MyUSACorporation Review 2022: Is This LLC Service Right for You?


Last updated on: August 4, 2022
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Do you want to outsource the management of an LLC to a professional online company but haven’t decided yet? If you are looking for the best LLC service that provides quality service at an affordable price, then consider hiring MyUSACorporation. With their convenient application process, starting an LLC will not only be easy but also fast.

In this MyUSACorporation review, we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this online company. In addition, we will highlight its most important characteristics such as pricing, features, and customer reviews, so that you can make a considered decision.

What is MyUSACorporation?

MyUSACorporation has been providing professional LLC formation services since 2009. To date, they have helped over 10,000 clients create LLC online both in America and in the world. Affordable prices and a wide range of various useful services have secured this company a reliable position in business startup and support.

Even though is a relatively young and small service, inferior to the leaders of the industry, they have unique features. For example, its focus on international clients. This website not only helps with preparing and filing business documents but also offers services in several languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. This approach has contributed to the popularity of MyUSACorporation both domestically and internationally.

Speed is also an advantage of this service. If you want to get your MyUSACorporation LLC as fast as possible, for an additional fee, they will expedite not only the submission of documents but also their processing by the Secretary of State’s office. Timelines may vary from state to state, but you will often be able to get your first transactions started a few days or even weeks earlier than usual.

Altogether, MyUSACorporation is a worthy option for a business. They can easily handle starting an LLC, even in states that have advanced company startup requirements. You can entrust them with all the formalities required for a successful business startup and just enjoy relief.

MyUSACorporation: Pricing and Features

Unlike most companies in the industry, MyUSACorporation sets up an LLC by offering individual features rather than tiered service packages. This allows you to avoid overpaying for unnecessary services by purchasing only what you really need. You can build a bundle of any services you need or select one of MyUSACorporation plans: 

  1. Basic Package: which includes processing, filing, and getting an EIN;
  1. Recommended Package: in addition to the Basic, this plan includes expedited service, a certified copy of the Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement;
  1. Premium Package: in addition to the above, with this plan, you get both expedited service as well as separate line items to “Rush My Order”, company kit and seal, as well as shipping and handling. 

As for MyUSACorporation prices, they are quite reasonable. For example, the LLC registration service costs vary by the state and start at an affordable $49. In addition, you get a free name search (to make sure your chosen name is available) and a free Search Engine Optimization Guide.

Also, the most popular features are:

  • Registered Agent Service, available for $99 per year;
  • LLC Operating Agreement for $109;
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) for $59;
  • Annual report submission for $59, etc.

MyUSACorporation Customer Reviews

You can find hundreds of MyUSACorporation reviews on independent online platforms. On Trustpilot, they have 433 reviews, most of them are positive. customers express their opinion on how fast and convenient it is to form an LLC with this online company. In addition, the work of MyUSACorporation customer service receives great reviews because their representatives are always ready to consult about business services and answer any questions.

MyUSACorporation Alternatives

The modern industry of launching an LLC offers dozens of different online companies which provide business startup services. If, for some reason, MyUSACorporation company does not suit you, there is no shortage of alternatives. You can easily choose one of the available LLC creation services that will best suit the goals and needs of your business. 

If you are looking for a cheap LLC creation service, take a closer look at Inc Authority. This is one of the few websites that offer to form your company for the price of a government fee. Moreover, each of their formation packages includes a free year of registered agent service, which makes this company incredibly sought after.

Another good option is Rocket Lawyer. This company is known for its excellent service reviews, professional approach, and legal services. If you are interested in ongoing legal support for your business and access to an extensive library of documents, Rocket Lawyer may be a good choice.

Pros and Cons of MyUSACorporation


  1. Lowest prices. Thanks to affordable fees, you can significantly reduce your start-up costs. Their business registration service costs only $49, which is affordable even for startups, and it is one of the lowest prices in the industry;
  1. Ease of Use. Although there are citizens of other countries among clients, who want to open a business in the USA, the company managed to develop a clear and easy application process. You can easily fill out the form and take the first step to start your own business;
  1. Responsive customer service. Customers appreciate the friendliness of customer support representatives and their extensive knowledge. You can contact the specialists of this company via phone, chat, and email, and you will get a meaningful and accurate answer. Moreover, they provide service in other languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese;
  1. Fast Turnaround Times. By hiring this company, you will have access to both standard and expedited LLC processing. For a reasonable additional fee, MyUSACorporation will help you get your business up and running as fast as the state allows;
  1. Free services. If you entrust your company creation to MyUSACorporation, you will get a free name search and a free Search Engine Optimization Guide.


  1. Registered agent. Unlike some competitors, MyUSACorporation does not provide a free registered agent service. If you need this feature, you have to order it for an additional fee. However, their $99/year service price is one of the lowest in the industry.
  1. Pricing. Although the prices of this professional service are quite affordable, they are not the lowest. If your goal is to save money, you can easily find several other websites that offer more services at a lower price.

Should I Hire MyUSACorporation?

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If you are looking for a perfect online business startup company, the website is a good choice. Among the many advantages of this service are years of experience, multi-language support, and reasonable prices. By hiring them, you will certainly be able to create an LLC online easily and quickly. 

In addition, MyUSACorporation’s pricing system is unique and differs from most other professional companies. With their professional help, you will not only save on the services of an attorney but also get rid of the need to pay for unnecessary features. Since all of their services are ordered separately rather than bundled into one package, you can choose only the ones you really need. This approach ensures efficient allocation of funds and, at the same time, meets the needs of each particular enterprise.

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MyUSACorporation Reviews

  1. Avatar

    They have AMAZING customer service. I had an issue with my application and it was entirely my own fault. I called several hours later to take care of it. They were very polite on the phone, they identified, and tackled my issue immediately. I was done and off the phone within 10 minutes. In a better mood than when I started!

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    Hello, I would like to register in the United States want to consult, I am currently in Dubai

  3. Avatar

    NEW JERSEY thats when I realized I would need MYUSA to process my LLC Domestication from Indiana. I was used to doing my LLC documentation and even helped others until I moved to NJ. NJ is very confusing and complicated I would have evenyually figured it out but who has time to waist.Note I am a very impatient person and on top of that the Wuhan pandemic was in full effect. The process would have possibly been quicker under other circumstances. Will definitely recommend specially if you are trying to do anything in NJ.

  4. Avatar

    This is a great company.. We have set-up 5 entities with My USA Corporation over the past 7 years and it has been nothing but amazing. Recently set-up SAB with them as well. I fully trust My USA Corporation with Every Business set-up need that we have. YOU SHOULD AS WELL!! And I can truly say that we have used them enough times to make that verifiable (:

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