Swyft Filings Review 2022: Is This LLC Service Right for You?


Last updated on: August 4, 2022
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Swyft Filings
Phone number: 1-877-777-0450
Website: https://www.swyftfilings.com/
Address: 1000 N West St, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA
Pricing: from $49 + state fee
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If you’re looking for speed, affordability, and user-friendly customer support, you might want to consider Swyft Filings. This relatively young (founded in 2012) formation service offers great incorporation opportunities to both US and foreign entrepreneurs. With hundreds of positive online reviews, almost 10 years of successful experience, and a good reputation, this young company definitely stands out in the crowded industry.

Swyft Filings mostly specializes in LLC and nonprofit formation and management. Despite heavy competition, they have already conquered a significant market share and promise to handle your paperwork with no hassle.

This Swyft Filings LLC service review will give the information you need to make a decision on whether you should use their services for your LLC. This is where we’re going to highlight the company’s best features, customer support, turnaround time, and basic pros/cons of the company. Read on!

Is Swyft Filings Legit?

With decade-long expertise and thousands of happy customers behind its back, Swyft Filings boasts a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy formation service. Though relatively new to this market as compared to such industry old-timers as LegalZoom, IncAuthority, or InCorp, Swyft Filings stands strong on its feet and feels confident among more reputed and popular services.

Established in Houston, Texas, Swyft Filings is a national operator that will get you covered in any US state. For a decade in business, the company has managed to build an impressive client base and is trusted by over 200,000 businesses as of today. That’s a great result for a mid-scale company we think.

Yet another aspect expressly speaking in favor of the Swyft Filing is a whole myriad of customer reviews and comments you can spot on the popular reviewer websites. Overall, there are about 20,000 reviews left by former company customers online. We must admit that in customer feedback, Swyft Filings outcompetes even many of its bigger and more experienced contenders.

Swyft Filings Pros & Cons

Sometimes, getting a wealth of info about the service provider is not enough to understand how it really performs. Meanwhile, outlining the provider’s strong and weak sides and comparing them side-by-side will help create an entire picture of the company’s performance.

For this purpose, we’ve summed up Swyft Filings’ pros and cons in a table below for a quick overview and then we’ll get into more detail on each aspect.

AffordabilityNo free registered agent service
Free tax consultationExpensive top-tier pack
Free domain nameUpsells
2-stage paymentHeavy reliance on third parties
One-stop-shop for your formation needs
100% satisfaction guarantee
Decent filing speed
Stellar customer support
Exclusively high customer rating

Swyft Filings Pros

Supported by extensive customer feedback and widely favored by many clients, Swyft Filings has a lot going for it and feature quite a number of advantages that are worth mentioning.

  • Affordability Starting at $49 for basic formation, Swyft Filings stands in line with such top-liner as ZenBusiness and falls within an affordable price range easily covering different types of customers. Besides, if you look into the scope of services provided for this price, you’ll see that it embraces not only the basics but also a few other valuable options such as a Statement of the Organizer, free tax consultation and domain name, and lifetime access to the companies excellent customer support (more on that below).

    Swyft Filing’s prices for one-off services sold as add-ons also hit the market average rates. Thus, an Operating Agreement at $35 is much more affordable than that of Incfile at $40 or that of Inc Authority at $89.
  • Free Tax Consultation All Swyft Filings formation bundles enlist a 30-minutes tax consultation, which is free even with the low-tier plan. Taxes are a sensitive issue for any businessman and could be especially confusing and frustrating if you launch a business entity for the first time. Meanwhile, taxation is a crucial state requirement that needs to be strictly observed.

    With a supportive tax consultation from Swyft Filings, you’ll be able to ask questions to a tax expert specializing in LLC and corporate taxes and get professional recommendations specific to your individual business scenario or strategy. This way, you’ll get a chance to avoid common mistakes, set up a proper taxation scheme, and optimize tax payments and charges in the long run.
  • Free Domain Name In a digitalized world where business hugely shifts online, a consistent online presence is vital for any company. Hence, launching a new venture, nearly every entrepreneur, be it a seasoned businessman or a startupper, thinks about creating and promoting a corporate website. Not only does it add value to the company overall but also it allows companies to advertise themselves and enhance their brand recognition.

    To work for your business image, a website name should somehow align with your company name or the activity you run. With that, it’s recommended that you register a domain name at the formation stage. A free domain name service from Swyft Filings is really helpful in this concern. You’ll get an annual URL registration giving you an opportunity to build an efficient and well-thought corporate web platform from scratch.

    Noteworthy, free domain registration is provided for one year only, and a subscription becomes payable afterward. So, mind checking the price in advance to make sure it’s reasonable.
  • 2-Stage Payment Something else we can’t help but like about Swyft Filings is their pricing approach, which is flexible and user-friendly overall. Swyft Filings pricing plans are smartly designed to match the varying needs of different customer categories.

    To inspire their clients even more and give them more confidence, Swyft Filings also comes up with a nice payment alternative. The company allows you to split your formation costs into two installments instead of paying the whole amount at once. Thus, you can order some add-ons and distribute expenses in a more efficient way. Or you can simply save a bit if your initial formation budget is limited. Anyway, even if you don’t use this option, the offer alone is a good alternative to have.
  • A One-Stop Shop for Your Formation Needs Along with pre-packed formation bundles, Swyft Filings boasts a wide range of associated services that you can buy as one-time add-ons to complete your formation plans or meet your post-formation needs. Added services are meant to help you not only set up your business entity but also maintain and manage it after formation. Those are such options as:

    • DBA Filing;
    • Foreign Qualifications;
    • EIN Registration;
    • Operating Agreement;
    • Registered Agent Service;
    • Annual Report;
    • Business Licensing;
    • S-Corp Election;
    • Dissolution.
    As a result, Swyft Filings could serve as a one-stop-shop for all your formation and post-formation needs. You can get all types of assistance here, without searching high and low elsewhere.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee A 100% money-back guarantee is one of Swyft Filings’ biggest points of pride. There are only a few services offering the same while others stick to rather moderate or even tricky refund policies. In fact, this type of guarantee shows the company’s confidence in its service quality and further contributes to a solid business image and reputation. It helps companies gain customer trust, which is of great value.

    Within this guarantee, Swyft Filings promises full compensation for services you are not satisfied with. First, though, you should contact their call center and let their specialists help you resolve the issue. Should it become evident that the problem was caused by the Swyft Filings error or mistake, they will refund the payment in full. Note, however, that refund requests are only valid if sent within 60 days from the date of purchase.
  • Decent Filing Speed For customers, it’s vital to know when they will get their approved formation documents back. And all formation services stick to a different strategy here. Some of them tend to deliberately slow down the formation and prioritize the orders with more expensive plans.

    Swyft Filings might be not the fastest service out there, yet, a good thing is that initially, the company sticks to state processing times and will specify turnaround time estimates for your chosen formation state as you place an order. That’s what we call a fair approach.

    In the meantime, Swyft Filings does have express and rush filing options that will reduce your turnaround times to one to three days. Express filing is a default feature of their Premium plan while other customers can order it as an extra if necessary.

    If you compare Swyft Filings express rates with those of other competitors, you’ll see that Swyft Filings has competitive prices leaving many contenders behind in this aspect.
  • Stellar Customer Support Strong customer support is a must-have feature of any formation service that claims to be reputed and reliable. And Swyft Filings fully lives up to its promises here. Diverse contact methods, an easy-to-access call center, knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly help reps, Swyft Filings has it all. Their customer support is really beyond all praise. At the same time, the company has something more to offer, something you won’t find in competitor services.

    Thus, once you become a Swyft Filings client, you’ll be assigned a personal support assistant. You’ll get a phone number and personal email of a help rep who will be always in contact with you, aware of your business situation and all your issues or minor problems.

    Not only will you be able to access a support expert almost immediately but also you’ll get the benefit of personal contact and enjoy the convenience of communicating with a person you already know. This will save you the trouble of explaining your problem in detail each time you call. Meanwhile, you’ll get a more efficient and customized solution for your issue.
  • Exclusively High Customer Rating Though in business for only a decade, Swyft Filings boasts a wealth of customer reviews. The company pops up on all the most popular independent reviewer websites and has thousands of customer reviews there. With nearly 3,000 comments on Trustpilot, 32,000 comments on Site Jabber, over 30,000 reviews on Shopper Approved, and accredited on BBB, Swyft Filings prides itself on a high customer rating of 4.6 out of 5.

    The score above proves that the customer feedback is predominantly positive, with only a few negative comments. Most users liked the service’s ease of use, quality, and top-of-the-line customer support. A few complaints you might find are usually diligently handled by the Swyft Filings specialists.

Swyft Filings Cons

With so many pluses and advantages, Swyft Filings service is far from perfect and still has a few drawbacks that we can’t skip.

  • No Free Registered Agent Service Registered agent service is a crucial element of business formation and incorporation since a registered agent function is a law requirement for LLCs and corporations. Normally, all formation companies have this service on their lists, yet provide it under different conditions. Thus, some providers make a year of registered agent service a part and parcel of their pricing plans (which is the best approach we think) while others make it a payable option.

    Registered agent service is the biggest Swyft Filings drawback. Neither of the company plans has it on the list. Whether you purchase basic formation or target a premium plan, you’ll have to pay for the registered agent service, which will further boost your formation cost. And it will significantly escalate the cost since the annual subscription comes at $596.

    The registered agent service price in Swyft Filings is by far the highest in the industry. The worst is that the company doesn’t mention it straight away. What they put on the website is that the price starts at $149. In practice, though, that’s a quarterly rate. And you’ll figure that out during check-out.
  • Expensive Top-Tier Pack The Swyft Filing’s Premium Pack costs $299 exclusive of state fees. It’s twice the price of their Standard Plan which comes at $149. However, the added features you’ll get don’t justify that huge escalation. A corporate kit is of no use and website-related services appear to be too expensive.

    Besides, if you add a year of registered agent service and a state fee, that price will jump up to $1000 or even higher. As such, the Premium Pack doesn’t offer the value you might expect for this price, and we’d rather recommend that you skip it.
  • Heavy Reliance on Third-Party ServiceDespite being quite popular and distinguished by extensive customer support, Swyft Filings is not a big company. At the same time, they offer a decent service range covering both essentials and many add-ons. It’s become possible due to outsourcing. In many of its services, the company relies on third-party partners.

    Most often, outsourced options are subscription services such as a registered agent service. Hence, you should be ready for automatic subscription prolongations unless you cancel the service in advance. And cancellations are not that easy too. In most cases, you’ll have to contact third parties for that.

    While the idea of outsourcing is nothing special or abnormal, Swyft Filings doesn’t make it evident. In other words, when ordering services, you don’t know which of them will be outsourced. That feels a bit offputting since you might not want to share your personal data with any third parties.
  • UpsellsHeavy Swyft Filings’ reliance on third-party partners results in heavy upselling. Before checkout, you’ll be pushed into multiple promotions and advertisements. Many of them look like they are used for the sake of sale only and bring no added value at all.

    Besides, all services are split in a bit weird manner shifting the customer focus from important features to something they don’t actually need.

Swyft Filings Contacts

Address:12605 East Fwy, Houston, TX 77015
Phone:1 (877) 777-0450
Fax:1 (877) 669-8624

Swyft Filings Client Service

Swyft Filings Customer Reviews
(average value in popular ratings)
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(76 reviews)
(330 reviews)
(4643 reviews)
(32301 reviews)

As stated above, Swyft Filings has stellar customer service. This is one of the company’s biggest fortes that makes it so attractive for beginners and first-time entrepreneurs. In the meantime, it’s hard to disagree that having a personal support assistant is of great help for any experienced businessman setting up a venture with a more complex business scenario. One way or another, you’ll get recommendations and instructions tailored to your specific business situation, which is much more efficient than relying on some generic advice.

If you are not a Swyft Filings customer yet, getting in touch with the company help reps won’t be a problem as well. The call center is open from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. on workdays, and your call will be answered in a quick and diligent manner. Besides, there is a handy online chat and email support you can contact at any time.

This is what Swyft Filings customers say about its client support:

“I called Swyft Fillings with an issue that I had with my state fillings. I was fortunate to have Sonora T. to handle my issue. She was very knowledgeable and handled it in a short time frame with the utmost professionalism. I was extremely satisfied and look forward to continuing my business relationship with Swyft Filings. Thank you very much, Sonora.”

“Everything was explained great and any questions that I asked were answered. Great service.”

“Swyft Filings is really great company. Their customer service is wonderful and they make every choice unique to your understanding. I really appreciate their knowledgeable agents and professionalism.”

Swyft Filings vs Other Competition

While Swyft Filings is a good service overall, with numerous advantages outweighing the flaws, there are many other similar service providers on the market that are even more popular than Swyft Filings. We’ve already suggested ZenBusiness as a great alternative. Now, let’s see how Swyft Filings stacks up against other competitors operating in different price sectors and market niches.

Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom

LegalZoom is an industry old-timer that stands out for its impeccable reputation and strong brand power. The company provides a whole range of legal services to individuals and has a rich depot of legal document templates and generic legal forms for nearly any occasion. However, LegalZoom’s formations services are far too expensive and filings speeds are slow. 

Swyft Filings is a better option if you need your legal entity to be filed fast and don’t plan to hire this provider as your registered agent.

Swyft Filings vs Northwest Registered Agent

Casting a look at these two, Swyft Filings looks more attractive. The company’s prices are really more affordable at a glance. Yet, if you add a year of registered agent service at over $600, Swyft Filings is no competitor to Northwest that offers this service by default. Besides, an annual subscription that will be charged at $125 in a year is in line with average market rates. 

To continue, Northwest has a long track record. It’s a more reputed service from the premium sector. That said, Swyft Filings is much faster and comes up with a more flexible price approach where you can order affordable barebone filing services if you want.

Swyft Filings vs Incfile

Incfile owes its popularity to a free formation package that even covers a whole year of registered agent service. Such an offer is really hard to beat, and Swyft Filings is no match to it as well. 

Where Swyft Filings has a lead over Incfile is personalized customer support and quick formation with no delays. Besides, recent Incfile reviews are rather negative, and the majority of complaints relate to the service quality.

Swyft Filings vs Rocket Lawyer

While Swyft Filings is solely dedicated to formation services, Rocket Lawyer also has a range of legal services pertinent to other areas beyond formation, which adds value to it. Besides, Rocket Lawyer has a bit different pricing approach. 

Thus, instead of tiered formation bundles you’ll get with Swyft Filings, Rocket Lawyer offers a monthly membership along with one-off services. We must admit that within a $39 monthly subscription with this provider, you’ll get more than with a Swyft Filings basic pack. Overall, Rocket Lawyer’s subscription service is a better choice for those who seek not only formation assistance but also other legal help.

Swyft Filings Pricing & Packages

How can you tell if an LLC formation service offers good value? Before we get to pricing and package features, let’s figure out the basics.

In our opinion, a good LLC service should offer the following features:

  • Cost-effective LLC formation with the state;
  • One-year-free registered agent service included;
  • Custom LLC Operating Agreement.

If you agree with us, you can try ZenBusiness as an alternative. This LLC formation service includes all the above-mentioned features in all their packages. And it also costs $10 less!

Swyft Filings Pricing & Packages

Basic Package ($49 + state fee)

  • Preparation of Articles of Organization and Filing With Secretary of State. You provide the information about your company, Swyft Filings carefully reviews it and does all the required paperwork to officially form your new business in the state. Moreover, they will also file it with the Secretary of State to legally incorporate your LLC. Once approved, you will officially receive your Articles of Incorporation (Certificate of Incorporation).
  • Name Availability Check. Before submitting your paperwork to the state, Swyft Filings will ensure that your chosen LLC name is available. If it’s not, they will immediately contact you for alternate names.
  • Preparation of Statement of Organizer. Swyft Filings will help you with opening your business bank account. The Statement of the Organizer is an official document, created by the Organizer, that states the initial members or managers of an LLC. Swyft Filings will provide a signed and dated Statement of the Organizer for your business.
  • Full Access to Incorporation Documents. Swyft Filings provides full online access to your incorporation documents, which means you can view or download them 24/7 as well as track your orders whenever you want.
  • Lifetime Customer Support. Business experts are ready to help you with anything related to your business formation. They are ready to help you via email or phone and save you from stress and confusion. Swyft Filings’ customer support is always fast, responsible, and friendly — just give them a call and find out for yourself!
  • 30-Minute Business Tax Consultation. If you want to find out how you can reduce your business taxes and gain vital insights regarding your business tax requirements, this included feature is waiting for you. 30 minutes is quite enough to find out basic information regarding your business taxation and how you can use your business bank accounts. Plus, you can find out a few important tips to save your money!
  • Compliance Guard Company Alerts. This feature frees you of all the worries about your annual reports, publication requirements, initial reports, and other deadlines. Thanks to their corporate compliance tool, Swyft Filings ensures you never miss a required filing for your business.
  • Free Domain Name. Swyft Filings will provide your company with a free domain name (.com, .net, .biz, etc.) for one year. Plus, they will also help you properly set up your company email and website.

Standard Package ($149 + state fee)

With this package, you get everything mentioned in the Basic package, plus the following features:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN). If you are going to hire employees and open your business bank account you will need a “social security number” for your LLC. This is what EIN actually is, and Swyft Filings will provide this nine-digit code to your company.
  • LLC Operating Agreement. This important legal document is required to outline the ownership structure of an LLC, how it will be operated, and protects its members from personal liability for their actions. The agreement contains basic regulations and rules, financial/management rights of LLC owners, and other provisions. Swyft Filings will draft this document for you.
  • Banking Resolution. This official document has a list of individuals (officers and members) authorized to open a bank account for your LLC and transact on it. Banking Resolution is often required by banks, and Swyft Filings will provide a customized document according to your company’s information.
  • Organizational Minutes. “Organizational Meeting” is the first meeting of the LLC members. To conduct it, you will need your filed Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement. This form will help you set up your first meeting as an LLC. It’s not required by law that you use Minutes for this meeting, or even hold the meeting in the first place, however, it can be really useful.

Premium Package ($299 + state fee)

This package contains everything from the previous (Standard) package, plus the following features:

  • Electronic Delivery of State Documents. After Swyft Filings will receive your incorporation documents from the state, you will immediately be able to download them via your personal SF account.
  • Digital Corporate Kit. An electronic version of a classic LLC kit and seal that includes various tools to ensure your company stays in compliance with the law. This feature allows you to properly mark your company documents — it includes a custom digital “seal” with the name of your company, establishment year, and state. There’s also a dedicated ownership ledger to properly document all your company’s ownership transfers, and 20 customized stock certificates to distribute formal ownership documents to the initial owners/shareholders.
  • Free Business Website and 3 Months of Web Hosting. Swyft Filings will provide a free website and 3 months of web hosting for your business through their partnership website-building service. That’s how you will be able to stay in touch with your customers and talk to them online. You can get a basic mobile-friendly and secure business website, set up your online store in minutes, create custom portfolios and galleries, choose from 100 custom templates, etc. Don’t forget though that you will have to cover hosting fees on your own after the three-month trial is over.

Swyft Filings LLC Alternative

Swyft Filings is definitely an LLC service to consider when thinking about launching your new LLC, especially if you’re a small business on a tight budget and with limited time. However, there are so many other online providers, offering LLC formation services online, that you are able to find your perfect fit without any fallbacks, no matter how unique your business is.

With that said, let’s take look at ZenBusiness, another reputable LLC service.

In our opinion, ZenBusiness offers the best value on the market today. Thus, we strongly recommend your to check their packages, and maybe you will become their loyal customer. They have the lowest pricing — even though their Starter package also costs $49 at the moment, it contains a registered agent service. Plus, ZenBusiness often has discounts and promotions. So if you’re lucky, you can actually get their basic package for $39.

Swyft Filings Customer Reviews

  • SiteJabber4.5 stars from 32.284 reviews. Most customers are generally satisfied with this company’s service. The key services that customers highlight with Swyft Filings are their Premium package and customer service.
  • Shopper Approved4.5 stars from 37.359 reviews. “Actual verified customers” on Shopper Approved are also quite satisfied with Swyft Filings, indicating their pricing, ease of use, and user-friendly customer support. 25,156 customers would recommend Swyft FIlings to others, and 25,145 would use their services again.
  • Trustpilot4.6 stars (Excellent) from 2.934. Here customers also highlight Swyft Filings’ responsive customer support and ease of use.
Swyft Filings Customer Reviews TrustPilot

As you can see, Swyft Filings has quite impressive average scores for a fairly young LLC formation service. The company has thousands of positive customer reviews, which indicates professionalism and a successful experience.

If you’d to find out more, we recommend you to read a few actual customer reviews on the above-mentioned sites. You can also visit BBB (Better Business Bureau) to check their ratings, as well.

All in all, most Swyft Filings’ clients are really satisfied and happy with provided services, especially when it comes to their order-processing speed and user-friendly customer support.

Is Swyft Filings a Good Deal?

In almost 10 years of existence, Swyft Filings has gained tons of positive customer experience and has every reason to be popular. Their clients obviously don’t have much to complain about and are quite happy to use the company’s packages, stuffed with plenty of features.

The company is constantly growing and improving its services, gaining the trust of its customers. And it looks like it has all the chances to “beat” industry giants like LegalZoom or ZenBusiness in the future.

However, there are a few drawbacks, e.g. the high Premium package cost and the absence of the one-year-free registered agent service. These cons still don’t let Swyft Filings become the number one choice for many entrepreneurs and startups.

Thus, this company might not be the right choice for every business. With that said, let’s consider a few scenarios so you can understand if you should (or should not) hire Swyft Filings.

✔ When You Should Hire Swyft Filings

If you are looking for low-cost but high-quality basic services (without a one-year-free RA included), fast order-processing speed, and need a 100% satisfaction guarantee from your chosen LLC formation company, then Swyft Filings is a good choice for your business.

✖ When You Should Not Hire Swyft Filings

If you need a registered agent service and would like to use a Premium package with additional (or different) features at a lower price. As mentioned earlier, Swyft Filings doesn’t offer a full year of a registered agent in any of their packages, so you will have to pay an additional $149 for it.


With the cheapest (at the moment) Basic plan on the market $49, Swyft Filings offers some of the most beneficial opportunities and LLC formation benefits online. They also provide a 100% money-back guarantee and lifetime customer support, which indicates their high level of professionalism. All that is complemented by thousands of excellent customer reviews.

However, the lack of registered agent service in their packages, as well as the high cost of their Premium package can become a considerable downside for some customers. Alas, this still keeps Swyft Filings off the list of our top LLC formation services.

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Senior Business Tax Writer, etc
Jean Wilson Murray

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Swyft Filings Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Needed an S-Corp filing. Found this company and paid a reasonable fee to begin the process. Had a hiccup with my address they gave me which delayed my filing, but Tyler and Drew swiftly apologized and even gave me a discount on my mail box.
    I love their dashboard system, easy to access documents, and corporation alerts and notices it offers.
    I am very happy with this company.

  2. Avatar

    Does not respond to the hiring process, does not say whether the trainee was hired or not.

  3. Avatar

    It was cool, great structure, exemplary service and helpful to all, the same way!

  4. Avatar

    Great company. Competent and attentive professionals

  5. Avatar

    Truly awesome in what they do. Opened an S Corp in 2 business days! In Texas!!! Great job people, I will continue to use you for assistance!

  6. Avatar

    Best LLC formation company in the US. I choose the express and I have all my documents within 12 to 24 hours in my email address. Professional and they help you with state compliance and eliminate red tape. Highly recommended… I’ve used them for 4 LLC already…

  7. Avatar

    I would rate Swyft filling less than a star if that was an option. I used Swyft fillings services to register an entity and for 9 months my service has not been completed. I call them they continuously make promises they can’t keep, and the employees lie. They handle mails poorly and blame it on the courier “it’s lost in the mail”. How is every mail from your end getting lost in the mail? They are absolutely terrible at what they do. To think I also recommended them; never again. You’re better dealing with the states yourself than hiring swyft filing. They cause more stress than dealing yourself. I couldn’t find an option to respond to your comment but the order number is 2517806

  8. Avatar

    I don’t understand the bad reviews here. I formed an LLC with them. It’s a little pricey, but after a couple days they had it ready, I was registered with my state and received all my paper work and EIN. Was able to go open a business bank account, register my business locally. They were great.

  9. Avatar

    There were 5 fraudulent charges on my checking account from this company. I’ve never worked with them and have never contacted them before. Chase had to close my account because of these crooks.

  10. Avatar

    Beware! Please look at the reviews first before doing business thru this company. We have been waiting for an approval for more than 9 months! YES, you are reading correct and they have the nerve to continue charging for fees for services that we aren’t even using! What people are writing is true so please look at reviews before doing any business with these people. Will report them to the Better Business Bureau.

  11. Avatar

    Hard to get people to follow up. The worst is you find they keep on charging you. Please pay extra attention on your account. I have never received any paper documentation from them – don’t get into somehow like agent service.

  12. Avatar

    This company is a fraud business that steal money from my registration. It has charged meover $150 every month for nothing and I can’t even stop it! This is ridiculous. Be careful to use it. It reviews in two places on google. The fake one has very high ranking that’s why I chose to use them wow it was a nightmare

  13. Avatar

    We used them for incorporation and that proceeded easily. But WATCH OUT- they continued to charge us for many services we never asked for, needed, or used. As new Business owners it took us a while to understand this. We received NO emails EVER with receipts or notifications of the charges they were billing to our credit card on file. It took 2 calls, more than an hour on the phone, to get them to actually credit the unexpected $500 charge on our credit card. The initial agent on the second call was halfway toward DISSOLUTION OF OUR BUSINESS- and charging us for that, too, by the way, rather than just CANCELING OUR RELATIONSHIP as requested. I would hazard to say this borders on a fraudulent business and business practices. BEWARE.

  14. Avatar

    By far the worst service I ever had. They submitted a different name to opened my business, and when asking for a name change they gave me the wrong information to submit, never took care of the problem, continued asking for the wrong documentation. After several months I had to do my own research and do everything by myself. As of today, legal zoom continues giving me problems, not following up, asking me to wait at least 10 days between corrections they never completed. Also, it takes hours for them to answer or to return a call.

  15. Avatar

    Scam, Every time Charge your credit card you, need to pay attention your credtic card bill. they charge it without your permission.

  16. Avatar

    My clothing brand it’s like I’m halfway satisfied I really thought I was going to have a better experience but it beats having nothing so yes I do have my LLC for my clothing brand

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