Incorporate Fast Inc Review 2022: Is This LLC Service Right for You?


Last updated on: August 4, 2022
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Incorporate Fast Inc
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If you plan to form an LLC but unsure where to even start, consider hiring an online formation service that can make the entire process faster and more accessible.

When it comes to formation services, the current market offers dozens of options with various levels of flexibility. Despite being one of the lesser-known companies in the LLC formation industry, Incorporate Fast Inc. offers affordable and competent formation services and further support nationwide.

IncFast got their start in 2002, having formed over 25,000 companies in that time and established itself as highly reputable with their competitors and customer base.

Given the high levels of competition in the field of LLC formation, online or otherwise, it’s all the more impressive that Incorporate Fast manages to hold their own against bigger companies by constantly improving their business solutions strategies.

This IncFast review will mainly cover the pros and cons of the service provider, including the following key aspects:

  • pricing;
  • features;
  • customer reviews etc.

Each of these points is in itself a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a formation company compatible with the needs of your LLC.

Aside from that, this IncFast LLC service review also expands on additional advantages of the service. Depending on your situation, these benefits could make Incorporate Fast the best decision for you, but it can also prove that you might want to consider other options.

Is Incorporate Fast Legit?

Recently, smaller businesses and private companies have been sprouting up like mushrooms after the spring rains. More and more aspiring entrepreneurs seek assistance in business formation and maintenance. As a result, the business formation market doesn’t stay still and abounds in online formation services. For a newcomer, though, it’s hard to pinpoint a reliable provider from the start.

Speaking of Incorporate Fast, the company’s name is not the most popular out there. You won’t find it in the Best LLC Service ratings or constantly popping up on reviewer websites. However, the lack of hype doesn’t mean the lack of legitimacy.

Having been in business for two decades, Incorporate Fast has enough expertise to call themselves professionals. Yet another factor proving their proficiency is thousands of clients in their business portfolio. 

When it comes to customer feedback, Incorporate Fast doesn’t have tons of customer reviewers like some of its more popular competitors. Yet, those comments, you’ll spot on the web are positive. 

Similar to other services in the industry, Incorporate Fast or IncFast is a national service provider, operating in all US states. So, in a word, it’s a legit and reliable provider you can trust.

Incorporate Fast Pros and Cons

When choosing a formation service or any service, it’s crucial to check the provider’s advantages and flaws since it’s the direct comparison of pros and cons that helps reveal true-to-life service performance and efficiency. For this very reason, below, you’ll find a quick roundup on Incorporate Fast strong and weak points followed by detailed explanations.

Feature-rich entry-level planNot the most affordable prices out there
Premium registered agent service provided for freeLack of customer feedback
An Operating Agreement enlisted in a Basic PlanLack of value in high-tier packs
Same-day document processing
Fast and simple checkout process
Solid professional expertise
Efficient website
Bilingual customer service
Enhanced data protection

Incorporate Fast Pros

To stand out from the competition, each service provider take strides to deliver some unique benefits and “goodies” to get customers hooked. With Incorporate Fast, you’ll really get a lot. And the best thing is that those are real perks and not some sounding promises.

Feature-Rich Entry-Level Plan

A baseline plan is a low-tier package, which is normally offered at the lowest cost and has a limited service set. Most often than not, this pricing plan covers barebone filing service and a few minor options. However, there are a few providers that come up with well-featured entry-level plans, and Incorporate Fast is among them. 

In fact, IncFast Basic Plan embraces all the essentials we deem necessary to form or incorporate a business from scratch. It’s what we’d call a formation benchmark. Thus, the formation document preparation and filing service are complete with a whole free year of registered agent service and an Operating Agreement draft. On top of that, you’ll get access to important state forms and enjoy e-document delivery via your personal account on the Incorporate Fast online portal.

Premium Registered Agent Service

Since a registered agent is a law requirement for LLCs and corporations in the US, a registered agent service is a vital feature for a formation pack, in our opinion. Many providers tend to sell this option as an add-on, thus, noticeably bumping up your grand total. Incorporate Fast, on the other hand, makes registered agent service a default part of all its plans, which is the best approach we think. 

Besides, the quality of the registered agent service in Incorporate Fast is beyond all praise. Being a smaller company, Incorporate Fast doesn’t have an in-house team of registered agents and outsources this service to a third-party provider. However, striving to ensure the best service quality for their customers, the company has managed to find an ideal partner. 

Ordering the registered agent service from Incorporate Fast, you’ll be served by the Northwest Registered Agent. It’s a win-win collaboration for a customer. As a result, at $125 per year, you’ll get top-of-the-line registered agent service from the leading provider with a dedicated registered office in each state. At the same time, you will still enjoy fast and more affordable formation service from InFast.

An Operating Agreement Enlisted in a Basic Plan

Though a company bylaw, an Operating Agreement is an essential management tool for an LLC. It works to ensure the smooth and problem-free operation and control over a business set up by multiple co-owners. 

The document outlines ongoing management procedures and operational processes while clearly stipulating the rights, powers, and obligations of both company members and managers. As such, it helps avoid disputes and quickly regulate any disagreements between the LLC members while maintaining efficient day-to-day company functioning. 

Since an Operating Agreement is rather an internal doc that needs no filing with the state, 

many formation services either sell it as a one-off option or include it only in high-tier plans. Meanwhile, with Incorporate Fast, you’ll get a customized Operating Agreement even with an entry-level plan, which is a big plus. 

In a combo with a registered agent service, an Operating Agreement ensures complete formation within a Basic package, thus, saving you money on pricey add-ons.

Same-day Document Processing

Fast filing is the main IncFast’s claim to fame. The company promises by far the fastest formation and really lives up to its promises. Same-day document processing is included by default in all IncFast formation bundles. 

It means the company doesn’t prioritize orders internally by cost and handles all applications on the same day they were submitted. It’s a kind of specialty feature since there are only a few competitor services that offer the same. In the meantime, the majority of contenders provide expedited processing as a pretty expensive added service.

Fast and Simple Checkout Process

Incorporate Fast not only comes up with swift formations but also makes sure you will quickly place an order. The whole process will hardly take more than 5 to 10 minutes. Clear and comprehensive instructions will make the application straightforward and intuitive and guide you through application steps in close to no time. 

Solid Professional Expertise

Expertise is what proves proficiency and contributes to it at the same time. Given the number of formation services in the modern market, professionalism is a must-have feature to stand out among the rivals and be attractive to customers. And this is yet another ace down the sleeve of Incorporate Fast. 

Two decades of experience in the industry are hard to beat. Within this period of time, the company has handled many various formation scenarios and tackled different business situations. Having traced formation laws and regulations through the years, Incorporate Fast has worked out a functional and efficient formation algorithm. This way, they simplify and expedite the process to the max while keeping it professional and under control.

Efficient Website

With Incorporate Fast, you’ll get access to a comprehensive and intuitive platform. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and well-structured directories, all info and data are within easy reach. Whatever you need, you’ll find it in mere minutes. 

Unlike many similar services that tend to hide or disguise prices, IncFats is open and clear about its rates. In fact, all prices are available right on the front page, saving you the need to search high and low.

Bilingual Customer Service

Though Incorporate Fats is an American company operating in the US and for US customers, it offers bilingual customer service. The provider’s call center also has Spanish-speaking help reps to ensure professional assistance to Spanish-speaking foreign customers or immigrants who seek to set up their business in the US. 

Bilingual customer service gives IncFast an edge over competitors since there are not so many other services having the same option on their lists.

Enhanced Data Protection

When using an online service, data protection is of ultimate importance, especially if you share your personal data or some sensitive info. With Incorporate Fast, your data will be under secure protection, with no risk of unauthorized use or leakage. 

Some might claim that with an outsourced registered agent service, their data will be disclosed to a third party. However, Northwest Registered Agent maintains the same privacy and security standards as IncFast ensuring the highest degree of protection for your info.

Incorporate Fast Cons

With an array of benefits to it, Incorporate Fast still has a few drawbacks. And we should consider them as well to make a true-to-life service review.

Not the Most Affordable Prices Out There

A Basic bundle from Incorporate Fast really offers a lot of value as compared to entry-level packs from other similar services. That said, the price of the pack (at $99) stands at the higher end of the price range. And there are competitors that provide the same feature set at a lower cost. 

Thus, ZenBusiness enlists similar services in its starter pack at only $49 while Incfile offers $0 formation with a whole year of registered agent service. If you add an Operating Agreement, you’ll get complete formation at $40 with Incfile.

Lack of Customer Feedback

Unbiased customer comments showcase the opinions of real service users and describe the service performance as it is. Unfortunately, despite the immense professional experience, long track record, and a decent number of customers in a business portfolio, Incorporate Fast can’t boast extensive customer feedback. 

In fact, IncFast customer reviews are fairly scarce. You’ll find only about a dozen of random comments online. The good thing is that all of them are positive by nature and there are no complaints. However, the number of comments is not sufficient for a fair view. 

Lack of Value in High-Tier Packs

Mid- and high-tier plans from Incorporate Fast cost $199 and $299 accordingly. As compared to $99 for the Basic Plan, the bump-up in price is significant. However, the value you get for that money is not worth such price escalation. Membership certificates, a corporate book, and a corporate seal are rather excessive add-ons. And to get an EIN, you don’t have to pay at all. The Internal Revenue Service issues it for free.

Incorporate Fast Contacts

Adress:70 S Lake Ave STE 1000, Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone number:866-999-8200
Email:online form

Incorporate Fast Customer Service

Straight off the reel, Incorporate Fast is a customer-focused company. In the “Contact Section”, you’ll find an online contact form and a few phone numbers to get in touch with the provider specialists. It should be noted that all customer inquiries are responded to in a diligent and quick manner. Whether you send an email or call the contact center, you’ll get a prompt and comprehensive answer. Incorporate Fast lives up to its name here too. 

The company’s call center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Though they don’t have extended work hours, it’s not a big problem since during the specified time, getting in touch with their help reps will be a breeze. In contrast to bigger competitors using chatbots and automated messages, Incorporate Fast has a dedicated team of support specialists. So, each time you call, you’ll contact a real person and won’t have to wait for a long time until somebody picks up your call. 

Two more features that add value to the IncFast’s customer service are the above-mentioned bilingual support and a comprehensive learning library with a whole variety of helpful articles, guides, and additional resources.

Incorporate Fast vs Competition

Incorporate Fast vs LegalZoom

LegalZoom is a top-liner service backed by impressive brand power, professionalism, and trustworthiness. It’s an industry old-timer widely favored by multiple customers. It boasts a rich business portfolio and is distinguished by extensive customer feedback. At the same time, though, LegalZoom is one of the most expensive services out there mainly meant for premium customers.

Incorporate Fast, on the other hand, also has enough experience and track record to prove its professionalism. Yet, the company prices are much more affordable, and its pricing plans are more feature-packed than those of LegalZoom.

Incorporate Fast vs Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a strong industry player with a solid track record. Unlike Incorporate Fast with formation bundles, Rocket Lawyer offers a monthly subscription and one-off services. By and large, the company’s prices are in line with market average rates. And monthly membership provides access to a wide range of services covering not only formation options but also a whole variety of legal services for individuals and an excellent legal document library. Given the provided capabilities, the subscription price of $39 per month is fair and affordable. 

Despite looking a bit more expensive, Incorporate Fast is still a better choice if you need turnkey formation at a reasonable price. The service will work as a one-stop shop for all your formation and maintenance needs. Meanwhile, Rocket Lawyer is a great option if you need other legal services on a regular basis beyond formation.

Incorporate Fast vs Incfile

Incfile is a hard-to-compete service due to its $0 formation pack. At the cost of a state fee only, this company will form your LLC or incorporate your business and even deliver a whole year of registered agent service. To complete the service with an Operating Agreement will add $40 to your grand total still keeping the final price lower than that of IncFast. 

However, Incfile is not perfect. Their customer support leaves much to be desired and the overall quality of the service is not the best over there. Hence, it’s an alternative to Incorporate Fast only if you are ready to sacrifice good customer support for the price reduction. 

IncFast LLC Packages

Incorporate Fast offers three packages to assist with LLC formation:

IncFast LLC Packages

Let’s take a closer look at each of the packages and determine the main differences that separate these options.

1. Basic Package

For their Basic package, IncFast charges $99 + state fee, making it the best option out of three for everyone wanting to save some money. By purchasing this plan, you can get everything you need for creating a business plus a few additional features.

  • Name Availability Searches: checking the availability of your company’s name is a crucial step for drafting the Articles of Organization. Most states require for the business name to be unique, and this tool allows you to avoid choosing a name that’s already been taken in your state by another company. To make sure your desired LLC name is available, IncFast can do all the necessary search in your state’s databases;
  • Articles of Organization (Preparation and Filing): to officially create your LLC, IncFast will draft and file this document on your behalf, after which your company will be officially registered with the state;
  • One Year Registered Agent Service: all states require their LLCs to designate an active registered agent who acts as an intermediary, forwarding all state correspondence and official documentation to the company. By hiring Incorporate Fast to form an LLC, you will automatically receive 1 year of registered agent service free of charge, after which the subscription will go for $125 per year;
  • IncFast Online Portal: Incorporate Fast expands their customer support with its IncFast Online Portal feature that helps you with long-term business maintenance, provides access to state forms, and gives you the option of receiving all documents via email.
  • Annual Report Compliance: this feature is added automatically with the plan and costs $100 + state fees but you can cancel it 60 days before the payment is due. If you choose to cancel the service, you can still use their calendar to meet compliance requirements of your state and keep up with annual or biennial report filing deadlines;
  • Same Day Processing: all documents will be processed on the day of your filing and submitted with the state, with the exception of weekends;
  • Operating Agreement: a business entity of any type needs to establish its internal framework to ensure the stability of its operations. Here, IncFast can help you by drafting an Operating Agreement for your company where it can outline the following points:
  • rights and responsibilities of LLC owners/members;
  • goals and strategies of your LLC;
  • key procedures and other legal processes that stabilize the inner workings of the company.

2. Deluxe Package

For this option, IncFast charges $199 + state fee for LLC formation and includes all features from the Basic package, plus a few additional services described below. Deluxe package could be a good fit for LLCs that plan to hire employees or those classified as taxable entities.

  • Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): an EIN is to a business what a Social Security Number is to an individual. This unique nine-digit number is issued by the IRS for easy identification of your LLC. Even though you can get an EIN from the IRS for free, IncFast can help deal with all of the paperwork involved in the process and save you time and effort;
  • Membership Certificates: Incorporate Fast can issue the necessary membership or stock certificates that act as proof of ownership and state asset allocation of the LLC membership group;
  • Banking Resolution: with this service, IncFast issues a fill-in form that helps you open a business bank account. The form authorizes you to open a bank account on the behalf of your LLC.

3. Premium Package

Anyone who prefers to stick close to tradition will likely enjoy IncFast’s Premium package. For the price of $299 + state fee, this plan includes all features from the Deluxe package, plus a small addition:

  • LLC Kit and Seal: more of a symbolic gesture, this additional service is IncFast’s way of personalizing your experience by sending you a small kit featuring:
  • Corporate book: a binder with copies of all documents;
  • Corporate seal: an official company seal with your LLC info.

2 Alternative LLC Services

The current market is luckily brimming with choices of online LLC service providers, making it much easier to find an alternative. So if IncFast is not the most suitable of options for your business, you have the freedom to pick from dozens of other services.

Let’s look at the 2 online companies widely considered to be the top best performers in the industry, both of which offer good value of service.

  • ZenBusiness: perhaps one of the top service providers when it comes to the best combination of pricing/features. ZenBusiness is exceptionally affordable as well as inclusive, charging only $39 for their base package. They can form an LLC company with greater speed and ease while also providing an entire year of free registered agent service. They offer more or less the same selection of features found in IncFast packages, except they charge you $60 less. ZenBusiness also has over 5,000 positive customer reviews online, making it all the more reliable;
  • Northwest Registered Agent: another appealing alternative to IncFast, Northwest will be a suitable choice for entrepreneurs that value individualized approach and premium customer support. They charge $225 to register LLC entities and include 1 year of registered agent service, though the company is highly renowned for their customer support service. Unlike many competitors, Northwest scans all documents and forwards it to your company as opposed to scanning only legally required documents.

IncFast Reviews From Customers

Incorporate Fast Inc Customer Reviews
(average value in popular ratings)
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(16 reviews)
(1 reviews)

Even though some of their competitors have received a higher volume of reviews, the quality of the services IncFast offers is in no way undermined by the modest quantity of their customer reviews.

It might seem odd that with 15+ years in business and thousands of clients, IncFast only has about 10 reviews online that can be counted as customer feedback. First-hand experience testimonials are an important factor for many entrepreneurs, so it’s understandable if that turns you off.

Still, there is some feedback for the IncFast customer experience that can be found with the BBB. Incorporate Fast holds the 5/5 star rating based on 3 positive reviews, but it’s their accreditation that makes them truly stand out. BBB specialists have awarded the service A+ rating which is the highest professional score available.

IncFast Reviews From Customers BBB

According to the California Secretary of State’s business entity database, Incorporate Fast Inc. was registered in 2013, contesting the statement on their website. Regardless of their official launch date, the company still boasts years of experience in the industry.

Is IncFast the Right LLC Service For You?

IncFast has all the necessary industry experience and qualifications to provide your company with LLC formation service of the highest quality and at fairly affordable rates.

Their strongest points are by far their quick turnaround times and direct experience. Moreover, all their packages include 1 year of free registered agent service which is more than most of its competitors have to offer in this regard.

All that said, keep in mind that every company requires a more individualized approach based on its needs. There is no single online service provider that can fit the needs of every existing LLC.

If you’re still unsure whether IncFast is a suitable option for you, below is a brief summary for both cases that might help you come to your final decision.

✔ When to Set up an LLC with IncFast

Hiring IncFast to register an LLC is beneficial for entrepreneurs who value high formation speeds and relatively affordable rates that cover a year of registered agent service.

✖ When NOT to Setup an LLC with Incorporate Fast:

If you’d rather form your LLC for cheaper rates or prefer LLC formation packages with more expansive features, it’s generally a good idea to consider other options.

Final Verdict

IncFasy is a professional LLC formation company that could prove to be highly beneficial for your business management needs. They have plenty of advantages, including:

  • 1 year of free registered agent service;
  • personalized operating agreement form in all LLC packages;
  • simple order procedure and fast processing;
  • the most detailed order status report in the industry;
  • vast experience.

Despite some competitors offering the same limited liability company formation plans for lower prices, IncFast are fairly utilitarian with their pricing. All in all, their service is more than expedient

Senior Business Tax Writer, etc
Jean Wilson Murray
(323) 789-5289
Senior Business Tax Writer, etc
Jean Wilson Murray

Entrepreneur, investor, financial commentator

Incorporate Fast Inc Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Appears to be some sort of mafia like extortion racket. A company they helped file for the formation of ended up not getting funded and was shut down. They were told to file a formal dissolution. They took money to do that. Next year they phoned each of the three founders demanding that the now nonexistent company pay its franchise fees through them or the founders would “be put in for collection.” One founder panicked and paid *again* to have the company formally dissolved. Two years later they are back again with the “collection” calls pretending that they have some sort of legal authority to collect fees and payments that are not owed to anyone, much less them.

  2. Avatar

    Very helpful service. Was able to get my first LLC within the NEXT DAY of filing. Plus, I had questions, since it was my first LLC. They answered the phone quickly, it was a real person, and he was very friendly. I also sent them an email on a separate day, and they replied in the same day.

    Great service, thanks again guys!

  3. Avatar

    I am so happy with these people. They are responsive and helpful way beyond what I had expected. I made a mistake in the way I structured my LLC and they fixed it for me in less than one day, with friendly emails to boot!

  4. Avatar

    Very disappointed. Forms provided were incomplete in spots. Simple things like the state of incorporation were left blank. Resolution forms were left for me to complete by hand writing the information.
    When I called the person who answered the phone (Kyle)told me they do not provide those forms completed. Kyle: “”You did not hire a lawyer”” Maybe I should have. He also informed me that Incorporate Fast does not have supervisors nor anyone else in the office who might know how to get my issues addressed. They do not have a corporate hierarchy everyone is on the same level according to him. Apparently they all share the same title and level of lack of customer service. I asked “”Who, from his department attends department head meetings? He replied “” We don’t have those meetings.”” It is no wonder why customer service is so horrible there .When pressed he agreed to have another person call me in the “”indeterminate future”” as no one else in the office could help me further.

  5. Avatar

    Incorporate Fast Inc is TOTALLY the way to go for fast, easy, great service on getting an LLC up and running! Excellent customer service. Great prices. We highly recommend them.

  6. Avatar

    Incorporate Fast brings customer service to a higher level – that of customer satisfaction. Their knowledgeable staff are helpful and caring professionals who do a great job.

  7. Avatar

    I had no idea where to begin with forming an LLC for my freelance design business. Incorporate Fast made is so fast and easy to get my LLC started! They provided me with excellent customer service over the phone and were able to answer all my questions and concerns! Thank you guys so much, I can’t recommend Incorporate Fast enough.

  8. Avatar

    I have formed my LLC and obtained Tax Id with them, they helped me with all stuff and they provided a great customer care service.

  9. Avatar

    This company is HORRIBLE. They don’t do anything for you

  10. Avatar

    They are very fast to respond and help with issues I had with locating documents for my business, during the covid19 pandemic. I reccomend incorporate fast to anyone who wants to form a business

  11. Avatar

    These guys do the work well and fast, however if you have questions or need to get someone on the phone you’re out of luck. They never pick up – always goes to Voicemail.

  12. Avatar

    Hello my name is Stephen Smith from Texas.I just wanted to say I was very impress with your Incorporation service. I plan on referring all my clients to your company.

  13. Avatar

    Fast reliable service they do all the work. They’re responsive and they take care of business! Highly Recommend

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