 to $434 based on the jurisdiction.


In this, both providers are fairly matched, handling the necessary preparation and filing of business documents, various compliance paperwork and optional tax documentation, namely Form 2553 also known as the S Corporation tax election form.

A slight distinction between Inc Authority and BizFilings emerges when we look at their registered agent service policies. Although it’s possible to get this feature with any of their plans, BizFilings only promises 6 months, whereas Inc Authority gives you a full year.

Another divergence here is IncAuthority’s financial management option (i.e. their business checking account) and BizFilings’ informational portal with free BizComply access and extensive document library. It also covers unlimited name availability searches.

Client Care

You can reach customer support via chat, phone, or email from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm PT for Inc Authority and from 8 am to 7 pm CT for BizFilings.

Overall they both show solid customer support track records attesting to their competence with assisting an LLC formation, albeit BizFilings gets a few points for its extended support availability.

Client Feedback

This is one aspect where a clear winner can be established. In this case, it’s Inc Authority that, thanks to its free LLC formation service offering, has accumulated 6,134 reviews. All of them are on Trustpilot where it holds the average score of 4.8/5, serving as proof of its strong customer satisfaction reputation.

Despite being a more experienced company, BizFilings has very few reviews online, with only one found on BBB. Still, this service is notorious for its quick processing speeds, and its reliability can be supported by over 500,000 business filings conducted by the company in the past two decades. 


Registration periods are tricky since they often depend on a state’s processing speeds. But BizFilings vs Inc Authority couldn’t be more different in their approach.

The wait is typically over a month with the BizFilings for Basic plan users and a week with other plans. Inc Authority also relies on official state expediting fees, but they do not alter expedited pricing based on package options. To sum up: Inc Authority doesn’t ask you to select a specific costly plan to register an LLC quicker.


It’s fairly easy to launch an LLC with either. They have user-friendly websites with a straightforward interface. BizFilings’ simple LLC formation process is slightly more effortless. All packages for LLC business formation are presented upfront so there is no need to sign up to examine all options. This only contributes to the overall ease of placing an order.

Order Tracking

Both online LLC formation websites are equipped with relevant LLC order tracking tools accessible through your personal page. The order status becomes available once you sign in.


Opening an LLC aside, some pretty impressive extras can be found with either Inc Authority or BizFilings.

This can mean anything from state applications and certificates of good standing to tax paperwork like EIN obtainment and compliance assistance like LLC registered agent service designation. 

They do dedicate themselves to their niche specialisations though. Inc Authority is capable of dealing with revocable living trusts and other financial solutions since they offer business funding services for later expansions as well as a regular business credit service.

BizFilings focuses more on structural management like an LLC dissolution, Article amendments or publication in Arizona, Nebraska, and New York.

Registered Agent Service

Since it’s a mandatory step for starting an LLC, receiving state correspondence and service of process on time, the two providers can naturally arrange this service, albeit BizFilings is a bit less affordable.

BizFilings’ registered agent service is assigned for half a year, whereas Inc Authority doubles that period at no extra cost. Inc Authority’s registered agent price point is also more agreeable: they charge $99 per year after your first free year is up, whereas BizFilings has an annual fee of $164.

Which LLC Service is Better?

Given their well-matched nature, it’s not that easy to choose between Inc Authority vs BizFilings on either service merit or less than common characteristics. While setting up an LLC is a guaranteed success with either, neither company is the cheapest of LLC formation services out there.

When to Get Inc Authority:

There aren’t many risk-free ways to get an LLC professionally formed for free plus a full year of registered agent service to boot. In cases when launching an LLC is not supported by a significant startup budget, this option might just be ideal.

When to Get BizFilings:

For entities that can’t legally function without an initial report or a publication requirement, BizFilings is an excellent choice. They cover both of these services and a heap of other related features, including extensive FAQs, taxation guides, and business articles.

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