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Last updated on: February 8, 2022
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If you’re looking for a reliable online formation service provider, Harbor Compliance could be an excellent option to help you start your new business.

The company has helped create thousands of entities since their launch in 2012, earning its reputability in the industry through their dedicated approach to formation.

Perhaps the strongest suit of this service is their experience with adherence to specific state requirements in all jurisdictions. Hiring Harbor Compliance is a good idea to form an LLC in a more efficient way, not to mention they offer a range of additional features.

What makes the service more effective than other formation methods is their reliance on qualified specialists and the application of proprietary software. All of this to say that the company can significantly ease your business registration process and further maintenance, including:

  • compliance control for annual reports and other maintenance requirements with set due dates;
  • filing and renewal of licenses, permits, DBA names and more;
  • timely filing of your tax returns;

With all that said, is hiring Harbor Compliance the best decision for you and your business? And could their services fit your goals or the requirements of your LLC?

This Harbor Compliance LLC review will touch on the most pertinent aspects of this service, including pricing, features, as well as the company’s pros and cons compared to its competitors.

There is also a brief outline of the type of feedback the company receives for those who prefer to make their choices based on customer reviews.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Harbor Compliance

  • comprehensive service: Harbor Compliance has one of the best-integrated services covering any state’s requirements regardless of extensiveness or complexity; most of the time this concerns the publication requirement enforced by the states of New York, Nebraska and Arizona to complete an LLC registration; most formation service providers do not offer this feature;
  • providing a registered agent: all of Harbor Compliance LLC formation packages include a full year of their registered agent service free of charge;
  • stellar reviews: the company has received excellent customer feedback based on their online reviews of which the majority is positive;
  • premium customer service: after purchasing one of their formation packages, you will be assigned a personal assistant; this compliance specialist will be able to answer all your questions and provide necessary assistance for the entire duration of your subscription; this level of personalized service guarantees qualified customer support from professionals who are well acquainted with the specifics of your particular company;
  • reliable and informative website: the company’s website dedicates an entire section to their information center with extensive educational resources such as:
    • templates of various documents;
    • business compliance and other formation guides;
    • webinars and much more.

Disadvantages of Harbor Compliance

  • pricing: Harbor Compliance is not the most affordable option as their pricing starts from $399; this is not ideal considering that there are plenty of cheap LLC services out there with formation prices as low as $39.

Harbor Compliance LLC Packages

If you plan to hire Harbor Compliance to help you start your LLC, you can choose from the two service packages they have on offer:

  • Formation: $399;
  • Compliance: $799.

Of course, these prices are far from the industry’s best given that many top-rated LLC services offer more affordable packages. Even so, it’s considerably cheaper to form an LLC with Harbor Compliance, especially when you take the cost of hiring an attorney into consideration.

Plus, the company has a more personalized approach compared to other popular formation services. So let’s take a closer look at the formation packages that Harbor Compliance offers to form a new LLC.

Harbor Compliance LLC Packages

Formation = $399 + State Fee

As the name suggests, this package is ideal for anyone looking to get a full business formation service. The plan includes the following features:

Preparing and filing Articles of Organization

Articles of Organization is the key document in the business registration process, serving as proof of your company’s creation while also outlining its business type, structure, and other aspects of company operations.

The cost of this document varies depending on the state of formation, and in certain jurisdictions, you will be expected to pay a small fortune in filing fees.

This is why this step is so vital — the correct drafting and filing of the articles determines the success of your company’s formation.

Naturally, you can do this on your own, but hiring Harbor Compliance is bound to save you precious time while also ensuring all documentation will be compliant with state laws.

Name Search

According to the majority of state requirements, an LLC’s name has to be unique. So before filing your documentation, you need to make sure whether your preferred LLC name hasn’t already been taken by another entity in your state. Harbor Compliance can actually help with that by checking name availability against state databases.

Annual Registered Agent Service

Every LLC is legally required to designate a registered agent in order to receive important document deliveries, including:

  • state correspondence;
  • requests or orders from the state;
  • tax notifications;
  • service of process and more;

Even though it’s possible to designate a person or entity to be your registered agent, hiring a professional service provider is far more reliable.

Harbor Compliance also offers a free year of registered agent with all its LLC formation plans. After the year is up, they will start charging you $99 per year.

They do offer 5% to 10% discounts though, provided you purchase 2 or more years worth of registered agent service.

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

EIN is essentially the equivalent of your SSN but in a business context. This nine-digit number is an absolute requirement if you want to:

  • hire employees;
  • open business bank accounts;
  • file business taxes;
  • acquire DBA names et al.

Harbor Compliance can settle all these matters for you, allowing you to spend your time and effort on other aspects of your business.

Sample Operating Agreement

Despite the fact that most states let you register your LLC without drafting this document, creating your own operating agreement would still be more beneficial for your company in the long run.

As an internal document, the operating agreement exists to outline the following aspects:

  • ownership structure of the company;
  • rights and responsibilities of all acting members;
  • liability shares;
  • interior structure and operational procedures of your LLC.

Given their individualized approach, Harbor Compliance will draft an operating agreement template specific to your company, so you will be able to cover all your bases.

Compliance = $799 + State Fee

FInishing the formation of an LLC won’t mark the end of your duties. Every state presents its own list of maintenance requirements adherence to which is meant to ensure the legal status of your company as well as its stability and longevity.

If keeping your LLC compliant is on your immediate agenda, an easy way to do it is to seek professional assistance. Harbor Compliance offers a package dedicated exclusively to LLC maintenance. Moreover, their Compliance package offers all of the features included in the Formation package plus the following additions:

Managed Annual Report Service

Submitting various business activity reports on time is one of the main compliance requirements that any LLC has to fulfil. This includes the filing of an LLC’s annual reports required by most states, though some of them change it to the biennial filing.

To maintain your company’s good standing, Harbor Compliance can create your reports for you and notify you about various due dates.

Initial Report

Some states might ask you to file the initial report after forming your LLC, and if you are unsure about this process, Harbor Compliance can do it on your behalf.


In some states — specifically New York, Nebraska, and Arizona — the registration of an LLC requires a Certificate of Publication.

This essentially means you will need to publish proof of your company’s formation in a local newspaper or a legal periodical. After the publication run is complete, you will need to file the Affidavits of Publication.

Harbor Compliance can take this responsibility upon themselves by publishing your notice of formation and submitting the proof with the state.

Company Kit and Seal

This package also includes a full formation kit with a symbolic seal, a binder with your company’s name, and much more.

S-Corp or C-Corp Tax Election

One of the reasons behind LLC’s popularity as a structure is its flexible taxation. Although pass-through by default, an LLC can also elect to be taxed like a corporation or partnership. If you initially selected the regular flow-through taxation but would like to change it, Harbor Compliance can prepare necessary forms and file them with the IRS.

Full Support

The Compliance package also provides ongoing customer service access, while the Formation plan only supports this feature during the initial stage of LLC formation.

Harbor Compliance Customer Reviews

Harbor Compliance may be a relatively new company, having opened its doors as recently as in 2012, but it’s not at all a hindrance to their formation capabilities.

Despite not having a ton of online customer feedback often seen in the review platforms profiles of other formation services, the company has managed to accumulate mostly positive customer reviews.

Their customers emphasize the exceptional support offered by Harbor Compliance’s service reps as well as the quality of formation service provided by the company each step of the way. BBB has also awarded the company an A+ rating independently of customer feedback since the accreditation rating is determined by industry specialists at BBB.

Harbor Compliance Customer Reviews BBB

Feel free to look through customer reviews Harbor Compliance has online that also serve as the basis for generating the following overall ratings:

  • BBB: 3.91/5 based on 11 reviews;
  • Facebook: 5/5 based on 21 reviews;
  • Glassdoor: 3.5/5 based on 32 reviews.
  • Google: 4.4/5 based on 92 reviews;
Harbor Compliance Customer Reviews Google

Is Harbor Compliance Right For You?

Generally speaking, Harbor Compliance is excellent at its job and can fully assist you in LLC formation by providing top-notch business solutions even if your state puts forward a host of complex requirements.

That being said, every company is unique and even the individualized approach of Harbor Compliance can prove to be unfit for certain states or startups. So let’s examine in which cases it would be beneficial to hire Harbor Compliance and when it would be best to look for other options.

✔ When to Start an LLC with Harbor Compliance:

  • when the state of formation enforces complex compliance systems or a long set of requirements for registering an LLC;
  • when looking for more personalized customer support with an individually assigned Compliance Specialist to help you register your company;
  • when looking to create an LLC with registered agent service added for free for your first year in business;
  • when customer reviews are a major factor in your selection process;
  • when your initial budget is sufficient and can cover Harbor Compliance service rates.

✖ When NOT to Start an LLC with Harbor Compliance:

  • when you operate on a limited budget and would rather hire a more affordable LLC formation service.

Final Verdict

All in all, Harbor Compliance is a professional LLC formation company most suitable for business owners who prefer long-term partnerships with consistent compliance control services that establish your company’s good standing with the state.

In nearly a decade of operations, the company has established itself as a reliable service provider within its industry capable of competing with older companies and notable for its rare personalized business and non-profit solutions.

Hiring Harbor Compliance could work as a fine future investment since it plays in favor of your company’s development. Their packages cover all formation and compliance steps, so you running your business becomes less of a hassle.

The addition of a free year of registered agent service is another point in their favor, not to mention the subsequent rate for this service is pretty affordable.

Unlike some formation services that outsource call centers or appoint random customer support reps, Harbor Compliance assigns a personal Compliance Specialist to every client, making the normally cumbersome problem resolution process more efficient.

Even though few formation service providers can offer such organizational advantages, you can still find companies that offer similar formation plans at lower rates.

Still, Harbor Compliance is notable for its experience with more complex compliance systems found in various states. So if you can afford to be more relaxed with your budget, this service is certainly worth considering.

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