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Last updated on: August 4, 2022
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At some point, opening a limited liability company is a natural choice or even a necessity for many entrepreneurs. They need it to legalize their business with the state and seek to give their commercial activity some structure to make it easier to control and manage. Though registering an LLC is not the hardest task, it is a time-consuming and sometimes tricky one. So, getting some aid from a specialized legal provider is quite a reasonable decision. If it’s the way to go for you and you think about hiring LLC for that, you’ve come to the right place. In our review, we’ll gradually reveal the info about the prices and features of along with the company’s pros and cons to help you make up your mind whether you want to cooperate with them or not.

Why Is It Worth Using

Among a wide variety of LLC services present on the market today, it’s hard to pinpoint the best services at a glance. Each of them has its strengths and drawbacks and might be the right choice for one customer and the wrong one for other business situations. What sets apart from other companies that offer to launch an LLC for you is their huge and unique experience in this industry. Established in 1899 and renamed a few times since then, this legal provider has helped to form over 750.000 companies. There is hardly any other LLC service that has history and expertise like this. As such, the company boasts unique professional experience and knows all ins and outs of opening an LLC.

Though you won’t find many customer reviews for, the key benefits standing for this company are premium-level service and support, well-established registered agent services, and protection of your assets safeguarded by their corporate guarantee, which is a one-of-the-kind feature of this very LLC service. Formation Packages

Similar to many other companies of this kind, has organized the services they provide into ready-made packages for LLC formation to cater to varying user needs and business scenarios. Overall, there are three major options for forming an LLC. Below, we outline basic pricing and packages as well as important additional services you can get from

Yet, before digging any deeper, it should be mentioned that none of the three service levels contains registered agent service. It’s an add-on feature that comes at a cost of $235 annually. This rate is quite high as compared to many competitors. At the same time, this service also entangles some other valuable extras we’ll talk about below.  

“Starter” Package

The starting price point in is $99 + state fees. For this rate, they suggest covering mere basics you can’t do without to officially form your LLC. For this money, they’ll complete a name availability check for you to make sure your chosen business name is free, draw up and file your Articles of Organization with the state, and make your LLC formation papers accessible via their online platform.

Apart from the basics for LLC formation, the Starter plan also covers some company-specific perks. Yet, those are available subject to using the registered agent service for added $235. With it, you’ll also be able to make use of the $75,000 Corporate Veil Guarantee that will shield your firm against financial risks related to sues arising due to negligence. Besides, the registered agent service unblocks their Online Compliance Watch Tool or CSCNavigator tool. It’s a very helpful and useful option that will let you catch up with all filing due dates, keep track of all your company records, and safely store your crucial business docs online.

“Essentials” Package

It’s a mid-tier plan that offers a few options above a basic feature set you’ll get within the “Starter” package. The extras you’ll receive at $249 + state fees include obtaining an EIN from the IRS (that you’ll have otherwise to do by yourself to open a company bank account or employ workers) and a special corporate kit containing a customized decorative seal, deluxe leather binder, and sample corporate documents. Though these are mostly accessories, it’s always nice to build a professional corporate company image from the start.

Filing service aside, here, again, if you order registered agent service from, you’ll benefit from the corporate guarantee and CSCNavigator tool and also have an annual report service at your disposal. The firm will investigate your state laws and handle your compulsory annual reports for you.

“Work” Package

At $349 + state fees, an upgrade in this LLC package in addition to services from the previous tiers is an Operating Agreement template and a Business License kit. Thus, the company will create an Operating Agreement to outline your business’s organizational and managerial structure, which is crucial for LLCs owned by several persons to help them operate their firm fairly and lawfully. Meanwhile, the Business License service of is designed to help you determine what licenses, permits, and registrations you might need for your LLC to meet all state requirements. Not only will they give you an overview of those docs but also they will deliver all the compulsory forms and templates you need to file and tell you how to duly complete them.

Similar to other packages, if you sign up for registered agent service, you’ll have all the above-mentioned frills related to this subscription at your disposal.

All in all, LLC formation prices look quite fair, though, on average, the rates are higher as compared to other industry top-liners. However, the fact that registered agent service is not included even in a top-tier package and is a requirement to make use of other valuable features (that will also cost you some extra) is quite off-putting and misleading. On one hand, you’ll get good flexibility to choose the add-ons you only need. But on the other hand, it takes quite many upsells to build a truly functional formation package. 

Benefits and Drawbacks Benefits:

  • Impressive Longevity:  It’s one of the biggest fortes of this legal service provider that is hard to beat. Established as the Company Corporation over 120 years ago, is a team of highly professional specialists ready to share their vast experience to help you start an LLC online.
  • Unique Corporate Guarantee: In fact, no other LLC service offers such type of protection. Some only provide money-back guarantees. Meanwhile,’s Corporate Compliance Guarantee ensures the payment of $75,000 to compensate for all the risks carried by your company due to formation process mistakes on the part of
  • Pro Client Service: Given the extensive expertise in LLC formation, you can safely rely on the solid professionalism of’s customer support agents. Available via phone, live chat, or email, they will eagerly answer all your questions and provide any bit of added info you might need.
  • Educational Aspect: Unlike other services of this type, the web platform has an extremely helpful online Learning Center through which you can access their rich collection of comprehensive legal guides covering not only LLC formation issues but also a whole lot of info on taxation and many more legal aspects. Drawbacks:

  • Higher Prices: Overall,’s packages cost more than similar pricing plans in other services and embrace fewer features.
  • Misleading Price Formation: Though has a whole bundle of valuable features such as a CSCNavigator tool, Corporate Guarantee, and a Business License Research Package, to use them, you’ll need to order the registered agent service for $235.
  • Registered Agent Service Is Optional: Ready-made service packages of do not include the registered agent service. While other companies offer it free of charge for the first year, here, you’ll have to pay $235 annually, which is not a competitive fee.
  • Multiple Upsells: Before you finalize your application, the service will take you through many upsells that can considerably increase your total expenses. 

Will Work for You? Customer Reviews
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(7 reviews) is a highly professional service provider that can get your LLC formed quickly and diligently. You can rest assured the company specialist will do everything right and help you start your new business on the right foot. In the meantime, you’ll have to choose between impeccable professionalism and high pricing along with numerous upsells further boosting the final price tag. 

 Register an LLC With if:

You highly value expertise and want an experienced company to be your legal helper. Being over a century in this business, has all the right tools for that. They offer a turnkey service level for busy entrepreneurs who are ok with paying some extra for that.

Look for Another LLC Service if:

You need an affordable service and don’t welcome upsells.’s high prices are not the best option for customers on a budget. So, it’s no wonder, their pricing is the main claim in negative customer reviews.

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    I used Incorporate Com to set up my LLC and I was very happy with the results. They were quick, efficient, and reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend them to anyone else looking for LLC opening services.

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    I was a little hesitant to use Incorporate Com because I had never heard of them before, but I’m glad I did. They were very professional and easy to work with. The price was also cheaper than other companies I looked at. Overall, I was very pleased with Incorporate Com and would recommend them to anyone.

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    Incorporate Com was recommended to me by my accountant. He said they were the best LLC formation company he had worked with. And he was right! They made the process very easy and painless. The price was also very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Incorporate Com to anyone looking for LLC formation services.

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    Incorporate Com is a great company. They did everything they said they would do and more. I was very pleased with their service. The price was reasonable, and the process was very smooth. I would definitely recommend Incorporate Com to anyone looking for LLC opening services.
    -Great customer service
    -Smooth process
    -Reasonably priced

    -None that I can think of!

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    I used Incorporate Com to open an LLC for my business. They were very professional and the process was quick and easy. I would definitely recommend their services.
    Incorporate Com’s prices are very reasonable. Their LLC opening service starts at $99, which is much cheaper than other similar companies.
    Customer service:
    The customer service at Incorporate Com is excellent. They were very responsive to my questions and concerns, and they made the whole process very easy for me.
    I would definitely recommend Incorporate Com to anyone looking for LLC opening services. They are professional, reasonably priced, and have great customer service. Thank you, Incorporate Com!

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    I found the company to be extremely helpful in getting my LLC set up. They were very responsive to any questions I had and walked me through the process step by step. The price was also very reasonable. Overall, I would definitely recommend Incorporate Com to anyone looking for LLC opening services.

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    Incorporate Com was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m glad I used them. The process was simple and straightforward, and the price was good. I would definitely recommend Incorporate Com to anyone looking to form an LLC.

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