IncParadise Review 2022: Is This LLC Service Right for You?

IncParadise – Business Incorporation and Registered Agent in USA

Last updated on: August 4, 2022
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If you are planning to form an LLC using one of the professional online services, then think about hiring IncParadise. The company was opened in 1999, and has gained a strong reputation since that time. They have helped open more than 15,000 businesses nationwide, and have received good reviews from many satisfied customers.

The current Internet market has many different online LLC services, therefore it is difficult to choose the best one that fits all your business needs. That is why we have prepared this IncParadise LLC service review, where we will discuss their features, prices and customer reviews. In addition, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the company’s services they offer compared to the formation packages of their competitors.

Advantages & Disadvantages

For many years, IncParadise has maintained their relevance among the many other online companies professionally engaged in business creation and customization. In a highly competitive environment, they constantly improve their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Advantages of IncParadise:

  • They offer one formation package at a reasonable price;
  • Various additional features, some of them are more priced favorably than competitors offer, and some of them are even free of charge;
  • The opportunity to obtain a federal tax ID (EIN) for the lowest price of $25;
  • Positive customer feedback available online on reputable services such as Google and Facebook;
  • A cost-effective registered agent service, available in all states for $89 per year. If you pay in advance for two or more years, the company offers a discount. They also have a lifetime registered agent service for $499 that none of their competitors offer;
  • A website with useful information about types of business structures, peculiarities of state laws, etc.;
  • To have your LLC formed, you just need to choose a state and purchase the appropriate service package, adding the additional features you need;
  • Free expedited filing for Nevada LLCs.

Disadvantages of IncParadise:

  • Although IncParadise helps form an LLC in all 50 states, they are focused on Nevada. Some of their services are limited to that state. So if you are planning to start a business outside of it, it may not be as convenient to use IncParadise as some of their competitors;
  • Their basic formation package costs $89. This is a reasonable price, but not the lowest in the industry. Other LLC websites establish more affordable prices, but also include a registered agent in their formation packages;
  • Unlike some competitors, the IncParadise service package does not provide a free registered agent service for 6 months or 1 year.

IncParadise LLC Formation Packages

Compared to other LLC services, such as ZenBusiness and IncFile, IncParadise has found a simple approach to pricing and packages. This LLC formation service offers just one base package to form an LLC, and get down to business. Nevertheless, they have several popular a la carte features that you can get additionally.

The prices for service packages for LLC formation are quite low and affordable even for a startup. Unlike the cost of hiring an attorney, working with IncParadise will save you several hundred dollars. By signing a contract with this company, you can start your business for only $89 + State Fee.

LLC Formation = $89 + State Fee

Name Availability Check:

One important condition for the successful registration of your company is the name availability. To comply with this requirement, IncParadise will search through your state’s official business database to determine if your desired LLC name is available.

Preparation and Filing of Your Articles of Organization:

Filing the Articles of Organization is a key step in starting a business. These are the documents used to officially form, and only after their approval the company is considered to be officially established. IncParadise will take care of the preparation and filing all the necessary materials on your behalf.

Sample Documents:

Starting and running a business involves a number of formalities. To comply with state requirements, you will need to fill out certain documents, and IncParadise can provide you with a selection of sample forms, such as:

  • Bylaws;
  • Minutes;
  • Notifications.

Hard Copy of Your Filed Formation Documents

After approval of the Articles of Organization, IncParadise will send you its paper copy.

Free Expedited Service (Nevada LLCs Only)

If you are planning to launch a business in Nevada, you can count on the Free Expedited Service from IncParadise.

A La Carte Services

In addition to the most common features included in the LLC formation package, you can also order additional services. Note that there may be some changes in price depending on the state you choose.

EIN Obtainment ($25):

Once you form your LLC, it is worth taking care of the current requirements. One of them is having an EIN. This is a unique code that the IRS assigns to each company to easily identify its records in the database.

An EIN is required if you plan to:

  • Pay taxes;
  • Staff your company;
  • Open business bank accounts, etc.

Because first-time entrepreneurs are very busy, IncParadise can obtain an EIN number for you. The price of this service is $25, which is the cheapest in the industry.

Registered Agent ($89 1st year, then $40):

It is important for the state to be always in touch with the company, so having a registered agent is a must for doing business in all states. Their role is to receive official government documents addressed to the LLC.

Like many other online companies, IncParadise provides registered agent services. Its annual fee is $89. However, if you pay up front, the price can go down to $40.

Besides, this company has a unique offer. If you use their 499Agent program, you will get a lifetime registered agent for $499.

Certificate of Good Standing (price varies by state):

Certificate of Good Standing is an official document confirming the company’s existence and current compliance of LLC activities with state legislation. It is usually required in such situations as:

  • Loan applications;
  • Ownership structure changes;
  • Obtaining foreign qualifications, etc.

Apostille (price varies by state):

Apostille is a confirmation of the authenticity of the documents necessary to prove the legitimacy of an entity in a foreign country and to obtain a permit to do business there.

Custom Minutes ($20):

For $20 IncParadise is ready to prepare minutes of your corporate meetings. Having these documents is necessary to remain compliant.

LLC Kit & Seal ($98):

If you are fond of memorabilia, IncParadise can provide a binder and wax seal with the name of your LLC. It is a tradition dating back to the past, when a stamp was used for authenticating documents.

 Best Alternatives to IncParadise

Although IncParadise is a good option for LLC formations, this company’s operations are mostly based in Nevada. Therefore, if you are planning to start a business in another state, you may find another online company more advantageous.

Fortunately, there are many professional companies offering formation services online. If you know your goals, needs, and the specifics of your LLC, you will be able to choose your perfect match.

First, let’s take a look at the best two companies in the industry.


ZenBusiness formation services for LLC

$39+state fee is the price of the basic LLC creation package from ZenBusiness. Besides a basic set of features, it also includes 1 year of free registered agent services. Add to that the great customer reviews, and you can see why thousands of people trust ZenBusiness to take care of their LLC.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service

Those who appreciate the benefits of premium service will find Northwest to be a good option. For $225, this company will form your LLC and provide a registered agent for 1 year at no additional charge.

Those who appreciate the benefits of premium service will find Northwest to be a good option. For $225, this company will form your LLC and provide a registered agent for 1 year at no additional charge.

Northwest have high quality customer support, known for its professionalism and individual approach to each client.

IncParadise Customer Reviews

IncParadise Customer Reviews
(average value in popular ratings)
Google Maps
(90 reviews)
(5 reviews)

Because IncParadise is a relatively small company, it has only a few dozen reviews on the Internet. However, almost all of the customer feedback is very positive.

In more detail, IncParadise’s ratings are as follows:

  • Facebook: 5/5 out of 5 reviews;
  • Yelp: 5/5 out of 5 reviews;
  • Google: 4/5 out of 49 reviews.
IncParadise Customer Reviews

Yes, they don’t have a large volume of feedback, but the ones they do have indicate that customers are satisfied with the company. People like turnaround times and interaction with IncParadise service reps.

Is IncParadise Right For You?

No doubt, IncParadise is the top LLC formation service in Nevada. They can also help you start a business in other states. If you are still not sure whether or not to hire this LLC service, we have prepared a brief summary below.

✔ When to Form an LLC with IncParadise:

If you are planning to conduct business in Nevada, using IncParadise for LLC service gives lots of advantages like free expediting of the documents.

Moreover, their prepaid registered agent service allows you to save a lot of money. This is especially useful for startups with limited budgets.

✖ When NOT to Form an LLC with IncParadise:

If you want to get a free registered agent service with LLC formations, you should consider another alternative, because IncParadise does not have that.

Keep in mind that some of their advanced features available only in Nevada.

Final Verdict:

To summarize, IncParadise is a good service for limited liability company formations, but their specialty in forming Nevada businesses somewhat limits their clients. IncParadise unique advantages for formations are only available in this state.

Nevertheless, you can hire this company to register your LLC in any part of the country and get a reliable registered agent service at a reasonable price.

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IncParadise Reviews

  1. Avatar

    Company was incorporated in 3 days + the customer service is really good

  2. Avatar

    We have established our company in Hong Kong, very good service, as easy as it

  3. Avatar

    Fast, efficient, value-priced. We have been using them for nine years.

  4. Avatar

    these folks are the best! tech support has all authority to solve and they get it done!

  5. Avatar

    These folks a good. They email upcoming notices due and answer questions nicely.

  6. Avatar

    Most professional company to keep you compliant with laws of NV . Amazing service thank you .

  7. Avatar

    The email alerting me to paperwork due on our company does not tell me when it’s due, or what the fee is. This would be really helpful.

  8. Avatar

    This team has been really very wonderful in helping me through the stressful and unknowable process of setting up some virtual offices and corporations for some new ventures. I hit them with everything and had the most kind, knowledgeable and patient help. Its a one stop place with no nonsense and a very personal touch – and a very competitive price. A+ in every way!

  9. Avatar

    Be aware that your mail might get lost on the mail out. They mix up addresses and act very unprofessional. We lost an IRS letter and debit cards this way. Looking for alternatives now.

  10. Avatar

    The team has been very helpful and informative with everything. I opted for their mail forwarding services. And it has been more than two years now since I have been using the services and I would say that they are the best. Love their professionalism and would highly recommend them to everyone!

  11. Avatar

    I highly recommend inc paradise and working with Ashley. She’s very knowledgeable and friendly.

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    Perfect source to have the offshore LLC or INC registered without any hassle.
    The great and cooperative team, they always upfront to help you clear your doubts. Highly recommended.

  13. Avatar

    The team at IncParadise are so kind and helpful. They helped me with the process of starting my company and even guided me with a lot of legal documents I wasn’t aware of. From getting my company registered to helping me with a virtual business address, they have assisted in best way possible. I keep troubling them with a lot of petit issues and they deal with everything so beautifully. I am so glad I came across them. Highly recommend their services to everyone!

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