SunDoc Filings Review 2022: Is This LLC Service Right for You?

Providing nationwide public record filing, search and retrieval services since 1999.

Last updated on: August 4, 2022
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SunDoc Filings has been in the business formation industry since 1999, having formed over 100 thousand entities of various types since that time. Originally established in Sacramento, SunDoc has since expanded nationwide and now provides services in all 50 states.

Given the overwhelming market saturation, SunDoc faces rather intense competition, especially in terms of brand recognition rankings. But this doesn’t take away from the many formation advantages the company has on offer.

This SunDoc Filings LLC service review delves deeper into the pros and cons of the company’s formation plans to give you a more detailed picture of their operations and help you decide whether to choose their services or look somewhere else.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of SunDoc Filings

✔ Expedite processing when forming a new LLC in California. SunDoc Filings are generally able to cut down on their turnaround times due to their convenient location. By making regular daily trips to the Secretary of State office, their representatives will file your documents within 24 hours of application.

✔ Strong customer feedback across consumer review platforms, including over 2,700+ reviews on TrustPilot and A+ professional rating on BBB. SunDoc Filings is among the few companies that can boast overwhelmingly positive ratings as opposed to average or mixed. Their customers tend to praise the company’s quality speed, high-quality customer care, and filing efficiency.

✔ Reliable refund policy. Unlike its many competitors, SunDoc Filings actually offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee unconditionally. There are no obscure clauses or convoluted conditions — the company will pay you back in full upon reviewing your refund application.

Disadvantages of SunDoc Filings

✖ Registered agent can only be purchased as a separate feature since none of SunDoc Filings packages includes this service. While the feature costs $159 per year with SunDocFilings, more affordable LLC services offer registered agent service for far less, starting with $40 and over.

✖ Their cheapest $79 plan is fairly sparse and only covers the actual filing of the documents. All other features have to be purchased separately, and there is really no sense in paying almost eighty dollars for the simple process of submitting your paperwork if you have to DIY everything anyway.

SunDoc Filings LLC Packages

Does SunDoc Filings offer good value? When it comes to formation packages, low pricing isn’t the only factor that determines good value. A good value service can be fairly expensive but its rates are justified by the extensive nature of their plans. In that respect, SunDoc Filings doesn’t live up to the title. They charge $79 for their base package while only offering to file an already compiled documentation package for you. Compared to cheaper alternatives charging $40 less for their cheapest plans, this might not be the best option if you can’t afford their more complete packages.

SunDoc Filings LLC Packages

SunDoc Filings offers customers three levels of LLC service packages: Pro, Basic, and Complete. To look at exactly how they present these packages, check out the breakdown below for the full details.

Basic: $79 + State Fee

Filing of Your Articles of Organization: This is technically a SunDoc Filings courier service that accepts your already drafted articles of organization and sends them to the Secretary of State’s office in your jurisdiction.

Business License Summary: A comprehensive list of all business licenses and permits required for legal operations in your state with additional information such as where to obtain one.

Key: $99 + State Fee

Includes the courier service from the Basic package plus the following:

Preparation of Articles of Organization: Unlike the Basic plan that requires you to draft the articles on your own, the Key plan covers the preparation and filing of this document.

Name Availability Check: An LLC is required to have a unique name that has not already been taken by another entity in your state, and the Key plan includes the business name search feature for checking name databases in your state to see if the name is available.

Premier: $279 + State Fee

Includes everything from the Key plan in addition to the following:

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): An EIN to a business is what Social Security Number is to an individual. This 9-digit tax code is mandatory for any LLC that plans to open a bank account or hire staff. It’s possible to do it yourself by sending an application to the IRS, but SunDoc Filings can prepare and file all required forms to obtain the number much smoother.

LLC Kit & Seal: The LLC kit is a perfect way to organize your operations and customize your forms. The bundle includes a personalized binder with bank resolutions, bylaws, meeting minutes, various forms, a transfer ledger and even a seal embosser with your company name.

2 Best SunDoc Filings Alternatives

The reality of the current market is fairly generous with many LLC formation services offering plenty of flexible pricing plans. Settling for the first option you find is far from ideal, and while SunDoc Filings may be the best service for some businesses, it could be far from ideal for your particular situation. Out of the great number of options, the two SunDoc Filings alternatives with the most pros are:

ZenBusiness ($39): Primarily chosen for their affordability and ease of use, ZenBusiness could be a great option for you if you look for an LLC service with good value. Their base package is only $39 and includes LLC formation services, assistance with your operating agreement, and a year of registered agent service. Their Pro ($149) and Premium ($249) are even more extensive.

Northwest Registered Agent ($225): This formation service is rather pricey compared to ZenBusiness, but they’re also $50 cheaper than SunDoc’s top package while offering a more comprehensive list of features as well as personalized customer support. And unlike SunDoc, Northwest’s primary package includes a year of registered agent service, meaning you won’t have to pay another steep fee on top of the formation rate.

SunDoc Filings Customer Reviews

SunDoc Customer Reviews
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Strong customer feedback is one of the main points of attraction of SunDoc Filings who received mostly positive reviews compared to the mixed ratings of its competitors. The majority of their reviews come from TrustPilot that awards the company 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 2,705 reviews.

SunDoc Filings Customer Reviews TrustPilot

A closer look at the reviews shows that most customers praise SunDoc’s efficient response times, speedy filing and processing, comprehensive formation info, and customer support. More positive reviews can also be found on Yelp, while BBB has awarded the service the highest A+ rating.

Is SunDoc Filings Right For You?

SunDoc Filings can both work for you and against you depending on your location as well as the individual requirements of your LLC. Overall it’s a fairly solid option among LLC services as many testimonials show, but the company’s speedy formations are mostly restricted to the state of California.

It’s not the only available option for people planning to form an LLC, especially entrepreneurs with limited budgets who need a lot of formation requirements covered in one go. Let’s outline who would benefit the most from purchasing SunDoc Filings packages and who would be better off finding another service.

✔ When to Use SunDoc Filings:

Entrepreneurs looking to start a new California LLC won’t find a service with faster filing times. So if you’re a business owner with plans for a new CA startup, SunDoc Filings may be the most efficient option for you. The service also comes strongly recommended by local entrepreneurs, so take that as you will.

✖ When NOT to Use SunDoc Filings:

Anyone who works with a limited budget would definitely find SunDoc Filings outside their price range. If your startup capital is pretty restricted, you are likely aware of more financially efficient formation strategies, and SunDoc won’t really be saving you any money. Their plans are not as extensive as some of their competitors’ much cheaper offers, so it would be best to look for other LLC services with good value of service.

Final Verdict

SunDoc Filings is one of the most consistent LLC service providers in California, offering faster LLC registrations for local businesses, guaranteed refunds, and easier filings for state residents.

Outside of California, SunDoc Filings are not as financially viable compared to other service providers with more affordable LLC formation packages that include more formation features like registered agent service, name checks, and operating agreements prep.

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SunDoc Filings Reviews

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    My filing was delayed and not competed but I received an email stating everything was done !
    Person assigned to me never got my an EIN NUMBER!
    When I repacked out she said she had not received a document to get my EIN number but she failed to say how she then sent me a completion email !
    Then she said she will send me a hard copy to sign and send to IRS which again I did not receive and when I called she was not helpful at all !

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    Order a good deed standing for business and was given the wrong business information and was ordered to resubmit another aplplication and fees more than tripled

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    WOW !!!!!! X 100 !!!!! YOUR SERVICE IS AWESOME !!!!!!!
    FANTASTIC !!!!!!!

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